Chrome update fixes High severity security

Her Friend Is Doctrine Have You Ever Asked How Those People Build Face book How Do People Build Integra Or Snap chat Or Maybe You

Want To Be A Productivity App That Ask The User To Log In And Sign Up And Then Store Some Data On The Web Or In Other Words Your Back-End You Have Your Own Back-End Or Maybe You Want To Build Game That You Store The User Data And Then Store Some

Characters And Start Some Videos And Some Assets Or Maybe You Want To Build Social Network Apps The Last User To Chat With Each Other The Last Users To Same Videos Same Photos Share All Of

Those Things Like Them And All Those Things How Do People Build A Pin That Is The Topic Of This Video I Would Love To Share With You Of The Idea That Most NASA Day Is How Most Apps Work And More

Importantly How You As An Iris Developer Or An Android Web Or Web Developer Can Build That Too So That Is The Topic Today Now

Before We Do That It’s Very Simple Before We Do That Let’s Imagine Let’s Think About One App Idea That You Got Let’s Say I Have An App Like Jump Back A Few Years Ago Was Right 10 Years Ago I Have The App Idea To Build Face book Or Integra Right The App Idea Is I Want

Users To Be Able To Lock And Sign Up And Then Share Photos Just That It’s Simple Right How Can We Build That Well As It Turns Out That Whenever You Have An App Idea Like That Right You’re Going To Have As Just Like The Process Of Development As For Every

Developer For Every Startup That You Have An Odd Idea You Draw On The Paper Or Do A Fancy UI On IPod Pro You Draw It Like This Is Like That You Have Something We Call A Simple Mainframe Or Just Some Drawing Some Sketches Right And Then You Have To Bring

That Thing Into Something We Come To A Team Of Designers Right A Designer’s Team So They Look They Might Get Pretty They Might Get Nice And From That Designer Team You Can Create Something We Call A Prototype The Prototype Is Not Actually It Is Just Some

Images Some If It Is Faint Here We Have Some Animation Some Interaction Some Transition From One Screen To Another Screen For Example If I Go To Integra The App Idea Is Integra I Go There

Login Screen A Welcome Screen And Then Login Screen If The User Don’t Have An Account Then We Goes Into Signup Screen After We Sign Up Screen We Are Going To Goes Into The Newsfeed Right After The News Feed Goes Into The Camera The Camera Will Post Photo

Those Kind Of Things Then The Flow Of The App That Is The Walk Of The Founder Of You As A Developer Or If You’re Working A Team Then That Is The Founder Or The Have Like The Research And Development Department Those Kind Of Stuff Right After That They’re Going To Hand Over To Of Visiting Will Be More Specifically In Web

Development Than This Than Is The Woman Or Android Development Right But We Have A Front-End Developer Now Front-End Developers Is The Ones Who Create The App Inside The Thing Okay Now The

Front-End Which Is Like The App And The Users Into Right On The Screen Then We Also Have A Back-End Server A Back-End Developers That Use Things Like Python PHP Ruby On Rails JavaScript Those

Castings And For The Front-End If You Build As For I phone Then You Switch If You Build Apps For Android You Java And Android Studio You Build Up For Web Development Then Maybe Use Java Maybe Use HD Of Course You Use HTML CSS Maybe You Use Are Things Like

JavaScript Which Is For The Interaction Right Or You Use Ruby On Rails Those Kind Of Stuff Again Now Here Is How The Model Work Why Is That Front End Why’s That All Those Back-End Look At This App Guy For Example This App So We Have Something Like A Back-End Right All The Tools That We Use I Personally Prefer To Use Sketch Code And Fiber Is When I Build I OS Apps Sketch Is Just Like

Photoshop It’s Simple Or It’s Easier To Use It’s Banner Okay It Personally When I Design Apt Is It Allows Us To Draw Very Easily Now All Those Things When We Have An App Like This Okay The Ad The Front-End Like That And Then This Is The Back End I Use Five Ways

You Can Use Things Like Amazon AWS You Can Use Things Like Google Cloud You Can Use Things Like What Is That Thing Here Oh Cool Or Pause Service On Hurok Those Happens Okay Now Here’s How The

Model Work For Every Single App You Name It We Have App Store Is Also That Works In This Model Too If You Have A Integra Face book Snap chat Or Every Single Game Nowadays Use That Things Okay

