How to borrow data from Glo – DIY guide

These days not having data to surf the internet is almost like not having oxygen to breathe. In fact, this is why many people say data is life. Being out of data is like being isolated from the world. We cannot overstate the importance of data.

Glo Nigeria understands this, and that is why they have introduced the “Borrow me Data” to the Nigerian Market. Their aim is to ensure that you are connected to the internet at all times and never run out of data when you need it the most. This service allows you to borrow data with no hassle. In this article, we will discuss how to borrow data from Glo and enjoy uninterrupted browsing at all times.

How do I borrow Data from Glo

To borrow data from Glo is not hard at all. This service is available to you, only if you certify these criteria:

· You SIM is registered

· And, you have been active on the network for at least a period of 3 months.

If you meet these criteria, then you are qualified to access the Borrow me Data service. To start, all you have to do

Glo Borrow me data Prices

Below is the equivalent data value you receive when you borrow the following amount on Glo Borrow me Data:

  • 50 Naira–You can access up to 30 MB. This is for 1 day for the price
  • 100 Naira – With this amount, you will be able to borrow at least 60MB of mobile data. This is also for a duration of 1 day
  • 200 Naira – You can borrow up to 200MB with this amount, and it lasts for 5 days
  • 500 Naira – With this, you can access up to 1600MB for a period of 7 days
  • 1000 Naira – If your limit is up to this you can access data loans of up to 3200MB/3.2Gig of data, all for 30 days

Note that they will charge you a 15% commission on this transaction for any data price you want to borrow

Conclusion:How to borrow data from Glo

Cash strapped and out of data? No worries, the Glo borrow me data got you covered. All you have to do is dial *321#. In no time, your account will be credited with Data to surf the internet. This means you do not have to miss that online meeting, special show, etc because you are out of data. All you have to do is borrow, and repay at a later time.

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