Quebec SMEs have every interest in investing in their cybersecurity!

Quebec is lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of its propensity to invest in cybersecurity. Recent statistics on this subject are also eloquent: in the province, approximately 50% of businesses are the target of an attempted cyberattack each year. However, many see cybersecurity as a necessary evil to prevent potential problems rather than as a source of opportunities for their business. Devolutions, a company specializing in the creation of cybersecurity software since 2010, wishes to highlight all the advantages for SMEs of investing in their cybersecurity and encourage computer technology experts to work in this direction.

Nowadays, cybersecurity should not be tackled at the expense of a company’s productivity. On the contrary, it should rather be perceived as a favorable opportunity to increase the latter. In fact, it can add value to an SME and bring about several other beneficial changes in the short and long term.

Reduced costs

Insurers are increasingly reluctant to protect companies with cybersecurity gaps. These represent a continual risk, since an attack, in particular, can deal them a severe blow. “For SMEs, this translates into higher costs for insurance and high requirements to comply with,” says David Hervieux, President of Devolutions. Using a password manager and holding cybersecurity certifications help simplify the process and have a decisive impact on the price of insurance.

The risks associated with a cybersecurity issue also result in higher expenses than those associated with measures to update a company’s IT security. An investment in cybersecurity is also an excellent way for an SME to protect its progress, since its data will be adequately backed up in the event of a problem.

Improved productivity

Investing in a cybersecurity structure can modernize a business with software that increases its productivity. An access management flow, among other things, helps to significantly reduce the waiting time necessary for a new employee to obtain their passwords. The procedure also becomes safer. “The employees of a company can return to their responsibilities more quickly. The set of tools related to cybersecurity aims to simplify measures and processes to optimize a range of tasks,” explains Mr. Hervieux.

David Hervieux, Founder and CEO of Dévolutions.

A sign of trust

By improving its certifications and its cyber defense, in particular, an SME is already preparing for future regulations and, at the same time, becoming more competitive. Its excellence in computer security is transformed into a more than relevant marketing tool. “The company is increasing its level of trust with customers and demonstrating its seriousness about its management of personal data,” adds the president of Devolutions. Customer satisfaction is thus increased and its size is more likely to grow.

Investing in cybersecurity also reassures customers about the care given to their information, but also all of the company’s senior management. It knows that its certifications guarantee risk control and that its precious data is safe.

Do you work in an SME? Whether you manage it or are part of its IT team, visit the Devolutions blog: you will find a wealth of information on cybersecurity for SMEs. Do not hesitate to use the services of a specialized firm to obtain personalized support in your IT security procedures.

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