How to Earn Money in 2023 new way using your phone

There are several ways that you can earn money in 2023 through your mobile phone or personal computer.

Nowadays you can work with your mobile phone to earn money daily through internet for example

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube creator
  3. Web designer
  4. Content creator
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Crypto currency

Let’s explain it one by one, BLOGGING is an online program that you can earn at least $100 per month using your mobile phone or personal computer, what you all need to do is that you need to create your personal blog using BLOGGER or WORDPRESS or HTML and CSS programming language then you need to start writing and posting your articles in your blog make sure your articles is unique and make sure it doesn’t violate the community then at least you need to post 25+ articles before you request for AdSense  then to request for AdSense approval you need to open an AdSense account then link your site at the site tab then apply for AdSense approval and wait for their respond within 14 days.


YOUTUBE CREATOR:  YouTube is an online social media platform that you create your unique videos and after when you have complete the YouTube monetization policy you can apply for monetization and you have approve as a YouTube Partner you can start earning money from the videos that you create and publish it.


WEB DESIGNER: as a web designer you can use your experience of web designer and start design a web for people that need it and they will pay you based on how much you said they will pay for their work.

CONTENT CREATOR: nowadays you can be a content creator what I mean is that you can find a CEO of a website that you know and make a contract that you will be posting a unique articles in his website so that he will pay you each month based on how the CEO earn at that month then he will give you 30% of that month revenue.


GRAPHIC DESIGNER: you can earn money through your experience of graphic design nowadays by creating a logo or banner and flyers for you clients you can earn money daily through this way and you can find many customer at fiverr that need your services what you need to do is to download the fiverr application in your mobile phone then you are to Sign up and create your personal Details and start finding clients that need your kind of services.


CRYPTO CURRENCY: nowadays you can earn money daily in crypto currency by Buying a coins and tokens and hold it for a time that it price will be updated to higher price so that you can earn some profit in that coins or tokens that is how crypto currency is in brief.

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