This Model Very Simple Model That Is You Have An App And Then The App Is Going To Talk To The Server Which Is Some Computers In Some Data Thinner Right Connected To The Internet So It Means That If We’re Going If You Upload Some Photo Then It Will Upload The Photo To The Server To The Backend As We Say Or If You Request To Download Some Videos Then This Thing Was Same A Download

Request To The Backend Saying That Hey My Back-End Or Hey My Data Center I Won’t Have This Video At This URL Or At This Location Okay And Then The Backend Is Going To Return Us Some Data If We Ask For Some Videos Are Going To Return Some Videos Or Some Photos Or Some Messages Right It’s The Same For Example If You Want To Build A Chat Application Okay A Chat Application How Does The Chat Application Works Well When I Think Of A Chat Application No Matter It Is A Web Development Or Android Or Ions Development It Walk To The Square We Have A Back-End That Store User Information That Stores Things Like Login Sign Up Profile Pictures Okay Things And Then Store Only Chat On The Messages On The Photos And Videos Right So For Example In A Chat Whenever I Want To Send A Chat Message To My Friend Right So Let’s Say I Have Two Devices Over Here I Have One Device Is This I phone And Another One Is This IPod Over Here Right So I Want To Chat From This I phone To The IPod How Does It Work This Is The I phone Send The Right Message To Jacket No It’s Go Up Like This The I phone When I Taught Me In A Message Hello There Is A Duke Right The Message Is Going To Send To Our Back-End To The Server And Then If We Sent Properly That Means That The Message Will Directly St. Or Fetch Or Data Into Our Another Device Gap Then This Thing Would Send A Message To My IPod Or Into This Thing Right Another Client As We Call It Okay So This Is The Whole Model Where The A Bunch Of Devices But If I phones I’ve Had Web Browsers And Then One Single Back-End Or Multiple Data Centers So Same Thing If You Think About The Scale Of Face book Again That Is It That Is That Simple But If We Now When You Go When I Teach A Program Called Socialize Your App It Is The Program Or I Shared With People How To Build Appliqu├ęs Look Integra Nike Retail Store Those Kind Of Things And In That Program We Spent Just Four To Five Or Six Weeks And Build The MVP Meaning The Minimum Viable Product For Those World Class At Now It May Sound Crazy To You When You Think About Building welcome to this windows computer and technology channel and uh in a very important emergency update you have google chrome browser that’s updated uh late today so it’s apparently a high severity flaw exploited in the wall by bad guys already so hackers already have been exploiting this flaw so go into your chrome google chrome browser and uh go into the upper right corner into three vertical dots go to help and about google chrome

you should be as of today march the 25th 2022 version 99.0.4844.84 so it’s a small update um it really contains just one fix but that fix is important it is a bug described as type confusion in v8 so this is something that has to do with the internal virtualization of google chrome browser um google acknowledged that the security team um was actually made aware of this on march the 23rd so two days to actually fix it gives you an idea when you go that quick and releasing an update and you tell everybody please update your browser uh that means

they know it’s bad and it’s probably very bad so um you know this isn’t since the beginning of the year and even last year but since the beginning of this year google chrome has had a lot of major updates and um it’s a lot of them with zero day and and already exploited you know in the wild flaws pretty uh pretty crazy when you think about it so uh basically uh this is uh an update that you need to have the rollout is coming over the next hours if you haven’t had it already my browser was already updated to version 84 but now you know there’s not a

lot of details they’re kind of keeping it quiet but now it’s released and revealed that this is something very important so just make sure that you updated to the latest version of course that also means that other browsers that are based on chromium like edge will eventually get their own

fix at some point on their own for a fix of this thing now i see that edge actually is updating right now so this could actually be also the same security flaw that is happening uh so let’s uh we’re gonna actually make a separate video for this uh as i see edge updating i’m gonna go check what’s

the update and the latest version of edge so google chrome update already exploited by hackers and is a high severity flaw it’s a small update shouldn’t take very long on your chrome browser to update but do

update it’s very important to stay safe on your browser it’s the first line of defense like i

always say that means that it is always you know the uh the first line where it’s the first program to encounter often what’s happening on the internet and what’s bad if you enjoy my videos please subscribe give us thumbs up thank you for watching

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