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Assalamu Alaykum ,Alhamdullilah am back again.AMJAD is the name, yeah the story name.

     *This is a work of fiction. Names, incident in it are my imagination. Any resemblance to actual person living or dead,events is entirely coincidental.*

 *The story is created to educate,enlight and entertain.Support by commenting, voting and sharing,they are the backbone of this story,your support will keep my rights up survive,without you guys i can't make tiny  of it.Always want to make you happy,be with me and my stories.*

 *Up up upโค AMJAD ,let's start....๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹Boom๐ŸŽ†*


     ๐Ÿ…ฟ 0โƒฃ1โƒฃ

Canada,Mu’az resident

  Kid'a ne kawai yake tashi a gidan kai seka d'auka a club kake inba wai ka gane wa idonka ba.

   Amjad! wata mace ta kira bayan data shigo d'akin wanda tana da tabbacin kid'an daga nan yake.

  Saurayin data ke kiran sunan nashi ya juya baya sam ba jinta yake ba se miming wa'kar yake.Takawa tayi ta 'karasa inda yake tayi tapping kafad'arsa da 'karfi.

 Da sauri ya juya tare da yin 'yar 'kara "Aww!"

  "Will you please turn the music off?"

  "Mom am glad you are back"Abinda ya fad'a kenan kafin ya 'karasa ya kashe kid'an.


   " Amjad this is too much ".

  "Mom am just having some fun,it's awesome".

  " Where is Shaheed?"

   "He just left"


     "I don't know".

     " What about Zakia?"

      "I guess she is in her room".

      " Well, have you eaten?"


     " Why? are you not hungry?"

     "Of course I'm I just don't wanna eat"

      "Is something wrong?"

        "No". Ya amsa a taka'ice.

        " I hope so,let me prepare omelette for  you try a little son I don't want see  you starving just like that".

 Seda ya d'an d'age gira tukun yace "Ok".

   "That's my kid".Ta fad'a tare da jan kumatunsa tana murmushi.

  Shima murmushin yayi,daga haka ta fita daga d'akin shikam ya fad'a kan gado tare da d'aukan phone d'insa ya fara tapping.

    D'akinta ta koma tare da rage jacket d'inta da viel d'in data yafa shima ta cire  ta fito kitchen.

   Cikin d'an 'kan'kanin lokaci ta kammala ,dining ta jera sannan ta hau upstairs zuwa d'akin Zakia.

   " Come in"Aka fad'a bayan tayi knocking.

    "Mom so you are back?"

     "And you're here busy chatting"

     "Ohh" Ta fad'a tare da sosa kai tana rife laptop d'in.

    "Have you eaten?"

     "Yes Mom"

      "Ok then we enjoy our omelettes alone"

       "Omelettes? that's my favorite you know"

        "I make it for Amjad"

         "Come on Mom Amjad is not a kid you're spoiling him much, Dad is right".Ta fad'a cikin shagwa'ba.

     " Kema?"

      "Nima me?" Ta tambaya cikin rashin 'kwarewar hausa".

     "You're backing your dad"

    "Why not ? He's right"

      "Ok let's go" Ta fad'a tare da tallafo kafad'arta suka sauka 'kasa.

     "Amjad! Omelettes is ready"

      "Ok Mom"Ya amsa daga d'aki.

      "You see"

       "Zakia ?" Mom ta fad'a in between laughter.

        "Ehyi he's almost 26 but yet you're treating him like a 16"

        "What are you two discussing?Suka jiyo muryarsa yana sakkowa daga step.

       " She.."

        "Mom!" Cewar Zakia da 'karfi tana zaro ido signing take mata na tayi shiru.

     "Ok ,I gerrit" Tayi alamar zipping mouth da yatsa.

       "Are you guys hiding something?"Ya tambaya yana kallonsu.

     " No"Suka amsa a tare.

      "Lazy  I hope your hands didn't touch my Omelettes?"

      "What if it those?"Ta tambaya cikeda tsiwa.

      " R.I.P"Ya amsa yana gyara kujerar zama.

       "Really? Let.."

        "Shh! Guys let eat and stop chatting" Mom ta katse su dan yanzu sesu mayar mata da table upside down halinsu neh  kullum se sinyi fad'a shi tsokana ita kuma tsiwa.

   "Yau wani beyi sallah na Asr ba". Zakia ta fad'a bayan sinyi nisa da cin abincin.

      Karaf! Ya dire spoon dake hannunsa ,ya san inde zatai munafinci shine take jagulo hausa dukda kuwa ba 'kwarewa tayi ba amma de ta fishi dan a yanzun ma ba sosai ya fahimci abinda tace ba amma de ya ayyana dashi take.

   " Zakia are you serious? " Mom ta tambaya.

   "Yes Mom" Ta amsa.

    "What did you mean by that?" Ya tambaya fuskarsa a d'aure.

    "Amjad is that true?" Mom ta tambaya yanayin fuskarta ya sauya.


     "You didn't pray Asr" Ta amsa a takaice.

      Yanzu ne ya gano gulmar data fesa mata.A fusace ya mi'ke dama Zakia tasan za'a rina, a guje ta tashi daga kujerar ta fyalle hanyar sitting room dan ba damar hawa bene.Bata san ita kanta inda zata 'boye ba,'kofar fita ta nufa.Mom na kiransa amma ko sauraranta ya'ki yi.

   'Kiris be iske ta ba sega Dad ya shigo,da sauri ta la'be a bayansa.

    "Dad help me!" Ta fad'a da 'karfi.

     Ganin haka yasa Amjad yaci birki se huci yake.

  "Amjad what's going on?" Dad ya tambaya.

   Shiru yayi dan bashi da abin cewa yasan idan yaji maganar sallah ne seya santa a gun dad.

  Tana daga baya amma a haka take masa gwalo.

   "She took my diary" Yayi 'karya.

   "Diary?" Waiwayawa yai ya kalli Zakia,da sauri ta saita kanta.

  "Where is it?"

    "In the locker". 

    " Give him back ok?"

     Kai ta gida'a alamar toh,daga haka ya wuce ya barsu a gun.

    "I saved you"

     Galla mata harara yayi tukun ya wuce ,tana bin bayansa da gwalo.

   "Honey you're back". Cewar Mom lokacin daya 'karaso ta mi'ke tare da hugging d'insa.

     " Uhm,mey kuke ci haka?"

     "Omelettes" Ta amsa.

     Amjad jin da yaren da dad yayi magana yasa yace "disgusting" ba tare da sun jiyo ba,ko takan omelettes d'in be biba ya haye sama abinsa.

     "Shaheed?" Ya tambaya.

       "He went out am sure he's  on his way back home"

       "I hope so" Ya amsa.

        Spoon ya d'auka kan table d'in tare da d'iban omelettes d'in yayi tasting. "Uhhm yummy"

  "Really?" Take ta hau blushing.

   "Sure" Ya amsa.

    Zakia dake tsaye gun ta ta'be baki tana murmushi,koyaushe haka Mom take akwai son a yaba girkinta.Sometimes takan ce dad is so  lucky he has a loving and caring wife.

  Ita ma d'akin nata ta koma tsokana yasa ta tsiri ci dan ba wani yunwa da take ji.

  6:16pm Shaheed ya shigo lokacin kowa yana d'aki,be shiga nashi d'akin ba ya shiga na Amjad

 Sallah ya tarar dashi yanayi,ko ba'a fad'a ba yasan Asr yake dan aikin kenan a haka anci sa'a be had'a da Isha'i ba.Yana zaune har ya idar tukun ya soma magana.

  "Asr right?"

   "Mind your own business silly boy ,where have you been?

    "Do I have to explain? Look at how you're talking as if you're my dad"

     "Pillow ya d'auka ya cilla masa a fuska." Get out "

     "Easy,am going dude" Tashi yayi ya fita ya rabu dashi.

Nigeria, Kano.

  Sauri-sauri take tafiya hannunta ri'ke da jakar makarantarta kayanta kuwa uniform d'in islammiyya ne.

 "Assalamu Alaykum" Ta fad'a bayan ta 'karasa gida.

  "Waalaikissalam"Aka amsa mata.

A tsakar gida ta tarar da Mahifiyarta tana gefen shinfid'ar mahaifinta daya ke kwance ana ganinsa ansan yana jin jiki.

  " Sannu Baba".Ta fad'a.

  Kai kawai ya iya gid'a mata dan ko magana ya kasa yi.

  "Ina kika baro su Maryam d'in?

   " Suna dawowa tafiyar tasu ba sauri shiyasa nayo gaba"Ta amsa.

    "Laila idan kin cire uniform d'in zaki je gidan kawunki ki kar'bo ruwan rubutu za'a bawa Babanku"

   "Mami wai wannan ji'ke-ji'ken baza a dena d'ura masa ba"Ta fad'a 'kasa-'kasa kar Mahaifin nata ya jiyo.

  " Toh ya za'ayi"Mami ta fad'a.

   Ba jimawa ta chanja cikin kayan gida tare da zira hijab ta fito.

  "Na tafi".Abinda tace da ita kenan tukun ta fad'a.

   Gidan kawun nata daya ke bayan layinsu ne ba dad'ewa ta dawo,a lokacin suma 'kannen nata suka dawowa.

  Dama Mami ta san ba iya ruwan rubutun bane hadda sauran ji'ke-ji'ken magunguna idan ta'ki bashi kuma suce bata son d'an uwan nasa ya warke shiyasa ta dena 'kin bashi dan wasu lokutan da kansa yake zuwa ya d'ura masa.

LAILA itace d'iyar fari a gidansu se 'kannenta guda uku Maryam ,Nusaiba se auta Fauzan. Laila wannan shekarar ta kammala secondary school dan hatta jamb tayi admission take jira,tana da shekara 19 a duniya.

    Mustafa Mu'az sunan mahaifin Laila ,Fatima sunan mahaifiyarta.Mahaifin Laila yana da yayyi guda biyu Yunusa Mu'az na farko da Engr.Abdallah Mu'az na biyu se shi na uku.Mahaifin Laila ba mey kud'i bane yana de d'an sana'arsa,lokaci guda rashin lafiya ya kamashi ,koda suka je asibiti aka fad'a musu ya kamu da ciwon 'koda.Duk cikin su ukun Engr.Abdallah shi yayi karatun boko mey zirfi cikin ikon Allah ya samu d'aukaka har yakai wannan matakin sanda ya kammala karatunsa a 'kasar waje ya samu aiki.

 Rushda Lincoln data kasance haifarfiyar Italy business ya dawo da iyayenta Nigeria,haka yasa ta iya harshen hausa dan tun tana 'karama suka komo,Egr.Abdallah daya ta'ba yin aiki 'kasan Mahaifin ta a dalilin haka suka had'u da Rushda .Lokacin da yazo wa 'yan uwansa da maganar aurenta kowa ya'ki amincewa dan su a ganinsu ma ita Christian ce seda 'kyar suka fahimci musulma ce grandparents nata ne Christian amma iyayenta musulmai ne ,Lincoln kuwa sunan da family d'insu suke bearing ne.Bayan aurensu suka koma Canada da zama inda sukai 'ya'ya guda Uku watoh Amjad, Shaheed se Zakia.

 A yanzu haka Amjad ya kammala karatunsa yana da shekara 26 ,Shaheed yana da 23yrs shima yana gab da graduating ,Zakia tana da 19yrs ita bata dad'e da fara university ba.

  Engr.Abdallah lokuta-lokuta yana zuwa 'kasa Nigeria domin ziyartar 'yan uwansa dad'i da 'kari Company nasa (RAZAS),Amjad da tun befi 10 ba idan aka zo Nigeria baida buri a tafi company har yanzu sed kuma zaman Nigeria ne sam bayaso . Kusan yanzu 7yrs rabonsa da Nigeria last zuwa da akai harkar school tasa beje ba daga Mom se yaran guda biyu banda dad dayake tare dashi. 

  Tunda Mahaifin Laila ya kwanta rashin lafiya Dad yana tura masa kud'i na asibiti ,yanzun ko ya turo Baba  seya ce Mami siyi siyayan abinci dan yana ji ajikinsa kamar baze tashi ba.Shikuwa dama Kawu Yunusa baya son zuwa asibiti haka kullum cikin had'o ji'ke-ji'ken gargajiya.Toh wannan kenan.


   Bayan sun kammala cin tuwo suna zaune dukansu a tsakar gidan ,Mami se fifita take ma Baba abincin ma ya'ki ci se numfarfashi dayake.

  "Sannu,a had'a maka shayi tunda ka kasa cin abincin"

 Kai ya gurgiza mata alamar a'a.Shiru tayi daga haka ta cigaba dayi masa fiffitar.Yaran ma sinyi shiru basa ko hira,Fauzan ne ma mey yin magana shima ganin sinyi masa shiru ya dena,'kuruciya tasa baya fahimtar halin da ake ciki iya kaci yaji ance sannu Baba shima ya fad'a. A yanzu yaran nada shekara 7,Maryam nada 16 se Nusaiba 14.

   9:00pm nayi kamar koyaushe lokacin baccinsu yayi dan haka suka mi'ke zuwa d'akinsu.

 "Kada a mance ayi addu'a" 

   "Toh Mami". Suka amsa sannan suka shige d'akin.

    Su duka ukun a shimfid'a d'aya suke kwana ,Fauzan daban.Basu kwanta bacci ba seda suka tabbatar sinyi addu'oinsu sannan suka kwanta,Laila da 'kyandas taji ko alamar bacci babu a tattare da ita.Ciwon Baba ba 'karamin damunta yake ba,gashi ita kanta Mami tana cikin damuwa kusan 2month ana jinya.

  Da'kyar ta samu ta rufe idanunta bayan 15min bacci yayi gaba da ita.


   Kamar ba dare ne ba,earphone ne ma'kale a kunnensa ya d'ora laptop kan gado se chat d'insa yake hankali kwance gefensa kuwa Pepsi ne yana korawa.

  Kusan koyaushe haka yake baya wani isashshen bacci se kusan 4:30am ya kwanta   har lokacin subh yayi be farka wa inba Mom ce ta tashesa ba itan ma setayi fama kafin ya mi'ke.Dad ya rasa yadda zeyi da irin hali na Amjad sam ya banbanta da siblings d'insa ,ga yawo shine club shine parting tare da bad guys.


  Duka yaran suna makaranta kamar koyaushe basa d'ara 8:30am kowa take tashi daga bacci se kuma wani daren ,kowa ya shiga sabgarsa Laila kuwa tana kitchen tare da Mami suna had'a karin kumallo,Fauzan ma na wasanshi a tsakar gida su kuwa Maryam da Nusaiba suna wanke kwanuka.Baba kuwa yana d'aki kwance yana jiyo hayaniyar yaran.

    Kwan ! kwan! Suka jiyo bugun 'kofa daga waje,sallamar da akayi neh tasa suka sheda mey maganar.

  "Kawu ina kwana".Yaran suka fad'a bayan an bud'e 'kofar ya shigo ciki.

    " lafiya".Ya amsa.

      "Ina Baban  naku?" Ya tambaya.

        "Yana ciki ". Suka amsa.Da sauri ya 'karasa d'akin,Mami kamar yadda tayi tsammani hannunsa ri'ke 'kulli-'kullin magunguna.

" Za'a sake kwankwad'a masa wasu kenan"Laila ta fad'a bayan ya shigesu.

  "Idan ya jiyoki ba ruwana ,kiyi aikin dake gabanki atoh". Cewar Mami tana cigaba da sakin fanke.

 " Fad'imatu!" Taji Kawu ya 'kwalo mata kira.A gigice ta tashi dan ta mugun razana tsoronta kar ko wani abu ne ya samu Baba amma tana zuwa taga ba haka ba."Jiya kin bashi maganin da Laila tazo ta amsa guna?"Yadda yake maganar cikeda tuhuma.

"Ehyi Kawu an bashi"

 "Allah yasa dan naga jikin ba 'kwari ina 'ko'karin zaunar dashi ma abu ya gagara ko dama ya jima a hakan?"

    "Jiyane de be samu ya iya zaman ba"

       "Toh ga wani maganin na kawo yanzunnan za'a bashi yasha d'akko kofi a tsiyaya"

Da "Toh" ta amsa ,bayan da aka kawo kofin ya tsiyaye maganin,tallafo shi yayi da 'kyar tukun ya kafa masa.

   "Ka daure kasha ko ka samu 'kwari"Kawu ya fad'a.Baba da ba yadda zeyi haka ya 'kwan'kwad'e.

     Maidashi yayi ya kwantar se nishi yake d'an mi'kewar da yayi yasa yake jin wata wahalar."Sannu" shine abinda suke fad'a,da'kyar yake gid'a kai.


    8:20am,dukansu sun hallara a dinning table suna breakfast chair na Amjad kuwa empty ba shi babu batunsa. 

   "Where is Amjad?" Dad ya tambaya yana kallon Shaheed.

  " his room"Mom ta amsa cikin in'ina

   "Sleeping right?"Yadda yayi maganar yasa dukansu sukai shiru ,  ta sunki da kanta 'kasa ba tare da ta sake cewa komai ba .

    A fusace ya mi'ke daga kujerar ya dire spoon d'in hannunsa,ko ba'a fad'a ba Mom tasan d'akin Amjad ya nufa.Itama tashi tayi tabi bayansa tana 'ko'karin tsayar dashi.

     " Honey stop! Honey listen to me"

  Banza yayi da ita ya cigaba da tafiyarsa har ya 'karasa 'kofar d'akin dede zeyi knocking wayarsa tayi ringing.

 Da alama kiran mey mahimmanci ne haka yasa ya sauka 'kasa.Dad'i taji ganin haka dan tasan da ya shiga d'akin rai ze 'baci kuwa.

   Da kanta ta Shiga d'akin,ya 'kudundune da blanket se sharar bacci yake.

  "Amjad,wake up it's almost 9am" Ta fad'a a hankali tana tapping shoulder d'insa.

   A hankali ya motsa memakon taga ya bud'e idanunsa a'a se ya juya fuskarsa d'ayan side d'in.

  "Amjad! Your dad is here"

   "Uhmm" Ya fad'a a ciki-ciki.

    "I said wake up"

     "Mom please,30min more.."

     "Amjad!" Ta kira da 'karfi.

     Da'kyar ya tashi yana mirza idanuwansa da suka 'kan'kance tsabar bacci daya taru yana kunbure- kunbure.

   "Ya tashi " Ta fad'a bayan ta sakko 'kasa.

    "Better" Daga haka ya koma d'aki.

Sanda Amjad ya sauko Dad ya bar dinning d'in,hankalinsa kwance yayi breakfast d'insa kowa ya tashi ya barshi.A zuciyarsa yana jin dad'in tafiyar da Dad zeyi zuwa Paris yasan zey samu ya sarara ba takura zeyi abinda yake so.


Wajajen 2:30pm Laila ta gama shirinta cikin uniform d'in islamiyya,fuskarta ba wani makeup amma hakan be hana kyawunta fitowa ba,eyelashes nata zara-zara da girarta me matu'kar had'uwa very thick ga curve ,lips nata dede ga dogon hanci ,ganshinta kuwa tayi parking ,ko powder bata sa ba amma farar fatanta bebar haskakawa ba(kwatancen laila zey ja lokaci shiyasa  kawai aka d'anyi description kad'an) 

Yawanci kullum tana riga su shiryawa shiyasa wasu lokutan bata jiransu.

  "Maryam!" Ta 'kwala mata kira.

  "Kinsan ba jiranku zanyi ba kuna gani uku ya kusa zanyi tafiyata idan bakuyi sauri kun shirya ba"

  "Yanzu fa zamu shirya"

   "Banga alamar hakan ba ai" Ta bita da harara."Seki je ki kirasu Nusaiban"

      Basu suka fito daga gida ba se 2:54pm,se dungure musu kai take tana balbalesu da masifa.Daba ace Mami ce ta takura su tafi tare ba da bata jira su ba.


  4pm Dad ya tafi zuwa Paris, Shaheed da Zakia  se Mom suka raka shi har airport banda Amjad da yana gida duniya tai  dad'i Dad is not home dukda kuwa ya sake ja masa kunne akan zuwa party da 'kin yin sallah akan lokaci.


     *How is the chapter?? Want hear from  you, more comment more updates.Love you all๐Ÿ’‹*



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 ๐Ÿ…ฟ  0โƒฃ2โƒฃ


8:30pm,suna dining Mom,Zakia da Shaheed kowa kawai de cin abincinsa yake wannan kusan duk ranar da Dad yayi tafiya haka sike saboda yana da wasa da dariya cikin familyn nashi amma dukda haka Amjad besa ya dena ganin tsananta masa da Dad yake ba,shi a ganinsa ya takura masa.

Suna zaunen ne Amjad ya sakko ,ya ma’kala earphones a kunne se bin wa’kar yake hankalinsa kwance yaja kujera ya zauna.Gabad’aya kallo suka bishi dashi dan sun gano dalilin farincikinsa,jin kallon ya isheshi yace.

“Sorry guys ,I forgot to say hi to you is that it?”

Kai kawai Shaheed ya girgiza ya tashi,Zakia kam ta’be baki tayi ta cigaba da cin abincinta.

“Amjad you’re happy Dad is not here right”Mom ta fad’a.

“Ahn?” Ya zare earpiece d’aya dan beji mey tace ba.

“I said you’re happy Dad is not here right?”

“Why should I not, he’s always harassing me ,am glad now he’s not home no more harrasing I wish he could stay there for 6month”
Ya ‘kare maganar a ciki-ciki

“Because you want to enjoy parting hanging around with silly boys like you ” Zakia na gama fad’a tayi sauri ta gudu d’aki dan idan ta tsaya seya daki bakinta.

“Mom did you heard that? I can’t tolerate nonsense!”

“Come on eat forget about what she just said,she’s sad Dad is not home”

‘Kwafa yayi ya cigaba da cin abincin tare da ‘karo volume d’in wa’kar.Kowa d’akinsa ya wuce ,Amjad like always ya kunna laptop sede yau video call ya shiga yi da farko da wani friend d’inshi Sam ya fara bayan ya gama labarta masa Dad yayi tafiya kuma ya soma yi da wata beb.

“Hi Rosie” Ya kirata fuskarsa d’auke da murmushi.

“How you doing ?”

“Am ohk” Ta amsa.

“But you don’t seems to be ok” Ya amsa cikin sanyin murya.

Cikeda iyayi irin tasu ta turawa tayi rolling eyes tare da sauke numfashi kafin tace.”Am just having a hard time here in London am tired I need to come back to Canada ” Ta ‘kare maganar tana sa’kale gashinta bayan kunne.

“I knew it,you won’t like staying there how could that even be so possible I know you missed me”

“Yeah I do,and you?”

“Do you have to ask ?”

Murmushi kawkawai yi ba tare da tace komai ba.”Now what’s your decision are you going to stay there or you have changed your mind?”

“Well,you know I can’t live without you,why will you even expect me to stay there? It’s not that easy” Ta ‘kare maganar kamar zatai kuka.

“It’s all over now,everything is gonna be ok”


“Amjad”Ta kira sunanshi.


“I’am sorry,i’am sorry for hurting you so bad for living without even saying goodbye”.

“Shh! Stop apologizing, I know you won’t left me it’s just that you need to have some space at that time, I was also wrong to treated you like that,i’am also sorry”

Kai kawai take gid’awa dan a yanzun kuka yaci ‘karfinta se gogewa take amma ya’ki ‘karewa.

“Please stop crying everything is fine”

“Yeah I know,I just can’t hold it”

“You can ,look at me “

A hankali ta d’ago kamar yana gabanta kuwa idanuwan sunyi jazir ga kumburi da sukai fuskar ma tayi red.

“I love you”Ya fad’a.

Wani farinciki taji ya shiga zuciyarta kukan ma ta nemeshi ta rasa duk da kuwa ba yaune first time daya fad’a mata hakan ba, kawai de tayi missing words d’in daga bakinsa.

” I love you too” Tayi ‘ko’karin amsa wa,tuni ta mance da komai suka shiga hirarsu ta masoya.

Rosie, tare sukai makaranta da Amjad tun suna teens da farko friendship suke ba ala’kar soyayya amma daga baya soyayya mey ‘karfi ta shiga tsakaninsu.Watarana suka samu sa’bani sakamakon wani saurayi daya ganta dashi,ko explaining be bari tayi masa ba ya hau fishi da ita hakan yasa tayi zuciya ta koma wajen mahaifiyarta da zama wadda take a London ,Amjad se ji yayi ta tafi ,1month da faruwar hakan du zaman ya isheta tayi missing d’inshi idan ta kirashi baya picking se yanzun taci sa’a ya nemeta.


Mami ce zaune kusa da Baba se fifita take masa,ga abinci a gefe ya kasa ko loma d’aya.

“Ina yaran?”Ya tambaya murya a dashe.

” Sun kwanta bacci”.

“Taso su” Ya fad’a.

“A taso su” Ta nanata taji banbara’kwai dan shine me hanawa a tashi wani yana bacci.

Tashi tayi jiki a sanyaye ta shiga d’akin yaran d’aya bayan d’aya ta tashesu ,Nusaiba da nauyin bacci se rife ido take.

“Laila kuje babanku yana kiran ku”


“Eh kuje yanzu”

Su biyu suna biye da ita a baya banda Nusaiba da tana ganin fitarsu ta koma baccin ta.Suna shiga suka zauna bisa shinfi’darsa.

“Au Nusaiba komawa baccin tayi?” Mami ta fad’a bayan data lura bata gun ,tashi tayi da niyyar kiranta Baba yace ta rabu da ita.

“Laila,Maryam” Ya kira sunansu.

“Na’am Baba” A tare suka amsa.

“Ina so ku kasance masu biyayya ga mahaifiyarku da ‘yan uwana duk da nasan kuna yi amma zanso ace kun dad’a a kai” Dukansu jikinsu yayi sanyi jin irin kalamansa.

“Koda ace bana duniya kada ku d’auka cewa baku da mey fad’a kuji ,yayyina d’aya sike dani a gunku suma iyayenku neh kunji koh ?”

“Toh Baba” Maryam ta amsa.Ita kuwa Laila kuka ne yake nema ya ku’buce mata zuciyarta tayi matu’kar karaya.

“Laila kece babba a cikin yarana,’kannanki sune masu koyi dake ,kece abokiyar shawarar mahaifiyar ki ..” Tari ne ya katsesa ya kasa cigaba da magana.

“Sannu Baba” Ruwan dake cikin jug Mami ta tsiyaya a cup ta bashi yasha kad’an.

“Kuyi ha’kuri” Suka ji ya fad’a.

Shiru d’akin bame magana har kusan 10min,ganin haka Mami tace su koma su kwanta. Laila tana fita daga d’akin ta koma gefen ‘kofa tayi zaman dirshan Maryam ta shiga d’aki ta barta duk da ita ma ba barci ta koma ba.

“Sannu” Ta jiyo muryar Mami tana fad’a dan tarinsa ya tsananta.Zuciyarta sai dukan uku-uku take da tayi yun’kurin shiga d’akin seta kasa wani tsoro take ji yana sake shigarta.

“Baba” Take ta ambata a hankali.

Ganin yadda Mami ta fito a kid’ime yasa tayi saurin mi’kewa a firgice.”Laila zanje na kira kawun ku”

Bata jira jin abinda zata ce ba ta fita daga gida ,Laila da sauri ta shiga d’akin ta tarar dashi yana ta numfarfashi.

“Baba” Ta zauna tare da ri’ko hannunsa ta had’a da nata tafin,hawaye ne kawai yake ‘kwaranya a fuskarta ta rasa ina zata sa kanta itade tunda take bata ta’ba shiga tashin hankali kamar wannan ba.

Sunkui da kai tayi ta dafe goshinta da hannunsa had’e da nata,Maryam ce ta shigo itama ganin yanayin da Laila ta shiga tasa kuka.”Ina Mami ta tafi?”

Ta kasa ko amsa mata har yanzu kanta a sunkuye yake,10min later sega Mami ta dawo tare da Kawu Yunusa.’Karasowa yayi inda yake ya du’ka a sanyaye.

“Mustafa” Ya kira sunansa.

Laila se lokacin ta d’ago ta dubi Baba tana jira ya amsa.Hannunsa data ri’ke taji yayi nauyi.”Baba” Ta kira a raunane.Ta kira yafi sau uku amma shiru,kawu ne ya ri’ko hannunsa daga bisani kuma ya maida.

“Innalillahi wainna ialihi raji’un” Abinda ya furta kenan.

“Fad’imatu sede mi ha’kuri amma Yunusa Allah ya d’auki abinsa”

Jitai kunnuwanta ya toshe idanunta kuwa sun soma dena gani ko kukan ma ta dena ,tana kallo Mami tai zaman dirshan take ta soma kuka.Innalillahi wainna ilaihirraji’un.

Maryam ma kukan nata ne ya sake ‘karuwa,Nusaiba daga d’aki tajiyo su kamar a mafarki ,zinbir ta tashi tayo waje.Wajen Mami tazo ta ‘kan’kameta tasa kuka ganin Mami na kuka da Maryam.

“Kawu a tafi asibiti bafa mutuwa yayi ba” Suka jiyo muryar Laila, ba wanda ya tanka mata dan sunga zafin mutuwa ne ya doke ta.


Duk cikinsu ba wanda ya iya bacci har gari ya waye,a jiyan dama Kawu ya kira wasu ‘yan uwa ya sanar musu da rasuwar saboda haka da asuba suka fara zuwa.

Laila ba ita ta tabbatar da Baba ya rasu ba seda taga gida ya cika da jama’a,nan ta dasa nata kukan ta shige d’aki.Lokacin da aka zo fita da gawarshi seda kawu ya korata ita a lalle seta bisu an kaishi da ita.

‘Yan uwan Mami sukai ta rarrashin yaran suna basu ha’kuri.

Kawu Yunusa ne ya samu ya kira Dad a waya ya sanar masa da rasuwar d’an uwan nasu.Yaji mutuwar sosai,Mami tana zaune aka kawo mata wayar sukai wa juna gaisuwa daga bisani sukai sallama,zuwa Nigeria ya kamashi gashi yayi tafiya dan a yanzun ya shiga busy akan aikinsa sosai.

Canada, 4pm

Yau Sam ya kawo ziyara wajen Amjad,Sam d’aya daga ciki abokansa ne na yarinta tare sike rashin jinsu da yawo he is one of his craziest friend.

Da Sam da Shaheed duka suna d’akin Amjad wai zasu gwada wrestling Amjad ne rep Sam da Shaheed sune players duk sun ‘kwa’be rigar jikinsu.

Wani rectangular plane katako suka d’ora kan kujeru biyu at each end.Amjad ya tsaya daga gefe suna jira ya busa ‘kusur.Fittt! Suka soma,kowa burinsa ya d’aga wani ya danfara a kan fence d’in,daga yadda ‘kirar Sam take za’a gano cewa yafi Shaheed ‘karfi.Chancharas ya d’aga Shaheed ,se wutsul -wutsul yake Amjad yana ta dariya hadda ri’ke ciki.Yana ji yana gani ya damfarasa akai hatta katakon seda ya ragargaje kujerun kwa suka fad’i ,Shaheed ko motsi da’kyar yake ya ri’ke ‘kwan’kwaso se juyi yake.

“I caught that on camera” Amjad ya fad’a.

“Dude are you alright?” Sam ya tambaya yana dariya.

“Aghh,Mom!” Ya ‘kwala mata kira.

Ba dad’ewa kuwa sega ta ta shigo,hannu ta d’ora a baki tana waro ido.”Oh my god ,what did they do to you Shaheed ?”Ta ‘karasa inda yake ta rasa ma ta ina zata soma taimaka masa ya mi’ke.

“Guys this is crazy,look at him he’s hurt”

“Mom he’s gonna be ok” Cewar Amjad.

Da’kyar ya samu ya mi’ke suna had’a ido dashi suka she’ke da dariya.

“Shut up! This is not funny,Amjad this is nonsense behave yourself don’t let that happen again” Tana gama fad’ar haka ta fice, Shaheed yana biye da ita se dafe baya yake ,bayan yayi jazir.

Ganin Mom bata ji dad’in abinda sukai ba ya tsagaita da dariyar.

Seda ta daddana masa ice block shima tana yi tana dungure masa kai,da be kula su ba da hakan be faru ba.

“Don’t ever try this again,this is stupid”

Shide ya sunkuyar da kai a zuciyarsa yana tsara ramuwar da zeyi musu shima,gashi sunyi video zasi yad’a shi.

Landline na sitting room da yayi ringing yasa ta mi’ke dan amsa kiran.

“Innalillahi wainna ilaihirraji’un”Ta furta bayan Dad ya sanar mata da rasuwan.

” Sorry for your lost,I felt sorry for his family may his soul rest in peace
May Allah grant him jannatul Firdausi.

“Ameen” Dad ya amsa daga d’ayan ‘bangaren.

“Mom,what happened?” Zakia ta tambaya dede lokacin ta dawo daga school taji tana wayar.

“Your uncle, he’s gone”

“Uncle mustafa?”


“Uhh,may his soul rest in peace, I will call Dad”

“Yes you have to, am gonna call his wife Fatima”

A take ta kirata aka ci sa’a wayar tana kusa,cikin harshen hausa ta soma mata gaisuwa.

“Allah yaji ‘kanshi yasa ya huta”

“Ameen,nagode” Mami ta amsa murya a sanyaye.

“InshaAllah muna nan zuwa ,ki gaida yara a basu ha’kuri”

“Zasi ji,nagode “

Amjad da tunda ta fara wayar da Mami ya jingina a bango ya wani folding arms yana jiran ta gama wayar dan ba jin abinda take fad’a yake ba,when it comes to Mom wajen hausa to bafa ya tsintar komai amma idan Zakia ce ko Shaheed toh yakan tsinci kad’an shima da ‘kyar.Rashin iya hausarshi ya samo asali ne dalilin boarding school da yayi,sukuwa sauran Suna gida duk sanda Dad da Mom suka juya magana da Hausa sukan tsinci wani abun kuma shima Dad yana ‘ko’kari yaga sun koya.

“Where is he?”



“He just left”

“Amjad you have to be careful,this should be the last time ,don’t let that happen again,Shaheed is your bro why do you like hurting him?

” Ok,ok it won’t happen again “

“I hope so”

Har zata wuce ta tuna ta dawo.”Your uncle is gone,you should call your Dad”

“He died, When?”

“Last night”

Kai ya jinjina tare da d’age gira.”may Allah grant him Janna”.



Haka ranar Suka wuni duk cikinsu ba wanda yasa abu a bakinsa se Fauzan da be mallaki hankalinsa ba.Laila dan tsabar kuka har zazza’bi ne ya rife ta gashi ta’ki cin komai shiyasa ta galabaita tana kwance ‘kuryar d’aki ,tunanin tsahon rayuwar da suka d’auke tare da mahaifinsu tayi -tayi da ‘karshen maganar da yai musu.

Ko ‘yan islamiyyarsu da suka zo gaisuwa da ‘kyar ta samu ta iya fitowa tsakar gida,data lura da Mami taga yadda ta sake ramewa fiye da da.

2weeks later


Dad kwana biyu da dawowarsa Canada gobe zasi je Nigeria dukansu, shirye-shiryen tafiya suke yi ,d’akin Zakia Mom ta shiga dan dubawa ko ta gama nasu shirin dan jirgin safe ne dasu .Kamar yadda tayi tsammani taga ta gama shirya kayanta,koda ta duba Amjad shi video call d’inshi yake da Rosie.

