Top 6 Mistakes JAMB UTME candidates make yearly 01

Hello Today We’re Going To Talk About Mistakes Students Make In Jam Item And How You Can Avoid Them Now If There’s Something I Want For You I Don’t Want You To Make A Mistake Now The First Mistake I See A Lot Of Students Make When They Are Writing Jam And Especially You Writing Jam Unmade Is The Fact That

They Wait Till They Announce The Sales Of Jam Forms Before They Register For Their Nine You Need To Understand That General Board Have Made Things A Bit Very Easy For You But For Some People It’s Easy For Other People It’s Hard Your In Is A National Identity Number And Is The Most Important Tool If You Want To Register For Jam Item This Year And Jam Has Said That They Will Not Register Anybody That Doesn’t Have Their Nine So If I Were You I’ll Just Down Register For

Uh I’ll Just Resemble My Nine On Time Why Do You Have To Wait Till You’ve Announced The Uh That Jump From Is Out Then You Start Running Around You Know Or Like Somebody Has Said You’re Wrong You Need To Run Now And Register Before People Start To Flood The Nine Center You Know What It Will Be Like When Jam Fun Comes Out And Then Everybody Is In The Nigh Center Trying To Get Nine At That Time It’s Going To Be More Expensive At That Time And It’s Supposed To Be

For You But At The Time Where Jump Form Is At You Know Them They Will Charge You For The Thing You’re Supposed To Get For Free So How Are You Now That The Thing Is Very Easy Go And Get Your Nine Write Down Your Nine Number Somewhere Very Safe Let Me Also Give You Some Clues If You Are Going To Get Your Nine If

You Are Not Up To 18 You Know You Are Going To Need Your Best Certificate And You Are Also Going To Need A Guardian To Stand By You Now You Must Make Sure That Your Registration For Nine Every Detail Is Correct Your Surname Your Middle Name And Then Your First Name Because It Is All This Information That You

Feel In Your Nine Portal That Will Be Transferred As Your Profile For Jam Remember That Jam Item Or Java As It Were Has Connected At Their Database To Just Pull Out Your Information From Your Nine And Then Use That Information As Your Profile Uh When You Register For Jam So The Most Important Part Of Doing Anything Now Is To Make Sure That Every Detail Your Data Bet Is Correct Your Surname You Spell It Well Your First Name Your Middle Name All Those Things

Are Correct In Your Nine That’s Very Important Because If You Make Mistake In Nine It’s Going To Take A Long Process For You To Correct It And There’s No Way You’re Going To Correct It To Jam Your Gender Check Very Well I’ve Seen Some People That They Are Female But They’re Mistaking You Somebody Putting Mail For Them When They Were Streaming And I So When They Are Registering And I Am For You Don’t Be Looking You Know Distracted Look At The Computer Very Well Anything That Is Not Correct Don’t Be Don’t Be Afraid Tell The Person I’m Registering You Okay This One Is Not Correct It Because Your Nine Is The Most

Powerful Tool And Your In Registration Is Every Single Data They’re Going To Use For Your Profile Creation When You’re Writing Jam For This Currency So Jam Tm Will Soon Be Upon Us And Jam Tm Is One Exam That Breeds Between Your Own Level And Then Your Undergraduate In School Another Mistake That I See

People Make Every Single Time Is Preparing For Jam Item With A Mindset That You Are Going To Do At School With A Mindset That You Are Going To Do Wrongs With A Mindset That You Are Going To Do To Clean All That You Are Going To Be One Special Center So What You Are Doing Is That You Are Preparing To Fail Once You Have The Mindset That You Want To Do Chocolate You Want To Do Wrong So You Want To Have A Special Center That’s Going To Numb Your Brain So What

You Are Doing In That Essence Is Saying To Yourself That You’re Not Capable That You Want To Pay Somebody Else To Give You Expo Listen Don’t You Know Who You Are You Are Created In The Image Of God And The Likeness Of God Is God Dog So Why Would You Trust Another Man With Your Brain Why Would You Trust Another Man With Your With Your Future So When People Prepare With A Spoon In Mind It Makes Them Not Read It Makes Them Depend On Another Man Even If

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