What is a Plotter? Advantage & Disadvantage with Types

What is a Plotter: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I am going to tell you. What is a plotter? I will give you complete information about the plotter, in this post you remain in this post. Learn Also: Social Media

The plotter is a computer device. that connects to the computer. Like you guys have seen. that are printed in large volumes. Have you ever wondered what they might have been printed in? Then it is printed in the plotter.

What is a Plotter?

The plotter is an output device. It is similar to the plotter printer of a computer device. With the help of this, we can print out vector graphics.

Plotters are used in large photoshoot studios. The plotter was invented in 1953 by Remington Rand. It was integrated with the UNIVAC computer.

As I told you earlier, the plotter is an output device with the help of this drawing chart graphic is printed. It can also be called a 3D print.

Because it 3D prints out. So let’s know now. About the advantages and disadvantages of plotters.

Advantages of Plotter

With its help, large prints can be taken out
It works for preparing banner prints
This is Factor Base Printing Machine
Can take out 3D print with the help of

Dis-advantages of plotter

It’s too big
It is very expensive
They are difficult to use

After knowing the Advantage and Disadvantages of the plotter, now we move ahead. and know. About its types because we will not even know about its types. We will not fully understand the plotter.

Types of Plotter

There are 2 types of plaster. I will tell you in detail about both those plasters. Inside it is drums and flat plotters. If you need to know about them, then let’s move on.

Drum plotters

are designed and used to produce plotter images of this type. In this, picture shape is created by pen and paper before taking out the print.

After that the shape we have made. It is placed on top of the drum. And he slowly walks out. And the pen prints. Its quality is very good.

Flat plotter

The flat plotter is kept in a steady state. In this, the pen is mounted on one side. which is connected to the motor.

And it is rotated by placing right left on top of the paper. It is automatic. The pen that is in it. It is run over the entire flat.

A shape is already created in it through the computer. And it automatically removes the entire figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plotter?

The letter is a computer output device. With its help, big banners, templates are printed. It is a vector-based machine. Which prints the photo in a killer way.

What is the difference between a plotter and a printer?

There is a difference in ground and sky between these two. Plotters are very expensive. The printer is cheaper than that.

Large print banners are taken out with the help of a plotter. Prints are taken out on normal paper with the help of a printer. It is a big machine. A printer is a small machine.


In conclusion, this is what I would say to you guys. The key plotter is an output device.

With the help of big graphic designing charts etc. hard copies are extracted. With the help of the plotter, vector graphics designed photos are printed.

This is the best. And with this, what I told you above if you understand all the information for you in this way so that you can explain better to your younger students. thanks in the next post

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