Ganin shigowarta yasa ya katse kiran sukai sallama.

“Amjad,what are you doing you didn’t park your things?”

“Are we really travelling?”Ya tambaya cikeda rainin wayo.

” Yes,you should have park your things our flight is 7am”

“What!” Ya mi’ke tsaye.

“I don’t wanna go anymore”

“And you must,it’s necessary put this in your head better park your sh*t now!”

“Mom!”Bata saurareshi ba tayi ficewarta ta barshi.

“F*ck up!”Ya daki cloth set dake jingine.

” Nigeria Nigeria ,hot! hot ! hot and that fucking little sh*t(mosquito๐Ÿ˜‚),damn it! Shi kad’ai yake masife-masifensa kafin daga bisani ya bud’e cloth set d’in.


Yau su Laila suka koma makaranta ita da Maryam suko Nusaiba da Fauzan ana yin kwana ba’kwai washegari suka koma,suma su Laila saboda ‘yan gaisuwa yasa Mami tace su bari yau.

Laila tayi mugun ramewa seda akai da gaske ta dena zama da yunwa ,fuskarta har yanzu da nuna damuwa a tattare da ita.

“Kun fito kenan?”

“Eh Mami” Suka amsa ta.

“Toh se kun dawo”Daga haka suka tafi.


Amjad bayan daya gama jera kayan daya ke bu’kata ya suri jacket a hankali ya salalla’ba ya fice daga d’akin, a sitting room ma da sand’a ya bud’e ‘kofa ya fice.Wayarsa ya d’akko a aljihu ya danna was Sam kira yake fad’a masa ya fito dama sun had’a appointment.Mintina ‘kalilan ya ‘karaso daga can nesa yayi parking motarsa yadda bame jinsu,cikin sassarfa ya ‘karasa wajen beyi wata-wata ba ya bud’e ‘kofar ya shige abinsa.

“Man,where are we going?” Sam ya tambaya.


“Then let’s go to club first, later I drop you to Rosie’s home”

“No,it’s getting late it’s 12am already”

“Come on we are not gonna spend much time there”

“Alright, then
get going”

A wani haukace ya suresu kafin daga bisani ya seseta tu’kin,Amjad ko jikinsa inde wannan ne ya saba.

Seda suka fara zuwa club kamar yadda Sam yace,nan suka had’u da abokanan shashancinsu sukai ta shirmensu,masu rawa nayi masu drinking nayi shide duk yadda yakai ga zuwa club ko sau d’aya be ta’ba shan wine ba rawa de za’ai iya son rai.

Basu suka fita ba se 1:30am,da’kyar ya samu ya janyo Sam suka fita dan already he’s drunk suna fitowa kuwa ya soma she’ka amai,se tangali yake kamar sabon mahaukaci.Key ya kar’be daga hannunsa dan yasan a halin daya ke ciki baze iya tu’kasu ba.Direct gidansu Rosie yayi parking,bayan ya fito daga motar ya kirata a waya lokacin bacci take cikin magagi tayi picking.

“Hello” Muryarta ‘kasa-‘kasa.

“Am outside”

“Amjad,is that you?”



“Don’t you believed me? look outside the window”

Tashi tayi ta le’ko ta window d’in ta hango shi jingine da mota take ta saki murmushi, da sauri ta fito tana sanye da dogon wando wanda da kad’an ya wuce gwiwa se wata vest gashin kan a barbaje kan kafad’arta.Fuskarta d’auke da murmushi har ha’kwaranta suna bayyana.

Tana ‘karasowa tai hugging d’insa .”Are you really travelling? “Ta fad’a bayan sunyi breaking hug d’in.

“Who told you?” Ya tambaya tare da furrowing eyes yana mey mamakin wanda ya fad’a mata.

Kallonta ta mayar kan Sam dake cikin mota yana shargar bacci.”So he is the one”Ya fad’a bayan ya dawo da kallonsa gareta.


“I won’t take so long there”

“What about your family? are they gonna stay there for long”

“I think so”

Daga nan suka d’are kan mota hand in hand suka shiga hirarsu,se 2:14pm ya tafi gida Sam a haka ya ‘karasa gida da rabin hankali.


7am flight d’insu ya tashi ,kafin su ‘karasa kowa ya gaji,Amjad tuni annurin fuskarsa ya d’auke ,driver Dad yayi kira a waya lokaci ‘kalilan ya ‘karaso.Yana jinsu suna ‘yan maganganunsu ko tanka musu ya’ki yi har suka ‘karasa mansion d’insu,Mom mamaki neh ya kamata ganin gidan tsaf.

“Honey how..?”

“Surprise right?” Cewar Dad d’auke da murmushi.


Tun a jiya Dad yasa a gyara gidan dan yasha ‘kura saboda tsahon lokacin da aka d’auka ba’a zauna ba.

D’akinsa ya wuce direct ga yunwa dayake ji amma bama ya sha’awar cin abincin.

Driver Dad yasa ya siyo musu abinci kafin siyi settling kuma,Shaheed, Zakia kowa ya shiga d’akinsa bayan sunci abincin shikuwa ‘kinci yayi ya kwanta da yunwa.Da safe kuwa da wuri ya farka dan yunwa ,kitchen ya nufa direct Allah ya taimaka yaga fridge a cike da kayayyakin ci.Bowl ya d’auka ya had’a cornflakes stool yaja ya zauna ya soma sha.

“Son” Yaji Mom ta kira sunanshi sanda ta shigo kitchen.

“Morning” Ya gaisheta.

“Yunwa koh?” Seda ya d’an yi nazari tukun ya tuna mey hakan yake nufi.

“Uhmm” Ya amsa.

“I made you a toasted bread”Ta fad’a tana ‘karasawa ta d’akko masa.

Se lokacin ya kalli clock d’in dake ma’kale a kitchen d’in yaga 8:34am.Su kuwa tun tuni sunyi breakfast d’insu ma,da sauri yaci ya koma d’aki yayo alwala ya tada sallah.

Se around 11am ya fito bayan yayi shower baccinsa ya koma,yana sakkowa ‘kasa ya tarar dasu duka a sitting room.

” Morning Dad”Ya gaishesa.

“Morning” Ya amsa.

“Yaushe zamu je?” Mom ta tambayi Dad.

“Anjima zamu”

“Gidan late Uncle?” Zakia ta tambaya.


Shi sam ba son wannan hausar da sukeyi yake ba,sede yayi ta kallon bakinsu,tunanin yadda zey tsara tambayar mey suke cewa ya shiga yi amma fa da yaran Hausa,yafi minti uku yana tsara abin fad’e kafin yai gyaran murya.

“Mey cewa kukai?”Ya fad’a da confidence d’inshi.

Gabaki d’ayansu ba wanda beyi dariya ba,Zakia hadda ri’ke ciki dan dariya.Tuni ransa ya ‘bace duk wannan tsare-tsaren shine zasi ‘bige da dariya ,pillow na kan sofa d’in ya d’auka ya wurga wa Shaheed a fuska ya tashi ya koma d’aki.

Ganin haka Mom ta tsagaita da dariyar ta fara kiran sunanshi amma yayi burus.

” It’s ok guys,enough please”

“Wani yasa ya kasa koya ,dole miyi masa dariya the next time yayi abinda yafi haka wani dariyan zamiyi +shame shame “Dad ya fad’a.

Tashi tayi ta nufi d’akin sa.” Come in” Bayan tayi knocking.

“A zaune ta tarar dashi kan gadon yana tapping phone d’insa be ko kallo wajen ba.Zama tayi kusa dashi ta dafa kafad’arsa ” Son we are sorry”

“You don’t have to”

Ohh sweetheart ,you even try there is nothing wrong there it’s just that you misplaced the words”

“Then you correct me not laugh”

“It won’t happen again”

“Do you want learn the..”

“Not anymore” Ya katseta.

“No son it’s good to ,what if you are to stay in Nigeria?”

“God forbid”Yayi saurin fad’a.

” Who knows if..” “

“Mom please stop it,I don’t like talking about it,am not staying in any other country apart from were I was raised”

“Am joking ,don’t worry” Ta fad’a tare da tallafoshi sekace ‘karamin yaro.

4pm suka nufi gidansu Laila,aiko ranar an tashi da rana duk da a cikin mota suke Amjad be fasa complaining ba har suka isa gidan.Mami tana tsakar gida taji sallama,tana bud’e musu ‘kofa wa zata gani.Iso tayi musu suka ‘karaso har ciki ta sauke su a d’an ‘karamin parlonsu inda aka ci sa’a ma daakwaia wuta ta kunna musu fanka,su Laila kuwa dukansu suna makarantar islamiyya.

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



 ๐Ÿ…ฟ  0โƒฃ3โƒฃ

  Dukansu wuri suka samu suka zauna,Shaheed da Zakia suna zaune 2 seater se Mom da Dad da suke zaune kan 3 seater Amjad ya hakimce kan 1 seater daga can 'kuryar parlon se cin magani yake.

  Cikin rissinawa yaran suka gaida Mami da yaran  Hausa shima yai koyi da abinda suka ce yayi mata gaisuwa,suma Mom da Dad suka sake mata gaisuwa bayan sun  gaisa.

 "Ina yaran suke?" Dad ya tambaya.

  "Dukansu sun tafi islamiyya nan da anjima zasu dawo"

  "Allah yayi albarka" Cewar Mom.

  Mami ta amsa da "Ameen".

Hira kad'an suka d'an ta'ba wanda kusan duk akan yaran nasu ne ,nan Mami take fad'a masu Laila ta kammala karatun secondary.Sun kwashe kusan 1hr tukun suka je gidan  kawu Yunusa ,bayan sunyi kamar 40min Mom da yaran suka komo gidan su Laila Dad yana tare da Kawu yunusa suna tattaunawa.

  Kamar yadda sukai zaman farko haka sukai yanzunma ba wanda ya chanja position, Amjad da zafi ya fara isarshi se d'aga 'kasan T-shirt d'insa yake yana firfita sekace ba fan a d'akin.

 Zakia ce ta d'auki jug d'in da Mami ta kawo musu ruwa ta tsiyaya a cup ta sha,Shaheed ma ta ziba mishi sannan Mom.Mom da kanta ta ziba wa Amjad ta bashi,shide ya ri'ke a hannu amma ya'ki sha se danna phone d'insa yake.

 5:43pm su Laila suka dawo gida tun daga 'kofar gida suka gane anyi ba'ki sede basu san su waye ba.

 " Assalamu Alaykum"Sukai sallama.

"Daga parlor Mami ta amsa ,Nusaiba da Fauzan ne suka le'ka cikin rissinawa suka gaishesu da sauri Nusaiba ta tashi shi kuwa yaje ya ma'kale da Mami yana sunkui da kai.

 " Suwaye suka zo?"Maryam ta tambayi Nusaiba.

  Laila da take cire hijab bayan ta ajje bag d'inta tace"Idan kin damu kije mana ki gani"

   Dama tun a islamiyya wani malaminsu ya bata haushi.

 "Daga tambaya"

  "Wa'annan d'innan 'yan uwan Baba ,'yan farare"Cewar Nusaiba.

 " Laa kawu Abdallah "

 Laila da ta gano suwa ake nufi amma tayi kamar bata sansu ba koda ta gama sauya kaya waje ta samu ta zauna 'karamar wayarta ta d'auka ta hau danne -danne.

Maryam kuwa tana gama sauya kayanta ta tafi parlorn ta gaishesu,daga gefen Mami ta d'an raku'ba ta zauna Zakia se faman murmushi take wa yaran tana ji ina ma ace sun saba.

 Amjad tun shigowarsu be ko d'ago kai ba dan koda suka gaida su Shaheed ne da Zakia suka amsa hankalinsa na kan chat d'insa.

 "Ina Yayarku?" Mami ta tambayi Maryam a hankali.

  "Tana d'aki"

   "Toh kice mata tazo su gaisa mana"

    Tashi tayi taje ta fad'a mata ko uffan bata amsa ta ba.

  "Yaya baki jini ba?"

   "Naji karki takura min"

  Wucewarta tayi ta koma "Tana ina"Mami ta tambaya.

 " Wai karna dameta"

  "Bari naje na doko ta wannan halin bazata fasa ba  mutum ya shige 'kuryar d'aki yana miskilanci"

 Mami ce ta tashi ta tafi zuwa d'akin yaran ta isketa ma ta shingid'a kan katifa abinta.

 "Mey kike yi da baza ki taso ba ana kiranki?"

  "Mami yanzu zanzo"

   "A hakan kina kwance,tun d'azu ana tambayarku dan wula'kanci kuma seki kwanciyarki bakisan abinda ya dace kiyi ba"

  Sallamar Dad tasa Mami ta fita daga d'akin,se lokacin ita kuma ta ajje wayar ta mi'ke d'ankwalin ta yafa akanta dama doguwar rigar material ce sky blue a jikinta A shape ta fito.

 Daga bakin 'kofa ta tsuguna "Ina yini"

   "Lafiya lau" Mom suka amsa.

   "Ya 'karin ha'kuri"

    "Da godiya" Ta amsa.

    Zakia da Shaheed  ma ta gaisa dasu  banda Amjad da bata san da zamansa a d'akin ba saboda yana daga can gefe bata lura dashi ba inba wai ta shiga ciki ta zauna da kyau ba.

   "Wannan itace babba ko?" Dad ya tambayi Mami.

  "Eh itace Laila ,se 'kannenta " Tayi masa bayaninsu d'aya bayan d'aya.

    Laila da take jinta kamar akan 'kaya da sauri ta bar d'akin ta koma.Not more than 3min sega Mami ta shigo "Keda kika zo kika zauna anan  mey zami basu?"

 "Ga ruwa kin basu"Ta fad'a cikin rashin nuna damuwa.

   " Gidanku,ruwa abinci ne? tun d'azu fa suke nan har sunje gidan Kawunku sun dawo kuma shine zan zira musu ido"

 "Toh ga tuwo nan za'a d'ora idan zasu iya jira se a sa musu"

   "Waike lafiyarki lau? Idan su iyayen sunci yaran taya zasi iya ci kinsan de ba cimarsu bace" Mami ta fad'a.

 "Toh ya zami musu shi mike dashi"

 "A'a baza'ai haka ba,yanzu de dama miyar alayyahu zanyi kinga se'a sayo musu gurasa sauran chanji a siyo musu lemo"


"Maghrib yana yi bari na aika Nusaiba ta siyo,ke kuma ki had'a miyar ina Maryam seta taya ki kuyi sauri" Mami ta fad'a daga haka ta fita.

 Nusaiba ba jimawa ta siyo kayan,Laila kuma suna had'a miya kafin su kammala maghrib tayi Fauzan ne ya zuba musu ruwa a buta bayan sinyi alwala ya rakasu masjid ,su Mom suma sukai tasu sallahr a gida.

Kafin su dawo har abinci ya kammala ,komai da komai aka jero a tray Maryam ta dire a tsakkiyar parlorn.

  "Sannu"Zakia ta fad'a tana murmushi.

Itama Maryam murmushin tayi ta amsa mata da" Yawwa"

   Sun dawo daga masjid Amjad be shigo ba ya tsaya a waje yana iyayi shi network yake searching.

  Mom ganin shigowarsu tayi serving d'insu"Amjad?"Ta tambayi Shaheed.

 "Yana waje yana ganin gari"Dad ya fad'a.

 D'an dariya tayi ta ziba musu juice d'in" Zakia"Ta kira sunanta tana mata nuni da ta sakko 'kasa,ba musu ta sakko shima haka Shaheed.

 Seda ya gama iyaye-iyayensa tukun ya tsiri d'aukan pic ,daga bisani ya d'akko camera d'insa a mota nan ma ya hau video na area d'in.

 Bata dad'e da zama ba a d'aki tajiyo knock."Mtchww! ko waye a wannan lokacin"Tana jin haushi ta tashi ta nufi 'kofar waje.

  Tana bud'ewa taga mutum a tsaye,tunani ta shigayi damage tare take d'azu,ganin zata 'bata lokaci ta matsa gefe  ya wuce.

 "To ko tare sike ?amma ba d'aya ne namijin ba?"

Tana waiwayawa bayan ta rife 'kofar taga har ya shige parlorn.Ra'bawa yayi ya shige zuwa seater d'insa yana kallonsu suna cin abinci ya ta'be baki ,Mom data ce ya sakko yaci ya girgiza mata kai alamar a'a.

 Se 8:23pm suka tashi da zimmar tafiya kan lokacin tuni Amjad ya 'kosa su tafi saboda shi ba hirar ake dashi ba shi bada cin abincin ba su Zakia suna d'an hirarsu da Shaheed amma shi dinkim kamar bebe kawai kad'a 'kafa yake.

 Dad 50k ya direwa Mami bayan fitar yaran dama Mom ,Mami tayi ta godiya har 'kofar gida suka rakasu banda Laila da ta tsaya daga tsakar gida.

 "Kin wani ma'kale a ciki"Mami ta fad'a.

 " Toh mey zan musu?"

  "Bansani ba" Ta wuce ta barta anan.


   Amjad suna shiga gida ko d'aki be shiga ba ya wuce kitchen ya nemi abinda zeci,yunwa yake ji sosai amma tsantsami yasa ya'ki cin komai balle yasha.

“Amjad ,so you’re hungry” Ya jiyo muryar Mom ta fad’a.


 "But you refused to eat .."

  "I can't eat that". Ya katseta.

   " What wrong with the food?"


     "Nop it's yummy ,you missed it boy"

     "No it's not"



         "When are we going back home"

      "This is home too"

       "Yes!" Ya jiyo muryar Zakia tana shigowa kitchen d'in.

   "This is non of your business" Amjad ya fad'a.

    "Am not here for trouble"

   "Gobe fa ina zami je?"

     "I don't know"Mom ta amsa ta.

       "Babu zuwa ko ina!" Ya fad'a bayan ya dire cup dake hannunsa ya wuce yana mata kallon banza.

Ta'be baki tayi ta maimaita abinda ya fad'a "Babu zuwa ko ina" irin ba saban ba yau yayi Hausa.

 Tunda ya shige d'akinsa be sake fitowa ba yana jiyo hirarsu.


 Har 7am be tashi ba seda Mom tazo ta tashesa,suna kammala breakfast kuma Dad ya tafi dasu zuwa RAZAK Amjad se gyangyad'i yake a mota bacci be ishesa ba.Sanda suka shiga yaga komai ya sake sauyawa ya 'kara kyau building d'in komai an sake 'kawata shi ba 'karamin birgeshi yayi ba dan a take ya d'auko camera ya soma d'auka Dad yana kallonsa amma yayi kamar be kula ba,Amjad da gaske yana son RAZAK company sede fa Nigeria ce bayaso.

  "Do you like it?" Mom ta tambaya.

   "Yes I do it's really beautiful"

    "Do you wanna work here?"

     "Mom,actually No I don't like staying in Nigeria"

      "Son Nigeria is your country"

       "No no!"

       Suna tafiya suna hira da Mom,Dad suna can wani side d'in da sauran yaran yana nuna musu ,Manager ma ranar be shigo company d'in ba dan ya manyanta sosai kusan koyaushe cikin kar'bar treatment.

Amjad office na CEO ya d’are a kujerar Mom tana masa dariya.

  "Mom am the Boss"

  "It suits you my handsome"

   "I knew it"

    "Mr Amjad  Mu'az"

    "You're boosting my ego"

    Ganin shigowar Dad ya mi'ke yana scratching kai,shi wancan fa ko anan zamu barshi ne"Dad ya fad'a yana kallon Amjad.

 "Bayason Nigeria kuma ba"Mom ta fad'a.

  "Zeso ta wataran"


   "Idan na dawo dasu duka nan"

  Hakan ba 'karamin dariya ya bawa Mom ba dan a ganinta hakan bame yuwuwa bane ita kanta bazata so hakan ba.

"Zakia do you wannan stay here in Nigeria, no Mom and Dad with you?"

Gira ta d'age alamar "eh"tana dariya daga baya kuma tace "No".

 " I can't stay alone"


   "No,not anymore unless with Amjad"

  "God forbid" Yayi saurin fad'a.

   Shiru Dad yayi yana kallon yaran ba tare da ya sake cewa komai ba yana murmushi.

Wajen 12:30 suka biya restaurant sukai lunch daga nan suka wuce mall suka yo siyayya suka komo gida,nan fa Amjad ya dasa video call da Rosie.

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๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



 ๐Ÿ…ฟ  0โƒฃ4โƒฃ

Yau suncika 2weeks a Nigeria sun zazzagaye gidan sauran ‘yan uwa har sun ‘kosa su koma musamman Amjad da yake jinsa kamar a kan ‘kaya, kullum mita yake ga mura da ta kamashi se faman raki yake wa Mom tamkar d’an shekara 5 hakan ba ‘karamin ‘kular da Zakia yake ba ita da take ‘karama bata abinda yake.Tissue kuwa duk inda yaga dama cillarwa yake sede Mom ta d’auke haka magani ma seya ‘bata lokaci yake sha.

 "Amjad wake up it's time to pray " Mom ta fad'a bayan data shigo d'akinsa.

2:18pm beyi sallah ba se bacci yake tun bayan daya sha magani.


"Mom I wanna sleep more"

  "I will let you sleep as much as you want but pray first"

"I can't get up". 

Tana ji tana kallo ta rabi dashi har se wajen 3 tukun yaga dama ya tashi.Bayan yayi sallahr ya sakko downstairs,Zakia data had'a pancake d'inta dede cikinta dan tasan ba lalle sauran su ci ba.Amjad dashi ya fara cin karo a kitchen  aiko ba 'bata lokaci ya fara ci ,baki wangalau ta saki sanda ta shigo ta tarar yasa plate a gaba yana ci mata.

 Da sauri ta 'karaso ta sure plate d'in "It's mine"

  "You  better keep it or else"

   "Else what?"

    "I will hurt you the way you will regret doing what you just did now"

      "Allah I made it for my self not for you"

     Tashi yayi a fusace sekace ba shine mey langa'bewa Mom ba."What's going on?"Suka jiyo Mom.

 "Mom he took my pancake and I took it back"

 "You should have made more of it,let him eat it then I made you another"

   "What! I spent an hr preparing it and you're telling me to give him"

 "Zakia I said I will  make you another"

  Yadda Mom ta d'aga murya yasa Zakia taji kuka ya zo mata ,plate d'in ta dire ta tafi tana kuka.Amjad take ya hau murmushi ba tare da Mom ta gani ba ko a jikinsa ya d'auka ba ko kunya ya cigaba da ci.


Duka yaran suna tsakar gida yau ba islamiyya Mami tana d'aki sega yaro ya shigo yake fad'a masu ana sallama a waje.Da Maryam ta le'ka taga driver nasu Dad ne,kaya me yawa taga yana cirowa a bayan mota.

 Mami tana zaune taji ana shigo da kayayyaki,buhunhunan  shinkafa ne da jarkokin mai da sauran stuffs lodi-lodi sun cika tsakar gida,farinciki a gun Mami baya misaltuwa,drivern be jima da tafiya ba ta kira Dad tayi masa godiya,nan yake fad'a mata sun kusa komawa Canada.

 Amjad ba 'karamin dad'i yaji ba sanda Mom ta fad'a masa saura 2days ya rage su tafi,a ranar ya kira Rosie ya sanar mata da dawowarsu.

Mom da Zakia se Dad sune suka zo gidansu Laila sukai sallama ana gobe tafiyarsu ,washegari 9am flight nasu ya tashi.

   Yanzun yaji sa'ida a ransa yana tsarawa shida ya sake zuwa Nigeria kuma ...musamman idan aka ce ya fara aiki bashi ba zuwa Nigeria (A tunaninsa).

 Mami washegari ta kirasu tayi musu ban gajiya.Zakia basi ko kwana uku ba sukai resuming school komai ya cigaba da kasancewa kamar yadda yake Amjad ya d'ora inda ya tsaya tonight ya shirya wajen zuwa 11:pm   birthday partyn d'aya daga cikin friends d'insa.Bayan kowa ya kwanta ya salalla'ba ya fita a hanya friends suka d'auke shi suka wuce wajen partyn.

Mom kamar ance tashi ta farka daga bacci 12:36am ,kitchen ta shiga ta sha ruwa bayan ta fito kuma ta nufi d'akin Amjad a zatan ta ko zata ganshi yana chat amma taga wayam,datai knocking bathroom taji shiru take zuciyarta ta bata ya fita.Bayan ta koma d'aki ta d'akko wayarta ta kirashi amma shiru beyi picking ba, ita damuwarta kar Dad ya duba ya gano baya nan.Haka ta kwanta tana ta addu'a a ranta kar Dad ya duba d'aki idan ya tashi.

  Amjad a wajen partyn ya manta wayarsa a mota ,wajen se hayaniya ne da kid'a yake tashi guys and ladies ana ta chashewa.

   "Hi Am" Yajiyo muryar wani classmate nashi da ya dad'e be had'u dashi ba,yana daga cikin trouble makers na school d'insu.

  "Hello" Ya amsa shi.

  "How have you been?"


   "That's cool is good seeing you around" 

    Yana daga zaune guy d'in yasa aka kawo masa 2 glass of beer .

  Guy d'in daya kar'bi d'aya ya mi'ka wa Amjad.

 "No" Ya fad'a yana girgiza kai.

  "Come on it taste good"

   "I don't drink"

    "Try a little dude"

    Nan ma kai ya girgiza,yana sake matsar da cup d'in gefe.

   D'an murmushi guy d'in yayi tare da d'aga cup d'in ya shanye tass,ba jimawa ya tashi ya bar gun Amjad daya dubi agogon hannunsa yaga 1:12am,koda ya duba wajen yaga bega Sam ba.

 "Hello" Yaji muryar mace.

 Yana d'ago kai yaga be santa ba ma."I'm Lucy "Ta fad'a tare da mi'ka masa hannu suka gaisa.

 Apple juice tasa aka kawo musu two  glass cup ,da farko beyi niyyar sha ba amma da ta takura yasha ganin Apple juice ne,kuma yaga yanayinta batai kama da bad girl ba.

 Kad'an -kad'an tana masa tambaya shikuma yana amsata,sede fa ya fara jinsa a gajimare wani irin yanayi yaji shi komai ya fara koma masa upside down.A hankali ya mi'ke yana dafa table.

“Are you ok?” Ta tambaya tana masa wani shu’umin murmushi.

 Ko amsa mata ya kasa yi se tangali yake yana had'a hanya 'ko'kari yake ya fita amma ya kasa."Amjad "Ya jiyo  Sam ya kira shi.

 " Are you drunk?"Ya dafa kafad'arsa.

  "What did you do?" Ya tambayi yarinyar dake kusa da Amjad.

  "Hey she do nothing, your friend is drunk drag his ass and f*cking leave" Guy da ya zauna kusa da Amjad d'azu ne yake fad'in haka.

Dariya suka saka wanda suke wajen dan da 'karfi yayi maganar.

 "You have something to do with this I know you fucking asshole"

  "You called me ashole who do you think you're?" Guy d'in ya fad'a yana bangazarsa kamar zey dokeshi.

 "Let's go" Cewar Amjad a cikin muryar maye.

 "This is his first time to drink" Guy d'in ya fad'a yana smirk smile.

Dariya wajen ya d'auka wasu suna ihu Whoa!๐Ÿ‘Žhaka Sam ya jashi  suka fice daga wajen.Tsoron saukeshi ya shiga yi kar Dad yace dashi aka basa,hakannan ya samu ya kaishi gida.

2am suka ji ringing na door bell,Dad da Mom suka farka a ranta tana tsoron abinda zey faru.

 Tana biye a bayansa ya bud'e dan shi kanshi yasan ba lafiya ba a wannan lokacin ayi knocking.

"Amjad!" Ta fad'a tare da rife baki.

"Sam what happened to him?" Ta tambaya.

 Dad dayai tsaye yana jiran amsarsa dan tuni zuciyarsa ta fara ayyana masa.

 "He ..he's drunk" Ya fad'a cikin stammering.

  "Oh god! Amjad, he don't used to.."

   "Quite please, how sure are you huh?"

 Be ko jira ta bashi amsa ba ya koma d'aki ya barta a nan,da taimakon Sam  suka kai shi har d'aki, bayan nan yayi mata bayanin duk abinda ya faru tukun ya tafi.

  Zama tayi daga gefen gadon ta cire nasa takalmin 'kafarsa da suit na jikinsa ta hau shafa gashin kansa mey she'ki "Amjad why do you have to,your Dad is mad at you now"

Se wajen 2:40am ta koma d’aki ta tarar Dad ya kwanta.”Honey you are not supposed to..”Be jira ta ‘karasa ba ya juya mata baya.

Hakannan ta kwanta da damuwa a ranta tana tunanin ta yadda zata 'bullo wa ala'amarin.


 7:30am ta farka bayan komawa baccin datai taga Dad har ya fice,wayarta ta d'akko ta kirashi amma shiru be d'aga ba se text ta tura masa.

  "Honey please pick my call"

    "I will pick your call but you have to promise me that you won't talk about him"

 Ba yadda ta iya haka tayi reply da "Yes I promised"

  Se lokacin ya amsa wayarta gaisawa kawai sukai ta katse wayar jikin a sanyaye dan tasan halinsa shi idan akai masa lefi shikenan kuma baya ta'ba bari a sake magana akan abin koda kuwa ya ha'kura.

 D'akin Amjad ta shiga taga ya tashi harma yayi sallah.

"Morning" Ya gaisheta.

 "Morning, Son your Dad is   mad at you he won't allow me to talk to him about it"

 Kansa ya sunkuyar ya'ki cewa komai  yasan kome ya faru shi ya janyo.

"Mom I really doesn't mean to do it"

 "You don't have to explain Sam told me everything,but you have to be very careful son"

 "It won't happen again"

  "I hope so"

   Hakan yana d'aya daga cikin abinda yasa yafi damuwa da Mom domin kuwa tana saurin fahimtarsa.

   Yau through out haka Amjad ya wuni be fita ba dan har yanzu baya jin 'kwarin jikinsa dan a yanzu ma da yasani yake na zuwa,wajejen 5:30pm Dad ya dawo sam be tambayi inda Amjad yake ba balle ma yayi maganar jiya.Koda lokacin dinner yayi Amjad se d'ar-d'ar yake dan kasa sakkowa yayi cin abincin seda Dad ya tashi.Haka the next day ma dan ya had'u dashi sanda ya shiga kitchen amma bece masa uffan ba,shi kanshi Amjad be zaci haka ba dan  a ganinsa babban laifine da be ta'ba yin irinsa ba wanda beci ace ya 'kyalesa ba be d'auka a iya shunning abin ze tsaya ba.

 An jera kwana hud'u ana haka idan ya gaisheshi baze amsa ba ya samu chance d'in bada ha'kuri ma ya kasa samu.

 8:23pm dukansu suna dinning, shiru wajen ya d'auka ba me cewa komai.Amjad yana sane ya soma amfani da hannun hagu yana cin abincin,Dad ko magana beba kuma ya kula dashi.Suna cikin cin abincin ne Amjad yasa Zakia ta mi'ke masa salt se yaga Dad ya bashi,bashi kad'ai ba hatta mom dasu Shaheed seda suka kallesu suna mey mamaki.A sanyaye ya kar'ba a ransa yana mey tunanin dalilin Dad na yin hakan.

  Ba Amjad ya tashi yin mamaki ba se sanda yaji alert na $500 gashi 'kiri-'kiri Dad ne ,shiko mey yayi wa Dad na kirki daya  saka masa da wannan shida yayi laifi.

  Da safe bayan sinyi breakfast ya samu Dad yayi masa godiya.

  "Don't worry you deserved more than this" Abinda ya fad'a kenan yana murmurshi.

 "Dad, sorry"

  "Stop apologizing I understand everything"Yana gama fad'in haka ya bar Amjad a tsaye ya rasa abin yi .

 " We need to talk "Dad ya fad'awa Mom da take zaune a sitting room.

 A d'aki tana kan coach jira take ya fara magana,shikam yana daga tsaye saitin window yana nazarin ta inda ze fara.

 " Rushda ,you need to understand all I have to say and want am willing to do"

Jitai jikinta yayi sanyi jin irin lafazinsa,daurewa tayi kawai ta gid'a kai tana jira ya fad'i abinda yake shirin fad'a.

 "He is no more child,he has to change he's almost 27 I can't keep eye's on him just like that I need to stop him I want him to stay away from those bad friends of his"

 "Tell me,what are you trying to do?" Ta tambaya cikeda 'kosawa.

  "Don't you think it's the right time for him to marry?"

  "Marry! To who?" Cikeda rasana tayi tambayar tare da mi'kewa tsaye.

  "Laila"Ya amsa a ta'kaice se lokacin ya juyo.

   "You want her to stay here with us?"

    "No,Amjad "

     "He is moving to Nigeria,I want him to run my Company"

   "He can't stay there" Bata ma san lokacin da ta fad'i haka ba gabaki d'aya ta rud'e.

 "No he can"

  "Amjad is too young to hold responsible for.." Bata 'kare maganar ba ya katse ta da fad'in."But he is too big to drank,is that it?"

 "Why won't you believe ?Amjad didn't drank someone forced him to"

 "Then I want him to avoid them"

"By forcing him to marry?"

"This is for our on good, he won't regret marrying her I'm telling you this or do you want your child to marry Christ,Rosie  is not the kind of woman you want your child to marry right?"

 Kai kawai ta girgiza a hankali.

" Don't you like Laila ". 

"It's not that I don't like her,I just don't know how Amjad is gonna take this"

Yanda tayi maganar a hankali kamar rad’a dan nauyin zancen take ji.

 "You have to convince him,pray for him"

 "Amjad" Ta furta sunanshi a hankali tare da komawa kan coach d'in ta zauna ta dafe kai kamar mey jimami.

  "Can you talk to him?" Ya tambaye ta.

  Seda ta jima tana nazari kafin ta gid'a kai "yes".Tasan gwara ita tayi maganar da ace Dad wata'kila ko yafi fuskantar zancen.

 Kusan ranar wuni tayi ta kasa sukuni abinci ma ta kasa ci gashi ta  kasa yi masa maganar,tana kitchen ta ziba tagumu ga glass cup na juice da'kyar take kur'ba.

 " Mom"Ya kira sunanta.

 "Mom,are you ok?" Se lokacin ta dawo saga duniyar tunani.

"Amjad, am ok"

 "Are sure?"

 "Am fine" Ta fad'a,a ranta kuwa tana tunanin ko tayi masa maganar...



๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



 ๐Ÿ…ฟ  0โƒฃ5โƒฃ

 Mom sam ta kasa fad'a masa har 9pm,seda ta gama tsare-tsarenta tukun ta nufi d'akinsa.Yana daga zaune  ta iskeshi bayan ta shiga d'akin.

 "Mom" Ya kira sunanta fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi.

 Gefensa ta zauna tana masa murmushi daga bisani kuma tace.



 "It's about the company, your Dad.. your Dad really need someone to run his company,Mr Yusuf(RAZAK's company manager) is too old to handle the company..."Bata 'karasa ba ta tsaya.

"So what is he going to do now?" Ya tambaya ba tare da ya nuna wani damuwa ba.

“Amjad you like the company, don’t you want toโ€ฆ”

"No no! This is bad idea beside it's not even possible I'm living in Canada how do you expect me to run the company"

"Nothing wrong here,you're going to build a  better  life there and .."

