Skin-friendly cosmetics

 Women should know what cosmetics are suitable for their skin because using cosmetics or creams that are not suitable for the skin can cause harm to the skin. Today I bring you tips about skin care products or oily skin and non-care products. These types of oils can be found in stores that sell modern cosmetics.

Smooth skin:

1.==> Look for ‘double duty’ fandesho if you are going to wear fandesho, because the fat in the fandesho helps to smooth the skin very much.

2.==> Don’t buy oil that is made with artificial ingredients because it will disappoint you.

3.==> Body oil should be applied frequently.

Oily skin: this happens because of excess fat or sweat on the body.

1. ==> Get a ‘cleanser’ that removes dirt and oil from the face and can kill bacteria that cause acne.

2.==> Do not use oil that will change the color of the skin on oily skin because doing so will increase the oiliness of the face.

3.==> Buy a fan and pink that will stop the face oil.

4. ==> Reduce the number of face rubs during the day because the palms of our hands contain oil, if we do that, it makes the face more greasy. And I often change the filter house for cleanliness.

Oily and non-greasy skin: this type of skin is not oily and greasy. It will be seen without blemishes, and this kind of skin changes due to the weather; whether it’s rainy, summer or winter.

1. ==> There is a product that says ‘normal skin’ on it, such as ‘TRUblend’ oil and so on.

2. ==> You can apply types that will put grease on this type of skin in winter.

3.==> And be with pink all the time because when it’s hot you can apply it because the skin changes due to the weather.

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