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The Energy Connoisseur CS-30 Sound Console: No Socks, Solid Sound

If you’re in the market for a sound bar and looking for something that offers quality and convenience, then check out a sound bar / subwoofer system from Energy, the Connoisseur CS-30.

Key features of the Energy CS-30
The Energy CS-30 features a two-channel soundbar that features a 3-inch midrange/woofer and a 3/4-inch tweeter on each channel. The soundbar is approximately 40 inches wide, which visually fits well with TV screen sizes ranging from 37 to 50 inches (or larger) and can be either shelf- or wall-mounted.

The CS-30 sound bar unit provides Dolby Digital decoding. After the 5.1 Dolby Digital sources are decoded, the audio is mixed into the two-channel speaker configuration built into the soundbar. However, the Energy uses 3D sound post-processing, which extends the sound field slightly beyond the boundaries of the sound bar horizontally for a wider sound field.

Connectivity options included with the CS-30 include a digital optical cable (cable included) and a set of RCA analog audio inputs.

For added access to content, the CS-30 soundbar also includes Bluetooth, which enables direct wireless streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

In addition to the soundbar section, the CS-30 also includes an 8-inch powered wireless subwoofer designed for side-firing. Since the subwoofer is wireless (other than needing to be plugged into AC power), you don’t need to use a long and unbalanced audio cable connection to the soundbar to get those low bass frequencies. Just follow the pairing instructions and you’re all set. Placing the subwoofer in your room just got a lot easier: you just have to find the spot that will allow it to deliver the best bass.

Power output specifications are not provided separately for the soundbar and subwoofer, but Power Output states the output power for the entire CS-30 system as 250 watts peak (continuous output power will be lower) and the frequency response range as 27Hz to 20kHz. 27Hz in the low end is pretty good coming from an 8 inch subwoofer and the upper range is a good response from a sound bar.

For control, the CS-30 comes with a handy remote that’s slightly larger than a credit card, or if your TV or cable satellite remote has a learning feature, you can use that option as well. The soundbar also provides basic on-board controls as well as volume, mute and source selection.

The CS-30 can easily be placed under a TV, but at about 4 inches tall it can block the bottom of some TVs. However, the CS-30 can also be placed on an open shelf below or above the TV, and your TV is mounted on the wall, you can also stack it on the sound bar – A wall mount template is included, but you need to power the additional mounting hardware. Rubber feet are provided for table or shelf placement.

The bottom line
The Energy CS-30 is not a fantastic soundbar in terms of features. For example, it does not provide HDMI video transmission. This means that if you have a Blu-ray Disc / DVD player, media player, VCR or other AV source device, you will need to make a video connection to your TV and a separate audio connection to the sound bar. However, on many TVs, you can connect the audio and video to the TV and then run the audio from the TV’s digital optical cable back to the sound bar. Experiment with your TV and see what works best for you.

Another feature that is not included is the ability to stream over the internet. It is also not compatible with Apple Airplay. However, you can stream music directly from compatible devices via Bluetooth.

Still, even though the CS-30’s sound system doesn’t have many wings, it delivers solid audio performance that can enhance your TV viewing experience. If you’re looking for a sound bar, look out for the Energy Connoisseur CS-30 as a possible choice.

For more details, including more on the speaker construction, amplifier design, and virtual surround sound processing system, see the CS-30 Official Power Specification product page. CS-30 is available through authorized energy dealers.

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