“Please stop all this jokes”

“I’m not joking Amjad, you’re not staying alone there,it’s the right time for you to marry “

"Mar..marry ? I ,for god sake ! Stop it please I am just 2..6 " Yadda ya fad'i 26 d'in a wani rarrabe.

“What wrong with that ? It’s not the matter of age โ€ฆ”

"I'am not ready,this is a fairy tale"

 "If you can't do this for me then do it for your Dad,please don't say no to him accept Laila even if  you're not going to move to Nigeria"

"What! Did you just called Lai..wait Dad..he want me to marry what he has chosen for me and again he want me to run his company ,so this is the reason why he has been nice to me just because he want something in return"Wannan karan ya mi'ke daga zaunen dan yaga abin nayi ne.

” You proved him wrong”

“He has no right to force me marry who I don’t even know”

"No you're mistaken, Laila is your cousin sister you're familiar with each other"

"No way,I just heard about them but I can't recognize them at all"

"Laila, mustafa's daughter your late Uncle she is his first child"

"I don't need any explanation please I want to be alone"

 "You're sending me away?"

  "Please Mom, I can't bear this it's too much this is not fair"



    Daga haka bata sake cewa komai ba ta fice ta barshi da jimami,ya rasa inda zesa kansa daga ya zauna seya mi'ke daga baya ya zira jacket ya fice daga gidan.


10:12am,su Maryam suna Makaranatar boko Laila ce kawai da Mami a gidan lokacin  ta gama aikin gida ta shigo sitting room ta zauna Mami na daga gefe.

 "Laila d'azu kinji ni ina waya koh?"


   "Kawunki ne na waje, nide se naga kamar akwai maganar daya ke so yayi amma ya fasa"

 "Tohh,alamu kika gani?"

 "Ehyi bayan mun gaisa ne naji kamar zey sake wani maganar kuma ya fasa bande san dalili ba"

 "Koma meye de zakiji inde har ze fad'a d'in"


2days later,Amjad tun lokacin da Mom tayi masa maganar aure shikenan ya dena zama a dining cin abinci zaman living room ma ya dena yana d'aki koda yaushe inde ba fita yayi ba.Dad ma ko gaisawa basa yi dashi ,bayan da Mom tayi masa bayanin yadda ta kasance shima yayi nashi 'ko'karin dan yaga ya shawo kansa amma Amjad yayi kicin-kicin besan zance ba dan 'kiri-'kiri ya fad'a masa shi baze auri wacca baya so ba asali ma Rosie ce wadda ze aura.


 Knock! Knock!

 "Come in" Ya fad'a kamar baya son yin magana.

   Waiwayowa yayi domin ganin mey shigowar ,ganin Shaheed ya maida kansa ya sunkuyar.

Gefensa ya zauna tare da d'ora hannunsa kan kafad'arsa.

 "Bros ,everything is gonna be ok"

 "Ok? Really"

 "We are so worried about you,we missed having fun together it's boring "

 "Are you blaming me for that? he is trying to force me ,force me!"

 "No one can force you to marry you know, marrying Laila doesn't mean it's the end of the world,just do this for Dad ,Nigeria is not that worthy bad you're expecting .

 "What about Rosie? You want me to breakup with her just because I'm forced to marry someone"

 "No you're not going to breakup with her, if only you will accept to run Dad's company then you have nothing to worry about because you will get the chance to be with Rosie remember you're on your own Man! no one will  treat you like  a child again,do you gerrit?

Bece komai ba sede fa zancen Shaheed yaso ya shige shi,yasan a lokacin da aka ce ya zama CEO  plus married man bame kuma sake controlling d'insa ze samu damar yin duk abunda yake so baya tare da Dad balle ya tsawata masa ,Rosie d'insa kuwa suna tare ita kuwa Laila oho by the time ta gaji ....

" Amjad "Shaheed ya katse masa tunaninsa.

 " Huhhn"

 "What is your decision?"

 "Leave me  I wanna be alone"

  "Think about it"

   "Then you allow me"

   "Ok I 'm leaving,goodnight"Yai tapping shoulder d'insa tukun ya fice.

Mom tana hangoshi sanda ya fito daga d'akin Amjad,dan tana ji kamar ta shiga d'akin sede kuma bata da courage.

Daren ranar zancen Shaheed dashi yayi bacci ,washegari kuwa da wuri ya farka ba kamar koyaushe ba da seya yi sallah a makare.

  " Yes /No yes/no ... Shi kad'ai  yake zancen sa,daga baya ya tashi ya ciro paper da pen ya raba gida shida,uku ya rubuta yes uku ya rubuta No.A tafin hannu ya ziba su duka bayan ya nannad'esu seda ya gaurayasu tukun ya zibesu 'kasa.He has to choose one in 6 papers amma seda ya shafe 5min tukun ya d'auka d'aya.

 A hankali ya bud'e inda yayi tozali da "No" instead yaji sanyi a rai seya sake shiga confusion, wani idea d'inne ya sake zuwan masa. Rose flower ya tsinko dake a garden ya komo d'aki nan ma one by one yana cisge slide d'in Yes,No, yes ,No..haka yai tayi 'karshe de ya 'kare a Yes more confusion ya hau shi.

 Tattare tarkacen paper da flower d'in yayi ya zibar a dustbin ya komo ya kwanta kan gado.Gam ya rufe idanuwansa yana tunano sanda suka je gidansu Laila shi sam ya kasa tuna exact face d'inta be ma tabbatar da wace babbar ba shide yasan yaga yara sunzo sun gaidasu amma be sheda kowa ba ,tuna wacce ta bud'e masa 'kofa ya shiga yi nan ma de kad'an-kad'an ya tuna kamanninta."Is she the one?"Ya tambayi kansa.

   "What is about to happen? It's too early to marry,how could I even marry the person that I don't love, I don't recognize, we never had a word with her,did she agreed to marry me?" Haka ya 'karaci sambatunsa daga baya ya sakko zuwa kitchen dan yunwar data dameshi.

 Komai da sauri-sauri yake  ba nutsuwa a tattare dashi garin haka plate ya su'buce daga hannunsa tass! Mom da take d'aki tayi sauri ta sakko zuwa kitchen d'in.

"Are you ok?" Ta 'karasa inda yake.

"Yes" Ya amsa.

 "Amjad you're mad at me,you don't even want to talk to your Mom"

 Daya d'ago da idonsa ya kalleta sosai fuskarta ta nuna damuwa a 'yan kwana biyunnan hadda rama tayi.

 "Mom" Ya kira sunanta bayan ya 'karasa gab da ita.

Hannunta ya ri'ko a nasa yana murzawa smoothly "I don't wanna see you in such condition"

 "Son I really care about you.."

  "And you want to send me away"

  "No we are not sending you away,we will be able to visit you and  same to you ,you're going to live a happy life there"

 "With the woman I don't love?"

  Mom ta zama speechless bata ce ko 'kala ba jin abinda ya fad'a.


2 month later

     Laila! Laila! 

    "Mami gani fa" Ta fad'a tana 'ko'karin zipping hand bag d'inta.

   "Kina ji ina 'kwala   maki kira yanzu fa 5:30pmm ya kusa amma baku fita daga gidannan ba se 'karfe nawa kike so ku dawo?"

“Bafa nisa daga min bada zamu komo”

"Toh gidan Anty bilkin bazaki ba?"


 "Kullum zancen kenan ,ki tabbata kinje zanyi mata waya ma idan baki je ba zata fad'amin"

Tana chono baki suka fita daga gidan da'kyar ta iya fad'ar mun tafi,Maryam na biye da ita.

  Ba jimawa suka tsari d'an sahu zaman kurame suka yi bame cewa komai Laila da take gefe tana kallon waje amma hankalinta baya gun ta tafi duniyar tunani.


   "Amjad ,d'an Kawu Abdallah" 

   "Mami wallahi bana son shi,auren dole ne fa wannan dan Allah mami kice musu bana son shi"

 "Badan ni ba Laila,saboda mahaifinki kina ganin idan yana raye zai ji dad'in haka?d'an uwanki baze cutar dake ba.."

" Kuka nake kamar raina ze fita amma bame saurarona ,na fad'a wa mami bana sonsa amma ta'ki fad'awa Kawu,auren dole shi suka za'bamin,auren wanda besan daraja ta ba,auren wanda baya sona,shin da gaske sena aure shi? "

   Kayan d'inki zata kai na biki shima seda Mami tayi da gaske tukun ,Anty bilki sister mami ce ta iya gyaran jiki har yanzu ta'ki fara zuwa idan ta fita setace zata biya seta dawo gida Mami taji ance bata je ba,4weeks ya rage biki duk daren duniya seta zubar da hawaye take bacci ga ramewa da tayi kamar mey rashin lafiya.


     Dawowarshi kenan daga gym ,be tsaya a ko ina ba ya shige d'akinsa.

Ring! Ring ! Wayarshi yayi k'ara "Babie" ya gani a jikin screen.

 Ba tare da 'bata lokaci ba yayi picking, kwata-kwata Rosie bata san wani maganar aure da Amjad ze ba ko Sam be fad'awa ba ya hani Shaheed daya fad'awa wani wanda yasan shi saboda haka ba wani wanda yasan da maganar aurensa.

  Bayan ya gama wayar ne ya lura da Mom tsaye wadda besan da shigowarta ba.


“Did you talk to your Dad?”

"Yes he told me"

  "Is't ok for you?"

    "Yeah ,what about you?'

     "Sure,were you able to talk to her?"

      "Ye..yes" Yayi 'karya.

       Anfi 3weeks da bashi number na Laila amma ya'ki kira,yanzun ma gajiya yayi da ce mata a'a shine yayi 'karya.Mom kuwa ba 'karamin dad'i taji ba daya ce ya kira.


  "If you need something let me know ,ok?"

   Kai kawai ya kad'a ba tare da yace komai ba.Tana fita ya d'auka phone d'insa,ya manta wani sunan yayi saving number d'in ma.

  "Nigeria" Ya gani lokacin da yake dubowa.Da yayi kamar zey kira seya fasa daga baya ma ajje wayar yayi gefe.


Yau de anci sa'a ta biya gidan Anty bilkin,tana dawowa gida ta shige 'kuryar d'aki tasa kuka.Mami tana jiyota daga tsakar gida tayi banza da ita,har bayan isha'i tana d'aki sallah ce kawai take fito da ita.

Itan ma idan Mami ta tambayeta sunyi waya da Amjad setai 'karya tace eh. 

Nusaiba da Fauzan basu da hira se bikin Yaya,ba wanda ta fad'awa maganar bikin hatta 'kawarta bata sani ba islamiyyar ma bata fiya zuwa ba yanzu.

  A kwana a tashi har an shafe 2weeks ,yau su Mom suka duro Nigeria Zakia se murna take wani abun ma da biyu take,shide ko 'kala baya ce mata dan yanzu seya wuni bece da wani komai ba balle har ya taya mutum ma siyi fad'a.

  Amarya Laila abu kad'an aka yi se tasa musu kuka Mami abin ya isheta taga da gaske take ,sam ba yin kanta bane tilasta wa Laila auren Amjad  kawai de bazata iya cewa Dad no ba banda Kawu yunusa da shi yazo da maganar ma tana ganin idan ta'ki kamar bata kyauta ba.Kuma tabbas Dad da aansa ya fad'a mata 'kw'k'kwaran dalilin yin hakan,yana ganin shi yayi nisa da danginsa wannan damar itace zata sa zumunci tsakaninsu ya sake 'kulluwa.

  Laila ta sake yin kyau sosai duk da ramar da tayi,tana ji mami tana waya dasu Mom suke fad'a mata sun iso Nigeria.

  Rabon invitation ma se Maryam ce tayi da Nusaiba dan gabad'aya Laila ta lanjare musu duk wata hada-hadar biki ba ita a ciki.Dad yasa an gyara musu gidansu yayi kyau sosai kamar sabo.Kud'i mey tsoka Dad ya bawa Mom ta bawa Amjad domin yiwa Laila siyayya a yadda suka tsara tare da Lailan zasu amma yayi burus shi beje ba kuma be kira ba.

  Mansion babban gaske Dad ya bashi kyauta duk dan ya faranta masa amma ko a 'kwalar rigarsa.

 Kaya na musamman Mom ta aikawa Laila na fitar dinner,fafur tayi ita bazata saka ba ai bata rasa kayan sawa ba seda mami ta tsawata mata.Sukad'ai suke rawarsu su taka Maryam ,Zakia da Nusaiba.Ana gobe dinner ya kira wayarta,tana cikin hayaniya 'Yan kwanan biki se surutu suke wayar ma bata san inda ta yar ba.Sau biyu ya kira ganin bata  d'aga ba besa ya damu ba dama haka yake so.

 "Ta zama ta zama d'akko hula" Suka hau yi mata wa'ka.

"Mtcchww! Hular uban wa?"Fuu! ta wuce ta barsu da sakakken baki.

 Ba ita ta duba wayar ba se wajen 11:30pm taga 2missed call da ba'kon number haka yasa bata damu tai call back ba tayi kwanciyarta.


6:00am hayaniyar Zakia ne ya tasheshi.” Hey wake up it’s you wedding day”

"Get out!"

"1..2..3 flash na camera ya haske masa ido." Shaheed,stop it"

"It's your wedding day"

 "So what?"

  "Have a look at this" Ya nuna masa galleliyar shadda fara da aka d'inka  na dinner wanda besan da ita bama.

 "What is this?"

  "It's yours,dinner dress"

  "Babban riga"Cewar Zakia tana dariya.

 " Fools leave now!"

  "Don't you like it?"

   Be amsa su ba ya shige bathroom ya doko 'kofar,a wardrobe sika saka  tukun suka fita suna dariya.

  Ta 'bangaren Laila kuwa ko breakfast bata samu tayi ba 10am suka fita gidan 'kunshi ita da Maryam.Jan lalle akai mata shima d'in bata bari yayi ja sosai ba ta wanke ba yadda ba ai da ita ba amma ta'ki ji,ba'ki kuwa tace bata so Maryam tana ji tana gani aka hanata ba'ki se jan ta samu itama aka yi mata amma yafi na Laila turuwa.Daga gidan lalle suka juyo gida.

 "Ina 'kunshin yake?" Mami ta tambaya.

  "Gashi" Bako kunya ta mi'ko hannun.

  "Yanzu wannan shi kike kira da 'kunshi,shi kuma ba'kin fa?

 " Mami wallahi wankewa tayi kafin yayi,ba'kin kuma ta hana ayi mana "

"'Karya take.."

 "Sena doka miki ta'baryarnan akanki idan baki rufen baki ba sakarya,ki nuna wa duniya cewa ba'kyason auren sesi maganin hakan kinji" Mami ta fad'a cikin 'bacin rai.

Daga mami se wasu 'kannenta biyu a tsakar gidan sauran ba'kin suna d'aki."Ke Laila meyasa kike haka ne,so kike ki 'batawa mahaifiyarki rai?"Wata 'kanwar Mami ta fad'a.

 Kai ta girgiza alamar "a'a hawaye suna biyo kumatunta se murza yatsa take ta sunkuyar da kai.

 " Toh kidena irin haka kinji koh"

 A hankali ta gid'a kai dan bazata iya magana ba,d'aki ta shige ba mutane da yawa  ta juya bayanta ta dasa sabon kuka dad'i da yunwa da take addabarta rabonta da abinci tun jiya da rana taci abincin kuma ta'ki.

   9:12pm an gama tsara mata make-up tayi had'uwa iya had'uwa tasha farar gown se walwali take ga sar'karta mey farin stones ,tasa hill shoe tunda take bata ta'ba sa hill shoe kamar wannan ba se tsoron mi'kewa take,daga ita se Bahijja 'kawarta suna jiran ango.

    A wajen biki kuwa kowa ya hallara Zakia,Shaheed suna daga mota Maryam da Nusaiba duk sunyi kwalliya sun fito, Amarya da ango suke jira su iso su taka musu baya.Sun kwashe kusan 1hr a haka,Mom da Dad kuwa suna ciki dasu Mami.

   Mom fatan ta Allah yasa karya bata kunya dan sanda ta  fito daga gida ko kaya be ciro ba balle yasa.Ganin an sake shafe 30min basu ba alama ta kirashi shiru be d'aga ba.

  Driver dede wajen kwalliyar yayi parking kamar yadda Mom ta bashi address.Maimakon ya kirata da kansa a'a seya bawa driver wayar yayi mata magana.

  "Hello,madam gamu a waje da...da angon"

  Take bugun zuciyarta ya 'karu."Tir'kashi baze iya magana dani ba"Ta fad'a a ranta.

 "Ya?angon ne?" Bahijja ta tambayeta.

   "Eh" Ta amsa a sanyaye.

 Gwiwa ba 'kwari ta mi'ke,kafin su fita ta sauke mata net viel d'in a fuskarta,da'kyar take takawa saboda rashin sabo da takalmin me tsaho hakan kuma seyayi mata kyau  yanayin tafiyar.

  Driver ne ya bud'e mata gidan baya 'kawar kuma ta zauna a gaba ,shiru motar bame ko tari,ta kalli gefe ma ta kasa balle taganshi,'kamshin turare ne kawai yake tashi nata soft 'kamshi shikam 'karfin nashi tararen ya danne nata.Be d'ago ya kalleta ba dan wayarsa ce a hannunsa amma yana kallonta ta gefen ido fuskartace de baze iya gani ba,'kawa kuwa besan da zamanta a motar ba ma.

 Suna isa wajen Zakia suka fito se murmushi take ,ganin  Amjad sanye da babbar riga yasa su kallon juna da shaheed dan a zatonsu baze saka ba,basu san irin faman da Mom tayi dashi ba kafin ya yarda zey saka.

 "Handsome Amjad" Ta fad'a.

   Laila kuwa tana gefe separate da inda yake,Maryam da Nusaiba suma suka 'karaso wajen,se lokacin Zakia ta farga ashe fa ga amarya.Ri'ko hannunta tayi ta matso da ita gefensa daf,wata uwar harara ya galla mata amma tayi kamar bata gani ba Laila bata san ma yana yi ba.Shaheed a take ya Shiga yi musu pics kala-kala,seda suka tabbatar sinyi well arranged tukun Amarya da Ango suka shiga.

 "MashaAllah" Mom ta fad'a ta kasa dena murmushi.

   Mom dakanta ta d'age mayafin fuskar Laila ,nanfa akai ta pics  sede fa ba annuri a tattare da Amjad gara ma  Laila friends suna d'an sata murmushi,shi gabaki d'aya babbar rigarce yaji ta isheshi kamar ya 'kwa'be ga hula ma gumi ya tarar  masa a gashinsa.

  Taro anyi angama lafiya kowa ya tafi,driver ne ya kai amarya tare dasu Maryam Amjad kuwa su Shaheed ya bi Mom suka tafi da Dad.

 Yana isa gida ya yaye rigar tare da wurgar da hular gefe,yana yin shower ya kwanta sanda Mom ta shigo ta tarar har yayi bacci.

 Laila ko kayan bata gama cirewa ba  ta 'bingira bacci se cikin dare ta farka tukun ta cire.

   The next other day aka d'aura AMJAD da LAILA akan sadaki 100k,tun lokacin da aka ce an d'aura aure Laila take kuka har ta gaji da zubar ta hawaye se sheshshe'ka take,daga baya ma satar jiki tayi ta tafi gidan Kawu Yunus tayi kwanciyarta idan aka tambayi Nusaiba setace ta tafi chanja kaya.Seda Mami ta kirata a waya tukun ta dawo,nan yayyin mami suka yi mata nasu fad'a maimakon tayi kuka 'kandas dan hawayenta ya gaji da zuba sede kukan zuci.8:30pm aka kai Amarya kuka ba iya su Maryam ba hatta Mami ma,Laila (Taya za'a ce ita kada tayi,tell me how?)


   ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ      ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ   

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ               ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



    ๐Ÿ…ฟ 0โƒฃ6โƒฃ

  8:46pm,mutanen dasu ka kai amarya ba wani yawa ne dasu ba,cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci kowa ya kama hanya se Bahijja da Maryam su d'in ma ba zaman sukai ba 9:30pm nayi suka tashi zasi tafi,Laila se ro'konsu take kar su tafi dole ta ha'kura tana ji tana gani suka tafi.

   A take ta fara jin tsoro jin tsit,ganin da gaske ta bar gida ta sake saka wani kukan har seda ta gaji kanta ba abinda yake se ciwo.10:03pm ta gani lokacin da ta kalli agogon dake d'akin,se yanzu ta kalli ma irin d'akin ta waiwaya can ta waiwaya nan duk irin kyawun d'akin da kayan dake ciki ba birgeta yayi ba komai duhunsa take gani,ganin lokaci yana sake ja ta tashi.'Kofa data gani daga can side na d'akin ta nufa ,koda ta murd'a taga  bathroom ne 'kayatacce,seda ta dawo ta bud'e wardrobe ta dubi wata doguwar riga na bacci har 'kasa ta d'akko.

  Hijab ta soma lalubowa amma bata gani ba,wani mayafi ta samu mey d'an nauyi ta d'akko ta shiga bathroom, bayan data samu gu ta sa'kale kayan seta tsaya dube-duben bucket na wanka.Babu shi ba alamarsa haka buta ma balle kuma mod'a.

"Mtchww!" Tayi tsaki.

Jacuzzi ta tsirawa ido tana tunanin ta ina zata soma amfani dashi, bathtub d’in ta samu ta ‘ko’karta ta had’a ruwan tana la’kai-la’kai kamar bazata shiga ba,se can ta samu ta shiga ,d’aya daga cikin shower gel d’in ta d’akko da sponge tayi using, se bayan 17min tukun ta fito already ta zira rigarta sauran kayan kuma ta ninke su tasa a wardrobe.

Kan mirror ta duba wayam ba kayan shafawa,se can data duba drawer tagansu a jere.Mayukane wanda bata ta'ba shafasu ba,d'aya-bayan d'aya ta bisu tana karantawa yawanci lighten lotion ne da'kyar ta samu wani mey dama dama tukun ta shafa  ita wai bazatai bleaching ba๐Ÿ˜‚ komai ta maidashi muhallinsa ta dawo kan gadon ta zauna tare da d'ora hannayenta kan gwiwoyinta.Se yanzu tunanin wayarta ya fad'o mata ,mi'kewa ta sake yi ta bud'e wardrobe d'in daga 'kasan kaya ta d'akko ta kamar inda Maryam ta ajje mata.

"Toh wa zata ma kira?" Ta tambayi kanta.

Wata zuciyar tace kiyi game,aiko snake ta hau yi lokaci yana taja.


   Mom da ta shigo d'akinsa dan tana da tabbacin be tafi ba ,baki ta saki tana kallonsa yana kwance abinsa bacci yake kamar ba gobe.Ba halinsa bane bacci da wuri amma dan wula'kanci yau shine tun 9:30pm ya kwanta har 10:36pm.


  Seda ta 'karasa tai tapping shoulder d'insa tukun ya d'anyi motsi.

"Amjad,wake up!"

 "Mom what?"

  "Do I have to tell you?"

    Yana la'kai-la'kai yatashi zaune,yana wani mirza idanuwa.

"Amjad, do I have to tell you what to do ,it's almost 11pm.."

 "Mom you're sending me away,can't believe it you're sending your own son"

 "No I'm not, how will I send m beloved son away ?"

 "I'm tired I need to rest"

  "Rest!" Ta maimaita ,dariya ma abin ya bata tana kallonsa.

"Your Dad doesn't know you're here"

 "I gerrit ,don't worry I'm leaving now"Ya fad'a tare da mi'kewa.

 Kallo kawai ta bishi dashi tana girgiza kai,watsa ruwa yayi ya fito ya saka wata black T-shirt mara nauyi tare da black jeans.Dad yana d'aki besan abinda ake ba har Amjad ya fito,Mom har bakin mota ta rakoshi su Shaheed daga nesa bakin 'kofa suna waving hand yadda sikeyi za'asan cewa na tsokana ne shide banza yayi musu Mom a cikin ranta tana jin zafin rabuwa da d'anta kawai de daurewa take.

  Yana ji tana cewa ya gaisheda Laila amma yayi kamar beji ba ya shiga motar driver ya jasu

 Be bari ma ya shigo dashi har ciki ba daga bakin gate yace ya ajjeshi,a parking space ya tarar da Marcedes Benz black da Dad ya saya masa ,kallo d'aya yayi mata ya wuce ciki.

   Se yanzu ya sake 'karewa katafaran gidan kallo,direct room d'insa ya wuce wanda  yake opposite da Laila.

 Yana shiga ya bud'e wardrobe yaga neat kayansa da sauran abubuwansa ,komowa yayi kan gadon ya d'auki wayarsa ya soma Zombie kill (game),laptop d'in nashi ma ya mance a gida se yanzun ya tuna.

 Laila kuwa bacci yayi gaba da ita wayar ma a gefe ta yasar.


 6:23am,a gigice ta tashi daga bacci sakamakon mafarki da tayi tana kuka.Agogon d'akin ta duba taga har subh ya shige ,a kasalance ta mi'ke ta fad'a bathroom tayo alwala ta tada sallah.Bayan ta idar tayi azkar sannan taja jiki ta jingina jikin gadon tana tunanin sabuwar rayuwar data tsindima."Koh ni kad'ai na kwana a gidannan?"Ta tambaya a ranta.

  Amjad  a 'bangarensa kuwa bacci yake cikin kwanciyar hankali babu mey tashinsa yau.

 Se 8:16am ya farka daga bacci, se bayan ya idar da sallah ya tuna da zaman wata Laila,tunani ya shiga yi yaje ya dubata ko kuwa.Daga baya de ya yanke shawarar sauka downstairs.

 Laila daga d'aki tana jiyo 'karar rufe 'kofarshi,sad'af-sad'af ta tashi kamar wata mara gaskiya ta la'be jikin 'kofa tana jiyo takunsa har ya sauka.Hakan ya tabbatar mata anan ya kwana.Kitchen ya shiga dan neman abinda zeci ,seda ya gama dube-dube 'karshe de ya 'bige da tea da toasted bread dan shi ba gwani bane wanjen wani yin abinci hakan ma ba 'karamin dagewa yayi ba ya saba sede Mom ta had'a masa.

 Daga kitchen kuma ya fito harabar gidan ya zauna daga kan kujera dake kewaye da flower plants ,wayarsa ya danna wa Rosie kira karo na farko bata d'aga ba se ana biyu.

 Ita a tunaninta aiki ne ya dawo dashi Nigeria kamar yadda ya fad'a mata dan be gaya mata asalin gaskiya ba.

 "I missed you" Ta fad'a daga d'aya 'bangaren.

  "I missed you too"Shima ya fad'a.

  Yanda yake fara'a za'a San cewa ya mance da duk wani damuwarsa ,best moment of his life yaga yana hira da love of his life Rosie.

 9:30am ,yunwa ta fara addabarta harta kasa daurewa se shawara take kota fito,sede ita ganinsa ma bata son yi balle har magana ta had'asu.

 " Toh a ina zan samu abinci ma?"

 "Kitchen mana" Zuciyarta ta amsata.

 Dama mayafinta a yafe yake dan haka fitowa kawai tayi se sand'a take batasan ko ina ba ,'kofa dake opposite da d'akinta ta kalla se gefe ta hangi steps dan haka ta sauka 'kasa nan d'inma ta gama kalle-kalleta tayi can ta yi can har ta samu kitchen.Sosai ya tsaru ita kanta ya birgeta mug ta gani empty data duba taga alamar ansha tea dashi."Tea yasha kenan,dame ya had'a?"

  Ta'be baki tayi ganin ba mey amsa mata ta nufi fridge inda taga kayayyaki birjik se wanda ta za'ba amma ba'kunta tasa taji bata sha'awar cin kayan ,cikin locker ta hangi cornflakes ta had'a abinta ba wani 'kosar da ita yayi ba.

   Ta fito daga kitchen tana shirin komawa sama sega Amjad yana shigowa.Tsayawa yayi yana kallonta itama hakan daga bisani ta soma hawa bene kanta a sunkuye.


 Chak ta tsaya ba tare da ta waigo ba.

  "What is your name?"Taji ya tambaya.

  "Kutt! Raini" Ta fad'a a ranta.

  'Kin juyowa tayi har seda ya 'karaso inda take tukun ta juyo."I'm asking you,what is your name?"

 "Laila" Ta amsa ciki-ciki ba tare da ta kalleshi ba.

  "Why are you here?"Ya sake wata tambayar.

  "Nima ban sani ba" Yadda tayi maganar da sauri.

  Anzo wajen wannan yaren da baya son ji shi zatayi masa?

 "Talk to me in English"

  Yitai kamar wata kurma tana tsaye batace komai ba.

 "I'am talking to you" Yanda yayi maganar cikeda 'kosawa.

  Anfi 2min batace komai ba kuma bata tafi d'akin ba.

"She don't understand English? fuck up!"Yayi maganar a hankali.

 Taji sarai amma tayi kamar bata fuskanci mey yake fad'a ba.

" Aiko inde turanci ne ka dena jinsa inde kana nan,Hausa ce ba fashi"Ta fad'a a ranta.

 Wucewa yayi ba tare da ya sake wata maganar ba tana ji ya doko 'kofa.Itama d'akinta ta shige ta zauna wayarta dake gefe ta d'auka ta kira Mami.

 "Mami ina kwana"

 "Lafiya lau"

  "Ina su Maryam? Anjima zasu zo?

   " A'a suzo siyi miki meh? bade yanzu ba"Mami ta fad'a .

   "Mami meye a ciki idan sunzo"

  "Bafa zasu zo ba,ki gaida Amjad d'in ba'kina zasi tafi se anjima"

Bata kuma wani maganar ba mami ta katse wayar.Wata 'kwallar takaici ce ta zubo mata ganin ba ta ita ake ba basusan halin da take ciki bama.

Kuka ta shiga yi harda sheshshe'ka cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci tayi bacci.

 Bata yi 20min da kwanciya ba taji 'karar kid'a a gigice ta farka kanta yayi mata wani mugun nauyi zuciyarta na bugu da sauri-da sauri.

   Amjad da gayya ya 'kure volume d'in so yake kawai ya takura mata.

 "Innalillahi wannan yana kuwa da hankali?" Ta fad'a a fili.

 Baccin da batai ba kenan,tayi game har charge d'inta ya 'kare.Zama tayi-tayi har 'karfe 1pm tukun ta tashi tayi sallah,'kugin da cikinta yake ne yasa ta kasa sukuni.

  Dole ta fito ta sakko 'kasa kitchen, dube-dube tayi tayi a  locker bata ga komai ba har ta d'akko bread ta lura da wani corridor koda ta duba taga 'kofa tana bud'ewa taga kayan abinci taff a ciki.

 Nan da nan ta d'ibo dankali  ta fere a take tayi blending pepper cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci ta had'a faten dankalinta se 'kamshi yake ta cika 'kasan da 'kamshi.

  Stool taja taci abinta a kitchen ta kora da juice yanzun taji normal ,'yan kwanukan datai amfani dashi ta d'auraye.Tana fitowa daga kitchen kanta a sunkuye taji tayi tuntu'be da mutum.

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๐Ÿ’ฆ               ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



    ๐Ÿ…ฟ 0โƒฃ7โƒฃ

Ko bata d'ago da idonta ta kalleshi ba tasan waye dan haka ta matsa gefe ba tare da ta d'ago kai ba.

  "Blind, watch out!"

   Wucewa tayi ta barsa a gun a ranta tana mey jin zafin maganar da yayi mata.Shikuwa daya shiga kitchen warmer dake kan drawer ya fara gani ,ganin abinda ke ciki yasa yayi wani murmushin gefen fuska a take ya d'auka ya nufi d'akinta.

 Knock! Knock!

    Take hantar cikinta ta kad'a ba tare da tayi tunanin hakan ba,batasan dalilinta na tsorata ba.Tana bud'e 'kofar ta ra'be jikin 'kofar tana sunkui da kai.

 "Look up,madam chef"

  Tana d'agowa taga food warmer dake hannunsa."Who do you keep it for? "

 Shiru ba amsa"Me?"Yayi pointing kansa.

  Kai ta girgiza alamar a'a."Then who? Pets ?"

 "Ni ba wanda na ajje wa"

  "Oh god!"

  "Look at me" Ya fad'a.

  "I said look at me"Ya sake maimaitawa.

    Tana d'ago da kanta ta kawar dan bazata iya had'a ido dashi ba." I.. don't.. understand... your.. language.."Yanda yayi maganar dalla-dalla.

 "Nima bana gane naka" Ta turo baki.

 "Ke?" Taji ya fad'a tare da nunata da d'anyatsa.

  "Ashe kana ji " Ta fad'a a ranta.

 Matsawa tayi daga pointing d'in da yayi mata ta kalli gefe.

 Phone Ring! 

  "Mom" Ya gani a jikin screen.

  "Hello"Ya fad'a bayan tayi picking.

   "You don't even mind to call me""

    "No Mom"

     "How you doing?"

     "I'm doing good" Ya amsa.

      Ita de Laila komawa tayi kan gado ta zauna ta juya gefe ba tare da ta kalli inda yake ba,shikuwa yana tsaye har lokacin flask d'in yana hannunsa d'ayan hannunsa ya ma'kala phone a kunne.

“Laila?” Ta tambaya.

Seda ya d'au kusan 2min kafin yayi magana."She is doing ok"

Tana zaune taga an mi’ko mata waya.”Mom”Ya fad’a yana binta da kallonta banza

  Cikin girmamawa ta gaisheta  tana gama wayar ta mi'ka masa."Gashi"Ta fad'a.

 Harara ya watsa mata kafin ya fisge wayar har farcensa yana 'ko'karin cakar hannunta."'Kasami"Ta fad'a a ranta.

Kan gadon ya d'ora mata abincin "Finish it" daga haka ya fita ko 'kofar be rufe ba.

 "Ca akai ma ni mayunwaciya ce?" Ta d'auki flask d'in ta dire a 'kasa bayan ta rufo 'kofarta ta koma ta cigaba da aikin zama.

  Haka ta cigaba da zama har maghrib bayan tayi sallah ta tuno wayarta ba  charge,drawer ta dudduba ba alamar charger nan ma hankalinta ya tashi,ita de tasan wannan mara kirkin ba sauraronta zey ba.Flask d'in data dire a kasan ta janyo ta soma ci ko chokali babu haka taci dan bason sauka 'kasa take ba, kad'an ta rage ta tashi wanke hannu daga nan ta d'auro alwalar  isha'i. Tunani ta fara yi ko taje ta tambayeshi sede kuma tana tsoron wula'kanci,hakannan ta ha'kura da charge d'in wajen 9:14pm tai kwanciyarta.


    Da asubahr fari ta tashi bayan ta idar tayi wanka tai shirinta cikin doguwar rigar atamfa blue me ratsin pink  tayi mata chif a jikinta d'ankwalin ma ba wani d'auri ta tsara ba ture kaga tsiya tayi ita kanta data kalli mudubi dariya ta shiga yi data kwance seta sake yi 'karshe de ta ha'kura ta barshi ,powder kawai ta shafa se kwalli data sa sosai tayi kyau ga humra data shafa mey 'kamshin gaske.

