How to hide your number when sending a text message

How to hide your number when sending a text message Assalamu Alaikum welcome and welcome back to our new program which is coming to you live from Duniyan Fasaha magazine, as you are always with Muhammad Abba Gana, insha Allahu today I am going to explain a little bit about how to hide number while sending a message. 

 Have you ever received a message from the readers of this site that there is a way to hide your number when sending a message? I don’t think I can answer seventy percent of the messages you send in this question, which I don’t like so I decided to write it for the benefit of everyone. In fact, there is no single number that has been designed by a local telecommunications company in Nigeria that allows you to hide the number when sending a message just like you can hide it during a call, and that does not mean that the whole world cannot do it. . Some developed countries do this because their networks do not allow them to do so. But here in Nigeria, there are some tricks that can be pushed without any number appearing. Steps 
 1 ==> Go to your phone’s menu and select “Message
> Setting
> Text message
> SMS Sending Profile.” . 
 2 ==> If you select “Sending SMS” via “Email” then click it will ask you below “SMS Server” then enter your line number that you want to hide when you want to send a message. Then click “Save” and then click “Activate”. 
 3 ==> Go back to typing message and select “Create Message” then type your message, after you finish click “Send”, they will ask you to write an email address, then type what you want as email for example: world of art @ or any other name you need. 
 4 ==> When you are done click on “Send” and the message will be sent to the recipient from [email protected], as opposed to your number, or someone else’s name on the message. This is one of the best ways to hide your phone number when sending a message.

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