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What is E-mail: Meaning of email. Through a computer system or through any electronic device, one has to transmit its views, feelings, information from one place to another through text.

This is called electronic mail. So in today’s post, I will also give you information about mail and other information related to it like the intranet, extranet, internet, etc. So let’s start the post. Before this, if you did not know about Computer Networking, then definitely read it once.

What is an E-mail?

Required for some early email systems.

And modern email service accepts forward delivery. and stores messages.

Neither users nor their computers require online simulation. They only need to briefly connect to our email server for a long period of time.

And Internet email messages have three components. Message Develops the message header receives the address.

Usually, descriptive information is also added.


An extranet is a computer network. which allows network control access from outside sites outside an organization’s Internet. Which is used for specific use cases.

Which is an extension of an organization’s Internet to users outside the organization.

Vedas and suppliers are usually isolated from all other Internet users. It is in the competition of that separation.

The customer model includes the known service of one or more companies communicating with previously unknown users. Or is the external one similar to the DMZ. Wherein it provides access to end services for channel partners.

Can be understood as a mapped intranet on the public Internet or something.

But more than one company is managed by the administrator.

Any private network is mapped to a public one. Is a virtual private network using special security protocols?


A network is used internally in an organization. which is sometimes used. Usually, this term refers to an Internet website. It can be used to send messages between employees or link to a common partner or central storage device.

This type of network almost always has some personal information personal file sales data payroll records The Internet usually has layers accessible on a user basis.

The CEO of the company may have access to all data managers and other levels of data and to a lower-ranked employee group.

Typical Internet access cannot be accessed from outside the organization to the same concepts and technologies of the world. Whereas a web browser such as a web and a service running on the Internet Protocol Suite is used to create the Internet and institutional networks.

In which there is both internet and external. The internal and external elements are referred to as extranets.

A local area network is a computer network. which covers a local area such as a home office or a small group or building such as a college.


The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks around the world.

No one knows for sure how many computers are connected to the Internet. That this number is in the millions. Number one is in charge of the Internet. There are organizations that develop this aspect of the network. And set the standard for building applications on it.

But no governing body e is under its control. Internet is a network of networks.

Network cables which are connected to each other with telephone lines. Microwave Dash Satellite Internet Store Some Computers And Servers Documents Sound Files Video Clips Program Files Electronic Shopping Central Animations Interactive Featured Content And Other Information. May be stored and presented in electronic form.

Progressive of the Internet

1969 ARPANET was the first attempt to connect computers to the network
1973 to 1983

Data is transmitted in packets of information. Which are sent using TCP IP. Packets can take different roads to their destination.

1992 Mbone Multicast Backbone

Allowing a network to think with a large increase in bandwidth on the system. Where data is sent on a single receipt. And many people are allowed to receive the transmission at times.

1996 Grid

A supercomputer network connecting public and private research center collections.

2000 Up

Active Network Backbone A high-speed network is packed with almost all files. which handles the IntelliSense and data package creatures. and includes that that software is on the air and gives instructions.

2002 Planet Lab

A very small technical approach to the Internet where software can protect itself from worms.

Client and Server

Most of the million devices of computers regularly access the Internet. Our client’s example They speak basically. and display internet information.

These are generally larger computers. referred to as such a service. The information it stores and makes it available. for a large number of customers.

A server is in the Reckoning

A computer software application that performs certain tasks on behalf of users. It is usually divided into file serving.

This allows users to store and access files on a normal computer and application. Where software runs computer programs to perform certain tasks for the users.

Which most people access when using the Internet.

In the Calculation of a Customer

There is such a system. Which accesses the server service on another computer through some kind of network. The term was previously applied to those devices.

who were not able to run their own stand-alone programs. But could interact with remote computers over the network. Where the user can connect to a service operated on a remote system via Internet Protocol.

Suite Web Browser is a client. Most people use email clients to recover. Their email uses a variety of clients, from their ISP email storage service to online chat. Which varies depending on the protocol being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-mail?

The full form of email is electronic mail. It is an application of the computer, with the help of which we exchange information.

This computer is connected to the network and networking devices. Through this, we can write and transfer information in the text.

What is the full form of an email?

The full form of email is electronic mail. A person who exchanges information between people.

How many types of e-mail are there?

There are many types of e-mail. But the most important of them is newsletter email survey email etc.

What is the importance of e-mail?

With the help of which we can sit in any corner and exchange information. With this, it reaches very near very quickly. Where we want to transfer the message. And it is a very cheap messaging platform.

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