 Phone ce yanzu matsalarta game d'in da take d'ebe mata kewa babu,8:30am ta sauka zuwa kitchen.Store d'in ta duba tana shawarar abinda zata dafa,daga 'karshe de ta fere Irish potato ta d'ora frying pan ta fara suya.Jikin window ta koma tana jira ya soyu,tana hangen waje, garden ta gano yasha flowers masu kyawu luf-luf gwanin sha'awa sam ta shagala da kallon gurin musamman da taga tsintsaye na shawagi a gun.

 "Welldone madam Chef" Tajiyo muryar Amjad.

  Da sauri ta juyo har mayafinta yana fad'uwa da'kyar ta samu ta tattaroshi ta rufe jikinta tana sunkuyar dakai."Can't you smell?"

Se lokacin ta gane dankali ne yake 'konewa,da sauri ta 'karasa gun tana 'ko'karin kwashewa a plate.Da sauri ya jata baya ganin mayafin ta na shirin shiga cikin man da take soya dankali "Watch out!"Ya cillar da mayafin gefe.

    " Toh shine kuma seka ciren mayafi!" Ta fad'a cikin fad'a cikeda tsoro.

 Sunkuyawa tayi ta d'auki mayafin ta yafa abinta ta koma gefe,dankali kuwa ya 'kone 'kurmus.

 "What are you waiting for?"

 Jin ya fad'i haka tayi sauri ta matso kusa ta kwashe dankalin,seda ta rage gas d'in tukun ta sake zuba wani, yana daga gefe yayi folding arms yana kallonta.


  Banza tayi dashi a ranta tana fad'in"'Kwalelenka so kake kaci kuma baza ka ci ba"

 Fridge ya nufa ya ciro apple guda d'aya ya samu stool ya zauna daga nesa yana kallonta.

"Why do you married me?" Ta jiyo tambayarsa.

 Ko 'kala batace ba tana juya dankalinta.How old are you?" 

 Data gama kwashe dankalin seta tuna bata d'akko egg ba gashi yana kusa da fridge d'in amma hakannan ta daure ta 'karasa.Seda ta d'ebo guda biyu a d'an 'karamin bowl zata rife fridge d'in ya ri'ke mirfin.

"Answer me"

 "Auren dole akai min"

 "Damn it!" Ya buga mirfin fridge d'in tare da mi'kewa tsaye,a take ta sunkui da kai ganin tsahonsa ya kere nata tana gudun karta ji saukar mari dan har yanzu taga ganin ba sanin halinsa tayi ba.

 "Look up"

 "Laila I'm talking to you"Ya fad'a da 'karfi ganin ta'ki amsa sa.

  A hankali ta d'ago amma har lokacin bata bari sun had'a ido ba."Speak in English"

 "Ni..ban ..iya ba" Ta fad'a dalla-dalla tana kallonsa cikin ido da ido.Ita kanta batai zaton zata iya ba.

Ya d'an fahimci abinda take nufi sede be nuna ya gane ba harara kawai ya bita dashi yasa 'kafa ya fice.

 "D'an wahala,Alhamdulillah gwara da Allah yasa baka ganewa nima da hausar zanke ramawa"

 Nan da nan ta gama had'a breakfast d'inta, yau a dinning taci kayanta tana gamawa ta d'auraye kwanukan ta koma d'aki.

"Ni ina zan sami charger?"

Fitowa tayi ta sakko 'kasa living room ta duba ko zata samu charger nan ma babu.Ganin bata samu ba yasa ta fita ,nan taita kallon tsarin gidan,a haka har ta nufi garden data hango d'azu aiko ta samu kujera gun tayi zamanta se kalle wajen take.

   Yana kwance ya zira earpiece a kunne yana sauraron wa'ka yaji kamar 'kara,da farko ya share seda yaji da gaske de 'karar ce tasa ya zare earpiece d'in tare da mi'kewa ya sakko 'kasa jin 'karar daga waje ne yasa ya fito.Yana dube-dube a harabar gidan idonsa ya sauka a kan Laila da ta d'are saman mota kanta ko d'ankwali babu a kanta gashin kanta dake parke ya ware se 'kyarma take,mayafin kuwa yana 'kasa gefen tayar motar wanda bata san inda yake ba   se waige-waige take sam hankalinta baya jikinta, baback zato ba tsammani taga Amjad tsaye yana kallonta.

   "Mami"Sunan da take kira kenan idanuwanta ya cika da 'kwalla.

   " What is your problem? "
  "Lizard" Ta ta'be baki kamar zatai kuka.

 Dariya ce tazo masa amma seya basar ,ya zaci ko hausar zatai masa "So you can speak English clearly? Huh?"

 Har yanzu kyarma take,ita bata san lokacin da ta fad'i lizard ba ji tayi dama batai magana ba.

Alamu yayi mata da hannu nata sakko daga kan motar amma tayi burus kamar bata gani ba.

"Hey,don't spoil my car"

 "Toh matsa na sakko ,ko a kanka zan duro kana wani kallona sekace 'kadangaren" Ta fad'a a fili dan tasan ba ji zeyi ba.

Maimakon ta sakko ta saitin daya ke a'a seta sauka ta d'aya side d'in ta zagayo ta d'auki mayafin se zazzageshi take.

  "Repeat what you just said in English"

  Da sauri ta d'ago taganshi ya tsaya a kanta "Toh d'an garin ga'ba-ga'ba"

  "Matsa min na wuce" Ta wani sha kunu.

  "You're sick" Ya harareta tare da barin gun.

Tana komawa d’aki ta cire kayan jikinta ta sauya wasu dan gani take kamar zata sake ganin ‘kadangaren a jikinta.

  Da rana couscous tayi da miya yasha vegetables da nama tayi har dare iya cikinta .Shikuwa Amjad baya wani cin abinci mey nauyi daga madara seya d'ansha fruit ko cornflakes sam cimar ba dad'i take masa ba yayi missing girkin Mom girman kai bazesa yaci abincin Laila ba.

 9:04pm taji motsin 'kofarsa alamar ya fita daga d'akin,a hankali ta bud'e 'kofarta tare da fitowa.Handle d'in 'kofarshi ta murd'a ta shiga ,fasalin d'akinsa yayi mata kyau sosai ga wallpaper dake d'akin,se frames da pictures nashi dake manne jikin bango.Ganin zata shagala da kallo ta soma neman charger, drawer take ta dubawa na mirror daga baya ta dawo na gefen gado ,ba tare da tayi tsammani ba taji an murd'a handle d'in 'kofar.Kid'imewa tayi ta rasa yanda zatai,wani idea ne ya fad'o mata tayi sauri ta bud'e clothset ta shige ta rufo murfin tana tsima.

 Amjad daya shigo d'aki ganin duk abinda zeyi ya gama baze sake sauka 'kasa ba ya kulle 'kofar d'akinsa ,T-shirt  d'insa ya cire ya cilla su kan couch ya zauna daga shi se 3 quater.



๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ               ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



*Where did we stop? Laila..hihi!*


Ring! Wayarsa tayi ‘kara,koda ya duba yaga.”Baby boo”

 Laila dake cloth set tana jiyoshi yana waya se soyayya yake sha da Rosie d'insa.An shafe kusan 40min har lokacin yana waya Laila ta soma gajiya ga bacci data fara ji.

   "Goodnight sweetheart"Daga haka yayi hanging.

   Wani munafikin tari ne ya turnu'ko a ma'kogoranta da sauri ta rife bakinta amma dukda haka seda ya ku'buce." Wayyo Allah"Ta fad'a a ranta.

 Jira take taji an bud'ota amma taji shiru sede ma duhu data sake gani ya lullu'be hakan ya tabbatar mata da kashe light d'in d'akin yayi,haka ta cigaba da zama lokaci yana sake shigewa a yanzu har 11:46pmpm shiru Amjad tuni yayi nisa a bacci.

 A tsorace ta bud'e 'kofar tana sand'a a daddafe take tafiyar dan ba gani take yi ba sosai tass! glass cup dake kan drawer hannunta ya ta'ba aiko ya fad'a 'kas.Amjad dake cikin bacci a firgice ya tashi tare da kunna light d'in d'akin.

  "You? What are you doing here?"Ya fad'a cikeda mamaki.

  Shiru tayi ta kasa cewa komai se waro idanuwa take gashi yana side d'in 'kofar fita.

 " When did you broke in my room just like that?"

 "I want to charge my phone " Ta fad'a tana sosa kai.



 "Find your way out"Ya nuna mata 'kofa.

 Sum,sum ta fita tana rufo 'kofar tace" Karka bayar".

D'akinta ta shige disappointed, kayanta ta cire ta sauya da na bacci riga da wando wanda be kai ankle ba tayi kwanciyarta.

Washegari 10:23am

  "Kin sake kiran nata a kashe?" Mami ta tambayi Maryam.

  "Eh na sake kira a kashe"

   "Toh ko Amjad d'in za'a kira"

    "Toh ai baki da number shi"

   "Semi kira Mamanshi ta turo mini ko"


   Mom ta kira bayan sun gaisa take tambayarta ta turo mata number shi.Kiran farko data kirashi be d'aga ba se karo na biyu."Hello"

  "Assalamu Alaykum" Tayi sallama.


  "Uh.m Mamin Laila ce" Ta fad'a.

   "I..ina..yi...ina kwana" Ya fad'a da 'kyar.

    "Lafiya lau,ya gida?"

    "Da lafiya" Ya 'kwa'ba hausarsa.

  Mami ganin ba iya Hausa yai ba yasa bata ja zancen ba ta tambayeshi Laila.D'akinta ya nufa ko knock beyi ba ya murd'a handle.Da sauri ta mi'ke daga kwancen da take "Your Mom" Ya bata wayar.

 Tana rawar jiki ta kar'ba tana fara'a."Hello Mami ina kwana"

"Lafiya lau,ya gida" 

 "Lafiya lau,yasu fauzan?"

   "Duk lafiya suke,meya sami wayarki?"

   "Uhn...charge ne babu"

   "Chaji? Toh ya haka?"

    "Eh babu irin nawa ne"

    "Kuma baki ko kira a wayar tashi ba"

    "Ina son na kira ,ina su Maryam yaushe zasu zo?" Ta chanja topic.

    "Tun yanzu,a'a se an d'an kwana biyu"

   "Mami dan Allah suzo ko gobe ne"

  " Zasu zo amma ba lalle goben ba"

 "Toh shikenan"Ta fad'a a ranta bata so haka ba.

 Hira kad'an sukai tukun sukai sallama,se bayan ta gama wayar ta lura ya fice.Wayar tabi da kallo kafin ta murd'a handle zata mayar ,Ring!Ring kira ya shigo.

   " Baby booโค"

   "Baby boo" Ta maimaita sunan a ranta.Ganin kiran ze katse ta 'karasa 'kofar d'akinsa tana shirin murd'a handle ya riga ta bude'wa.

  "Gashi" Ta mi'ka masa tayi sauri ta koma.

 Ganin Rosie ce ta kira yasa ya saki murmushi ,dad'i yaji sosai dan ya tabbata ta ga sunan.

Laila sam bata ji wani haushi ba kawai de takaicinta d’aya shine zama da take haka ita d’aya wanda batasan ‘karshensa ba.Kwanciyarta tayi ta rufe idanuwanta dan bacci ya fiye mata wannan zaman shirun.


 Laila tsakaninta da Amjad har yanzu kallo ne ba wani abu dake had'asu,yau aurensu kwana takwas kenan ,Amjad yaje gida so d'aya driver da Dad ya kawo masa yace baya so da kansa yake driving motarsa dukda dama ba wani fita yake ba sede restaurant wani sa'in yana zuwa ya siyi abinci.

  Knock!knock! Ta jiyo tana kitchen."koh waye?"Ta tambayi kanta dan Amjad yana gida,ajje yankan carrot d'in da take yi tayi ta fita bud'ewa.

  "Maryam!" Tai hugging d'insu tare da Nusaiba tana tsalle.

  Lokaci guda farinciki ya dabaibayeta,ta kasa komawa kitchen d'in ma dama bata d'ora abincin ba.Ji take kamar ta cinyesu dan dad'i ,hira kawai sike ba 'ka'k'kautawa.

  Se wajen 1pm ta tashi dan yi musu girki,kusan tare dasu ma aka girka abincin.Fried rice sukai mey dad'in gaske ,a plate d'aya ta zubo musu suka zauna a parlour abinsu suka ci su ukun.Har lokacin Amjad be fito ba ita bata ko damu ba dan tun jiya rabon data sashi a ido .

  Suna kammala cin abincin sukai sallah su Maryam suka d'auraye kwanukan da aka 'bata."Maryam kunsan wani abu?"

 "A'a sekin fad'a"

 "Yanzunnan nake so ku tayani nayiwa Mami cake ku kai mata"

 "Toh" Maryam ta amsa.

  "Mami fa tace kar mu dad'e"Cewar Nusaiba.

   " Ke dalla can seku kwana"

    "Tabb bada mu ba" Maryam ta fad'a.

 "Meye idan kun kwanan?eyyi?"

Shiru tayi Maryam tana munafikin murmushi tare da kad'a kai "a'a de".

 " Bazaki magana ba,nace meye idan kun kwanan?"

 Dariya ta shiga yi tana rufe fuska "Mtchww! Sakarya ni tashi muje kitchen d'in" Ta fad'a tana mi'kewa daga kan sofa dan ta fahimci inda ta nufa.

A hankali suna had'a abinsu har sukai baking, sosai cake d'in yayi dad'i nan ta d'ibarwa Mami mey yawa ta rage kad'an.Wajajen 5:30pm suka tafi, pictures da suka kawo mata na biki tayi ta kalla.

 Amjad kuwa yana jiyo su daga d'akin yana sane ya'ki sakkowa dama ya shiga da abincin daya siya a waje d'aki harkokinsa yayi tayi a d'akinsa.

  Ita kuwa da dare cake d'inta taci tasha lemo tayi kwanciyarta.

11:35pm, Knock! Knock! Tajiyo bugu tana cikin bacci, tashi tayi duk jikinta yana shaking dan bugunshi yaso ya razana ta.

 "Mtchww! Ze tayar min da hankali ina bacci na" Seda ta yafa mayafi tukun ta bud'e masa.

"Let me have your phone"Abinda ya fad'a kenan banyan ta bud'e.

 Seda ta d'an jinkirta kafin ta koma ta bud'e drawer ta d'akko."Gashi"Ta fad'a a ciki-ciki.

"This?" Ya wani kalli wayar tare da nuna ta da yatsa.

 A wani wula'kance ya kar'beta bayan ya jujjuyata ya mi'ka mata abarta."This is useless "Ya fad'a.

 " Wacce ka siyamin?"Ta fad'a a ranta.

   Kamar yana so ya sake fad'ar wani abun amma de yayi shiru ya fita daga d'akin ta rifo 'kofarta.

"Allah ze sakan tashi na dakai" Ta koma ta kwanta.

 Washegari tasha mamaki ganin ya siyo mata waya,bata yi tunanin yana da ragowar mutunci ba,IPhone 7+ silver colour.

   Tunda tayi waya ta rage damuwa da rashin mutane a kusa da ita,zatai chat d'inta tayi kiranta tayi karatun novel wani lokacin tayi kwalliya tayi ta selfie d'inta.

  Amjad kuwa kwana hud'u kenan da fara zuwa aiki.Ranar farko daya je company kowa kallonsa yake  a iya shekarunsa a matsayinsa na chief executive officer gashi dressing yake duk wanda yaga dama har 'yar shirt me gajeren hannu ma yake saka wa ya tsuke abinsa gashin kannan yasha style.

  12:14pm,taji motarsa yai parking tana daga d'aki,labulen window ta d'an bud'e tana ganin fitowarsa ta ta'be baki ta cigaba da danna wayarta.

  Tana jiyo shi ya shiga d'aki,wanka kawai yayi ya sauya kaya cikin farar T-shirt da black jeans ya shirya shirts, wayarsa da key kawai ya d'auka bayan  ya feshe jikinsa da turare ya fito.

  Knock! Knock! Taji ya bugo 'kofarta.

 "Follow me" Abinda kawai ya fad'a yawuce downstairs.

 "Follow you? To where?"

  Komawa tayi ta zauna amma kuma ta kasa ci gaba da dannan wayar,seda tayi kusan 8min a haka tukun ta mi'ke ta yafa mayafinta kan riga da skirt na atamfa dake jikinta ,flat shoe d'inta ta zira ta ajje wayarta ta sauka 'kasa.

   A living room taga bayanan,tana le'kawa waje ta ganshi ya jingina da pillar na varender.Yana jin motsinta ya waiwayo ,wata uwar harara ya watsa mata sannan ya nufi motar.

 "Toh ina kuma za'a? Toh wayata kuma na d'aki"

Wata zuciyar ce tace "kika sani ko gida zey kaiki ,karki koma kuma ya fasa" A hankali ta 'karasa jikin mortar tana d'an ra'be-ra'be kanta a sunkuye.

 "Get in" Ya fad'a.

 Gidan gaba ta bud'e tana d'ar-d'ar ta shiga,har suka hau titi bame cewa komai tsit"Toh ina kuma zamu?"Ta fad'a ganinsa tayi ya kauce hanyar da zata sada ta da gida.

  Kasa tambaya tayi ta zira ido tana ganin ikon Allah.K'aton gida taga yayi horn an bud'e masa ya shiga.Har lokacin bata gane inda aka zo ba,seda taga Shaheed yana fitowa daga ciki.

  "Are you staying here forever?" Ta jiyo ya fad'a.

 Da kanta ta bud'e 'kofa ta fito tana d'an taka wa a hankali so take ya shige gaba."Ina wuni"Shaheed ya fad'a lokacin da suka 'karasa

 "Ina wuni" itama ta fad'a.

 Handshake taga sunyi suka jero suna 'kus-'kus wanda ba ji take ba.Suna tafe tana binsu a hanya har suka 'karasa ciki,ba kowa a parlourn ta samu ta zauna a sofa,tana kallo ya nufi wani sashen Shaheed kuma ya hau sama.Not more than 3min sega Mom da Zakia sun sakko fuskarsu d'auke da fara'a suka 'karaso.

  "Laila" Ta kira sunanta tana 'karasowa ta zauna daga gefenta tare da tallafo shoulder d'inta.Laila cikin jin kunya tayi 'kasa da kanta tare da du'kawa ta gaisheta.

"Get up,feel free daughter"

"Ya kike?"

  "Lafiya lau" Ta daure ta 'Kalo murmushi.

 "Ina yini" Cewar Zakia tana murmushi.

  "Ina yini"

   "My cutie sister please feel free,this is home"

 Itade murmushi kawai take musu Mom tasa mey aikinsu ta kawo mata abin sha.

 "Kada ki bari fa aiki yana miki yawa   kiyi magana kinji se'a sami mey aiki""

Kai kawai ta kad'a ba tare da tace komai ba,tana hangoshi har ya 'karaso inda sike ko zama ya'ki yi kawai de ya gaisa da Mom ne Zakia se wani kallon gulma take masa yana harararta ji yake kamar ya mareta ganin Laila yasa ya 'kyaleta .

  "Amjad talk to her to  drink something" Mom tayi maganar dan ta gano ya zaman nasu yake.

 "She is fasting" Taji ya fad'a.

 D'ago idonta tayi har suna kallon juna yayi mata 'kiri gefen fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi.

 Mom jinjina kai kawai tayi , inda Allah ya taimaki Amjad  Monday ranar ta kasance.Daga bayan tashi yayi ya fita a mota ba tare da sunsan inda zashi ba,kad'an-kad'an Zakia tana janta da hira kawai amsata take dan yunwa ta gama kashe mata jiki rabonta da abinci tun 8:30am saboda yau da wuri tayi breakfast,addu'a take maghrib yayi tasan Mom zata had'a mata kayan shan ruwa har kusan maghrib Dad ya shigo suka gaisa,suna zaune Amjad ya shigo ko zama beyi ba yace ta tashi su tafi,Mom ba yadda ba tayi dashi ba ya bari tasha ruwa anan amma ya'ki dan har tasa an girka mata abinda zata ci,daga 'karshe de yace kawai tasa mata a food warmer se su tafi dashi. 

 "Mugu azzalimi" Ta fad'a a ranta.

  Daga yadda yaga yanayinta ya gano tana cikin wani hali dan ya'ke kawai take."Let's go"Yayi mata murmushi.

Har mota suka rakasu suna tsaye suka fita daga gidan.Food warmer d'in tayi ta d'an d'agen wuya ko zata gansa d baya amma ba alamarsa,hanyar daya kamata suyi taga sun kauce.

 "Where are we going to?" Ta tambaya.

 "Mall,madam chef" Ya bata amsa yana murmushin mugunta.

 Kai ta dafe ta kalli taga har wani duhu-duhu take gani,tana ji tana kallo yayi parking. "Let's go".

Ac dake busawa taji ta isheta,ji take kamar mey zazza'bi,yana tafe tana binsa a bayan se wani kalle-kalle yake kafin ya d'auki abu d'aya seya shafe fin 5min.

  " Do you like this? " Ya d'akko wata doguwar riga iya gwiwa yana nuna mata.

 "My wife is eager to go home ,but her husband is not readyyy"

Ji take kamar ta sha'keshi,haka ya gama d'age-d'agensa harda kara mata a jiki yaga wai yayi ko beba gabaki d'aya English wears yaita za'ba.8:42pm suka shiga gida ,ko kallonsa bata sake yi ba har suka shiga.kayan daya siyo  leda uku ciki ya mi'ka mata ta'ki kar'ba,kan kujerar ya dire mata ya koma mota ya d'akko abincin har lokacin da ya dawo tana parlour. Yadda ya rungumo warmer d'in zaka san cewa ya taki rashin mutunci.

 *Need your comment,I'm really busy but I tried hard to update coz I don't want to keep you guys waiting, I don't know If I can be able to update tomorrow, I'm really really busy.Love ur*๐Ÿ’‹


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๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



  ๐Ÿ…ฟ 0โƒฃ9โƒฃ

Binsa tayi da kallo tana jira taga mey zeyi da abincin,har kusa da ita yazo ya wuce ta gefenta yana rungume da flask d’in ya haye sama ya barta a tsaye tana had’iyar miyau.

 Jitayi kamar ta bishi amma gudun karya wula'kantata ta nufi kitchen, seda ta fara had'a tea tasha tukun ta d'ora indomie sharp sharp ta gama da zafi-zafinta haka ta samu taci harda guntun hawayenta na takaici.Se bayan ta gama cin abincin ne ta tuna bata yi sallahan maghrib da isha'i ba,shima Amjad d'in tunawa tayi beyi ba."Tabb! La'ilaha illallahu maimakon yaje masallaci ,toh ko dama haka yake wasa da sallah?"Ta tambayi kanta tana mey mamakinsa dan ita shaf ta mance yunwa ta rufe mata ido batai noticing ba.

 "Astaghfirillah" Abinda ta fad'a kenan ta koma d'akinta kayan kuwa ta barsu anan. Seda ta idar da sallolin da ake binta tukun ta samu nutsuwa,tana yin wanka tayi shirin kwanciyarta koh phone d'inta bata duba ba dan gajiya.

    Washegari da safe kafin ta fito taji fitar Amjad, 8:20am agogon d'akin ya nuna.Inda ta bar kayan jiya anan tazo ta tarar dasu,ta'be baki tayi tai wucewarta kitchen "Ka kaiwa budurwarka ba niba"


Sati d’aya su Mom suka ‘kara a Nigeria suka koma ,kafin su koma seda suka zo gidan Laila.Amjad ji yake kamar ya bisu ,tun lokacin da suka koma ya dena walwala ko kula Laila bayi yake ba balle magana ,kaya kuwa bata kwashesu ba se lokacin da Mami zata zo ta d’auke ta kaisu wani d’akin daban ta rife.

 Saturday 8:17am,ta gama shirinta cikin  lace black mey red torches,tasa sar'karta mey stones red color tayi matu'kar kyau ga d'aurinta da ya tsaru fuskarta tayi light makeup se 'kamshin turare take.Tana sauka 'kasa taga parlourn ma ba wani datti yayi ba dama jiya da yamma ta gyara shi,kitchen ta shiga dan had'a karin kumallo ,yau doya da 'kwai taji tana sha'awa ,tana d'ora doyan a pot ta nufi drawern dan  d'akko bowl ,kasancewar tsahonta baya kaiwa setayi d'age tana janyo bowl d'in ya su'buce ya fad'o kan babban yatsanta na 'kafa Tass! Ya fashe pieces a wajen ,take ta saki wata  'kara dan azaba.Fuskarta tuni tayi jazir gumi yana keto mata,zaman dirshan tayi tana ri'ke da 'kafarta d'anyatsan se jini yake.

    "What happ.." Be 'kare tambayar ba yayi shiru da bakinsa ganin yadda 'kafarta ke zubar jini.

Kuka ta shiga yi sharaf-sharaf hawaye yana zuba.

 "Get up" Ya fad'a tare da d'ora hannu kan kafad'arta da niyyar mi'kar da ita.

 "Aghhh!" Ta 'kwallo 'kara.

  Jin 'karar da tayi yasa ya d'auke hannunsa,tana zaune ita bata tashi ba kuma bata dena kukan ba."Are you staying like this? "

Banza tayi dashi kamar bata jiba,yana sake d'ora hannunsa a kafad'arta ta kuma tsala ihu fin da.Ita bama iya zafin yasa ta 'karar ba ta'bata ne bata so yayi.

  Tsaki yayi "It left for you" Ya fita daga kitchen d'in.Yana  fita ta tashi se d'ingishi take,ganin jinin yana d'iga a 'kasa ta zauna kan wani couch a living room.Tana hangoshi ya sakko daga bene hannunsa ya ri'ko first aid.

  "Cabb! Zaka ga first aid"

   Bata ankare ba taga yaja wani guntun table ya zauna opposite da ita."Let me see"

"Kaga mey? kai likita ne?"

 Ko bin ta tata beyi ba ya kama 'kafar se fisgewa take amma ta kasa "Aghh!"Se 'kara take yayi banza da ita yana goge jinin se kuka take, seda ya gama ya rife ciwon da bandage tukun ya sake mata 'kafa.

 " Allah ya isa"Ta fad'a a fili tana share hawaye.

 "You have to be careful"

  "Ni matsa min na tashi" Ta fad'a tana 'ko'karin mi'kewa.

   Maimakon taga ya tashi seyai zamansa yana kallonta.

 Kasa balancing tsaiwarta tayi ta fad'a kan couch d'in.Ganin ya sake matso da kujerar yasa hantar cikinta ya soma kad'awa,ta sunkui da kai tana jin idonsa a kanta.

 "I need to know why,why did you agreed to married me?"

  Shiru tayi ta kasa cewa komai tana murza yatsa."I'm asking"Ya sake matsowa har takai baza ta iya mi'kewa tsaye ba."Please let me go"

 "Until you answer my question"

  "I never married you because I love you,they..they forced me to"Ta fad'a da 'kyar.

  "Wow! I hope what you're saying is true"

 "Now what is your plan? Run away?"

 "Please!".Ta ro'keshi data bata sake.

 Tashi yayi tsaye ya d'auke first aid d'in ya haye sama,tana gani ya tafi tayi sauri ta bar wajen ta koma kitchen tana d'ingisawa,wajen daya 'baci da jinin ta gyara a daddafe ta 'karasa had'a breakfast d'in taci kayanta.

 Tunda ta koma bata sake fitowa ba se bayan zuhr,tana ganinsa a parlour yana kallo tai 'kasa da kai bata so ta had'a ido dashi.Shiko be sake yi mata maganar 'kafar ba balle yai mata sannu.

 Laila da daddare ta kira Mami tana ta shagwa'ba ita a lalle taji ciwo  Nusaiba tazo.Washegari Mami ta turosu  Nusaiba harda Fauzan amma basu kwana ba. 

  Tun bayan tafiyarsu Laila ta soma jin sauyi game da ita,kad'an-kad'an mararta ta soma ciwo tun bey takura mata ba har ta kasa jurewa.Ta kwanta se mutsutstsuka 'kafafuwa take tana dafe ciki,tunani ne ya fara zuwan mata na MP date nata data lissafa taga lokaci yayi." Tir'kashi!" 

  "Ya zanyi?"Tana ta sa'ke-sa'ke a zuciyarta ko zata samu mafita,8:18pm taga agogo ya nuna juyi kawai take ta rasa inda zata saka kanta gashi idan a gida ne magani take sha wani sa'in Mami ta had'a mata black tea ta kur'ba amma yanzu ba d'aya.Hawaye ne kawai yake tsiyaya daga idanunta tana tausayin kanta na halin rayuwar data shiga.9:03pm a daddafe ta tashi ta sauka 'kasa ,a kitchen ta had'a tea kad'an ta samu ta daure ta kukkur'ba ga yunwa data ke ji amma bata jin zata iya cin komai.D'akinta ta koma ta cigaba da aikin juye-juye,gashi tana tsoron gobe monday tasan da wuri zey fita,idan kuwa ta bari ya fita tana cikin matsala dan bata da ko sisi balle tace zata fita suyo wani Pad dan duk 'Yan kud'ad'enta ta 'karar wajen saka credit last siyan ma shine  dasu Fauzan suka zo ta aikesu suka suyo mata na 500 d'in.Se can bayan 30min bacci ya kwasheta da ciwon ya lafa.

   5:46am ta farka taga har subh tayi,da 'kyar ta iya tashi dan a halin data tsinci kanta mey faruwa ta faru bata san kuma ya zatai ba yau.Wata zuciyar ce ta bata shawara ta fad'awa Amjad,tana jin kunya haka tayi knocking 'kofarsa lokacin 6am.

 Tafi 6min kafin ya bud'e mata ,daga ganinsa ta gane lokacin ya tashi daga bacci.

"Morning" Yaune lokaci na farko data ta'ba gaisheshi.

Da’kyar yake bud’e idanuwansa “What?”

 Wayar hannunta ta mi'ka masa bayan data gama danne-danne a cikin.

 Kamar baze kar'ba ba yasa hannunsa ya kar'ba"Read"Ta fad'a tana kallon gefe.

 "I want to use pad" Yaga ta rubuta ta note app.

   "So?"Ya fad'a ba tare da ya nuna damuwa ba.

     Hannunta ta mi'ka alamar ya bata wayarta a lokacin kuwa idanuwanta sun cika da 'kwalla jira take kawai ta bar wajen.

"Check in what you have thrown away the other day"Abinda ya fad'a kenan  ya mi'ka mata dan yasan bata duba kayan ba dan da ta duba da bazata tambdaya ba.

  Tana gama karancewa ta tuna da inda ta ajje kayan,kunyace ta lullu'beta tana da tasani duk da ba haka ba.A kunyace ta juya zuwa d'akin data yasar da kayan.

 Tana dubawa tagani kuwa se lokacin taji relief,da sauri ta komo zuwa d'akinta da pad pack d'in a hannunta ,mamaki ne da kunya ya sake lullu'beta lokacin da taga yana tsaye har lokacin a 'kofar d'akin kamar jiranta yake.Basar wa tayi ta wuce a hannun hagu ta ri'ke yadda baze gani ba tai sauri ta shiga.Shi dariya ma ta bashi (Gani na yaushe kuma).Tana shigewa shima ya rufo 'kofarshi,se lokacin yaje ya d'auro alwala dan yin sallah.


A kwana a tashi har sun shafe kusan 4month,sun saba da irin zamansu yanzu kowa baya damuwa da kowa wannan itace rayuwar da suka za'barwa junansu.Laila har ta samu admission a BUK ,kafin ta fad'a masa seda aka kwana biyu taci sa'a bece komai akai ba kud'i kawai ya bata na registration  shi a yanzu besan ma lokacin da zata fara zuwa ba be tambaya ba kuma bata fad'a masa ba.Ita kuwa ta 'bangaren ta ranar Monday kawai take jira dan shine sanda zata fara shiga lectures ita har ta 'kagu lokacin yayi ta huta da zama shiru.Mom lokaci-lokaci suna waya da ita ,shima ta 'bangaren Rosie ba abinda ya chanja har yanzu bata san wani abu game da auren Amjad ba.



  Da asubar fari ta farka saboda d'okin makaranta,tana idar da sallah tayi wanka ta shirya cikin doguwar riga na material purple colour,powder kawai ta shafa se lip gloss ta shafa turare mey taushin 'kamshi.

 Hijab d'inta da tasa aka kawo mata daga gida ta d'akko d'aya daga cikin kalar kayanta ,zira abinta tayi se niqab d'in kuma ta ri'ke a hannunsa had'e da handbag d'in ta saki ta kalmi ta sauka 'kasa.

  Ba wani breakfast mey d'aukan lokaci ta had'a ba ,tea kawai tasha da toasted bread.Tana fitowa daga kitchen d'in ta d'aura niqab d'inta dede lokacin Amjad yake sakkowa daga bene cikin shirinsa na Blue suit ciki kuma  white shirt se black jeans ya rife idonsa da specs.

  *Short chapyy and boring I think.Akwai d'aya daga cikin littafina wanda shine na farko da na fara rubutawa sede Allah besa na kammala ba,a bisa complain da nake samu game da rashin 'karasawa inshaAllahu bayan na kammala wannnan zan cigaba da HASHIM ABDALLAH amma bata blog ba zan dawo dashi wattpad ina tunanin hakan zefi sau'ki.Masu son d'ayan littafin mey suna SON ZUCIYA zaku iya samunsa ta  wannanan  khadijasko.blogspot. com*


๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ


Ina godiya Amjad fans ,musamman ‘yan whatapp ,one luv๐Ÿ’‹

๐Ÿ…ฟ 1โƒฃ0โƒฃ

     Tana kallonshi ta cikin niqab d'in ta sunkui da kai,tana jinsa tsaye yana kallonta."Where are you going to?"

"School" Ta amsa a ta'kaice.

 "Why did you dress this way?" Ya fad'a tare da nunata da yatsa daga sama har 'kasa.

 Shiru tayi bata amsa shi ba har lokacin bata d'ago da kanta ba."Are you a terrorist? "

  Jin abinda ya fad'a yasa tayi saurin d'ago da kanta tana kallonsa "Kana musulmi kake irin wannan maganar" Ta fad'a cikin ranta.

"I'm asking you?"

 "Muslims are not terrorist" Ta fad'a tare da kawar da kanta gefe.

 "Whoa! so Amjad is not a Muslim, may be I'm Christ or jews right?"

   Ganin zey 'bata mata lokaci ta gyara handbag d'inta ta wuce."Do I ask you to go?"Taji ya fad'a.

 'Karasowa yayi inda take ya zagaya yanda zata ga fuskarsa dan ko juyowa batai ba."Answer me"


  "Then why did you?"

  "Because I have to"

   "Now,did I ask you to stop"

    "Rainin hankali" Ta fad'a a ranta.

  Be sake wata maganar ba ya wuceta ya fita tana tsaye."Mtchww!"Taja tsa'ki itama ta nufi wajen bata ko kalli inda yake ba ta nufi bakin gate tayi ficewarta.Ba abinda ya 'kona masa rai irin yadda ta fita bata ko damu ta rufe 'kofa ba.Da kanshi ya koma ya rufe 'kofar tukun ya shiga motarsa ya fice.

 Tana tafiyarta taji horn mey uban takura ba 'ka'k'kautawa tana juyawa taga motarsa ce,seda yazo daf da ita kamar zey bigeta ya zuge glass d'in motar.Cikin suit d'insa ya zira hannu ya zaro 2k 'yan d'ari biyar ya mi'ko mata da hannun hagu a wani wula'kance.

