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My Canada Relocation Process As A Work Permit Holder With Lima Yes So Let’s Get Right Into It I’ll Give You A Back-Story So This Is How I Mentioned This I’m Going To Share This Video Into Two Sections First Is

That The Story Part And The Next Part Is Like You Know How The Actual Application Went Down If You’re Interested In Knowing The Experience On How What To Expect When Applying For A Work Permit With An Lima Okay So I’ll Start With The Story Back And If You Are Not Interested In This Aspect You Can

Always Skip To The Ending Pattern Whichever Works For You Okay So When I Realized That I Wanted To Relocate For A Better Life Initially I Didn’t Plan On Doing That And So I Planned On Living In Nigeria For

The Longest Time Possibly Just Travel When On Vacation Travel Around The World And Come Back But Then That’s Life Would Have It You Know Our Nigerian Passport Is Losing Value I Did Just Like About

Nigeria You Have To Get Sister You Know All These Stories There’s No Need To Bore You Then There’s No Amount Of Money You Can Have Except If You’re Like But They Don’t Like Uncle It’s Like You Always Have

To For Back To Between You Know Getting What You Want It’s Just A Lot Of Trouble So I Finally Decided To Move I Decided To Do Some Research On My Options One Was Education Like Getting Master’s Degree Going For A Higher Degree But I’m Not Even Interested In That Yes I Have Been For That There’

s The Money Aspects But Really I’m A Software Developer I Don’t Really Need That Much Stuff Except If I Want A More Specialized Option Let’s Say I’m Doing An Air Or Data Centric Kind Of Work Then I’ll

Definitely Need The Masters And All The Specialization But For Now It’s Not So Useful To Me So That Was Out There’s The Option Of The Canada Permanent Residency It’s A Very Long Process Capital Intensive You Need More Degrees I Think We’ll Have I Just Have A Bachelor’s Degree In Ape Engine So My Chances

Are So The Other Option Is To Get A Job Thankfully Software Developers Are Globally Hired Because It’s The Same Tool That We’re Using If You’re A Software Developer Nigeria Is The Same Gather That You’re Using That Is In America It’s The Same Tool It’s Basically Online So That Makes It Very Easy And Then So

You Know I Knew That This Was The Option And If I Get A Job I Could Start Remotely Or Get A Job That Has The Relocation Package And It Could Help Me Move So This Was Like My Subtest Possible Option Now That There Are No Other Options But This Was My Shortest Possible Option You Might Take It Two

Hour I’ll Get This So This Was My Focus I Will Focus On Getting A Job That I Had Relocation And Then The Rest Of Me Outlet So My Options Now Where Is That Germany Because You Know Germany’s Promising

Top Of My List Many Tech Companies Possibility Of Travel Tourism Within Europe Yes Free Education Potential For More Degrees In The Future Great Community For My Police Where I Used To Work You

Know Many Of Them Have Been Taken To Jenny Right Now So I Knew That I Would Not Be Alone There’s Also The Us Um It’s Mostly Remote Options So The Possibility Of Education To Us As A Software Developer With Their Students Rules Is Slim So Let’s Cross That Out And There’s Also Canada Yes Canada Higher Software Developers But Maybe Not As Much As 10 I Left My Cards Open My Options Open I’m

Not Going To Steal That Which Applies To Them Which I Applied To Any Canada I Applied To All Of Them Anyone That Works Out I Know What The Plan Is If Jenny Works Out I Know I’ll Enjoy My Life Travel You

Know They Have All These Vacations And Places To Visit So Beautiful It Kind Of Works Out So God Need To Glory You Know I’ll Try To See How To Walk Towards It And Process Beer Along The Way Maybe As It Kind Of Can Experience Person And Yeah So That’s Like Back-Story So Now To The Actual Process For

Applying For The Workplace Means Because Now Um Fast Forward I Applied To Companies I Finally Got A Canadian Company To Hire Me On The I Got My Offer Later On The 24th Of November 2020 That Was

Nice Before My Cut Wedding What A Miracle So I Finally Got The Offer So I Knew That This Was The Way To Go The Process I Took As A Software Developer So I’ll Advise You If You Are Working In Any Field And

You Want To Be Globally Hired Maybe Remotely On Your Location Just Look For These Platforms That Cater To Hiring People In Your Field So For Software Developers There Are Many Platforms I’ll Share The

