ways to recognize women you love

1: The amount of charm: The woman who loves you can never hide her happiness every time you meet. Charm, smiles are the only ones you can see appearing on her face. Unlike a woman if she doesn’t mind you.

 2: Frequent Remarks: If a woman loves you in her 10 words she must mention your name even if she gives an example. 
 3: Trying to Know Your Situation: No matter how much you hide your life the woman who loves you will find out about your situation. You can’t spend another day without feeling well.
 4: Her Attitudes: No matter how hard she tries to hide her optimism, the values ​​of a loving woman cannot be hidden, especially if you are privileged. If a woman loves you you meet everyone who will notice and realize that there is love in her in how she treats you.
 5: Talk to Your Friends: A woman who loves you will never hesitate to tell her friends how she feels. Most of these women get their love for you through their friends.
 6: You Will Try to Satisfy Yourself: Wherever you meet a woman you love you will never part until she makes sure that even the words that make you happy. Even if you play something with her you say she is hot enough to hand it over to you, unless she later gives you the information or it is done.
 7: Jealousy: A woman who loves you even if you play in the window and you look after other women and you see her face and signs of unhappiness. The woman who loves you cannot hide her jealousy towards you even if it is close to her.
 8: Beauty: A woman who loves you when you meet at ten o’clock will make you look attractive. The woman you love will not allow you to meet her until she is sure she has worn a hat that you will praise her for.
 9: Forgetfulness: The woman you love does not forget every word and cry. Some even memorize the word you use. The key to finding a woman who loves you is to reassure her that she has not forgotten any of your statements or promises.
 10: A woman when she loves you every word you say makes her happy. Even if you are not very funny, jokes will make you laugh. These are just a few of the thousands of signs that a woman may show interest in you without expressing her affection. Men should be careful not to neglect the opportunity.

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