  Ranta inyayi dubu ya 'baci,kawar da kanta tayi ta cigaba da tafiyarta ita kad'ai tasan mey take ji a ranta.Tana cikin wannan halin ne bata ankara ba taji an fisgo hannunta.

 "How dare you shun me like that?" Ya fad'a ransa a 'bace.

 A 'kufule ta d'ago da idanunta ta kalleshi cikin glasses d'insa suka had'a ido."Kai wawan ina ne ,ka sake min hannu! "Ta tsawata tana 'ko'karin fisgewa.

" Come on fight back"

  Ri'kon da yayi mata ba 'karamin zafi yayi mata ba kuka ne yake son ku'buce mata amma hakannan ta daure dan a ganinta babbar asara ce yaga hawayenta.

 "Let me go"

 "Make me"

  Doke kafad'arshi ta shiga yi ba 'ka'k'kautawa tana fisge-fisge,da 'kyar ta samu ya cikata .Bata ko tsaya ba tayi sauri ta tari wani Napep dake shigowa street d'in,ta gwammace an bi da ita ta wani titin data bi ta hanyar da zata sake ganinsa.

 Tana barin gun ya koma motarsa cikin zafin rai ya fizgi motar ya bar wajen.Laila a d'an sahu bata ankara ba taji hawaye na bin 'kuncinta,kuka mara sauti ta shiga yi har ta kusa isa school tukun ta d'akko tissue a jakarta ta goge fuskarta,3k da sukai saura na registration d'inta a ciki ta d'auka N500 ta bawa mey d'an sahu ya mi'ka mata chanji ta wuce.Tana shiga school d'in daga kan wani bench ta zauna,tunanin irin abinda yayi mata ta shiga yi ji take kamar daga makarantar ta gudu gida,a ranta tana tunanin Baba ,da ace be rasu ba da tuni tana gidansu.

  "Assalamu Alaykum" Taji muryar mace.

 Tana d'ago da kanta taga ba'kuwar fuska"Waalaikissalm"Ta amsa tare da yin guntun murmushi.

 "Baiwar Allah kema sabuwar d'aliba ce?" Ta tambayeta.

 "Eh" Laila ta amsa muryarta kusan a dashe.

 "Wani course?"

  "Microbiology" Ta amsa.

   "Ashe course d'in namu d'aya"

    "Allah ya bamu sa'a" Laila ta fad'a.

    "Ga nan ki zauna" Laila ta matsa mata.

  "Ya sunanki?"

  "Laila" Ta amsa.

   "Ni kuma Aliya ta fad'a.

   Daga haka duka su biyun sukai shirun dan Aliya taga kamar Laila bame son surutu bace,ita kuwa Laila ba kasafai take sakin jiki da ba'kin fuska ba inba wai ta zauna ta fahimci halayyarka ba.

  An d'auki kusan 1ยฝhr a haka kowa d'an danne-dannen wayarsa yake a hankali wasu students d'in na zuwa lokacin suka had'u da course mate d'insu.

10:30am suka shiga first lecture, kowa yana jin ba’kunta class yayi shiru ana sauraron lecture Aliya tana kusa da Laila.Seda aka kwashe kusan 1โ…“ suka fito daga class,tana jin yunwa amma sam bata jin zata iya cin abinci.

 Basu suka sake shiga wani lecture d'in b se bayan zuhr,se 4pm ta komo gida."Tir'kashi!"Ta fad'a ganin 'kofa a kulle,ita sam ta manta da batun wani key na gida balle har tayi tunanin fita dashi.Ga yunwa tana ji banda gajiyar data kwaso,kan steps na bakin 'kofa ta zauna tana addu'a Allah yasa ya dawo yanzu duk da kuwa ba son ganinsa take ba.Zama tayi-tayi shiru har ta gaji,se to 5:45pm ya shigo gidan ,tunda ta hangoshi ta kawar da kanta gefe tare da sakin niqab d'inta ta rufe fuskarsa ko idanunta baza a gani ba.

Cikeda ta'kama ya 'karaso yiyai kamar be ga mutum ba.Gefe ta matsa masa karya bangaje ta,tana jin ya bud'e 'kofar ta mi'ke har ya shiga yana 'ko'karin rufewa ta ri'ke handle d'in.Ba tare da yace komai ba ya wuce ta shigo sannan ta rife ,ko d'aki bata je ba ta shiga kitchen.Wani ragowar donot da tayi tun shekaran jiya ta d'auko ta had'a da orange juice taci sannan ta koma d'aki.Seda tayi sallahr maghrib tukun ta watsa ruwa ta zira doguwar riga mara nauyi na material ta koma kitchen ,jollof d'in macaroni kawai tayi kad'an taci ta koma d'aki.

  Washegari ma da wuri ta tashi ta had'a breakfast mey nauyi-nauyi bayan data d'anyi gyara-gyaranta tai shirinta yauma bayan ta zira hijab ta d'aura niqab d'inta, tana rufo 'kofar d'akinta shima yana fitowa,waya ce ma'kale a kunnansa yayi shirinsa cikin black T-shirt da jeans ba'ki fuskarsa yau ba specs."Bye Darling "Ya fad'a ganin Laila tana kallonsa yana sane ya tsiri kiss ,wayar ya kara a bakinsa  yanda Rosie zata ji sautin kiss d'in,(Irin kiss da shaheed kapoor ya kewa Sonakshi a R..rajkumar ,lol). through phone.

 Kanta ta kawar ba tare da ta kallesa dukda kuwa taji shi,dama tasan da biyu yayi hakan kuma ko a jikinta." Jealous"Taji ya fad'a.

Key taga ya mi'ko mata ta gefe,hannu tasa ta kar'ba ba tare da ta d'ago ba tayi wucewarta.Yau ma kamar jiya tana tafiya taji wucewar motarsa ,seda ta jima kafin ta samu d'an sahu dan sanda ta isa school ma har an shiga lecture,inda Allah ya taimaka ma Aliya ta samar mata seat.seda sukai 2hrs lecture cir suka fito ,ko 10min basi ba suka sake shiga wani lecture d'in se 12pm suka fito daga nan suka wuce cafeteria cin abinci. Kad'an-kad'an suna hira da Aliya,suna haka ne wayar Aliya tayi 'kara cikin fara'a ta amsa kiran.Ta d'au lokaci tana wayar kafin daga bisani ta katse."Sorry na zaunar dake"Aliya ta fad'a.

"Babu komai" Laila tayi murmushi.

 "Ke gwara ke daga kin koma gida hutawa zaki,ni kuwa senayi girki" Aliya ta fad'a.

 "Uhnn..kina da aure?" Laila ta tambaya.

 "Au ban fad'a maki ba ko? Wata shida kenan" Ta amsa.

  Jinjina kai kawai Laila tayi tana mamakin hakan dan ta zaci Aliya budurwa ce ,dan ko a fuska tafi nuna yarinta a kan Laila.

  "Lalle kam hakane" Abinda ta fad'a kenan ta kawar da zancen.

  Lecture d'aya suka 'karayi  suka tafi,yau bata bi takan abinci ba wanka kawai tayi ta zauna tana hutawa abinta.

  Laila seda ta jera sati biyu tana zuwa school ba tare da ta nemi kud'i gunsa ba,a 'karshen satin seda ta koma tafiya da abinci school dan kud'inta yayi 'kasa,gobe Monday 50 Naira ce kawai ta rage bata san kuma ya za'ai ba.

   9:39pm,ta sakko 'kasa shan ruwa tana shiga kitchen d'in ta ganshi zaune kan stool yasa fruit salad a gaba yana sha,d'ayan hannunsa kuma ya ma'kala waya a kunnensa.Ko ba'a fad'a ba tasan da budurwarsa yake waya.Allah yasa ta yafa mayafi kan riga da wando na bacci data sa,wucewa tayi ta bud'e fridge ta d'akko bottle, glass cup dake jere a kitchen ware ta d'akko ta tsiyaya tasha kayanta.Tazo zata fita taji shi ya sake yin irin kiss na rannan a wayar kusan fiya dana rannan.

  "Are you jealous?" Taji ya fad'a.

 'Kwata-'kwata bata san ya biyota a baya ba se gani tayi yasha gabanta.

   "Do you wanna know about her?"

  Kauda kai tayi ta shige gefe zata hau sama taji ya ri'ko hannunta."You're jealous,I can see it through your eye's"

  Hannunta ta fisge "Never!" Bata jira ya sake wani maganar ba ta tafi.

  A duniya baida buri irin yaga ya ba'kanta mata dama farko na ba'kunta ne yanzun ya gaji da zaman lafiyar.


 7:38am ta gama shirinta tsaf tana dinning a zaune,tunanin yadda za'ai ta iya zuwa makaranatar kawai take gashi tana jin kunyar tambayarsa,shida ya mi'ko mata kud'i dukda bata San nawa bane ta'ki kar'ba taya zata iya ce masa yanzu ya bata?

  "What are you waiting for?" Tajiyo muryarsa yana sakkowa daga step.

Shiru tayi ta'ki cewa komai fuskarta bata rife ba amma de ta d'aura niqab d'inta."May be this?"Taga ya ajje kud'i kan table d'in 'yan 1000 ne sede bata san nawa bane.

"Take it" Ya fad'a.

 Shawara ta shiga yi ta d'auka ko karta d'auka? Ganin lokaci yana ja ta daure ta saka hannu ta d'auka.

 "Shame" Yana fad'ar haka ya fita.

   "Eh d'in ai ba sata nayi ba". Ta fad'a a ranta.

   Seda ta bari ya fita tukun ta fita,tana shiga school ta had'u da Aliya wanda dede lokacin mijinta ya sauketa a mota.Se 4:30pm ta dawo gida tana sigowa taga motarsa,hakan ya nuna ya dawo gida.Se bayan ta ajje handbag d'inta ta sakko kitchen daga bakin 'kofa ta tsaya saboda abinda ta gani.

  *Let's stop here,inshaAllah I will update as soon as possible. Your comment are needed.*



๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



๐Ÿ…ฟ 1โƒฃ1โƒฃ

Wani ‘katon cake ta gani daya sha ado sosai pink and white rubutu akai masa akai “Happy birthday sweetheart” da candle jere a kai.
Sede ita bata ga abinda aka rubuta ba tunda bata ‘karasa ba.Gefensa kuwa laptop d’insa ce yana video call,tana jiyo murya mace amma bazata iya ganin fuskarta ba,bata bari ya d’ago ya kalleta ba tayi saurin komawa d’aki.

 "Happy birthday baby" Tare suka bushe candle d'in as if tana kusa da cake d'in.

 "Thank you Baby" Ta fad'a tana washe ha'kora dan ta kasa rufe baki saboda farinciki.Balloons manya daya sa'kala  jikin fridge ya ciro su."Do you like this baby?"

"Yes I love it "

Teddy bear dayai hiding a  bayan laptop d'insa ya ciro 'kato pink colour a tsakkiyar cikin an rubuta happy birthday beautiful "

Nan ma wani sabon farincikin ne ya rufeta."Baby you're so sweet"

"You deserved more than this baby"

  Hira suka shiga yi abinsu ,Laila kuwa jitai dama bata sauka 'kasan ba dan ma Allah yasa bai ganta ba.Dama ba wani yunwa take ji ba,gasasshen masarar data suyo a hanya ta d'akko a jaka ta soma gagayar kayanta, tana yi tana danna wayarta.

Se wajajen 8:15pm ta sakko kitchen, balloons d’in duk nemansu tayi ta rasa seda ta bud’e fridge taga cake ,yaci iya wanda zeci ya bari .Rubutun da akai ta kalla ta ta’be baki ta d’auki abinda zata d’auka a fridge d’in ta rufe.


 Washegari da safe ta makara se sauri take ko living room bata gyara ba kitchen kawai tayi goge-gogenta bayan tayi breakfast ta koma d'aki ta shirya.Tana daf da fita taji ya kira sunan da yafi son gaya mata.

  "Madam chef"

   A hankali ta waiwayo fuskarta a rufe tana kallonsa ko shirin office beyi ba 3qtr ne da shirt a jikinsa.Ganin ya 'karaso ta sauke kanta 'kasa.

"Remember you're now a  married woman don't tell me that you don't know your duties, I mean what you suppose to do here"

   "Mey kuma zanyi bayan wanda nake"Ta fad'a a ranta.

   " What?"

  "Prepare me a meal"Ya amsata.

  "It's getting late,it's almost 8 "

   "I don't care "


    "Just go on with your works and stop wasting much time"

   Har ya koma ya dawo "I forgot to tell you,I need omelette and  sandwiches"Daga haka ya koma d'akinsa.

   Tunani ta shiga yi ko tayi tafiyarta,amma kuma tana gudun abinda ze biyo baya.Haka tana ji tana gani ta cire hijab da niqab d'in ta fara ,tana yi tana mita."Da abincin kake cewa ai maka,ko dan kaga ka bani kud'i"

   "Kuma Allah ya kaimu gobe, baza ka san lokacin da zan tafi ba". 

   Ba ita ta gama ba se 8:53am tana gama ajje masa a dinning ta saka hijab d'in ta ta fice.Yana daga d'aki ya hango fitarta,murmushin gefen fuska kawai yayi ya cigaba da harkokinsa.

   Lokacin data isa makarantar har an shiga lecture,seda tayi missing wannan lecture d'in.Se na 'karfe 12pm ta samu 2:30pm ta dawo gida.

  Motar sa da ta gani hakan ya tabbatar mata yana gida,lokacin da ta shiga a living room ta ajje jakarta ta nufi kitchen ganin plate na d'azu inda ta barsu yasa ta ci birki,'karasawa tayi table d'in ta bud'e ba abinda aka ci na ciki d'ayan ma haka ,ta rasa ma mey zatayi saboda tsabar takaici.

” It’s Nasty! It smells bad”Tajiyo muryarsa.

Kallo ta bishi dashi almost harara ta shiga kitchen, abinda take so tayi a kitchen d’in ma ta kasa saboda tsabar ba’kin ciki dan haka ta fasa girka komai ta komo living room ta d’auke handbag d’inta zuwa d’aki.

 "Allah ya isa" Ta fad'a a fili tana cilli da jakar.

  Ga yunwa tana ji amma haushi baze bari ta iya cin komai ba.Se bayan asr ta sakko ganin bata ga plates d'in ba yasa ta shiga tunani "Ko yaci?"

 Wainar fulawa ta had'a ta soya kayanta taci a kitchen d'in, wajen daya d'an 'baci a kitchen d'in ta share lokacin data bud'e dustbin tasha mamaki ganin sandwich a yashe a wula'kance.

 "Wannan ai almabazzaranci ne"

 Haushi de ranar tasha shi,bayan maghrib tayi plunging charge a wayarta ta sakko 'kasa,kan d'aya daga cikin sofa a living room ta zauna tare da d'aukan remote control ta kunna  TV.

Chanja channel d'in tayi zuwa Bollywood aiko ta riska ana film d'in da take so "Veer zaara".Sosai ta bada attention a kai tana jin dad'in kalla dan har taji fishin da take ya tafi.

  1hr later sega Amjad yana sakkowa ,tana jin motsintsa amma tai kamar bata san dashi ba.Kitchen ya fara shiga ko mey ze d'auka oho ,koda ya fito har ya nufi upstair ya dawo.

 " She's enjoying it"Ya fad'a a ransa.

  "Excuse me!"

   Banza tayi dashi ta cigaba da kallonta,ganin ta'ki kulasa ya 'karaso yayi blocking d'inta yadda bazata iya ganin komai ba.

 "Are you deaf?"

  Maimakon yaga tayi magana se gani yayi ta mi'ke tsaye tayi tafiyarta d'aki.Har cikin ransa ba haka yaso ba se yanzu yake daya sanin barinta na tafiya.Laila kuwa a d'aki harda kukanta dan tsabar takaici ya katse mata kallonta tasan dama abinda yake so kenan kuma burinsa ya cika,a ranta kuwa ta 'kudura ba'kanta masa itama.


 Washegari da asubar fari ta tashi da wuri tayi shirinta hatta breakfast datai a flask tasa ta zira a jaka.7:16am nayi ta fita daga gidan.

Knock! Knock! Laila! Ya 'kwala mata kira amma shiru ,yana murd'a 'kofar yaga bata ciki.Da 'karfi yayi banging 'kofar ya koma d'aki ,a niyyarsa yau ma ya sake sata dafa masa abinci duk da ba cin zeyi ba.

 "Nigeria"Sunan da yayi saving number d'inta kenan. Daga yayi dialing seya kashe da 'kyar ya bari kiran ya shiga.Ya kirata sau biyu batai picking ba,wurgi yayi da wayar gefe sau biyu kenan yana kiranta bata ta'ba d'aga wa, lokacin bikinsu da yau.

 Laila kuwa tana shiga school tasa wayar a silent,tana zuwa ta samu gu taci abincinta ,a ranta tana mey jin dad'i dan tasan duk tsiya seya ji haushi.

  Koda aka tashi ba gida ta komo ba gidan Mami ta wuce dama ta dad'e tana planning yin hakan tunda tayi aure bata ta'ba zuwa ba.

  " Ga yaya!ga yaya!"Fauzan ya tafi da gudu yayi hugging d'inta.

  "Tohh,zuwa ba zato ba tsammani"Mami ta fad'a tana fitowa daga kitchen.

 " Daga makaranta nake"Ta  fad'a tare cire niqab d'in.

  Kowa murnar ganinta yake ,tuni ta mance da rayuwar gidanta.Kitso tasa Maryam tayi mata bayan sunci abinci,4pm taje gidan Kawu Yunus nan d'inma seda ta shafe kusan awa d'ayan ta komo gida.

 Amjad 4:23 pm ya dawo gida be sameta ba,Mom ta dad'e tana masa maganar zuwa gidan Mami se yanzu  yaga dama shine ya dawo su tafi  tare amma be sameta ba,shiru-shiru har 5:15pm bega dawowarta ba dan haka yayi fitowarsa shi kad'ai.

   "Laila yanzu dubi hannunki sungul kamar taliya ba ko jan 'kunshi" Mami ta fad'a.

 "Mami makaranta ba lokaci"

 "Toh 'yar boko..." Bata 'karasa ba sega Fauzan ya shigo da uniform d'in islamiyya a jikinshi."Mami unnhh..yaya Amjat yazo"

 Laila dake shingid'e a wani razane ta mi'ke zaune."Kace mey?"

 "Baki ji ba,mijinki ne yazo dama shi zezo d'aukan ki?"

 "Uhmm..shi..shine" Ta amsa cikin in'ina.

 "Toh ki tashi ki shirya".

"Mami zaku gaisa ai" Laila ta fad'a.

"Fauzan kace ya shigo" Cewar Laila.

 Da'kyar ya fuskanci abinda Fauzan yace,lokacin da  Fauzan ya shigo Amjad yana biye dashi.Yana zaune kan kujera lokacin da Mami ta shigo ya d'an du'ka kad'an shima tuna yadda Laila tayi sanda taje gidansu ne yasa yayi haka.

  Laila kuwa a d'aki se fiffita take da hannunta tunanin yadda zata fita take."Shikam taya yasan ina nan?"

"Laila ki fito toh har ya fita yana jiranki" Tajiyo muryar Mami.

 "Gani" Ta amsa 'kasa-'kasa.

   Jiki ba 'kwari ta shirya tana ta sa'ke-sa'ke a zuciyarta.Har waje Nusaiba suka rakota jiki a sanyaye ta bud'e gidan gaba ta shiga.A nitse yake tu'kinsa har suka isa  bakin titi,daga gefe taga yayi parking.

 "Get out" Ya fad'a ba tare da ya kalleta ba.

 "Naje ina ?" Ta fad'a a fili.

  "Dismiss from my eye's!" Ya tsawata.

  Shawara ta shiga yi ta fita ko ta zauna?


๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



๐Ÿ…ฟ 1โƒฃ2โƒฃ

   Zaman jakarta ta gyara tayi kamar bata jin yaran."I said get out"

 Tayi yun'kurin yin magana ya daka mata tsawa"Now!"

  Cikin sauri ta bud'e 'kofar ta rufe da 'karfi tayi gaba abinta.Shima cikin zafin rai ya figi motarsa ya bar wajen.Haka tayi ta jiran d'an sahu seda 'kyar ta samu,tana isa gida direct ta wuce d'aki.

 Knock! Knock taji bugu dede lokacin ta fito daga bathroom, towel ne iya gwiwa a jikinta.Cikin hanzari ta d'auki hijab ta zira,la'bewa tayi a bayan 'kofar ta bud'e kad'an ba ko ina za'a iya gani bama a d'akin.

 "What are you hiding?"

  'Sangalalen 'kafarta data ke karewa ya kalla ,se lokacin ya gano dalilinta na 'buyan.

 "What do you think you're doing? I knew this is not the first time.."

 Be 'karasa maganar ba ya saki atishawa ba zato ba tsammani har yana sunkuyawa,hakan ba 'karamin dariya ya bawa Laila ba amma ta basar."Cha'kwai'kwaiwa yanzu ai kayi shiru"Ta fad'a a ranta.

 "Don't you ever.." Wata atishawar ce ta sake zuwan masa a jere har uku,Laila harda kawar da fuska.Harara ya bita dashi ya bar wajen, yana shiga d'akinsa yayi banging 'kofar.

 Bayan sallahr maghrib lokaci guda zazza'bi ya rifeshi harda ciwon kai ga dukkan alamu yana ji mura ce ta kamashi.Tuni ya fara fita daga hayyacinsa,yana kwance shame-shame hanci se tsiyaya yake yayi jazir, kwalin tissue ya ajje gefe daga ya share seya cillar duk inda yaga dama.

  Da'kyar ya samu ya mi'ke daga kwance ya d'auko wayarsa ya kira Mom ya wani kwantar da murya yana mata complain.Ji tayi dama tana kusa dan tasan yanayin dayake shiga idan baida lafiya rakin tsiya komai se an mashi kamar za'a goya shi.

  "Please try and take your medicine"

   "Get well soon my dear"

    "Mom,my head chest every where is paining"

     "Sorry,wish you quick recovery my love"

  Haka ta dad'e suna waya dashi wai duk dan ya samu relief, da 'kyar ya samu yayi sallahr isha'i.Laila kuwa bata san halin da ake ciki ba tana d'aki abinta.

 Hancinsa a toshe ko bacci ya kasa yi gashi a lalle baze kashe AC ba shi karya ji zafi,banda yunwa dake addabarsa a yanzu ba abinda yake bu'kata irin black tea amma mey had'a masa ne ya rasa.

   Washegari da safe kamar koyaushe ta gama shirinta breakfast ne kawai ya rage.

 Laila! Laila! Tana daga kitchen tajiyo shi yana kiranta.Tea take had'awa seda ta gama tukun ta hau sama,'kofarsa tayi knocking shiru ba amsa a hankali ta tura kamar bazata shiga ba.

 Yana bathroom tajiyo kakarin amai ,data kalli flow d'in d'akin kuwa tissue ce fal ba adadi duk ya cillar. Ba iya 'kasa ba hatta kan gadon a birkice yake.

  Ganin ya fito a daddafe ta kawar da kai gefe,tana ji ya 'karaso tare da zama kan gado.

 " Why are you so evil?, do you want me to die here?"

  "Nina d'ora maka?"Ta kalleshi.

     "Allah ya 'kara alhaki na ne".

     "Make me tea" 

       Juyawa tayi ba tare da tayi magana ba, bata  dad'e ba ta had'a masa ta kawo.Tazo ba'kin 'kofa fita ya tsayar da ita.

   "Are you living me like this?"

    "Mey zanyi ma?" Ta fad'a.

     "Speak in English"

      "I'm hungry"Taji ya fad'a.

    "Bring me water"

     Tana turo baki ta tafi kitchen, dankalin data soya ta zibo masa tare da soya masa egg ta kawo,se bottle of water da cup ta jero a plate.Tana direwa tasa 'kafa zata fita."Laila"Ya kira sunanta daga kwance.

 "Where are you going?"

  "School" Ta amsa.

   Kai kawai ya girgiza bece komai ba ya d'ora d'aya hannunsa a kai se squeezing yake.

 Tana sauri haka ta fice koh  a jikinta ciwonsa be d'aga mata hankali ba.Yauma bayan sun fito daga lecture na farko ita da Aliya suna zaune kan bench suna duba wani aiki.

 Ring!Ring!Taji kira ya shigo wayarta,unknown number ta gani seda ya kusan katsewa tayi picking.


 "Laila come back home" Taji an fad'a daga d'aya 'bangaren.

  "Who am I talking to?"

  "It's me Amjad"

  "Why do I have to come back"

  "I'm dying Laila, I totally can't breath"

   "Then take your medicine"

    "I can't"

    "Naji gani" Ta fad'a tare da katsewa.

    "Mtchww!" Bata san tayi tsaki bama.

     "Tohh,keda wa?" Aliya ta tambaya.

     "Uhnm,tafiya zanyi" Ta fad'a rai a d'an 'bace.

   "Tafiya kuma? Sauran lectures fah?"

   "Ya zanyi? Wata'kila na dawo".

   " Ok,Allah yasa lafiya"

    "Hmm" Abinda ta fad'a kenan ta tashi 

     Ita de Aliya kallo ta bita dashi dan har yanzu ta rasa gane kanta.

  10:45am ta koma gida,seda ta shiga d'akinta ta ajje jakar tukun tai knocking d'akinsa."Come in"Ya fad'a.

 Lokacin data shiga ma yana zaune ita sam bata ga alamar wani tsananin ciwo ba,basarwa yayi kamar ba shine wanda ya kirata ba."Why are you here? "

 "You called me"

   "I'm fine,you can go coz I don't need you now"

   "Tabd'ijan,wannan yana haukane?" Ta fad'a cinkin ranta.

  "'Kazami kawai" Tayi 'kun'kuni ta fita daga d'akin.

  Abincin data kawo masa ma be bud'e ba se yanzu,loman farko yayi ya ajje fork d'in bayaso yaci abincinta sam amma dad'in dayaji yayi yasa ya cigaba da ci.Kad'an ya rage badan ba dad'i ba sedan ya 'koshi,da'kyar ya samu yasha magani tukun ya kwanta.

  12:30pm haka ta tashi ta koma makaranta,lecture d'aya suka 'kara yi ta komo gida duk a gajiye dan ma seda taci abinci ta taho.Tana watsa ruwa ta kwanta bacci,se kusan maghrib ta tashi.Tunda ta sakko 'kasa d'aukan ruwa bata sake fitowa ba se wata washegarin.

  Yana 'kudundune cikin blanket yau ma da zazza'bin ya tashi da 'kyar a daddafe yayi sallah.Tana shiryawa wayarta tayi 'kara koda ta duba taga number da Amjad ya kirata jiya ne.

   "Hello" Ta amsa.

    "Make me ginger tea"

     "Uhum" Ta fad'a ciki bata bari ya sake wata maganar ba ta kashe.

    Seda ta gama abinda zatai tukun ta sauka zuwa kitchen,fara had'a nata breakfast d'in tayi kafin daga bisani ta had'a masa tea d'in."Come in"Ya fad'a bayan tayi knocking.

 Kan  drawer na gefen gado ta d'ire masa,bako sannu tayi fitowarta.Komawa tayi dinning tayi breakfast d'inta tukun ta dawo d'aki ta d'auki handbag d'inta tayi tafiyarta.

 Shikad'ai yayi ta fama da ciwonsa,yanzu daya ji wuya ya kashe Ac d'aki kuwa yana nan yadda yake kaca-kaca.


Yau ta samu lecturen farko ba kamar jiya ba,seda sukai lecture biyu 12:15pm suka tafi cafeteria.Suna fitowa ne wani saurayi dake ciki ya soma biyo bayansu,yana daga side d’in Laila.

 "Assalamu Alaykum"

 Kamar bazata amsa ba ,ta amsa da "waalaikassalm" amma bata kallon inda yake.

"Baiwar Allah ko zan iya jin sunan?" Ya tambaya yana murmushi.

Banza tayi dashi ta cigaba da tafiyarta, Aliya se bugin hannunta take "Ke baki ji ? Ki sallameshi ya dena bunmu"

 "Please ko zan iya samun number ki?" Ya sake wata tambaya.

   "Bawan Allah kai baka san matar aure bane" Laila ta fad'a rai a 'bace.

   "Ayi min afuwa amma dake matar aure ce nima zan gane hakan,dan Allah ki taimaka ko numbern ki ne ki bani".

 " Mtchww!"Taja tsuka tayi gaba tabar Aliya anan.

 Kai ta girgiza ta bita a bayan dan ita a tunaninta ta fad'i haka ne saboda ya rabu da ita.Ita kanta Laila mamaki ta shiga yi na 'bacin ranta bata zaci haka ba.

"Haba Laila, shine kike yin 'karya da aure akan bakyaso ki kula wani?" 

  "'Karya? akan mey zanyi 'karya shi baida tunani ze tare ni..." Laila bata 'kare maganar ba se ji tayi kuka ya ku'buce mata ,Aliya dake tsaye ta ri'ko kafad'arta ta zaunar kan bench.

 "Abin yakai ga haka?"

  "Aliya baza ki gane ba" Ta fad'a tana 'ko'karin share hawayenta da tissue.

 Shiru sukai na d'an lokaci kafin Aliya ta sake wata maganar."Laila na tambayeki?"

 Kai ta kad'a alamar "Eh".

 "Da gaske ne abinda kike fad'a ,kina da aure?"

  "Ina da aure Aliya.."

  "Kina nufin kice jiya wayar da kikai da mijinki kikai?"


  "Amma  shine kike magana haka? Laila sekace a 'kauye"

  "Please mu bar maganar nan"

  "Keko dan Allah tun yaushe kikai aure?"

  "4month,ki tashi mu tafi ko an shiga lecture" Tayi 'ko'karin kawar da zancen.

 "Idan kince yanzu mu bar maganar ai gobe ma rana ce,idan kikai wasa ma har gidan naki zanzo"

"Jibeki ni tashi kin fiya manyancen tsiya"

 "Naji,ke kuma babba dake amm..."

  "Amma mey?"

  "Abar kaza cikin gashinta" Tayi dariya tare da mi'kewa.

  "Oho miki" Suka  jera suna tafiya.

 Lecture da aka shiga yasa basi samu lokacin sake magana ba,ana fitowa kowa ya tafi gida.

Tana shiga gida taga kiran su Aunty bilki ,nan take fad'a  mata suna hanyar zuwa gidanta ita da sauran sisters d'in Mami.

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๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



1โƒฃ3โƒฃ – 1โƒฃ4โƒฃ

Lokaci guda cikinta ya d’uru ruwa,ba shiri ta fito daga d’akinta ta sakko laundry room anan ta d’akko broom stick tare da mop.Tunanin yanda zatai masa bayani ta shiga yi kafin tayi knocking tafi 4min,jin shiru yasa ta murd’a handle d’in ‘kofar ta shiga.Gani tayi baya ciki kuma ba alamar yana bathroom ,hakan ba ‘karamin dad’i yayi mata ba.Cikin sauri ta fara gyaran d’akin tana yi tana masif-masife.”K’azami kawai ,dubi kan katifa mtchww!”ba dan Allah ba haka ta gyara d’akin tass bathroom d’in ma haka ta gyaresa.Tana goge kan mirror ne taga wani d’an ‘karamin doki da aka sassa’ka da katako,d’auka tayi tana ta kallansa ta juya can ta juya nan garin haka ya su’buce ya fad’i,aiko tana dubawa taga kansa ya gutsire,salallami ta hau yi tana tarkatoshi.

D'akinta ta koma ta d'akko wani super glue ta shiga mannawa a wuyan, daya jonu seya 'bintire har ta 'karar da glue d'in gashi duk ta 'bata dokin yayi fari-fari a brown colour d'in

    Amjad kuwa jin zaman d'akin ya isheshi yasa ya fice waje garden yayi zamansa,seda ya shafe 'yan mintina ya komo.

"What is she doing?" Ya fad'a a ransa ganinta bakin mirror ta juya baya.

  "What are you doing in my room?"

   Nan da nan ta soma mutsu-mustsu ,da sauri ta 'boye dokin a bayanta,gashi yau ba gyale a jikinta doguwar rigar atamfa ce da d'ankwali.

"You're hiding something" Ya 'karaso inda take a fusace ya mi'ka mata hannu ta fito da abunda take 'boyewa.

 "Let me see" 

  "Ni babu abinda na d'auka" Ta turo baki.

  Ganin zata 'bata masa lokaci ya mi'ka hannu bayanta ze kar'be abinda take 'boyewa,da sauri ta juya  bayanta gam ta ri'ke dokin kamar nata.Kici-kici suka shigayi yana murd'e mata hannu tana ihu amma ta'ki saki,jin nauyinsa gabaki d'aya a bayanta yasa tayi saurin saki da 'karfi ya wafce body d'in dokin. Ba shiri taja jiki ta matsa gefe du se taji wani irin dama bata ri'ke ba.

 Ganin tsurar doki ba kai yasa Amjad ya waigo ya dubeta."You broke it "

 Shiru tayi bata ce komai ba kan dokin na hannunta na hagu ta dam'ke.

"Give me the other part" Ya mi'ka mata hannu.

 Tana so ta bashi kuma tana tsoro kar yayi mata wani abun dan ta kula ta irin expression d'in fuskarsa d'auke da guntun murmushi mey manufofin.

 A sanyaye ta bud'e ta mi'ka  masa daga nesa -nesa,ganin hannunta be kai ba ta d'an matsa aiko abinda take tunanin shiya faru.Hannunta ya janyo har kan dokin ya fad'i 'kas ita kuma ta fad'o jikinsa.

   "Can't you  apologize?"

      "Ka cika ni,kai kayi min godiya?"

       Ta kasa ku'bucewa sam se raba idanuwa take."Shut up!"

   "Toh ka cikani"

    "Keep your mouth shut"

     Ya sake matso da fuskarsa har numfashinsu na had'uwa.Tsoro ne ya fara kamata dan haka tayi shiru mutsunma ta dena idanunta a rufe.

    Door bell rang qlin! Jin haka yasa ya cika mata hannu har tana shirin fad'uwa da'kyar ta iya balancing kanta,a kunyace tayi sauri ta fita daga d'akin.

  "Aunty" Ta furta lokacin data bud'e 'kofar.

    "Sannunku da zuwa" Ta fad'a tana bud'e musu 'kofar widely.

    Waje suka samu suka zauna su hud'un ,bayan data gaishesu ta kawo musu drinks."D'ayan d'an kunnen fad'uwa yayi?"Wata daga Cikin 'kannan Mami ta tambayeta.

Se lokacin ta shafa kunnenta taji ba d'an kunne d'aya,zuciyarta ce ta bata a d'akin Amjad ta yar.

 Amjad bayan fitarta ya lura da d'an kunnen ma'kale a jikin shirt d'inshi,kallo d'aya yayi mishi ya bud'e drawer ya cillar a ciki coz yana expecting zata zo kar'ba.

 Hira suka shiga yi irin ta 'yan uwa har wajen maghrib tukun suka tafi.Suna tafiya ta koma d'aki ta d'akko mayafi ta yafa ,d'akkunen kuwa ta cire ta sauya wani dan bata jin zata iya komawa ta d'akko kayanta.


