the mistake of wearing a hat on a woman’s face


Women who love modern hair do not know that; high levels of chaba can lead to poor eye function.

Some of the problems that can be caused by modern technology include:

1 => It causes skin cancer.

2 => Hair loss

3 => It ages the skin

4 => It reduces skin strength

5 => Infertility in a Woman – Here experts say that the amount of such ointments can make a woman less able to conceive because there are certain substances in the ointment that penetrate through the hair follicles into a woman’s body.

6 => Number of headaches.

7 => It brings old age early for a woman – You will see her girlfriend getting old just for no reason.

Experts list some possible steps to protect against these problems, which include;

1 => Stop using old furniture

2 => Reduce the amount of red lipstick because too much lip balm causes blemishes on the face as well as clogging the pores of the face.

3 => Stop using ‘Contact Lense’ because it brings blindness. Contact lenses are a type of eyewear that is worn by women to change the color of their eyes.

4 => Stop applying modern cosmetics which some call ‘Gazar’ or ‘Eye Liner’ because it contains eye-catching ingredients. Traditional perfume or ‘Kajol’ should be applied.

5 => The use of eyelash curlers (‘eye lashes’) can cause eye strain because the glue is applied before it is applied to the eyelashes which when removed can cause problems such as swelling of the eyes, loss of eyelashes, kurarraji and others.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Do you have any strategies that can be used to address these issues which we have not described here?

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