What is an ACCDB file?

How to open, edit and convert ACCDB files

A file with the ACCDB file extension is an Access 2007/2010 database file. It is the default database file format used in the current version of MS Access.

The ACCDB file format replaces the older MDB format used in earlier versions of Access (prior to version 2007). It includes improvements to it, such as support for encryption and file attachments.


When you work on an ACCDB file in Microsoft Access, a similar MS Access Record-Locking Information file (with the .LACCDB extension) is automatically created in the same folder to prevent accidental editing of the original file. This temporary file is especially useful when many people are using the same ACCDB file at the same time.

How to open an ACCDB file
ACCDB files can be opened with Microsoft Access (version 2007 and later). Microsoft Excel will import ACCDB files, but the data will then need to be saved in some other spreadsheet format.

The free MDB Viewer Plus program can also open and edit ACCDB files. This is a great alternative if you don’t have a copy of Microsoft Access.

Another way to open and edit ACCDB files without Access is to use OpenOffice Base or LibreOffice Base. Both allow you to connect to an existing Microsoft Access 2007 database (.ACCDB file), but the result is a file saved in the ODF database format (.ODB file).

You can use to download your ACCDB file online and view the tables without ever needing any database software on your computer. Although you cannot manipulate the database file in any way, you can download the tables in CSV or XLS format.

ACCDB MDB Explorer for Mac can also open ACCDM and MDB files, but it is not free to use.

Note: You may need to install the Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable if you are trying to use an ACCDB file in a non-MS Access program.

How to convert an ACCDB file
Using Microsoft Access is the best way to convert an ACCDB file to a different format. You can do this by opening the ACCDB file in Access and then saving the open file to a new format such as MDB, ACCDE, or ACCDT (a Microsoft Access database template file).

You can also use Microsoft Excel to save the ACCDB table in a different format, but because Excel is a spreadsheet program, you can only save in this type of format. Some of the formats supported in Excel include CSV, XLSX, XLS, and TXT.

Whether you use Access or Excel, you can convert an ACCDB file to a PDF file using a free PDF creator like doPDF.

Keep in mind what I said above about OpenOffice and LibreOffice software. You can use these programs to convert an ACCDB to ODB.

Follow the steps in Server Side Guy if you need to import an ACCDB file into Microsoft SQL Server.

What to do if your file still won’t open
Some file formats use file extensions that are spelled almost the same, use most of the same letters but in a unique arrangement, or even use all the same letters. However, none of these circumstances necessarily mean that the formats are the same or even related at all, so it also means that they are not necessarily opened or converted in the same way.

For example, ACC files are used for both graphical account data files and GEM component files, but neither of these formats are the same, and neither has anything to do with Microsoft Access. You probably can’t open an ACC file with any of the tools that work with ACCDB files.

The same is true for AAC , ACB , and ACD (ACID or RSLogix 5000 Program) files. There are many other file formats that could apply here as well.

If your file doesn’t open with the suggestions above, try opening it as a text document with a text editor such as one from our list of the best free text editors. It’s possible that the very top or bottom or anything in between has some identifying information that can help point you in the direction of the format, which can lead you to a program that can open or convert the file

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