How to Build Social Network Apps 02

Those Apps It Takes Like Thousands Of Hours Of Thousands Of People Right But Imagine But Think About It When Face book Just Got Started When Snap chat Get Cisco Start Or Integra Discussed Are There Only One Or Two Or Three People Doing That Okay So They Only They Only Need Just A Few People Or Just Only You

Develop An MVP Simple Features The Most Important Features Of The App That You Things That Is Different Is Adding Values To People’s Lives There Is Distinct From The Marketplace That Says You Don’t Have To Do That Scale Face book Because Hey Integra It’s All For The First Few Years It’s All About Posting A Bunch

Of Photos On A Newsfeed And That’s It And Now When Faial Goes Into That Add More Things Like Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Those Kind Of Things Or Image Processing Those Kind Of Things So That It Can Show You The Photos That You Are Likely To See You Want To See Or Explore People That Maybe You

Want To See The Photos Those Type Things But It All Boils Down Into This Model You Have A Bunch Of Clients Your Users Using The Font And Then You Have The Back End Just Like That So Think About The App That You Want To Build Think About The App You Want To Build What Do You Need What You Are Going To Need Their App On The Phone And You Need A Back-End I Personally Recommend Firebase Or Hurok Or Amazon AWS Guy Check Out Those Three Services So That Is All I Want To Talk About In This Video How You Build Those Kinds Up And How Most Apps Nowadays Use Those Services I Hope That This Video Is Valuable To You And

Also It Is Maybe Made It Much More Clarity For You Of The Whole World Of Apps Of Web Apps Of Services Out There And My Hope For You Is That You Realize You Can Be The Next One Who Build Something That Millions Of People Or Even Just Kings People Use It Could Be The Best This Would Be The Job Of A Developer And By The Way If You Love This Kind Of Training You’ll Love To See More Videos Like This Hit The Subscribe Button So That I Can Develop Free Training Videos For You

Every Single Week On This Channel And Also What I Would Love To Do For You Is I Have This Very Video Series Of Mini Cost Of Three Videos I Share With You How To Build Face book Nike Retail Store And Integra So All You Have To Do Able Love To Have This Thing I Would Love To Send That To You For Free All You Have To Do Is To Click The Button Somewhere On This Page Right Below This Video There Will Be A Link For You Then All You Have To Do Goes To That Link Into Your Name And

Email So That I Can Send You That Video Series Course All For Free How To Build Those App In Hours Which Way Through Fibroids All Those Things I Hope That You Enjoy This Video Go Out There As Always Learn New Things Craft Ideas And Contribute To The World I See You Next Time

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