Top 10 Common Causes of Kidney Disease

Sickness is from God and the cure is from God. On the other hand, just because God does not bind you to anything does not mean that He loves you more than anyone else or that you are special to Him.

But most of the time there are countless things that we do that cause us serious damage to our health. Even in our body it can be like a carburetor on a machine, a car, a plane, a generator or any other metal similar.

They are very useful in terms of health because they help by stopping the dirt from passing which can lead to serious problems. In today’s world many people suffer from the disease which is not necessarily the cause of the disease and sometimes we are aware of it but due to negligence we continue to do it.

No matter what happens, God willing, today in the world of technology we will outline some of the major problems that cause this and how we can protect ourselves from getting infected with these kinds of diseases.

1. ==> Frequent urination: I work, I am in class, I do not want to travel, I am embarrassed to go out or ask about the toilet, I am nursing…. These are just some of the reasons why we keep urinating for so long without knowing the consequences. Frequent urinary incontinence can sometimes lead to fatigue and can even slow down or stop certain activities in the human bladder which can lead to certain diseases such as urinary incontinence and so on.

2. ==> Lack of Water on Time: This is one of the causes of this major problem because whenever he is working he needs water to help him carry out his usual activities, so it is good Whenever the body needs water, try to supply it without any other reason.

3. ==> Alcohol or Drug Abuse: No religion promotes alcohol or drug abuse due to its harmful effects. Excessive use of drugs or alcohol can shock other parts of the body by doubling the amount of activity they can perform which can lead to serious problems even for certain parts of the human body.

4. ==> Consumption of caffeine-containing drinks (such as nuts, marijuana, coffee). the speed of other parts of the body unprepared.

. in food without knowing the side effects. It is important to be careful because doing so can lead to serious health problems that can lead to kidney disease.

6. ==> Lack of Treatment of Cold Problems: Of course cold sores are a major problem for our health which is most often caused by sexual intercourse, dirty mouth or walking in the wet without shoes, if this disease is Prolonged exposure in the human body can lead to kidney disease.

7. ==> Smoking: Whenever a metal object is exposed to a lot of smoke, there must be a problem with it. It can cause serious problems such as lung cancer, heart cancer and kidney disease. reprimanded for blowing smoke.

8. ==> Protein Foods: These foods include fish, milk, eggs and more. I do not mean that they cause this disease but that they eat it from time to time. Which is almost the same in every aspect of life. Excessive amounts can cause serious health problems.

9. ==> Use of Analgesics: Due to their effectiveness and effectiveness, the use of over-the-counter medications can lead to bacterial infections such as kidney disease.

. Kidney becomes tired and then begins to swell, causing kidney disease and affecting other parts of the body which cause countless problems.

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