Best Camera Apps For Android iOS Phones 2023

Best Camera Apps For Android iOS Phones

Below is a list of some well-researched best camera apps available for Android and iOS phones.

1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the most popular camera apps that has been widely used on Android as well as iOS. It is one of the best camera apps for Android and iOS phones that comes free and has quality features. Generally, using so many features comes with its own set of conditions and limited usage in free versions. However, with YouCam Perfect, this has never been an issue.

It allows you to choose not only from filters, transitions, after-effects, and image processing; it helps you beautify the images too. This beautification involves improving the skin’s texture, removal of blemishes, body shaping, height leveller, makeup tools, and much more. If you have not tried this app, it is one of the most recommended ones for an amazing camera app experience.

2. InShot

InShot is a popularly used photo and video editing app for Android and iOS devices. You can add the images and videos captured from your phone in the app and start editing them with ease. It comes with great filters and effects that can be used in pictures as well as videos. Additionally, you can create collages with images. The app allows you to set frames and change backgrounds.

One can even add music from local memory or free music available on the app to make the videos more interesting. You can procure a cutout from an image to use in a separate space. Besides, text addition, multiple edits, and retouches can be done by the same app.

3. Focos

If you want to obtain DSLR-level picture optimisation, here is your app to go to. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Here, you get to operate and work on different lenses. Once you add your picture, you will be able to see how it looks with lenses. Additionally, you can choose to refocus the element in the image even after it is clicked.

This feature is not available with a regular camera once the picture is clicked. Apertures can be changed, and different shapes for it can be selected. The rendering looks real with Focos app, and you can even use 3D lighting with it to give a chic look to your pictures. Generally, features like the one provided by the app are not available post-click. In view of this, it is really helpful for professional editors as well as those who are particular about how an image looks on their social media.

4. B612 Camera

Frankly speaking, the B612 camera was a thing of youngsters earlier who loved the pop colours on filters and other effects. However, with time, the app upgraded, and now it is one of the most liked best camera apps for Android and iOS phones among other age groups too. Besides, it can be used for video editing too. The app provides blingy, retro, and trendy filter effects that are missing in most third-party apps for cameras.

For everyone who loves makeup but cannot appear top-notch in raw images, the app gives you a great hack. With its makeup and beauty tool, handling pictures are quite easy. You can change the colour of your eyes, cheek tints, lip colour, eyebrow shape, and much more with the features offered by the app. Colour edits give the picture pinch of your favourite colour. One of the best features offered by the app is creating new filters that can be sharable across the platform.

5. Protake

Protake app allows you to make edits to the portrait images and videos as they are least editable using the other apps. Available for both Android and iOS, it provides a professional level of editing for portrait elements. It has calibrated the colour management on the filters similarly to what we see in movies or quality pictures.

All this can be taken care of using a mobile phone. Using Assistant, one can add false colour, zebra stripes, focus peaking, aspect ratio, safe area, crosshairs, and 3-axis horizon. The professional kits are not generally available elsewhere except for premium branded software. Once your work is ready, it is easily sharable across platforms, tag people, and more.

Synopsis: Best Camera Apps For Android And iOS

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