 Tun abinda ya faru Laila bata sake yarda ta shiga d'akinsa ba ,Amjad ya samu sau'ki har ya koma aikinsa.Aliya a makaranta daga tayi mata maganar aurenta seta share zancen gashi lecture tayi nisa  yanzu har sun fara test,tana dad'ewa ma bata sakko 'kasa ba rabon data had'u dashi tun da safe yanzu har 10:23pm gashi an shigo watan azumi gajiya take sata kwanciya da wuri.

  Amjad ma yanzu da wuri yake barin wajen aiki kuma yaci abincin ta ya'ki ko tayi dayawa sede ta bawa mey gadi da yazo kwanannan,wani lokacin fita yake restaurant ko ya siyo ya taho dashi kullum a wahale.

 Aliya haka tayi ta 'ko'karin turo mata video girke-girke iri-iri idan taga dama tayi wani kuma ta share musamman idan taga mey wuya ne.

 Yau ba school,tunda ta tashi take jin alamar ciwon mara kad'an-kad'an aikuwa wajen 11:30am azuminta ya karye,dan haka ta shiga kitchen dan had'a abinda zata ci indomie kawai ta dafa bayan taci tasha magani ta komo d'aki tayi kwanciyarta.

  Amjad shaf ya mance be tafi da key ba,2:30pm ya dawo a gajiye.Qlin!Qlin ya danna door bell shiru, har ya soma gajiya da tsaiwa.Laila kuwa baccinta take ta shara bata san yana yi ba.Gwada kiranta yayi a waya amma switchoff tana charge.

 Ransa ba 'karamin 'baci yayi ba gashi ko mey gadi baida key d'insu na ciki,cikin mota ya koma ya kunna Ac.Se wajen  3:45pm ya koma ya sake ringing,dede lokacin ta sakko 'kasa ita a tunaninta ma ko ba'ki tayi.Yana tsaye fuskarsa ba annuri kamar ya sha'keta haka yaji, gefe ta matsa ya shigo tukun ta rufe 'kofar.

  "I spent more than 1hr waiting for you to open this fucking door"

   "Ni na hanaka fita da key"

    "You..." Ya nuna ta da yatsa.

    Matsawa tayi daga pointing d'inta da yayi ta waiga gefe."You're disrespecting me"

  "Nasan   matsalarka ,yunwa" Ta fad'a a ranta.

  Ring! Ring! Wayarsa tayi 'kara, Dad ya gani  jikin screen.Be sake wata maganar ba ya bar gun.Gwalo ta bishi dashi ba tare da yasan tana yi ba.

Da lokacin shan ruwa doya da ‘kwai kawai tayi ta d’ibawa mey gadi saura data ci ta ajje,Amjad yau ko fita ya siyo abincin beba koda aka sha ruwa iya fruits yasha da. dabino.Seda ya dawo daga masjid ya lura da flask d’in da ta ajje doya da ‘kwan,d’aya ya d’auka yasa a baki yana feeling taste d’in.

 "Not bad" Ya fad'a kafin ya sake d'aukan wata ya lun'kume a wasa awasa har ya kusan cinyewa.

Washegari da safe bayan ta gama shirinta tayi toasting bread da d’an yawa saboda zata je school dashi.Tana cikin yin breakfast Amjad ya shigo,jitai kunya ta kama ta lomar dake bakinta ta had’iye da ‘kyar ,saboda gudun karya ganta yasa bata ci a dinning ba amma duk da haka seda ya ganta.

 "Are you suppose to eat? You don't even feel guilty of what you're doing"Ya 'karaso yana janye plate d'in gefe ,kuma ya gane amma jan magana yasa shi yin haka.

" Meya shafe ka?"

 "Repeat what you said, I can understand little of it"

 Jin ya fad'i haka tayi shiru bata kuma wata maganar ba.

“Yarinya I’m soon living you here alone”

D'agowa tayi ta kalleshi jin ya anbaci yarinya"Toh a ina ya fara koyan wannan?"

  "Surprised koh?"Murmushi kawai yayi ya fita daga kitchen d'in, abincinta ta cigaba da ci tana tunanin yadda ya fara iya Hausa.

 Tunda aka fara azumi sau d'aya ta sake zuwa gida yanzu har za'a 'kar'kare.Tana d'aki bayan ansha ruwa yazo yace mata ta shirya su fita,seda suka tsaya a mall tasan inda zasu.Siyayyar kayan sallah suka yi,daga nan suka komo gida ,su Maryam da suka zo ta basu suka kai mata d'inki,ranar sallah ji take kamar ba sallah ba ita kad'ai sede idan kunna chat tayi,jitai tayi missing tuwon Mami na sallah ,kira tayi a ways race su kawo mata ko abincinta 'kinci tayi tana jira anjima su Nusaiba su kawo mata tuwo.

Basu suka zo ba se 4pm,ganin 'kunshinsu datai taji ya birgeta jitai dama itama taje anyi mata ,Aliya seda tayi ta fad'a mata amma ta'ki.

Biyu ga sallah ta shirya zata gida,Amjad ne ya d'auketa badan yaga dama ba saboda Mom tace yaje.Suna tafiya a hanya ta ciro mirror d'in powdernta tana kallan fuskarta." You better stop it ,you're not even beautiful "Taji ya fad'a.

Har cikin ranta taji haushi" Banyi dan kace nayi kyau ba"Tayi maganar a fili.

 "I can understand all you're saying better watch your tongue"

 Baki ta zun'buro ta mayar da mirror d'in, sam bata lura dashi ba yana ta satar kallonta,kayan jikinta ya amsheta sosai.Lace tasa maroon da torches golden se sar'karta ma golden data kwanta a wuyanta,fuskarta ma tayi makeup dede ,lipstick maroon tasa da eye liner kwalli ya fito tar a idonta.Mayafinta ma golden ne tayi d'aurin....(guess).

Zaman kurame sukayi har suka isa gidan Mami,ta bud’e ‘kofar zata fita ya tsayar da ita.”Don’t expect me to take you back home “.

 " Better "Ta fita.

 Se bayan ta shiga ya shiga gidan ,yana gaisawa da Mami ya fita daya had'u da Fauzan  a 'kofar gida ya bashi 10k 'yan 500 sabbi.

" Ashe de da sauran mutunci"Laila ta fad'a sanda Fauzan ya shigo yana nunawa su Mami.

 "D'azu nayi waya da Maman shi take fad'a min Amjad d'in zeje can Canada d'in" Mami ta fad'a.

"" Ta fad'a a ranta kuwa tunani ta shiga yi,da gaske yake ashe.

 "Mami yaya gida zata dawo ko?Nusaiba ta tambaya.

 "Eh toh.."

 "Ehmana nan zan komo" Laila tayi saurin fad'a.

  Dad'i taji sosai dama exam zasu fara ba dad'ewa ,a ranta tana fad'in"Na huta yaje can ya 'karata da ba'kin halinsa".

   Laila bayan ta 'kare wuninta a gida wajen 5 :30pm ta tashi tafiya dan tasan ba zuwa ze d'aukanta ba.Lokacin da ta koma gida ta tarar yana gida,d'akinta tayi wucewarta.

 Haka ta 'kare sallah ba inda ta sake zuwa,bayan 1week suka koma school,yanzu shirye-shiryen exam suke ba dad'ewa suke ba 12pm wani sa'in ta komo gida,ita jira take taji yayi mata maganar tafiyarsa amma shiru beyi ba.

   8:05am ta sakko 'kasa,'karamar trolley dake girke a living room ta tsaya kallo bata gama sa'ke-sa'ke ba sega Amjad yana sakkowa daga steps. Yau ana ganinsa za'a san yana cikin farinciki,specs dake idansa ya zare.

 "Home alone" Taji ya fad'a.

  "Ni nace maka anan zan zauna?"

  "You can speak the way you like to but you can't change it ,I'm leaving now".Yaja trolley ze fita Laila tace." I'm not staying here alone "

  "That is none of my business, the decision is yours" Yayi mata waving bye cikin rainin hankali.

 Tana gani driver ya amshi trolleyn yasa a bayan mota ,Amjad ya shige baya abinsa driver ya jasu suka fice. Bata 'kara ko minti d'aya ba tayi sauri-sauri ta haye sama.Nan take ta soma had'a nata kayan duk wani school things ta d'auka tazo duba phone d'inta kan drawer ta lura da kud'ad'e kan drawer d'in 50k ta gani.Handbag d'inta kuwa ta d'auka ta zira a ciki tasa wayarta key d'in gidan ta d'auka ta sakko bayan data kulle d'akinta,sauran doors na 'kasa ma ta rife tukun exit door taja akwatinta ,mey gadi ne ya samar mata Napep ta tafi.

Tun a hanya ta kira Mami take fad'a mata tana hanya.Tana shiga gida ta ajje akwatinta a d'aki ,se murna take."Se yaushe ze dawo?"Mami ta tambaya.

 "Uhnmm.uh..3weeks" Ta kintata ta fad'a.

  "Allah ya kaimu"

  "Ameen" Ta amsa.

   "Mami wainar gero nake son ci"  Laila ta fad'a.

    "Toh  ta rashin ta idon zaki min" Cewar Mami.

  Ita kwata-kwata Laila bata zaci za'a d'auki hakan da wani manufa ba da bata fad'a ba,kawai de ta dad'e bata ci bane shiyasa taji sha'awa.

"Kai mami nifa.."

 "A'a kina sani kawai de  tareraya irin ta yaran zamani"

 Tashi tayi ta koma d'aki ta d'auko handout d'inta ta soma duba kayanta tunda su Maryam basa nan gidan shiru,wainar ma fasa siyowa tayi.


Amjad kuwa koda ya isa be damu da kiranta ba ,shi sam hankalinsa ba anan yake ba baida buri irin ya had’u da Rosie.

 Mom ,Zakia da Shaheed  ne suka taro shi a airport,Dad yayi tafiya,Mom ce first d'in ganinsa cikin sauri ta 'karasa tayi hugging d'insa tightly."My baby ,missed you so much"

 "Missed you too"

  Jitai kamar karta cika shi,su Zakia ma sukai hug lastly Shaheed, brother's hug 

  Tunda suka taho a mota zuwa gida Mom hirar Nigeria take masa tana tambayarsa amma yana amsa mata kad'an -kad'an wani abun ma 'karya yake mata idan yaga ta isheshi.

 "Laila told me she's staying there with her Mom" Yaji Mom ta fad'a.

 "Uhmm" Ya kawar da maganar amma a ransa yayi 'kwafa dan shi bece mata ta tafi ba.

   Dinner na musamman aka shirya masa, se ji dashi Mom take zakia har tana tsokanarsa momy's bae amma wannan karan be taya ta ba.Sam ranar be samu chance ba balle yaje wajen Rosie, se washegari da safe 10am bayan sunyi breakfast yace zeje wajen Sam abokinsa duk da kuwa Mom jikinta ya bata wajen Rosie zeje.Be tashi zuwa ba seda ya siya mata flowers da bracelet mey tsadan gaske,har wani rawar jiki yake.

   "Angel I'm on my way to your house"Ya tura mata text.

 Few minutes later ya isa gidan,3missed call yayi mata bata d'aga ba,yasan wani lokacin tana yin haka idan tana so tayi surprising d'inshi sometimes seya shiga gidan.'Karasawa yayi hannunsa ri'ke da flowers d'in se bracelet d'in a aljihunsa ,knock! knock! Yai knocking ba'a bud'e ba.Handle d'in ya murd'a ya Shiga.

  " Hello"

  "Hello"Ya 'karasa living room." Hel...."

  'Karashen lo d'inne ya ma'kale a ma'kogoro dan tsananin tashin hankali ,jiyai kunnensa ya dena jin sound tsaiwar ma da'kyar yake.Irin yanayin da ya tsinceta yasa ya kasa  magana,a zuciyarsa yana 'kokonto anya Rosie d'insa ce.Tana zaune a cinyar wani guy da besan waye ba suna kissing passionately ,tana sanye da wani fitinannun sleeping dress wanda dashi da babu duk d'aya.Guy d'inne ya fara lura da Amjad dake tsaye kamar gunki,ganin guy d'in ya dakata yasa ta d'ago tana kallon direction da yake kalla."Amjad "Ta fad'a a hankali cikeda mamaki....

Duba da yanayin lokaci azumi na tahowa ,shiyasa na maidashi page 2 in 1,and na ‘kara tsahon page d’in,hope hakan yayi muku.Don’t forget to vote.


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Sorry for the late update

 1โƒฃ5โƒฃ - 1โƒฃ6โƒฃ

    A inde yake tsaye ya yasar da flowers d'in ba tare da ya san yayi hakan ba ,kamar 'kiftawar ido ya fita daga gidan. Da fitarsa da shiga mota be wuci 'yan sakanni ba,tu'ki yake amma besan inda zashi ba,seda ya tabbata yayi nisa da area d'in ya samu yayi parking can bayan gari."No!"Ya daki steering d'in motar ya zira yatsansa cikin sumarshi se mutstsukawa yake kamar ze cire gashin kansa."It can't be,No! Rose why? why?"be ankara ba yaji idanuwansa na tsiyayar hawaye,feeling his heart broken into pieces.

Tunanin rayuwarsu da suka shafe tare ya shiga yi,ko a mafarki idan aka ce Rosie zata ci amanarsa baze yarda ba amman yau ya gani da idansa.

  Yafi 20 min yana abu d'aya wayarsa da tayi ringing yasa ya dawo daga duniyar tunanin daya tafi.

 "Mom" Ya gani a jikin screen.

 Ta kira har sau uku amma ya'ki d'agawa,lokaci guda yaji ciwon kai ya kamashi.Da 'kyar ya samu ya iya komawa gida, image d'inta ya'ki gushewa daga idansa.

  Mom ganinsa ya shigo gida tayi sauri ta 'karasa inda yake."Son, where have you been? are you ok?"

 Kai kawai ya kad'a yana 'ko'karin cire jacket d'inshi.

 "Amjad, you're looking sick" Ta fad'a tana dafa kafad'arsa fuskarta d'auke da damuwa.

"Mom ,I just need to rest"Yayi 'ko'karin fad'a.

 "Ok ,go to your room I will prepare your a meal immediately you woke up"

 Yana shiga d'akinsa ya rufo 'kofar,yana ciro wayarsa daga aljihu sega kiran Rosie.

"Baby boo" Ya bayyana a screen.

Gabaki d'aya wayar yayi switching off ya cilla gefe,ya fad'a kan gadon ya rufe idansa trying to force him self to sleep.

An hours later,2:30pm ya farka har lokacin kanshi be dena ciwon ba,tashi yayi ya shiga bathroom ya watsa ruwa yayo alwala ya tada sallah.

Knock! Knock! Mom tayi knocking ,ganin be bud'e ba ta murd'a handle ta shiga,sallah ta tarar yana yi haka yasa ta koma.Chicken Spaghetti  ta dafa mashi tayi arranging,tana gamawa ta koma sama ta kirashi.

Ga abincin yasa a gaba amma ya kasa ci ,Mom data san Chicken spaghetti ne favorite d'insa tayi mamaki ganin ko fork d'in be d'aga ba.

 "Amjad, don't you wanna eat?"

 "I lost my appetite"Yana fad'ar haka ya mi'ke ya bar wajen.

 " Am.."Bata 'kare ba taga har ya 'bace mata daga gani.



   7:12pm suna d'aki ita dasu Maryam se hirarsu suke ta mance da wani Amjad,idan Mami ta tambayeta suna waya da Amjad setace eh,wani lokacin har alarm take sawa idan yayi ringing setai pretending kamar kiran waya ne.

  Amjad kuwa cikin dare 11:00pm sam ya kasa bacci kawai juye-juye yake akan gado daga ya rufe ido Rosie yake gani da wannan guy d'in,tashi yayi ya d'auko wani box a 'kar'kashin gado.Hotuna ne ciki na Rosie harda wanda sukai tare dashi tun suna teens daga gefe kuwa teddy ne 'karami mey heart a cikinsa wanda Rosie ce ta bashi wani lokaci da yayi birthday. D'aukansu yayi ya tarkata duka ya fita can  backyard ya cinna musu wuta yana kallo har suka 'kone ya watsa tokar a dustbin.Hatta phone d'insa babu wani abu na Rosie daya bari pictures nata na musamman daya tanada musu folder seda yayi deleting,seda ya tabbata ba abinda ya ragu nata a wayarsa ya iya samun yin bacci.Amjad sam be iya so ba haka be iya tsana ba,ya tsani yaudara mutum ne mey zafin kishi ko Zakia idan ya ganta da wani classmate bama boyfriend ba  seya ji haushi.

  "I hate you like hell"

   "I hate you forever,I never wanna see  your face again"

 Idansa a rufe yake fad'ar haka ,firgit! Ya farka ,se lokacin ya lura 5:54am yayi,nan ya tashi yayi sallah.Yana idarwa ya sauka 'kasa "Morning"

 "Morning" Mom ta amsa.

  Da 'kyar ya samu ya iya yin breakfast d'in, data tambayeshi meyake damunsa ya'ki fad'a.


Amjad ko kwana uku beyi ba ya koma Nigeria dan ji yake kamar a kan 'kaya yake a Canada,sede ba wanda yasan Nigeria ya koma 'karya yayi musu yace Ethiopia yaje daga can ze wuce Nigeria.

 Yana komawa Nigeria ya cigaba da zuwa aikinsa dan so yake ya mance da komai har 'karawa kansa lokaci yake kafin ya tashi se wajen 5:30pm,daya koma gida ma baya hutawa wani aikin ze tsiri yi yaita dube-dube a system, a 'yan kwanakin da akai har ya rame da an ganshi za'a san yana da damuwa.

  Laila kuwa cikin kwanciyar hankali take exam d'inta,ji take kamar ta komo gida kenan dan ko maganar komawa bata yi.Seda suka kwashe 2weeks da 'yan kwanaki suna exam,yanzu anyi hutu na 'yan weeks kad'an.Yanzu ta komo hawa online sosai ba kamar sanda suna exam ba idan ba abu daya shafi karatu ba bata bud'e data.

 Yau bayan sun gama cin abincin dare,su Maryam suna parlor suna kallo ita kuwa tana d'aki se chat d'inta take hankali kwance.

    9:45pm,yana d'aki be jima da dawowa ba daga restaurant kullum seya je yaci abinci acan,yana watsa ruwa ya d'auka waya ya hau whatapp chat ,abinda ya dad'e beyi ba.Contact ya shiga yana ta duba numbers ,yazo N letter idansa ya sauka kan Nigeria,daya duba kuwa yaga tana online. Profile d'inta ya shiga viewing inda yaga profile picture d'inta dake d'auke da photo d'inta tayi  rolling da red mayafi kuma fuskarta tasha make-up sede ba duka ta d'ago fuskar ba ta d'an sunkuya inba wanda yasanta ba baze gane itace ba.

  "Hi" Yayi sending da 'kyar dan ya dad'e kafin ya iya  turawa.

  Tana cikin chat taga "hi" data dubi number d'in taga na Amjad ne ,tafi 10min kafin tayi reply da .

  "Hello" Tayi reply.

   "Why are you chatting at this time, aren't you suppose to be reading ?"

"Exam is over ,hutawa zanyi"

  "What did you mean by those last words?"

   "You don't need to know"

    "Ok,can you please change that profile pic with something better? coz you're looking ugly"

  "I choosed it myself and I like how I'm looking"

 Murmurshi abinda ta fad'a yasa shi."But I don't like it"

 "I don't care" 

  "Ok,where are you now?"


    "You're Lying, Mom told me everything"

    "Your house is not my home, I'm referring to Mami's house"

   "Good for you,you're soon coming back"


    "You must"

 Laila: "When are you coming back?"

Amjad:" Do you care?"

    Laila:  "No"

   Amjad: "Then why did you ask?"

   Laila: "Just wannan know"

    Amjad: "I knew you missed me"

      "Wallahi a'a"


    Laila:"I'm not"

Amjad:"You are!"

           Daga haka bata sake tura wani abu ba tayi banza dashi ta cigaba da sauran chat d'inta. Amjad kuwa da  tun tini dama da ita yake chat in banda it a ba kowa,ganin shiru ya sake yi mata  magana. 



Amjad:What is your problem?

 Amjad: What is the meaning of "mene" ? 

 Laila :"It means "what"    

 Amjad: What of "why" Ya sake tambaya dukda kuwa ya san ma'anar kawai jan magana be.

 Laila: "Meyasa" 

 Amjad:I gerrit,what of  "Ni nace" You often say the words.

   Laila:I'm not a teacher, I'm going to bed"

   Amjad:๐Ÿ˜ who care to learn your language? disgusting!

     Laila:Eh d'in chat d'in ma baza a sake yi dakai ba"


Sauka tayi daga chat d'in ta zira charger a wayarta tayi shirin kwanciya,tana kwance chat d'in da sukai yana ta dawo mata wani abun ya bata dariya wani ya bata haushi.Se to 11:30pm tayi bacci.

 Ta 'bangaren Amjad kuwa ganin ta sauka ya koma Instagram,"Lai-mus" sunan da take amfani dashi a insta.526 followers,jiyai ya damu da yaga followers d'in kad'an-kad'an yana scrolling  jama'a iri-iri maza sunfi ma yawa ,post d'inta ya koma dubawa yaga har 27 sede photo d'inta a ciki 3 ne sauran duk qoutes pic ne,+200 yaga like da + 62 comment kan wani pic nata da niqab nema a fuskarta idanuwanta ne kawai suka fito wanda sunsha kwalli rad'au.

  Nan take yaji wani Abu ya tokare mashi a ma'kogoro,musamman wani comment dayaga wani guy yayi."Baby I love your sparkling eyes๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ"

  Instagram d'in ma fita yayi ya ha'kura da chat d'in,se jin haushi yake ,chat d'in da sukai ya shiga ya soma dubawa a haka har bacci ya d'aukeshi.


 Laila bayan tayi breakfast su Maryam dake gida kasancewar yau Saturday basu je makaranata ba suna parlor suna kallo tare.

  "Laila" Mami ta kirata daga d'aki.

  "Na'am" Ta amsa tare da mi'kewa.

    "Mami gani" Ta fad'a bayan ta shiga d'akin.

  "Ke ashe Amjad d'in ya dawo baki fad'a min ba" Cewar Mami.

   "Uhmm?" Ta waro ido tana kallon Mami.

    "Ehyi,yanzunnan muka gama waya da mamansa take fad'a min jiya ya dawo"


     "Toh yau zaki koma kenan?"

      "A'a Mami ba yau ba" Ta diririce harda kad'a hannu tana maganar.

     "Se yaushe kuma?"

      "Uhnmm wani satin"

      "Kin manta wata shekarar,ke mijin naki ya dawo ma ba ko d'an 'kunshi single kamar namiji"

  "Ni bana so"

   "Aiko anjima ki shirya Maryam ta raka ki ,hannu kamar muciya"

   Ring!Ring tajiyo 'karar wayarta daga d'aki,haka yasa ta dakata da maganar da suke da Mami ta tafi d'aukan wayar.

  Numbern Amjad ta gani jikin screen aiko ta'ki picking bayan kiran ya 'kare ta saka wayar a silent.Seda ya kira sau uku ganin batai picking ba dole ya ha'kura.

   Wajen 3:30pm Mami tasa Laila zuwa gidan 'kunshi,haka bata so akai mata ja.Ba 'karamin kyau yayi mata ba yayi maroon a  farar 'kafarta ,a hanya zira hannayenta tayi a hijab tana karewa dan jitake wani iri.

    "Toh baga shi ba ,amma da sekace namiji" Mami ta fad'a sanda suka shiga gidan.

  Ita de bata ce komai ba ta wuce d'aki,ita kanta se kallon hannun  take  yana birgeta.Idan ta tuna da batun komawa gidan Amjad kuwa setaji 'bacin rai.

   "Ko bazan 'kara sati ba sena yi kwana hud'u kafin na koma" Ta fad'a a ranta.

      Amjad ganin bata d'aga kiran nashi ba seya hau WhatsApp ko ze ganta online amma shiru ba alama, tashi yayi ya fita daga gidan ,dan yanzu idan yana zaune shi kad'ai tunanin Rosie ne yake addabarsa.

   Har ya dawo gida ya sake dubawa ko ta hau online amma shiru se ha'kura yayi ya kwanta.

  Itama ta 'bangarenta tana so ta hau chat amma kuma tana gudun kar yau ma yayi mata magana ,shiyasa ta ha'kura da chat d'in ta ajje wayar.


  Yau tun 4:30am ya farka bacci amma ya kasa komawa sakamakon mafarkai marasa dad'i da yayi tayi wanda duk akan Rosie ne.Asuba nayi ya tashi ya fita masjid,koda ya dawo be koma bacci ba ,wayar tashi ya sake duba last seen d'inta ko zega ta hau jiyan amma still bata hau ba.

   Laila kuwa yau se 9:53am ta tashi daga bacci tun bayan sallahr subh,hakan ma seda Mami ta tashe ta da kanta.

    "Yini zaki a haka? sekace kasa"

    "Mami goma ma fa batai ba" Ta fad'a tana murza ido.

  "Kin ajje waya tun d'azu ana ta kira"

   Tana jin haka ta ayyana Amjad ne,bataso ba ta mi'ke ta shiga bathroom tayi wanka bayan ta shirya tayi breakfast.Data duba wayarta kuwa 6missed call ta gani na kiran Amjad,ganin ta gaji da ganin numbernshi ba suna ta shiga yi saving, sunan da zata saka mashi tayi ta tunanowa.Ta san idan tasa Amjad gatsau da matsala dan su Mami zasu iya gani. 

   'Hus...' Ta fara seta goge."Hauka ma kenan".

 'Na dole...'

   "A'a"Ta goge.

     Finally de tayi saving da " Canada ".

   12:34pm suna kitchen da Mami suka  ji knock,Fauzan yana d'aki ,Laila ganin ta fi kusa da 'kofar yasa ta tafi bud'ewa.

  Tsegege ta tsaya tana kallonsa shima kallon nata yake cikin ido hakan yasa tayi sauri ta kawar da idonta.

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๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



Wannan page d’in naku ne masoyan Amjad


Tana tsaye ita bata ce ya shigo ba kuma bata rife ‘kofar ba.

“Can I come in?” Ya tambaya.

"No" Ta girgiza kai.

"OK,then I will wait for you outside"

"Me..? "

 "Yes ,you're following me home"

  "I will not"

   "Stop wasting your time,just hurry up and park your things"

   "Laila!" Tajiyo Mami ta kirata.

   Sauri tayi ta bar gun ta tafi."Naji shiru,waye?

  "Uh..Amjad ne"

   "D'aukan ki yazo yi kenan?"

   "Mami nifa.."

    "Ke mey?,kinga ki shiga ki shirya kayanki"

   A kasalance ta shige d'aki,cikin sanyin jiki ta soma shirya kayanta  kamar mara laka a jiki.Hijab d'inta ta d'akko ta zirma ta ri'ke niqab d'in a hannu ta fito d'ayan hannun ta ri'ko akwatin.

 "Kin fito?"

   "Uhmm" Ta amsa.

    Su Maryam suna daga d'agi suka fito,ganin Fauzan yasa ta fad'in."Mami dan Allah Fauzan ya bini".

  "A'a ba yanzu ba,se anyi hutun makaranta"

  Ita tama manta yau Sunday,tana jin haushi ta fita su Maryam suka rakota har bakin mota,Amjad yana ciki yana jiranta.Da kanshi ya fita ya taimaka mata tasa kayan a baya,kafin ya koma motar ta rigashi shiga.Niqab dake ri'ke a hannunta ta d'aura a fuska ko idanuwanta ba'a gani,jin alamar ya shigo motar ta kawar da kanta window.Har suka hau titi ba wanda yayi magana ,sede lokaci-lokaci yana kallonta.Suna isa gida tayi tafiyarta ko kayan bata bi ta kansu ba,key dake jakarta ta ciro ta bud'e 'kofar.

  Sama ta haye direct d'akinta ta shiga ta rufo 'kofarta.

  "An dawo Prison"Ta fad'a a fili.

  Knock!knock! Tajiyo bugu,handbag d'in ta ajje sannan taje bud'ewa.Amjad ta gani ri'ke da akwatinta,jira take taga ya mi'ko mata amma shiru.

   "Remove this from your face" Yayi nuni da hannunsa.

   "I wanted it this way"

    "And I don't like it"

     "But you don't wanna see ugly face" 

    Se yanzu ya tuna ,dariya abin ya bashi dan shi ya mance ya fad'a.Seda ya d'an murmusa tukun yace"So now you believed you're ugly?"

 Komawa tayi cikin d'akin ta barshi a tsaye gun, gefen gado ta samu ta zauna tare da ciro wayarta cikin jakarta.    Akwatin ya ri'ko ya shigo da ita d'akin daga gefen gado ya ajjeta."Answer my question "

  "Did you believed?"

   An d'au mintina a haka ita bata amsa ba shi be fita ba yana tsaye a kanta.Laila data gaji da zaman hakan tashi tayi ta wuce bathroom kafin ya farga ta rufo 'kofar.

  "Laila!" Ya kira sunanta.

   "I'm not going anywhere until you answer my question?"

     "Shiru tayi kamar ba jinsa take ba,niqab d'in kuwa ta yaye shi tana tsaye jikin 'kofar tana jira ya fita.

  " Laila,can't you hear me? talk to me"

  Ya gama surutansa ko 'kala batace ba,can jin shiru yasa ta kasa kunne taji ko ya fita,alwala ta d'auro ta cire hijab d'in ta had'a da niqab d'in ta ri'ke a hannunta.

  "Am..Amjad" Ta kira a hankali kamar mey rad'a.

 Amjad dake zaune kan gadon dariya ya soma yi yana rife bakinsa.

 "Amjad" Ta sake kira.

 Jin shiru zuciyarta ta raya mata ya fita dan haka ta murd'a handle d'in a hankali,cikin sand'a ta fara takowa.Data duba ko ina taga ba kowa ta saki hamdala,kamar ance juya ta ganshi tsaye a bayan 'kofa .

 Da sauri ta kwasa da sauri zata koma bathroom d'in carpet dake wajen ya zamar da ita "Aghh!" Ta 'kwala ihu tana jira ta jita a 'kasa.

 A hankali ta bud'e ido,taganshi  ri'ke da ita 'kiris ya rage bata kai 'kasa ba ,kallo suke ido cikin ido ,d'ankwalinta da be gama zama a kanta ba ya zame 'kasa,kitson gaba ya yarfo a goshinta har yana rufe mata ido d'aya.Hannunsa ya d'ora kan gashin a hankali yana matsar dashi daga fuskarta.

    "Let me go"Ta fara kici-kici.

    Mi'kewa yayi completely tare da d'ago da ita,hannunta tasa ta ture nasa daga 'kugunta ta matsa gefe.

  Ring! Ring! Wayarsa tayi 'kara,daya duba yaga daga office ne.Bece komai ba ya fita daga d'akin,yana fita ta rufo 'kofarta tare da murd'a key d'in.


 Laila tunda ta rufo 'kofarta bata sake budewa ba ,har 4pm tayi gashi yunwa take ji biscuit dake jakarta ma ta cinye shi.

  Hijab ta zumbula har 'kasa tana ta 'boye hannayenta ciki,sekace mara gaskiya tana sakkowa daga benen she waige-waige take.Kitchen ta shiga ta bud'e fridge tana dube-dube,fruit salad ta had'a tasha abinta ,data fito daga kitchen ta bud'e 'kofar waje ta fito.Gani tayi ba motarsa " Ashe ma ya fita"Ta fad'a.

 Komowa tayi sitting room ta kunna TV,Bollywood ta kai  tayi zamanta kan sofa.Tunawa tayi da aya mey gishirinta data taho da ita daga gida dan haka ta koma d'aki ta d'akko sannan ta dawo ta cigaba da kallonta tana yi tana cin abarta.

 Maghrib nayi ta tafi d'aki seda tayi sallah ta sakko kitchen, jollof d'in taliya tayi dede bakinta tana gama ci ta dawo sitting room ta iske an fara film d'in data ke so.Zamanta tayi harda dad'o volume.

9:45pm,ya shigo gida ganin TV a kunne kuma bega alamar mutum a parloun ba ya 'karasa ze kashe.Se lokacin ya lura da ita tana kwance se bacci take hankali kwance ta d'ora tafin hannunta a fuskarta ,yawanci haka take baccinta inde zatai bacci seta d'ora tafin hannunta ta kare fuskarta shiyasa ya zame mata jiki ko bata san tayi bacci ba se tayi haka.

  Ba abinda yake kalla se 'kunshin hannunta daya sake maroon barin ma ga'bo'bin yastsunta data rufe fuska.Ba sosai ya fiya ganin 'kunshi ba ,dan ko su Mom da Zakia ba yi suke ba inba a TV ba.

  Idansa ne ya sauka kan 'kafafunta da zanen 'kunshi ya bayyana sosai,'karasawa yayi inda take ya zauna kan gwiwoyinsa ,zanen 'kunshin ne yaja hankalinsa har da ri'ko hannunta yana  kalla.

  Kamar a mafarki taji ana motsa mata hannu, kad'an-kad'an tana bud'e idonta har ta bud'e tar tayi ido hud'u dashi ,a razane ta mi'ke daga kwanciyar ,shi dake zaune seda ya mi'ke tsaye.

 "Is ok"Ya fad'a a sanyaye.

  " Is ok a ina ana shafan hannu"ta fad'a a ranta.

  Tashi tayi daga zaunen ta matsa can gefe,10:05pm taga agogon parlorn ya nuna TVn ma ta kula har an gama film d'in datake kallan ma.

   D'an 'karamin bowl d'in data zuba ti'kar ayar data ci ta d'auka kan center table d'in ta wuce kitchen se wuri wuri take.A kitchen d'in ta dad'e ba abinda take tana tsaye se murza yatsunta take tana kallon hannun.Du da batai 'kunshin ba da ba haka ba.

  "Laila" Taji ya kira sunanta.

A rud'e ta d'ago ta kalleshi yana daga bakin 'kofa."Are you alright?"

 "Yes" Ta amsa a hankali.

 "Aren't you watching movie?"

  "No I'm not...I will not.." Ta shiga stammering.

  "What are you waiting for?"

   "I'm going to bed" 

    "Ok,let's go"

     "Uhn..aa'ai ba ..uh.." Du ta diririce.

  Kamar yayi dariya ganin yadda ta rikice dama yana sane ya fad'i haka,takawa ciki ya soma yi.Laila ganin yana doso inda take ta fara baya ,gefen locker tayi tabi tana zagayewa the more yana tahowa the more tana kewaye drawer d'in kitchen d'in.Ganin ya tsaya tayi sauri tabi gefe ta fice daga kitchen d'in, binta kawai yai da kallo yana dariya.

  Tana shiga d'akinta ta shige bathroom dan gani take kamar d'akin ma she is not safe.Se yanzu taji gumin daya tsatstsafo  mata a jiki alhali ba zafi.

"Mey  ya sami kansa a Canadan?" Ta tambayi kanta.



   7:30am ya gama shirinsa cikin blue T-shirt mey long sleeves,se black jeans.Abubuwan da suka faru jiya ne sukai ta fad'o masa,shikad'ai ya hau murmushi agogon hannunsa yake sawa amma ya tsaya seda wayarsa yayi ringing ya dawo daga duniyar tunani.

