The reason the phone fills up early is when it charges or goes down early

The reason why the phone fills up so quickly is when it charges or goes down early

Assalamu Alikum, welcome back. In our new program, insha’Allah, today I will explain the reasons why a cell phone does not charge early or does not charge early after charging. In fact, there are problems with Many of them make the phone fill up too early or it ends too early, but I will address some of them.

Many times you charge a person to charge his phone and you see the person has been charging his phone for a long time and he is sure that he is on fire but also quarterly you see that the percentage he entered is not broken and nothing. Surprisingly, you may think that you have been charging for a long time but it is not charging, or you may have to charge the battery but then your battery goes down quickly so what is the cause of this problem ?? the reasons are right for others as follows,

Poor charging: poor quality or lack of charging one should charge the phone is one of the main causes of this problem, for example; phones such as samsung, lg, htc, and other infinix colors, their charger comes in a variety of colors and you will find that there are some chargers that, when charged instead of charging, can be disconnected.

Battery Death: Battery failure causes the phone to charge too early, but it does not wear out due to overcharging due to overheating or overheating.

Solutions to the problem

It is a good idea to charge the battery as soon as possible, and use it to charge the phone as soon as possible. Charging: It is a big problem to see a person using the phone while charging and some of them are even calling the phone while charging, this is not a small problem because it can cause death or rapid swelling of your phone battery. , then you see your phone starts to get very hot, and then you hear that your phone is charging ic, for those who don’t know you say your phone is charging, if you can it is better to put your phone in flight mode. This helps to speed up the recovery of your phone’s battery, but you are not able to make or receive calls or browse with it and you cannot send files via wifi (flash share, xender) orvia blutooth, then immediately in a short time your phone will charge,

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