How to repair a mobile phone if it is wet.

How to repair a mobile phone if it is wet.

Take some water and use it. The phone falls into the water. You have to pick it up immediately. It is already soaked in water. The first step is to remove the battery and make sure you do not turn it on because if you turn it on at this time you will definitely damage it. Everyone has a problem with the phone falling into the water. You know, water is the end of the world. This problem affects a lot of people. They are trying to find a way to get rid of their cell phone. The rest are just dying, due to some intentional act after they took out their cell phone in the water. Therefore, anyone whose cell phone falls into the water should immediately remove it and remove the battery cover, remove the battery, or place the battery in the open so that the sun can burn them. Then it is good when he opens the phone to remove the battery and check again to see if the water has already entered the engine of the phone or not? So if you notice that water has seeped into it you can take it and hold its side and rub it as you would throw things when they are washed, you will continue to do so until you make sure that the phone has no water left in it. then turn it back into the sun, and flip it back to the ground, that is, its face facing the ground after looking up so that the sun does not damage the phone screen.

So if you find that your phone is really wet then the second thing is to put it in raw rice? Rice? I know a lot of people are going to hear what the hell is going on? That’s right, rice can drain all the water your phone picks up. Here’s how to put one together for use with your cell phone. then take it back and recharge its battery, if you turn it on it will start up by God’s grace. (This is tested and works) You can also use a hair dryer that women use when they wet their hair (Dryer) to dry it. But also when using it you have to be careful what kind of dryer to use, because when you are faced with the fact that your phone is so wet that you think that if you use raw rice it will not dry out. , you see here you need to use a dryer. First remove the battery from the phone and hold the phone in your hand tightly and then begin to yarn it like a wet object is discarded, after you have finished discarding make sure there is no water left on it then pull it out or go to a hairdresser’s shop and give them a small dryer and then use a cool, not hot, because if you use a hot dryer then you will add a different problem to your phone, so you will keep blowing it. air until you make sure the phone is completely dry, then put the battery back on and charge it back for a long time then turn it on. That is why it is very good if you have a phone and it is expensive or repaired then it is better to put on clothes such as waterproofing and things that will prevent damage. Here is a brief summary of the steps we can take to ensure that our phone’s memory is restored when it falls into the water. Finally I say beware!

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