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Google Play Store is one of the most sought after app markets for both app developers and users. Over the past two years or so, Android has clearly established itself as the leading mobile operating system. Hence, it has also attracted many app developers to create newer apps for its various devices. While this is all very well, the main challenge for the developer is to develop a top selling app for the mobile platform. Converting to this coveted list of top apps would automatically generate revenue for you. However, there are some ways to maximize your earnings even if your app hasn’t hit that high.

Needless to say, gaming apps have a much higher chance of showing up on the Play Store, compared to non-gaming apps. Android offers many interesting and versatile smartphones and tablets, which are ideal for gaming. Non-gaming app developers, on the other hand, will have to fight a little harder to achieve success in this app market. They should take a different strategy and attract users by engaging them with high-quality, useful apps, while also offering prompt customer service.

Tips for success in the Google Play Store
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Regardless of your app type or category, you should build a loyal customer base that will help you earn a decent living from your app sales. Here are the tips to help you get the most out of your Android app:
Tablet Development : Tablet apps have been found to generate 70 percent more revenue than smartphone apps. Therefore, create apps that are optimized for the most popular Android tablets available today.
Use in-app purchase : Using the in-app purchase feature increases the chances of monetizing your app. Working with a “freemium” model helps a lot – here, you offer the basic app for free and charge users to access some advanced features of your app.
Consider subscription models: In case your app is focused on business, finance, enterprise, media or entertainment, you can consider using subscription approach to earn profit from it.
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Increase App Rating: Google constantly urges its developers to try and work harder for better app ratings. Your company offers analytics and other tools to help you improve your position in the app store. The higher your app rank, the more revenue you will make from your app.
Reach a global audience: Android is today one of the most popular mobile platforms, its users are spread across the globe. This gives you a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience. The Google Play Developer Console offers transcription services, which you could easily use to reach out to Android users around the world.
Before you submit your app to the Google Play Store
Earn from Free Android Apps
Most apps on the Play Store are available for free. As an app developer, you spend many painful hours of work designing, building, and testing your app. While monetizing Android apps is difficult in itself, it can be more important when you offer your app for free. Here’s how you can earn through the free Android app:

Optimize your app for play: The key to covering the Play Store app charts will be found more prominently in Search. Therefore, you should focus on optimizing your app for the app store. Your app name, icon, title, description and keywords should be easy to find by Google.
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Use the Freemium model: As mentioned above, you could offer the basic version of your app for free and then charge users to access premium features of your app. You could also consider adding ads to the free version. also offering an ad-free paid version of the app. Many users are willing to pay until they avoid d

ads while working with their apps.
Try In-App Advertising: In-app advertising and connecting with companies who want to advertise their products through an app would definitely help you monetize your free Android app. Of course, you have to be careful not to bombard users with too many ads or they will end up losing interest in what you have to offer them.
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Try different ads: Use different types of ad publishers and ads in your app. While small publishers have low fill rates, their payout rate is very good. Large ad publishers, on the other hand, will give you a much lower eCPM. Use a combination of both types of publishers to maximize revenue from your app.
Create multiple apps: If possible, create multiple apps covering different categories. This will add to your portfolio while generating more income for you. Taking this approach will also help you reach a wider range of users, spread across a variety of niches.
Cross your apps: Connect all your apps to ad networks, using your own ad space. This will generate double revenue for you when people click on them. Over a period of time, you could use the resulting profits to invest in building even more apps.
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