Links Down Below Like We Located Me Start Of The Jobs Fortitude Of The Iowa Van After Come Honey Put The Ideal Injuries Please Go On I’m Just Going To Share Them Right In The Comment Section Below

Or In The Description Section Below So I Have Had To All These Websites You Know How It Is When You’re Applying To Jobs It’s Not So Straightforward You Can’t Say It’s One Month Or Two Months It Took Me A Long Time So I’m Not Going To Make It Switch Cut It And Make It Seem Like It Was It Was A Breeze

In The Park Or A Walking Path It Wasn’t Straightforward Even When I Was Doing My Interviews It Was During The End Such Period So It Was Hot I Was Building My Um Home Projects When There Was No Life There Was No Park I Couldn’t Go By Far From My Gym Because I Was Shooting All Around Playing

Stations Were Closed It Was Just A Terrible Time To Be Taking The Pressure Around Mentality Everything But Thank God For How He Did It Even On My Birthday I Was Still Walking To Like Seven Am In The

Morning Before I Slept That Means I Walked Out Tuesday Night Slept By 7 Am And They Had To Become

Maybe Like An Hour Later To Continue Working There Was Nothing I Bet The Last Day But We Thank God

So The Process You Know After You Have Gotten Your Job And They Say They’re Going To Um Help You Sponsor The Restart So Canada Work Permit Is This There’ll Be Location You Have To Apply For Lima And

That Will Be Done By Your Company Not You Do I Apply For Element On Your Bra What Does Lima Mean Labor Market Impact Assessments It Just Means That Um The Government Of Canada Is Kind Of Trying To

Manage The Labor Markets And If A Company Wants To Hire Somebody Externally That’s Outside The Country And Bring Them In They Have To Show Proof That They’ve Tried To Hire Somebody Within Maybe

A Permanent Resident Or Somebody That’s Already In The Country And They Couldn’t Get Maybe Because Of Some Data It Was Supply Or What They Call It Certain Of Um Experience That Was Cute

People So That Is Why The Government Is Giving Them Permission To Hire Somebody From Outside And Bring The Person In So The Type Of Work Visa I Was Applying For Was The Work Permit With An Lima So

The Company My Company Had To You Know Apply For An Lima On My On My Behalf Then I Got Granted It Was A Positive Application Afterwards I Can Now Apply For A Visa Work Permits With An Lima So As A Primary Applicant You Can When You Apply It’s Always Advised To Apply With All Your

Dependents Your Family Members Anybody That You Know That People Are Going To Get At That Point That’s Pointless To Apply Because If You’re Thinking I’ll Apply Uh When I Get There I’ll Come I’ll Now .

Apply For Somebody Else Who It’s Going To Be A Long Process But If You’re Applying For Everybody You Need To Apply To At The Point Where You’re Applying It For Yourself That’s Fine There Will Be A Problem .

So As A Primary Applicant I’ll Be Getting A Close Requirement And Since I’m Married My Spouse Will Be Getting My Spouse Will Be Getting An Open Work Permit What Does That Mean May I Be Getting Close Work Permits Tied To My Company For The Duration Of My Visa What Permits Visa Am I Supposed To Be.

Getting The Open Work Payments That Means You Can Work With Anybody Any Company Just Like The Way Students In Canada Students After Finishing Their Education In Canada Will Get An Open World .

Credit And They Can Get Hired By Anybody So For Instance Which Is Two Years Yeah Duration I Decided To Change The Employer I’ll Have To Apply For Another Work Permit Under This Employer And This .

Would Be Close Work Payments And This Is Something That Will Have To Be Removed Once Maybe When I Get The Permanent Residency God Or I Become A Citizen So If You Have Gotten To This Point I Have Not.

Subscribed To My Channel Please To Click On The Subscribe Button Like This Video And Thank You Very Much So As A Primary Applicant What Are Some Of The Documents You Should Be Getting Ready To .

Apply So You Need Like A Police Report Yes Very Important For You And Everybody That To Be Applying For You Need A Proof Of Work Experience A Degree Transcript And Certificate If Applicable Based On

Proof From Past Employer To Show That You Pay Tax You Know All These Advanced Countries Tax

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