  Laila data farka tun 7:14am amma ta kasa fitowa se le'ken window take tana jira taga ya fita,aiko cikin le'ken ta hangoshi ta sakankance tana kallonsa yazo bud'e mota kamar ance kalli ya d'ago kansa.Laila tsabar rikicewa ta kasa barin window d'in kunya ce ta rifeta seda tayi da tasanin le'kawa,shikuwa be fasa kallonta ba seda ta bar wajen.Murmushi yayi yana zira specs a idonsa ya shiga motar.

   Tana jin ya fita ta sakko 'kasa ta shiga kitchen domin had'a breakfast.Bayan ta gama breakfast ne ta koma d'aki tayi wanka ta shirya,jitai shirun ya isheta ta d'auka waya ta shiga chat.

Amjad:”Mrs Amjad” Yai mata sending ganinta online.

Laila:”I’m not”

Amjad:”What were you doing at the window ?”

Laila: Nothing

Amjad:You missed your husband.

Laila:No you’re not my husband “

Amjad: Stop pretending.

Amjad: Who was your ex bf ? "


 Amjad: Name?

 Laila:You don't have to know "

  Amjad:"Ok,What are you doing now?

 Ganin tambayoyinshi sun'ki 'karewa yasa ta sauka ,aiko ba jimawa sega kira ya shigo.'Canada'Ta gani jikin screen.Ajje wayar tayi ta'ki picking har ya gaji da kira,daga baya ma tashi tayi ta sauka parlor ta kunna kallo.


4:30pm yau ya tashi daga aiki, Laila tana parlour jin shigowarshi yasa tayi saurin mi’kewa ta koma d’akinta.Tana shigowa yaga ba kowa a parlour sede ga TV a kunne ,hakan yasa ya gane da tana zaune kallon wata’kila ko taji dawowarsa ne.

 Tana jin sanda ya shiga d'akinsa ,dan haka ta zauna kan gado aikin zama.

  1hr later,Knock! Knock! Taji bugu,tana daga shingid'e tayi saurin mi'kewa zaune zuciyarta na dukan uku-uku.

"Laila" Ya kira sunanta.

‘Kin amsawa tayi se wararo idanuwa take wata zuciyar tana ce mata ta bud’e ‘kofar bathroom immediately ta bud’e masa ‘kofar seta shige bathroom,haka tayi ta sa’ke-sa’kenta.

 "Laila open this door"

 Hijab d'inta ta d'auka ta zurma ta ma'kale shi a jikinta, a hankali ta bud'e 'kofar ta ra'be daga baya-baya.Tsayawa yayi daga bakin 'kofar bema shigo ba,wani card dake hannunsa ya mi'ke mata,a tsorace tasa hannu ta 'kar'ba ba tare da ta d'ago sun had'a ido ba.

Anniversary  Invitation ne wanda taga yau ne ranar zuwan 8:00pm aka rubuta a jiki,bata gane nasu waye ba ita de ta karanta.Tana d'ago da kai taga har yana komawa d'aki dan haka ta shigo ta rufo 'kofarta.

  "Ni naje nayi mey acan? wa na sani a wajen? Tare zamu?" Ta jero wa kanta tambayoyi.     

Har bayan maghrib bata soma shiryawa ba seda taga ya turo mata text.”Are you ready?”

"No" Tayi reply.

 "What are you waiting for?"

 Bata sake wani reply d'in ba ta tashi ,wardrobe ta bud'e ta soma duba kayan da zata saka,ganin zata 'bata lokaci ta ciro wani ba'kin abaya me golden duwatsu,nan da nan ta saka.Powder ,lipstick da kwalli kawai ta sa ta fesa turare mey taushin 'kamshi,red mayafi tayi rolling dashi.

 Wayarta kawai ta d'auka ta zira takalmi mey matsakaicin tudu golden ta samu waje ta zauna.7:41 knock! Knock!

Tsaye ta ganshi yayi shigarsa cikin dark blue suit ciki white shirt da ba'kin jeans ,gashin kanshi yasha gyara se shining yake,turarensa mey 'kamshin gaske se dukan hancinta ake.


"Uhm" Ta amsa ciki-ciki.

 "Let's go" Yayi nuni da hannu.

  'Kofar d'akin ta rufo tabi bayansa dan ta'ki bari su jera ,a haka har suka sauka 'kasa.A mota shiru ba mey magana,laila ita tama kau da kai can tana kallon waje.Suna isa gurin mutane an hallara ,ita de kallo take binsu dashi dan ba wanda ta sani,se gaisawa yake da mutane wanda yawanci duk abokanan business ne.Wani table suka zauna kafin daga bisani ya tashi amsa kira,bayan 'kan'kanin lokaci sega iyayen taro sun shigo wajen tare da baby d'insu wanda bata wuce 3yrs ba sunsha 'kwalliya gwanin sha'awa,ana ta gaggaisawa dasu tana gani Amjad yaje suka gaisa bata ankara ba taga sun nufo inda take.

 "Wayyo ni Laila" Ta fad'a a fili.

   Matar cikin fara'a ta soma mata magana Laila ma 'karfin hali tayi suka gaisa tayi musu fatan alkairi,sede taga Nigerians ne kuma hausawa "how come's Amjad ya sansu?" Abinda ta tambayi kanta kenan dan a iya saninta  dashi baida wani abokai.

“Laila ko?” Macen ta fad’a.

“Eh” Ta amsa.

“Ni kuma Aisha,yau Allah yasa min had’u de”

"Gaskiya kam" Cewar Laila.

 Sauran ba'ki da suka zo gaisawa da Aishan yasa suka katse hirar da suke,Amjad d'in ma se hangoshi tayi daga nesa yana gaisawa da mutane.

  Farouq d'an abokin Dad ne yawanci inde suka zo Nigeria suna zuwa gidansu,shekararsu hud'u kenan da yin aure ,duk a Nigeria shikad'ai ne wanda Amjad zece suna abota ,bayan shi baida wasu abokai.

  Laila Tana zaune Aisha tazo "Nan hayaniya,taso mije ciki" Ta taso laila dan ta lura kamar laila bata son hayaniya.

  Cikin gidan nasu ta shiga da laila ta kaita wani parlour."Bari gani zuwa".Ta fad'a tare da barin parlourn.

Kitchen ta shiga d'aya daga cikin masu aikinta tasa ta kawowa Laila abinci,kiran waya da akai mata yasa ta fita zuwa wajen ba'kin .Ita kuwa mey aikin ganin aiki ya mata yawa yasa tasa wata 'yar uwarta da tazo daga 'kauye ta zibawa Laila.

 Kai tsaye ta bud'e wani plate dake kan drawer ganin friedrice tasha chicken akai ga kayan had'i burjik ,dama ma'kuiyaciyace  yasa kawai tasa spoon ta d'ora plate d'in a tray tare da d'ora robar ruwa da orange juice ta kaiwa Laila.

 Laila dama tun yamma take jin yunwa,ba 'bata lokaci ta bud'e plate ta soma ci,sede taji abincin taste d'in ba dad'i cabbage d'in yayi wani iri gashi ba zafi ita a tunaninta ko hucewa yayi.Haka ta lalla'ba taci, naman ma ba sosai ta iya ci ba,rabi taci ta rife plate d'in.Leman ne ma tasha da yawa ta kora da ruwa.

   Wayarta ta kunna Tana d'an duddubawa a haka lokaci naja har taci fin 30min.Sede kuma tun bayan cin abincin ta fara jin suka a cikinta kad'an-kad'an yana murd'awa.

  *Let's stop here,yau na fita hakannan na daure nayi  typing coz bana so na barku kuna jira.Don't forget to comment,vote and share.Love u all๐Ÿ’‹*


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๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ




      Wani irin murd'awa cikinta ya hau yi,nan take gumi ya soma keto mata ta rasa abinda ke mata dad'i wayar ma ajje ta tayi gefe.Tashi tayi a rud'e ta nufi inda taga mey aikin ta shiga,a kitchen ta tarar da ita tana wanke-wanke.Laila tambayarta tayi toilet tana ta zufa.D'aki ta rakata wanda yake d'auke da toilet a ciki,da sauri-sauri laila ta fad'a  ciki.

 Minutes later ta dawo parlour gwiwoyinta sun fara sanyi gashi cikin har yanzu be dena hautsinawa ba,wayarta ta duba taga 3missed na Amjad. Bata ko zauna ba ta fita,a chan  farfajiyar gidan ta hangeshi yana zaune a table shi kad'ai jama'ar wajen ma sun fara raguwa.A hankali ta taka zuwa inda yake,sede ta 'karaso ya kula da ita.

"Where have you been?" 

 "Gani na fito ai"Ta fad'a.

  Mi'kewa yayi tsaye ya fara tafiya tana biye a bayansa Farouq da Aisha suka 'karaso inda suke.

 " Tafiya?"Ta tambayi Laila.

Laila cikin ya'ke ta amsa da "Eh"

"Toh bari na kar'bi numbernki".

 Numbernta ta fad'a mata a take tayi flashing itama Laila tayi saving, har waje suka rakosu ita de Laila kawai basarwa take cikinta ba abinda yake se hautsunawa ta 'kagu su koma gida.

  Tunda ta shiga mota bata ce 'kala ba,gani take kamar ba tu'ki yake ba har wani le'kawa take tana ganin speed d'in."Mtchww" Tayi tsaki ba tare da ta sani ba.

"Are you alright?" Ya tambaya.

 Kai ta kad'a alamar "eh" se kad'a 'kafa take tana tapping cinyarta."Innalilahi wainna ilaihirraji'un"Ta fad'a  a ranta ganin traffic light ya tsayar dasu.

Da 'kyar ta samu ta iya jurewa har suka koma gida,cikin sauri ta fad'a toilet ko 'kofar d'akin yau bata rufe ba.Daga dawowarsu zuwa yanzu Laila ta shiga toilet yafi sau uku,gwiwoyinta gabad'aya sunyi sanyi da'kyar take takawa.Gashi batasan inda zata sami magani ba,lokaci guda tayi zuru-zuru jinta take kamar kara dan tsabar rashin 'kwarin jiki.

   11:29pm Ring!Ring! wayar ta tayi 'kara lokacin tana toilet har 3 missed call batai picking ba.

 Amjad yana d'akinsa dede lokacin yake shirin kwanciya wayarsa tayi 'kara,koda ya duba yaga Farouq.

 Knock! Knock! Ya 'kwan'kwasa 'kofar d'akinta shiru,handle d'in ya murd'a ya shiga beganta ba.

 "Laila" Ya kira sunanta.

Tana shirin fitowa taji ya kira sunanta ,zaro ido  tayi ido tana mamakin jinsa a d'akinta a irin wannan lokacin.

 "Laila ,come on open the door"

   Tsit kake ji ko motsi ta'ki yi gashi tsaiwar ta isheta,kan bathtub ta samu ta zauna ta dafe  cikinta.

 "Laila,can't you hear me? open the door now stop pretending I know everything"

 "Mey? Waya fad'a masa? Yasan..." Ta dafe kai shikenan tonon silili.

"Laila don't let  me  open it myself, you know I have a spare key right?"

 "Innalillah" Jiki ba 'kwari ta mi'ke tsaya a daddafe ta 'karasa jikin 'kofar gashi jikinta kayan bacci ne riga da wando  kusan ยพ,inda Allah ya taimaka ma rigar ta hauro kusan cinya,d'an'kwalin kanta ta ware yadda ze sakko 'kasa , a sanyaye ta bud'e 'kofar kanta a 'kasa.

   "Laila" Ya kira sunanta.

  A hankali ta d'ago da kanta kallo d'aya tayi masa ta maida kanta 'kasa,se jan mayafin take tana kare 'kirjinta.

" need to see a doctor"

   "I'm fine" Ta fad'a murya 'kasa-'kasa.

   "You're not,you better stop pretending I know you're not ok they explained everything to me, you ate a spoiled food"

 Shiru tayi bata musa masa ba,ta kasa d'ago da kai dan tsabar kunya a ranta tana da tasanin cin abincin.

 "We need to go now".

  Tana jin kunya ta wuce zuwa wardrobe ta ciro hijab d'inta ta zira, wata doguwar riga ta d'auka tana so tasa gashi yana tsaya a d'akin se so take ya fita amma yayi burus sema folding arms da yayi yana kallonta.'Karfin hali tayi ta ri'ko doguwar rigar a hannu ta wuce bathroom yana kallonta.

 Tana fitowa ya tafi d'akinsa ya d'auka key ya fito,a sitting room ya taradda ita zaune kan sofa dan ko tsaiwa ta kasa.

 Ganin ya sakko ta mi'ke a kasalance ,suna fita kafin ta shiga mota kawai amai ya tunkaro ta kafin ta koma ciki ta she'kashi a cikin flowers.Kafin aje asibiti ta sake galabaita ,suna zuwa aka sa mata drip,tana kwance  se kallon carnula d'in dake hannunta take,hijab d'in ta cire se mayafin kanta ta yafa.Amjad yana daga zaune kan kujera daga gefenta.Gashi ta manta wayarta ba dama ta kira Mami,ga abinci daya siyo mata ta kasa ci  maganin ma da'kyar tasha.

 "You need to eat"

   "Na 'koshi" Ta fad'a a ciki.

     Be sake ce mata komai ba ya cigaba da tapping wayarsa.


  5:06am ,ta bud'e idonta hannunta ta d'aga ganin carnula ta mayar,a kan kujera ta kalleshi ya jingina se baccinsa yake.Data kalli ledar ruwan taga ya kusa 'karewa,tunanin yadda za'ai ta tashesa ta fad'a masa ta shiga yi.Pillow ta d'auka ta d'an buga 'karshen gadon amma kamar bayi take ba,haka tayi -tayi harta gaji,daga baya kawai ta cilla masa pillow d'in aiko ya sauka kan fuskarsa.Yana bud'e ido ta sunkui da kai kamar ba ita tayi ba.

Pillow d'in ya kalla kan cinyarsa ya dawo da kallonsa kanta,ganin ba pillow kan gadon yasa ya gano abinda tayi."What do you want?" Ya tambaya.

Drip d'in ta kalla tayi masa nuni dashi yanda tayi da bakinta ne yaso bashi dariya har ma da birgeshi,cikeda shagwa'ba ta ta'be bakinta.

   Da kanshi ya cire mata ,bayan ya kira nurse kuma ta cire carnula d'in.Cikin sanyin jiki ta tashi ta shiga toilet ta d'auro alwala,shima masjid ya fita sallah.Bayan ya dawo daga masjid ya siya mata abinci,dama yunwa take ji tana ci tasha magani.Wajajen 8:30am akai discharging d'insu suka koma gida,se bayan sun dawo ta tuna da office d'insa,tana so ta tambayesa zeje amma ta kasa."Toh zaman mey kake ai na warke"Ta fad'a a ranta.

"How are you feeling now?" Ya tambayeta.

 "I'm fine" Ta amsa kamar bata so.

 Daga yadda ta amsa ya gano bata son maganar."Any story? tell me about it how does it started? "

  Tasan dama za'a rina,bade yaga taji sau'ki ba.Sake murtuke fuska tayi ta kauda kai.

  "Come on,it started with stomach ache followed by...." Be 'kare ba yayi shiru yana murmushi.

 Ring!Ring! Wayarta tayi 'kara 'Aisha'Ta gani a screen.


 "Hello Laila,ya jikinki?"

 "Da sau'ki"

  "Ayya ,kiyi ha'kuri shirmen mey aiki ne bata duba ba ta baki lalataccen abinci"

   "Karki damu ba komai na samu sau'ki" 

    "Aha,Allah ya 'kara sau'ki se munzo"

   "Nagode" Daga haka sukai sallama.

 Suna gama wayar tayi dialing number Mami   har lokacin Amjad be fita ba,ita kuwa tayi hakane dan karya dameta.Bayan ta gaisa da Mami  ta shiga labarta mata abinda ya faru harda 'kara langa'be murya."Mami ruwa leda 2 fa aka 'kara min"

"Toh Allah ya sawwa'ke"

"Mami su Maryam suzo"

 "Har sai kin ro'ka? sarkin raki anjima sazo amma karki zaunar dasu".

 " Toh Mami ,mami dan Allah kiyi min tuwo"

 "Tuwo? toh shikenan se sunzo" Daga haka sukai sallama.

 Tana had'a ido dashi taga ya ta'be baki kamar yadda tayi.Dariya da kunya taji ta kawar da kanta.

"Mami,Mami ruwa..bla..bla" Ya kasa 'karasa 'karshen dan sunyi skipping daga kansa.

 "Bade zaka fahimta ba" Ta fad'a a fili.

   "Bade mey ba?" Taji ya fad'a.

 Yadda ya iya had'a sentence d'inne yasa tayi mamaki ta d'ago tana kallonsa.


 "I saved each an every word you're saying"

 "Toh ina ruwana"

  "Zaki ga" Wani mamakinne ya sake kamata tana kallonsa sa'kalo.

 Daga haka bata sake magana ba dan yanzu kuma ta soma shakkar fad'ar abinda ranta yaso.

  Pillow ta janyo ta gyara kwanciyarta ta rufe idonta,so take taga ya fita.

"Sleep tight" Yana fad'ar haka ya fita yaja mata 'kofar.

Yana fita ta bud’e idonta,wayarta ta d’akko ta shiga chat.

   Su Maryam se wajen 2:30 pm suka zo,tana ganinsu ta mi'ke kamar ba itace mey shamo-shamo ba.Tuwon da suka kawo ta zuba a plate taci kayanta sauran ta ajje na dare.

 Yau 'yan mutucine akan Amjad ,dasu Maryam zasi tafi da kansa ya kaisu harda tsayawa a mall yayi musu 'yan siyayyar biscuits da chocolates.


  A kwana a tashi Laila har sun koma school, yau zata koma , 7:25am ta gama shirinta breakfast zatai ta tafi. Ta gama had'a sandwich d'inta da tea ga pancake d'inta tayi dede bakinta ,a tray ta jero ta kawo kan table ta ajje,tuna bata d'akko bag d'in ta ba ta hau sama.

  Few minutes later ta dawo dinning d'in ganin mutum ya hakimce yana sambad'ar abinci yasa ta tsaya kallo.Ko a jikinsa hankali kwance yana ta enjoying breakfast d'insa,tana kallonsa yana kallonta bako kunya.

  "What?" Ya tambayeta bayan ya dire cup d'in shayin.

   Kallan abincin tayi sanna ta komo kansa."My meal"

 "Yours? Where is mine?"

 "I didn't cook for you"


   "Because I always prepare a Nasty food"

    "Exactly,you gerrit,that's why I wanna show you how to make your food yummy"Yana maganar ya goge bakinsa da tissue ya tashi.

  " Oh I remembered,  I will drive you to school you need to hurry up I'm almost late"

  "Ni bazaka kaini ba,sena ma yi abinci"

   "Who will eat the rest of this?" Yayi nuni da pan cake a plate.

   "Left over d'in zanci?"

    "What wrong with that?"

     "Bazan iya ci ba"

      "Bazan ..iya ba" Ya maimaita abinda ta fad'a.

Tana kallo ya ciro wani d'an 'karamin note book a pocket d'insa tare da pen,gani tayi yana rubutu amma bata ga meya rubuta ba.

 " Read"Ya nuna mata note d'in."Bazan iya ci ba"Taga an rubuta a jiki."I'm gonna search it's  translation in English"

 "Ka wahala"

  Wani rubutun taga ya sake yi,exactly abinda ta gama fad'a ya rubuta.

  "I think this wiil work" Ya fad'a tare da mayar dashi aljihun suit d'in.

  "Let's go"

   "I'm not ready"

    "Then I will wait for you"

 Tana jin haushi ta koma kitchen ta soya egg ta had'a da slide bread,a kitchen ma tayi breakfast d'in yana dinning yana jiranta har ta fita.Se bayan sun shiga mota ya tambayeta."Where is your niqab?"

  Shaf ta mance ta baroshi kan kujera dinning aiko ta fita ta d'akko abinta,tana shigowa ta d'aura kayanta.

  "You're pretty enough to cover your face right?"

"Yes" Ta amsa.

 "I see"

  "Mrs beautiful, pretty, cutiee, flower,diamond, gold, silver...and rest"

   "Who was your first love? I asked again"

   Da kamar bazatai magana ba kuma setayi."Safwan"Ta kama suna .

  Be ta'ba tunanin zeji haushi ba amma jin ta fad'i suna yaji ransa ya 'bace,daurewa yayi ya cigaba da magana.

 "Nice name,tell me about him,show me his picture?"

 D'age niqab d'in fuskarta tayi dan ta tanadi abinda zata fad'a kuma so take yaga yanayin expression d'in fuskarta.

  "He is handsome,very kind person he is so sweet, shining like a diamond". Yanda take maganar har fuskarta tana nuna farinciki.

” The first time I set my eyes on him I felt like I’m in Paradise,the first time I heard his voice โ€ฆohh he’s the beat of my heart I so much eternally love hโ€ฆ”Ai bebar ‘karshen ‘im’ d’in ya fito ba yaci burki.

"Ya Allah" Ya daki steering. 

 "Are you alright?" Ta tambaya cikeda tsokana har tana le'ka fuskarsa.

  "Yes,I'm fine ,fine!" Yayi 'ko'karin fad'a yana 'ka'kalo murmushi.

  "Ok,so I should continue?"

   "Laila is ok,time to stay quite, phem!" Ya had'e lips d'inshi da yatsa alamar shiru.

 Kai ta kad'a tare da yin murmushi."Gobe ka sake tambayata"

 Har yakaita school be sake magana ba,ita kuwa dad'i taji ta huta da tambayoyinsa.

 Tana sauka ta had'u da Aliya da itama yanzun mijinta ya sauketa.

 "Babyn mijinta irin wannan fresh haka" Aliya ta fad'a lokacin da Laila ta d'age niqab d'in.

    "Mtchww!    daga dawowa har kin fara"

  "Gani nayi kinyi fresh ko kema?"

  "Sede ke d'in"

    "Gashi kuwa ni ina ruwana" Aliya ta fad'a.

   "Tohhh sekice kece mey abu"Laila ta fad'a tana kallon cikin Aliya daya tasa.

   Haka suka cigaba da hirarsu kafin a shiga lecture,a class malami yana explanation amma gaba d'aya hankalinta baya gurin.Tuna d'azu tayi -tayi tana tambayar zuciyarta koh da gasken yaji haushi har cikin ransa?

  Seda Aliya ta ta'bota tukun ta dawo daga tunanin data tafi.Malamin taga yayi pointing d'in ta ,tana mi'kewa yayi mata tambaya akan abinda ake tayi tsilli-tsilli da ido se Aliya ce  ta rad'a mata ta fad'a.

    Da aka fito Aliya tayi ta mata tsiya wai tunanin Babynta take,lecture d'aya suka 'kara wajen 3:30pm suka tafi gida.Bata yi zaton ganin motarsa a yanzu ba dan a tunaninta se anjima ze komo gida.D'akinta ta wuce seda ta watsa ruwa ta fita 'kasa, kitchen ta shiga ta dafa couscous da miyan cabbage.Tana dinning Sega Amjad ya sakko,da beyi niyyan zuwa table d'in ba amma ganin tana wajen yaje.

 " Where is mine?"Yayi nuni da abincin.

  "You don't like a Nasty food"

   Kamar be jita ba ya bud'e food warmer d'in ya rife tare da ta'be baki.

   "It smells bad"

    Dama ta 'koshi ta tattare plate d'in ta wuce kitchen.

  "I heard about him but you didn't show me his picture" Tajiyo muryarsa.

  Shiru tayi masa ta cigaba da d'auraye plate d'in hannunta.

 "I'm talking to you"

  Nan ma batace komai ba,wani takaici ne ya lilli'besa dan zuciyarsa tana fad'a masa gaskene abinda ta fad'a d'azu.'karasawa yayi har inda take bata zata ba taji d'imin mutum a bayanta.A firgice ta juya amma ko tsaiwar arzi'ki bazata iya ba dan distance d'insu kad'an ne.Zuciyarta tuni bugunta ya 'karu ,ta manne da jikin drawer d'in kamar zata shige ciki.

  "Is't true what you said earlier?"

    "Move back first" Tayi 'ko'karin fad'a.

     "I wanna see it through your eyes" Ya sake matsawa kusa ,kallon nashi ma yanzu ta dena ta rife idanuwanta gam zuciyarta kamar zata fito,gashi ko mayafi bata yafa ba riga da skirt ne na atamfa tayi d'auri mey steps.

  A hankali ya rage tsahonsa fuskarsa ba alamar wasa ya d'ora hannunsa all side na drawer d'in har yatsansa na ta'ba hannunta data dafe drawer.



 ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ      ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ




Tap d’in sink dake zuba ya mi’ka hannu ya kashe sannan yaja baya.Laila har lokacin idanuwanta a rufe suke zuciyarta bata fasa bugawa ba,a hankali ta rage jin d’umin mutum a jikinta,da ‘kyar ta soma bud’e idanuwanta gani tayi ba kowa a kitchen d’in.Tunani ta shiga yi ko dama ba gaske bane,data dubi sink d’in taga tap d’in ya dena zuba.Da sauri-sauri ta ‘karasa d’auraye plates d’in ta koma d’aki,har lokacin bata dena jin tsoro ba gani take kamar zata sake ganinsa.

 Shi kuwa daya koma d'aki murmushi ya shiga yi ,be zacci tsoronta yakai haka ba shikam yanzu ya samu damar hanata fad'ar abinda ranta yaso.Phone d'insa ya d'auko yayi plugging earphone tare da turning on song(Can I have this dance:high school musical).

๐ŸŽตTake my hand, take a breath

Pull me close and take one step๐ŸŽต

Keep your eyes locked to mine ๐ŸŽต

And let the music be your guide Won’t you promise me? (Now won’t you promise me?)๐ŸŽต

That you’ll never forget (We’ll keep dancing) ๐ŸŽต

To keep dancing wherever we go next๐ŸŽต

It’s like catching lightning The chances of finding someone like you It’s one in a million,๐ŸŽต

the chances to feeling The way we doโ€ฆ..๐ŸŽต

  Ba'ai nisa ba ya katse wa'kar dan ta soma tuna masa da Rosie,dan itama bata da wa'ka kamarta asali ma ita tasa masa son wa'kar dan wasu lokutan tare suke jin wa'kar suna bi.


   Laila har 9pm bata fito ba 'kishir ruwa take ji amma ta kasa fitowa gudun kar wani abun ya sake faruwa.Wayarta ta d'auka ta hau Instagram taga Amjad mu'az  started following you,profile d'inshi ta bud'e  taga post kala-kala.Wani photo data gani seda tayi tsaki ganin ko riga besa ba showing his six packs ,daga shi se ยพ.

 "Se kace d'an arna"Ta fad'a tana scrolling taga wani photo  nashi ta gani yana yaro sosai befi 9yrs ba dariya photon ya bata yanayin yadda yayi wani kalar soko ya cakumi teddy bear.Haka tayi ta bin sauran pics d'in wasu tare da su Mom wani friends, a haka har ta soma jin bacci daga baya ta ajje wayar tayi kwanciyarta.

  Washegari da wuri tayi shirin makaranta ko breakfast bata yi ba ta fice se sauri take karya fito yace ze kaita.Seda taga ta hau d'an sahu hankalinta ya kwanta,lecture biyu kad'ai sukai amma Laila ta'ki tahowa gida,2pm lokacin masjid kawai taje bayan datai sallah ta kwanta bacci ya kwasheta.

  4:09pm ta farka ,mamakine ya kamata ganin har tayi bacci me tsaho haka.Tashi tayi ta d'auro alwala tayi sallah,bata ankara ba taga garin yayi duhu sakamakon hadari daya had'u.Ba shiri ta tarkata handout d'inta ta zira a jaka ta fito,sanda ta hau napep har an fara iska mey 'karfin gaske kafin ta isa gida ruwa ya sakko.Kafin ace mey nan da nan danan titi ya d'inke da abin hawa a hankali ake tu'kin ruwan se shigowa yake cikin napep d'in rabinta ta jike,ganin ta kusa 'karasawa gida kawai ta sauka ta kama tafiya sauri-sauri ,tun daga nesa ta hango wani mota a ranta ta ayyana na Amjad ne aiko tana 'karasowa ta ga shine yana ciki ya'ki fitowa gashi motar ta gagara tashi ya dad'e yana ta fama ganin ruwa ya sakko yasa ya shige ciki ya zuge glass rabi.Ta mirro d'in gaba ya hangota ,a tunaninsa ko zata tsaya amma yaga ta wuce kamar bata gane shi bane.Da kanshi ya fito daga motar dukda tsananin ruwan da ake."Laila" Ya kira sunanta.

 Tana jinsa yana kiranta amma tayi burus,sema 'kara saurin tafiyarta da tayi.Da sauri yasha gabanta ya ri'ko hannunta.

 "Laila I'm talking to you"


  Shiru yayi dan baida abin cewa."Get inside the car,it's raining heavily"


  Tayi saurin matsar da hannunsa kan kafad'arta,sauri-sauri ta cigaba da tafiyarta.Ganin ba tsayawa zatai ba ya koma motar ya ciro umbrella ya biyota ,matsawa yayi kusa da ita ya  bud'e umbrellan yayi musu rumfa.Ganin jikinta na gogar nashi ta matsa, kusan rabinta ruwa na shafa,kamar 'kiftawar ido taji ya dafa kafad'arta har tana fad'owa jikinsa."Stop misbehaving"

 Ita ba abinda yake damunta kamar yadda hijab d'in ya manne a jikinta gashi rigar material ne a jikinta curve ya bayanna ,se jajjan hijab d'in take amma a banza.Suna shiga gida ta matsa daga jikinsa da sauri ta 'karasa jikin 'kofar ta ciro key ta bud'e, kafin ya shigo har ta haye sama.Tana ajje jakar ta fad'a bathroom,ruwa mey zafi tayi wanka dashi ta d'aura towel zata fito ta tuna bata shigo da wani hijab d'in ba gashi kayan data cire duk a ji'ke.Hakannan ta murd'a handle ta fito ta rufo 'kofar toilet d'in,ganin mutum a tsaye yasa ta razana.Juyawa tayi da sauri tana kici-kicin bud'e 'kofar bathroom ,kamar rufewa take sake yi 'kofa ta'ki bud'uwa,haka ta gaji ta 'kyale 'kofar amma ta'ki waigawa ta kalli inda yake.

 "Mey zeyi a d'akinnan inba neman masifa ba?"Ta fad'a a ranta.

  " What are you waiting  for?"

   Ta'kowa yayi ya 'karaso har inda take ya mi'ka mata Biro"You left it  in my car?"

 Ko waigowar arzi'ki ta kasa illa mi'ka hannunta da tayi ta kar'ba sede kuma bawai ya cika biro d'in bane duka, yana ri'ke da farko tana ri'ke da 'kasan biron. Tunda ga sama har 'kasa yake ta binta da kallo tana jin idonsa a kanta ta rasa inda zata saka kanta ji take kamar ta nutse a zuciyarta se zagin towel d'in take dan iya cinya yake ,biron ta sake masa ganin ya'ki cikawa shima sakinsa yayi ya fad'i 'kasa.

 "Pick it up"Taji ya fad'a cikin tattausan harshe.

  " Innalilahi"Ta fad'a a ranta.

  "I ca.." Bata 'kare ba ta tsaya da maganar dan kar ayi irin ta jiya batasan ya za'a 'kare ba.

 A sanyaye ta waiwayo tana dafe da towel d'in ta dur'kusa ta d'auka jelar gashinta dake  ta kwanta gadan bayanta.Tana d'aukan biron bata ko tsaya a ko ina ba se wajen wardrobe cikin sauri ta ciro hijab ta zira,yana kallonta ta gama zire-zirenta be sake cewa komai ba ya fita daga d'akin.

"Yanzu akan biro shine za'a biyoni har d'aki mtcww!"

 Tun bayan komawarsa d'akin ba abinda ke yawo a kansa irin image d'in Laila a yanayin daya  ganta d'azu,da yayi 'ko'karin kauda tunaninta seya kasa ,laptop d'insa ya d'akko ya soma dann-danne amma sam hankalinsa ba anan yake ba faga baya ya d'auki waya ya soma game  a thinking of Laila,pillow ya d'ora kansa ya kwanta ko zeyi bacci.Ko Rosie da take sak English wears matsastsu dasu mini skirt be ta'ba jin abu a kanta ba kamar irin Laila."She is pretty"Yaji zuciyarsa ta fad'a.

  Laila kuwa bayan ta gama shirinta cikin atamfa riga da skirt  ta d'aura d'ankwalinta,lokacin ruwan ma ya tsaya yamma tayi li'kis maghrib ya kusa.Windown d'akin ta bud'e tana kallon yadda flower plants sukai kore shar ga furannnin sunyi fresh sosai view d'in ya birgeta jitake kamar ta sakko sede kuma tana gudun had'uwarsu.Seda taji anyi kiran sallah ta zuge windown d'in tayo alwala itama.Bayan ta idar da sallah kuwa  a jakarta ta d'akko meatpie data siya a school gida biyu ta soma ci dan yunwa ta isheta,taci abu kuma ba ruwa.

  Shawara tayi-tayi daga 'karshe de ta sakko 'kasa,cikin sand'a ta shiga kitchen da sauri ta d'akko bottle d'in ruwan ta fito  zata hau sama taji 'karar tsawa ,harda dur'kusawa kamar wacce za'a kama."Terrified"

Bata kalli inda take tsammanin daga nan yake ba tayi sauri ta hau sama,tana shiga d'akinta ta rufo ,ba ita ta sake fitowa ba se washegari.

 Yau d'inma da sauri ta yi shirinta sede tana sakkowa 'kasa ta ganshi a dinning yana shan tea se biscuit a da'n plate.Da kamar ta koma kuma ta daure ta wuce kitchen."Morning "Taji ya fad'a.

Ko amsawa kasa yi tayi na d'aya tasan ita bata ta'ba gaisheshi ba na biyu bata sani ba ko d'aya daga cikin abunsa ne na tsokana.A kitchen d'in ma ta rasa mey zata dafa,dankali ta soya tayi 'yar chicken sauce.Sauri tayi taci gudun kar ayi ta d'ayan ranar yasa koh wanke plates d'in bata tsaya yi ba.

   Tana fitowa ya bar wajen,direct ta koma d'aki ta d'akko jakarta,cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci ta fito daga gidan.Yana komawa d'aki ya d'akko key d'in motarsa,ganin bata kitchen yasan har ta fice.Ba 'bata lokaci ya fita,a hanya ya tarar da ita tana tafiya,horn yayi tayi mata amma ta'ki juyowa,sede ya fito yayi mata magana tukun ta shiga.

  " Ko yaushe  aka gyara motar?"Ta tambayi kanta.

  "Oho" Ta fad'a.

   Shiru bame cewa komai har suka isa makarantar,tana fita ta rufo 'kofar ta kama hanya ta wuce,be ja motarsa ba har seda tayi nisa yana kallonta kan daga bisani ya tafi.

  Tunda ya shiga office ko aikin kiriki ya kasa banda tunanin Laila ,tun farkon aurensu zuwa wannan lokacin yayita tunawa.Shi kad'ai yana murmushi,ana knock a 'kofar office d'insa amma hankalinsa baya gun.

 "Sir,sir!" Yajiyo ana kiransa.

 Se lokacin ya farga ya dawo daga duniyar tunanin daya tafi.

