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The keys to success as a professional blogger

If you’re ready to make the transition from personal blogging to becoming a professional blogger, where someone else pays you to create a blog for them, then you should familiarize yourself with the following 5 success tips for professional bloggers to make sure you’re positioned for a long and prosperous career.

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To have a chance to become a successful professional blogger who can become a well-known blogger, you need to identify where your areas of expertise are then focus on them. Position yourself throughout the blogosphere as an expert in that area by focusing your blogging efforts on 1-3 people and then looking for blogging jobs related to those topics.

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Diversify your sources of income
To succeed as a professional blogger, you need to start by diversifying your sources of income. You never know what might happen on a blog you write for another person or company. Unfortunately, the blogosphere is volatile, and a blogging job that seemed solid one day could disappear the next. Give yourself extra security by finding sources of income from more than one blogging source.

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Provide original content
As you diversify your blogging work across multiple employers, it’s important that the content you provide to each is unique. Even if your blogging contract doesn’t specifically state that the content you provide must be original and not copied elsewhere, it’s a good practice to follow if you want to develop a reputation as a top-notch professional blogger.
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Plan the future
One of the biggest disadvantages of professional blogging is the lack of time. Professional bloggers are expected to be available and working 365 days a year. With that in mind, your success as a professional blogger depends on your ability to plan ahead in terms of time for vacations, illnesses, or emergencies. Regardless of what’s going on in your personal life, you should still meet the requirements of your blogging contract.
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Don’t underestimate yourself
Bloggers who are just starting out in blogging tend to undervalue themselves and accept blogging jobs that pay less than minimum wage. Take a moment to calculate the hourly pay rate for each blogging job you pursue. Make sure the pay is really adequate. Think of it this way – the time spent blogging for very little pay could be better invested in looking for a well-paying blogging job. Of course, all professional bloggers have to start somewhere, but as you gain more experience and develop your online reputation as an expert in your blogging niche, additional diversification opportunities will present themselves to you if you look for them. Don’t sell yourself short.

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