 2:30pm nayi ya tashi daga aiki be tsaya ko ina ba se school d'insu Laila. Da farko yayi niyyar kiranta daga baya kuma ya fasa dan yasan zata iya 'kin fitowa.Haka ya zauna a mota zaman jira kad'an-kad'an yana ganin students na fitowa amma be hangota ba ya kwashe kusan 1hr 20min kafin ya hangota tana tahowa bakin titi.Motarsa ya 'kara yin gaba da ita dede inda take a tsaye ya sauke glass d'in motar.Ta kalleshi sarai amma seta matsa gefe,tana jin wasu   cikin 'yan mata a gurin suna gulmarsa.

   "Yana shigowa school d'innan,ko d'azu naga motarsa".

    "Wannan za'a ga kyawawan 'ya'ya"

     " Kamar balarabe ne naga" D'ayar tace"A'a bature ne.

   "Ke india ne bakiga irin gashinsa ba ai turawa farin gashi garesu"

   Ita dariya ma suka so bata dan yadda taga hankalinsu yana kanshi se kallon motar suke kamar saje su shiga.

  Basu suka rud'e ba seda suka ga ya fito,basu kad'ai ba hatta wasu mata dake gefe seda suka kalleshi.Tana ganin tahowarsa ta gefen ido ta'ki juyo wa."Laila come on get into the car"Taji ya fad'a cikin tattausan harshe.

  Gefen fuskarta ta waigo  tayi masa wani kallon banza,ita bata so taga yana shishshige mata"Nina ce kazo d'aukana"Ta fad'a 'kasa-'kasa dan beji mey tace ba.

 Badan kar ta yarfa shi cikin mutane ba da bazata bishi ba,a hankali ta taka wajen motar.Kallo suka bita dashi suna mamaki."Wace wannan d'in?"


 "A'ina d'in"

 "Matar aure ce ai" Wata daga cikinsu ta fad'a.

  Da ido suka bi motar da kallo har suka bar gun suna mamaki.

   "How was the lectures?"

    Banza tayi dashi bata amsa ba kamar bata ji ba tama kawar dakai tana kallon window.

   "Are you hungry?" Ya sake mata wata tambayar.

   "A'a" Ta bashi amsa a ciki ciki.

     Ganin ba son magana take ba shima yai shiru a tunaninsa ko stress ne.Suna komawa gida ya sake fita cikin 'yan mintina se gashi ya dawo da leda a hannunsa.

"Knock! Knock! Taji an bugo 'kofar d'akinta ko wankan ma bata shiga ba,hijab d'inta ta zira tukun ta bud'e.Ledar ya mi'ka mata fuskarsa a sake ita kuwa ko d'an sakin fuskar ta'ki yi,hannu tasa ta kar'ba batace komai ba ta koma ciki ta ajje kan drawer, da ya tsaya kamar zeyi wata maganar se kuma yayi shiru ya tafi d'akinsa.

   " Better "Ta fad'a.

 Se bayan ta fito daga bathroom ta duba ledar,burger ne da  baguettes se sauce da tana bud'ewa ta ta'be baki "'Karni ma take Allah kad'ai yasan wacce ta dafa,Allah yasa ba miyar 'kwad'o bace dan shima baze rasa ci ba ko kuma ma tsutsa"

 Koda ta gama shirinta bata kalli abincin ba dan a 'koshe take ,haka ta 'karachi zamanta har se  bayan isha'i ta janyo ledar ,burger d'in kawai taci ta ajje saura baguettes d'in kuma ta sauka 'kasa a kitchen ta ajje, miyar kuma ta ajje a fridge.Cock da bottle of water ta d'auka ta komo ,tana hawa bene   shikuma yana sakkowa daga d'aki sukai karo har kayan hannunta suna fad'uwa,kusan shine sila tunda shine da sauri-sauri yake sakkowa.

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๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ




Nan take ta dur'kusa tana dafe 'kafarta,ha'kuri ya shiga bata "I'm sorry ,I'm so sorry Laila".

" Ba wani sorry kana sani"Ta fad'a tana ri'ke da 'kafar.

 Cock d'in ta kalla daya gangara 'kasa dan shi take tunanin ya fad'o mata a 'kafar.Mi'kewa tayi tsaye ta fara tafiya amma ta 'kasa take 'kafar se d'ingisawa take."Let me help you"Ya taho da shirin ri'ke  hannunta ya d'ora a kafad'a aiko tayi saurin matsawa garin haka ta take 'kafar."Aghh!"Ta tsala 'kara.

 Bata ankare ba taji an raba ta da 'kasa anyi mata d'aukan amarya, tuni ta shiga wutsul -wutsul tana d'uma masa duka a kafad'a."Mami!"Ta hau kiran sunan Mami.

  Har seda ya kaita d'akinta sannan ya direta kan gadon."Stubborn ".Ya fad'a.

  "Nan da nan idanuwanta sun cika da 'kwalla seda taga ya sauketa a d'akinta ta d'an nutsu." You can leave now"

  "You're sending me away,what did you think I'm doing? Sometimes you're crazy"

  Fita yayi daga d'akin bayan 'yan minti kad'an ya dawo da man zafi a hannunsa.Jira take taga abinda yake 'ko'karin yi,tana gani ya zauna gefen gadon tare da ri'ke 'kafar ta matsar da 'kafar."Na iya shafawa"

 Duk da be fahimci abinda ta fad'a ba ganin ta matsar da 'kafarta ya mi'ka mata man "Rub it".

 Kar'ba tayi cikin sanyin jiki ta bud'e man ta soma shafawa a 'kafar a hankali sekace mey tallan mai.Ta sakankance taga ya wafce man ya soma shafa mata yana matsa 'kafar,hannunsa tasa tana 'ko'karin janye nasa hannu amma ta kasa sema ri'ke hannayenta biyu da yayi waje guda ta kasa ku'bucewa ,haka tayi ta raki har seda ya gama.

  " Toh sake min hannun tunda ka gama"

   "Mey kika fad'a?" Taji yayi magana.

   "Tunda ka iya yaran ai zaka sani"

    "I can speak hausa for the whole entire day"Yadda yayi pronouncing d'in hausar kamar like " Hosa"


 "Ok,yanzu" Ya fad'a yana murmushi.

  Itama murmushin tayi tana kallon arm d'insa data buga d'azu har wajen yayi ja kasancewar singlet ce a jikinsa.Shikuwa murmushin  datai ne yasa ya kasa dena kallonta dan ba 'karamin kyau tayi ba.Saurin kawar da ido tayi ganin ita yake kallo,wayarta dake gefe ta d'auka ta hau dubawa dukda ba abinda take da ita.

 "Na fita?"Taji ya tambaya.

   "Eh"Ta amsa kanta a sunkuye.

    " Ok,I'm going but you have to answer my questions "



     Kai kawai ta girgiza tana tunanin irin tambayar da zeyi mata."Do you have feelings on me ? don't lie"

 Sam batayi tunanin wannan tambayar zeyi mata ba duk da bata rasa amsar fad'a masa ba sede kuma tana mamakin dalilinsa na tambayar.Ya tsireta da ido kawai jiran amsarta yake.

 "No" Ta amsa ba tare da ta bari sun had'a ido ba.

  "No" Ya maimaita abinda ta fad'a.

   "Ok,let's assume I love you? Will you love me back?"



    "Because I don't love you"

     "Your heart is for only one person?"

     "I want to sleep" Ta  fad'a tana janyo blanket d'in.

   "Are yo sleeping like this?"Ganin ba sleeping dress bane a jikinta.

 " Uhm"Ta rufe kanta.

 Tashi yayi yazo fita ya kashe wutar d'akin sannan yaja 'kofar,tana jin fitarsa ta bud'e kanta,  tambayoyin da yayi mata ta shiga yi ,seda ta jima kafin bacci ya d'auketa.

   12:13am ya farka daga bacci ,da tunanin Laila a ransa ya farka.Drawer side lamp ya kunna ya tashi zaune agogon d'akin ya kalla yaga 12am,mi'kewa yayi tsaye ya bud'e 'kofarsa ya fita zuwa d'akinta,yana murd'a handle d'in yaga a bud'e 'kofar ma take.Tana ta baccinta yau ma tafin hannunta na kan fuskarta kamar rannan hakan yasa shi yin murmushi yanzu ya fahimci d'abi'arta ce haka.A hankali ya d'akko stool d'in mirrorn d'akin ya ajje opposite da ita ya zauna se 'kare mata kallo yake,tuna ko pic d'inta bashida yasa ya koma d'akinsa ya d'akko wayarsa ya komo ,hannun data kare fuskarta dashi ya matsar yadda fuskarta zata fito,pictures kala-kala yayi ta d'auka har kusan 12:40am tukun ya koma d'akinsa.


  Kwanaki suna sake yin nisa ,Laila lecture d'insu yayi nisa  kullum Amjad ne yake kaita school baya ta'ba bari ta tafi da kanta,hatta dawowa gida wasu lokutan shi yake d'akkota hatta saba ma yanzu ta dena gudun.Haka ta 'bangaren abinci ma inde tayi girki zeci inba wai yaga besan   irin abincin ba.A kullum Laila sake shiga ransa take duk wani abu da tayi birgeshi take haka idan yana office yata kallon photos nata kenan ,tunanin ta ba 'karamin d'auke masa hankula yake ba daga al'amuransa na yau da kullum ana meeting seya tsinci kanshi yana tunaninta wanin sa'in harse P.A d'insa ya masa magana.

 Yau ma bayan ya tashi daga aiki ya biya mall 'yan siyayya,wani henna ya gani wanda ya tuna masa da 'kunshin da Laila tayi kwanakin baya,jiyai yanaso yaga ta sake yi dan haka ya siya mata.

    Yana zuwa school d'insu tana fitowa,suna tafiya yana mata tambayoyi da suka shafi school d'inta rabi maganar da yaran hausa yake dan yanzu ya fara iya hausa sosai sede wajen pronouncing ne ake samun kura-kurai  , kad'an -kad'an take bashi amsa dan ita har yanzu ta'ki sakin jiki dashi.Seda suka isa gida tazo fita ya kira sunanta."Laila"

  Tana juyowa taga ya mi'ko mata package na  henna d'in.Seda ta 'karewa lallen kallo sannan ta dawo da kallonta kansa daga bisani kuma ta kar'ba ba ko godiya tayi ficewarta.

   Tana shiga d'aki ta bud'e drawer ta ajje ciki ta rufe ta wuce bathroom tana fitowa bayan ta shirya tayi sallahr asr.

 Knock!Knock! Taji bugun 'kofarta.Dama hijab d'in ta na jikinta ta tashi ta bud'e,yana tsaye bakin 'kofar fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi.

  "I just wanna inform you that I will take a trip tomorrow morning"

Kai kawai ta kad'a a ranta dad'i kamar ta ziba ruwa a 'kasa tasha.

    "Alhamdulillah " Ta fad'a a ranta.

 Dama gobe Saturday bikin Bahijja 'kawarta,tasan idan yana nan ba yadda za'ai ta kwana a gida yanzu kuwa setai amfani da wannan damar.

 Yayi tunanin zega ta damu amma yaga sa'banin hakan ,du seyaji jikinsa yayi sanyi,gwiwa ba 'kwari ya koma d'akinsa.

  Laila da farinciki ta kwana a ranta da sassafe ta soma had'a kayanta,dan tsabar farinciki kota kan breakfast bata biba,se wajen 9:30am ta sakko 'kasa  a kan dinning ta  hangi wata takarda dake ninke.Har zata shige ta ta dawo, tana bud'ewa  taga short note.

  I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, I don't wanna wake you up.


Duk da ba wani damuwa tayi ba amma seda taji wani iri dan tayi tunanin yana d'aki,ninke ta tayi ta ajje kan table d'in sannan ta shiga kitchen had'a breakfast.

     Cikin azar'ba'bi tayi sauri tayi breakfast tana kammalawa ta koma d'aki ta shirya,kit d'in data sa kayanta ta d'auka ta fito daga gidan ,a hanya ta kira Maryam ta fad'a mata tana tahowa.Laila tana isa gida ta tafi gidan 'kunshi aka tsantsara mata ta dawo gida.

  "Gan d'oki" Mami ta fad'a.

   "Nice fa babbar 'kawa Mami"

    "Da haka nan aka ce kiyi 'kunshi da tuni kina nan kina zun'buro baki amma dayake kin sa kanki har rawar jiki kike"

 "Kwana nawa zeyi?"

  "Sati d'aya" Tayi 'karya.

   "Abin nema ya samu"

   Kallon Mami kawai tayi a ranta ta san 'karya take.Wajajen 4:30pm ta tsantsara kwalliyarta ta rangad'a d'auri ta yafa gyale d'an 'karami ta fito.

  "Inde a haka zakije kuwa sede bazaki fita ba,haka kike fita mijin naki ya barki?"

  "Mami biki ne fa?"

   "Koh meye zaki wani d'ora mayafi a wuya ke bakisan babbancinki da 'yan mata ba?"

 Bata fita ba seda ta koma ta sauya mayafin ,ita kad'ai ko 'yan rakiya ma bata d'auka ba.

  7:30pm ta komo gida Mami kam tayi ta mata fad'a tana kallo Amjad yana kiranta a waya amma ta'ki d'auka,daga baya taga text nashi.

  Hi,how was the day? Hope you're doing good.

  "Ina ruwanka?" Ta fad'a a fili tayi cilli da wayar.

  "Komai ace aure..aure "

   Tunda ta cillar da wayar bata sake dubata ba tayi baccinta,Amjad kuwa baida tunanin daya wuce nata ya matsu yaji muryarta yana ta jiran reply amma shiru.Ko washegari ma beyi zuciya ba da safe seda ya kirawo ganin bata d'aga ba yayi mata message.

   Morning hope you're doing good?

  Laila ba ita taga message d'in ba se to 10am shima 'kin reply tayi ta maida wayar ta ajje.Dan saboda Mami ta barta taje yinin bikin seta d'auki Fauzan suka je tare da ita aka kai amarya sannan ta komo gida.

   Messages da missed call ba adadi ta tarar a wayarta banyan ta komo  gida.

 "D'azu kuwa Amjad ya kirani " Taji Mami ta fad'a.

 "D'azu" Ta maimata tana zare ido a ranta tana fad'in Allah yasa Mami bata gani 'karya nayi ba.

 "Mami se kuka gaisa?" Ta tambaya tana neman 'karin bayani.

  "Ehyi naji yanzu ma ai Hausa ta shiga bakinsa ba kamar da ba"

 "Uhm" Ta fad'a zuciyarta na raya nata Mami batasan komai akai ba.

 "Ashe ma gobe ze dawo" Taji Mami ta fad'a.

  Ita a tunaninta ze iya yin sati d'aya ,nan take murnarta ta koma ciki.

  "Uhm" Ta fad'a a ciki.

    "Toh gobe seki koma da safe aiko"

     Nan ma ta amsa da "Uhm".

  Haka ta kwanta tana jin haushi plan d'inta ya rushe kwana biyun datai d'in ma bata gode ba.Washegari da safe tayi ta la'kai-la'kai ta gaji da baccin safen ma amma ta'ki tashi seda taga dama kafin tayi wankan ma tayi ta la'kai-la'kai haka breakfast ma, ba ita ta tafi ba se wajen 1pm,tan d'an sahu taji shigowar text.

  I'm on my way back home

 " Naji"Ta fad'a.

  Tana shiga gida tayi zamanta a d'aki ko kitchen bata kalla ba balle tayi tunanin wani abu shi girki.Tana yin sallah ta kwanta bacci, bama baccin take ji ba ta dole kawai tayi forcing kanta tayi baccin.

3:30pm 'karar doorbell ya tasheta daga bacci,seda ta d'auka mayafi ta yafa dan ta ayyana shine ya dawo.Fuakarsa d'auke da murmushi  yake kallonta amma ita kuwa...

  Bata tsaya ya shigo  ba ta komo ciki."Laila, you don't like me here?"Ya fad'a bayan ya shigo.

   Shiru tayi bata amsa ba kuma bata cigaba da tafiyar ba haka bata juyo ba.

   "Are you mad at me?"

   "No I'm not" Ta amsa sannan ta hau sama.

  Shide ya rasa gane kanta the more yana showing mata kindness the more tana gudun sa besan dalili ba.Hakannan ya wuce d'akinsa ya watsa ruwa ,daga shi se singlet ya sakko 'kasa neman abinda zeci dan yunwa yake ji.

  Babu wani alamar girki daya gani,'karshe se 'bigewa yayi da shan cornflakes,ya fito daga kitchen d'in ya had'u da Laila.Yanzu ba mayafin daga ita se doguwar riga na material red colour,'kunshin hannunta ya yi rad'au a fatarta,idanunsa basu sauka a ko ina ba se hannunta.Ba 'karamin dad'i yaji ba ganin tayi 'kunshi,a hankali ya taka zuwa inda take.

"Beautiful, I like it" Ya fad'a lokacin ya dawo da kallonsa kan Laila.

Hannayen nata ta ‘boye a bayanta tana sunkui da kai.Batayi aune ba taji ya ri’ko hannayenta biyu kamar yarinya,duka biyun ya d’ago dasu kusa da face d’inshi ta rasa ma abinda zatai illa tsayawa kallan ikon Allah.

 "Your hands always look good" Kamar 'kiftawar ido taga yayi kissing hannayen ta tsaya uwa gunki,seda hankalinta ya dawo jikinta tayi saurin 'kwatar hannun ta koma d'aki da sauri ta barshi a tsaye ya rasa ma mey zeyi sam ya kasa controlling kansa shikansa besan yadda akai haka ta faru ba.

 Tana shiga d'aki tasa key ta rufe,hannayen nata tayi ta kallo tana tinawa.

  Da'kyar ta iya tashi yin sallahr asr dan tsabar hankalinta ya kasa kwanciya se recalling take.Yunwa take ji amma ta kasa sakkowa kitchen, har bayan maghrib se shawara take daga 'karshe de ha'kura tayi ta kwanta a haka yunwa na addabarta.

   Washegari 8:12am ya gama shirin office saboda makarar da yayi ko tunanin breakfast ma beba ,koda ya sakko 'kasa yaga be ganta ba.Haka ya hau bene yayi knocking d'akinta,tana zaune dama ba zuwa zatai ba yau.

  "Laila" Ya kirata.

Da farko ‘kin amsawa tayi se a karo na biyu ta amsa .

 "Are you not going to school today?"

  "Yes" Ta amsa daga ciki ta'ki tasowa ma daga kan gadon balle ta bud'e 'kofa.

  Jin haka yasa ya kama hanya  ya sauka,yau duk seya ji ba dad'i fitar kasancewar ba ita.Yana driving kusan rabin hankalinsa baya gurin,ya hau gadar sama yana driving be lura ba da wuri sega mey d'an sahu ya biyo one way garin kaucewa mey napep d'in   motarsa ta daki gefen gadar ta fad'a 'kasa,upside down ta sauka ,tayi mugun chanja kamanni,mey d'an sahu ya daki gini, lokaci guda jama'a aka hau salati a take waje ya d'inke da mutane.

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๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



Thank you for your warm support sister,Amjad fans kuma ina godiya ,ana tare


   Mey d'an sahun da aka yi 'ko'karin ciro shi daga d'an sahun aka ga ko numfashi bayayi ,kwance aka ajje shi gefe,daga 'kasan gada kuwa mutane uku ne suka shiga kici kicin bud'e 'kofar motar amma abu ya gagara ,seda ambulance suka 'karaso suka ciro Amjad da 'kyar sakamakon belt dake ma'kale a jikinsa, jini ya wanke fuskarsa haka aka sanya shi a mota a sheme.


 2hrs later,tana d'aki tana duba handout wayarta tayi ringing,ganin Canada jikin screen ta'ki picking.Sau biyu ana kira bata d'aga ba se ana uku."Hello".Cikeda  'kosawa.

  Jin murya daban bana Amjad ba yasa ta gyara zama.Tana jin abinda aka fad'a ta d'ayan 'bangaren ta saki wayar kan gado.

   Ta rasa abinda zatai,wayar ta d'auka ta sake kallan call d'in."Amjad "Ta furta a tsorace.Tafi 10min kafin daga baya ta d'au waya ta kira Mami.

  " Innalilahi wa innailaihirraji'un"Mami ta fad'a.

  "Kina asibitin?" Mami ta tambaya cikin rud'ani.

    "A'a"Ta amsa feeling guilty.

    " Mey kika zauna yi da baza ki tafi ba?"

    "Zan tafi yanzu" Ta fad'a.

     "Toh nima ina tahowa".

 Mami kafin ta tafi seda taje gidan Kawu Yunus ta fad'a masa halin da ake ciki,tare suka tafi asibitin kusan tare suka isa da Laila, Kawu Yunus ne ya kira Dad ya sanar masa.A gabansu aka  shiga dashi theatre room hankalinsu yayi mugun tashi dan yanayin da suka tsince shi.8:15pm aka fito dashi daga nan aka kaishi d'akin kwanciya,suna kan bench ko d'akin basu samu shiga se bayan doctor ya fita daga d'akin,Mami da Kawu suka shiga abin tausayi hannunsa yasha plaster sakamakon karaya se kanshi an zagaye masa da bandage, ga 'karin jini da ake masa.

  " Allah ya baka lafiya"

   "Ameen" Mami ta amsa cikin nuna jimami.

    Kawu Yunus se can dare ya tafi ya bar Mami da Laila data kasa shigowa tana waje kan bench itama daga baya Mami fitowa tayi ta zauna kan bench d'in.

 Mom kuwa basu san mey ake ciki ba se ji sukai Dad yasa su shirin tahowa Nigeria da suka tambayesa dalili ya'ki fad'a musu.Koda ta kira Amjad d'in ma ta fad'a masa suna zuwa taji wayar a kashe.

 Washegari 9pm suna Nigeria, Mom tunda taga an shigo asibiti jikinta yayi sanyi."Tell me what's going on?"

 "It's Amjad..." 

  "Mey ya sameshi ? What happened to my son?"

   "He had an accident"

   Dukansu ba wanda be firgita ba,cikin rashin ha'kuri driver na parking ta fita a motar Dad yana kiranta amma ta'ki tsayawa,da 'kyar ya samu ta tsaya ganin ba sanin d'akin tai ba.Seda suka kira Mami ta fad'a musu numbern room d'in.Cikin rud'ani suka 'karasa ,Laila tana zaune kan bench tagansu tsidik cikin hanzari suka shiga ita de ta bisu da kallo dan har lokacin ta'ki shiga d'akin.

 Har yanzu yana kwance same position ko motsi beyi ba,Mami da Zakia tuni suka fara tsiyayar hawaye.

 "Amjad" Ta 'karasa gefen gadon.

  Hannunta ta d'ora kan gashin kansa tana shafawa.

  "My child"

  Suna tsaye a kansa Mami ta shigo d'akin,bayan sun gaisa suka jajantawa juna Mami se bawa Mom ha'kuri take amma ta'ki dena sharar hawaye.

 "Ina Laila" Mom tayi 'ko'karin tambaya.

  "Ta'ki shigowa tana waje" Mami ta amsa.

   Mom da kanta ta fita wajenta ta tararda ita ta jingina da alama tayi nisa cikin tunani."Laila"Ta kira sunanta.

Da sauri ta dawo daga tunanin data tsillima."Mom,Ina yini"Ta gaisheta tana sunkui dakai.

 Hannu tasa ta d'ora a kafad'arta."Kiyi ha'kuri kinji,pray for him ze zamu sau'ki"

  Kai kawai ta kad'a ba tare da ta d'ago ba,bata ankara ba taji Mom ta jawota jikinta kamar 'yar baby tana shafa bayanta se bata ha'kuri take.Itade Laila tayi lif ita kad'ai tasan abinda take ji a ranta.

Sun dad’e a asibitin kamar baza su tafi ba Dad ya tashesu suka tafi,aka bar Mom se Laila Mami ma gida ta koma. Mom bata da buri irin taga ya farka,tafi 1hr tana zaune gefen gadon tana kallonsa.Laila data shigo d’akin ma daga can baya ta ta tsaya kamar bodyguard ta’ki zama.

  Seda dare ya nisa ta zauna kan d'aya daga cikin kujerun d'akin,a hankali gyangyad'i ya fara d'aukanta daga bisani tayi bacci.Mom data kalleta du setaji tausayinta ya kamata.


  Kullum se su Dad sunzo asibitin ,yawanci su suke kawo musu abinci sometimes Mami ,har anyi kwana shida amma Amjad be farka ba abin har ya soma damin Mom ko tashi ta shiga bathroom ba son yi take ba dan gani take kamar idan ta dawo bazata ganshi ba.Laila dan ma Allah yasa yawancin coaurses d'in duk anyi covering ba zuwa school take ba.

   Yau ne ma da Aliya ta kirata take fad'a mata za'ai test shine taje school d'in tana yi ta komo asibitin.Ganin Dad ,Shaheed Zakia da Kawu duk suna d'akin yasa ta fito ta samu bench tayi zamanta,sun jima kafin su fito tayi bacci kan bench d'in lokacin 10pm yayi.


 Gidansu Amjad taf yake da mutane,tana shigowa taga su Mami suna zaune kan carpet da sauran mutanen da ba sanin fuskokinsu tayi ba,Mom ta hanga daga kan step d'in bene gefenta Zakia se kuka take tana wata magana da baji take ba.Gwiwa a sanyaye ta 'karasa inda suke bata yi musu magana ba ta haye saman ,'kofa ta gani daga gefen side d'inta a bud'e tana shiga taga gawa a kan makara cikin likafani ba kowa d'akin a tsorace ta 'karasa tana zuwa taga fuskar a bud'e ganin Amjad ta saka ihu.

  "Amjad!"Ta mi'ke firgit se zufa take ,asibitin yayi shiru se yanzu ta gane mafarki take,zuciyarta se dukan uku-uku take da sauri ta tashi ta bud'e 'kofar d'akin ta shiga.

 Mom ta gani tana bacci a zaune kan kujera,1:28pm agogon d'akin ya nuna.A  hankali ta 'karasa gadon tana kallonsa ko 'kifta ido ta'kiyi,gefen gadon ta zauna tana 'kare masa kallo mafarkin datai yana dawo mata ,zuciyarta ce ta raya mata what if da gaske mutuwa yayi.Tsoro ne ya hauta lokaci guda, hannunsa ta d'ago ta d'ora a tafin hannunta 'kwallar dake ma'kale a idanuwanta ta zubo kuka sosai ta shiga yi mara sauti.Mom dede lokacin ta bud'e idanuwanta ta d'ora su kan Laila dake zaune gefen gadon ri'ke da hannunsa, ganin haka setayi murmurshi ta maida idanuwanta ta rife a zuciyarta tana mey jin dad'i ta wani 'bangaren tana jin tausayin halin da Laila ta shiga.Tafi 20min a haka har lolacin bata sake masa hannunsa ba sede yanzu ta dena kukan,kamar gangan taji motsin yatsansa d'aya a hannunta.Tana kalla taga ba gangan bane ,a sanyaye ta mayar da hannunsa ta ajje ta mi'ke daga kan gadon zuciyarta kuwa wani irin farinciki mara misaltuwa ne ya ziyarce ta.Gefe ta samu wani kujerar ta zauna cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci bacci ya saceta.

 Yau ma da safe akai mata waya ake fad'a mata za'ai test dan  haka ta shirya ta tafi school,har se to 12pm akai musu test d'in bayan nan kuma aka shiga lecture,hakannan ta samu ta zauna se 4pm tukun ta komo asibitin.Tana shiga ta tsaya daga 'kofa ganin mutum ido biyu tayi yana magana da Mom amma bata san mey yake cewa ba.Ba wanda ya lura da shigowarta se Zakia ta kira sunanta,se lokacin kallo ya komo kanta Amjad yana daga kwance ya kallota a wahale idanunsa sun 'kan'kance fuskarsa ta nuna alamar ramewa.

 "Laila,I'm glad you're back" Mom ta fad'a tana kallonta sannan ta komar da kallonta kan Amjad irin alamar ya farka d'innan take nuna mata.Kallo d'aya ta sake yi masa ta kawar da kanta,duk wani move datake yana kallonta gashi ko magana yaga ta'ki yi ,su Mom kuwa basu ma lura da hakan ba.Mami da sukai waya da Mom take sanar mata ya farfad'o tare da kawu suka zo suka duba shi daga nan ta sake tahowa da Laila wasu kayan nata.Se 9:30pm suka bar asibitin aka bar Mom da Laila,gabaki d'aya ta kasa sake wa fiye da da.

 "Amjad you need to eat" Mom ta fad'a dan tun d'azu da rana dayaci chicken spaghetti be kuma cin wani abu ba.

 "No I'm ok"

   Fruit salad d'in ta samu  ya sha kad'an,ita de Laila kallonsu kawai take duk abinda suke,jinta take a takure dama ta koma gida da yafi mata take fad'a a zuciyarta.Bayan yasha magani ya kwanta bacci daga baya Mom itama tayi,Laila 'karshe se tunanin yadda zata 'kare wannan zaman take.

Washegari 5:40am Mom ta tashi bayan tayi sallah Amjad ya farka ta taimaka masa yayi taimama yayi sallah,Laila dama bayin sallah zatai ba amma dukda haka takan tashi sede kuma yau baccinta tayi har se wajen 7:30am ta farka.Tana bud'e ido taga Mom tana gefen d'anta tasa abinci a gaba tana bashi yana ci da 'kyar,duk kunya taji ta isheta tashar'bi bacci surukarta na kallo abin kunya tayi tunani a ranta.Kamar ko yaushe cikin rissinawa ta gaisheda Mom ganin ido yasa shima ta gaishehi harda tambayarsa ya jiki, shikuwa ya'ki amsawa yayi kamar beji ba.

  Bayan awanni kad'an sega su Zakia sunzo asibitin,dama haka take so tana ganinsu tayi fitowarta ta fita can waje ta samu bench ta zauna tana kallon shuke-shuke.

  "Mom are you staying here until..." Shaheed be 'kare magana ba Mom tace." I'm not going to stay here beside I' m going back home today"

"What? Are you leaving me like this?"

  "Amjad ,Laila is here and I think is ok like that"

  "Yes!" Zakia da ba da ita ake ba ta tsomo baki.

 Kallonta kawai yayi ya kawar da kai ba tare da yace komai ba dan yanzu ba lokacin wannan bane.

  "Your wife is here,I'm sure she will take good care of you I knew it"


     "Do you want me to tell you   something you don't know?"Ta tambaya bayan data ga yaran hankalinsu baya gun.

  "What?"Ya tambaya.

   " The time when you was unconscious I saw Laila holding your hands crying, tears flowing down her cheeks,you know why? Because she cares about you she don't wanna lose you "

 Kallanta ha tsaya yi saroro yana tunanin anya kuwa Laila ce zatai haka.

 "Didn't you believed me?"

  "I do 100% remember I trust you Mom" Ya fad'a yana murmushi har cikin ransa ,farinciki ya mamayeshi.

 "Laila cried for me ,does this means she loved me?" Abinda ya shiga tambayar zuciyarsa kenan yana mamaki.Ya 'kosa yaganta a halin yanzu amma ya neme ta a d'akin ya rasa ko ina tayi?

  Laila seda ta gaji da zaman wajen ta komo ciki,abinda take gudun shi ta sake tararwa watoh kallon da yake mata,ko abinci ta'ki sakewa taci Zakia tana mata hira kad'an-kad'an tana amsawa,suna zaune har Dad yazo bayan 'yan awanni suka tashi tafiya jin Mom tace tafiya zatai itama Laila hankalinta ya d'aga.Kamar ta tsuguna ta ro'keta ta zauna haka taji,tana kallo ta tattara inata-inata suka tafi tare aiko Laila harda biyo bayansu irin rakiyarnan zatai suna tafiya ta zauna kan bench ta'ki komawa d'akin,ta gwammace ta zauna a waje data shiga.Ko wayarta bata fito da ita ba ,zaman wajen kuma yanzu taji ya gundireta 7:40pm ta tashi ta komo d'akin kamar wacca "kwai ga fashe mata a ciki.Ta shiga ta rufo 'kofar ko kallonsa ta'ki shikuwa tana shigowa ya sauke idanunsa a kanta kallo bama na wasa ba...


๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ




   Kan kujera ta samu ta zauna tana sake gyara zaman mayafinta data yafa kanta.

  "I thought you run away" Taji ya fad'a.

   Shiru tayi bata ce komai ba tana hangen handbag d'inta dake kan drawer,mi'kewa tayi daga zaune ta taka inda jakar take ta ciro wayarta ta dawo ta zauna.

  "Where is my phone?" Ya tambaya ganin ta ciro tata wayar a jaka.

  Tuna inda ta jefa wayar ta shiga yi dan tun sanda aka dam'kamata a hannunta sanda tazo asibitin.Mi'kewa tayi daga zaune ta shiga duba akwatin kayansu ta bud'e can ta bud'e nan can ta gano ta 'kasan akwatin.Tana ri'ke da wayar ta 'karasa gadon ta mi'ka masa."Thank you".Ya furta.

   Suna zaune d'akin shiru bame magana nurse ta shigo,kai tsaye ta wuce inda yake ba tare da ta lura da Laila ba.

  "Amjad Mu'az,sannu koh"

 Alluransa da ake masa ta had'a ta bud'e carnula ta tsiyaya,se magani data mi'ka masa bottle of water data gani kan drawer side na gadon ta d'auka ta tsiyaya a cup a mi'ka masa se wani 'kwar'kwasa take."

  Se lokacin ta waiwayo ta kalli Laila dake latsa wayarta."Ke ki biyo ni ki kar'bi wasu magunguna nashi"Ta wani kalleta a wula'kance.

  Laila tajita sarai amma jin tace 'ke' yasa ko d'ago kanta batayi  ba balle ta kalleta.

 "Baki ji bane" Ta matso inda take.

  "Ke naji kin anbata kuma a nan d'akin ba mey suna ke" Laila ta fad'a bayan ta komo da kallonta kanta.

"Ba irinku ya dace kuke jinyan mutum ba dan baku san darajar wanda kuke jiyyar ba," Tana gama fad'ar haka ta fita ta bar Laila.

 Ranta in yayi dubu ya 'baci ,duk wannan uban zaman da take sha a asibitin nan shine zata fad'a mata 'bakar magana.

 "What did she said?" Ya tambayi Laila.

   "Nothing" Ta amsa bata ko kalleshi ba.

    Gida'a kai yayi dukda be aminta da abinda ta fad'a ba dan yaga sauyin yanayin fuskarta fiye da da.Wayar ma ajjeta tayi dan tsabar takaici ta kasa yin abinda zatai.

  "Laila I'm hungry" Taji yayi magana.

   D'agowa tayi ta kallesa nan Mom tace yaci abinci amma ya'ki shine yanzu zece mata wani zeci abinci.A hankali ta tako zuwa inda warmer d'in yake ta samu plate ta ziba masa pasta had'e da  sweet creamy potato sauce  ta samu spoon ta d'ora ta mi'ka masa, ganin be kar'ba ba ta ajje masa kan gefen gadon ta koma ta zauna.

  "Laila can't you see ? I can't use my hand to eat"

Se lokacin ta d'ago ta kalli hannunsa na dama  dake nad'e a plaster."Kaci da hannun hagun".

   "Laila it's not good to eat with left hand"

  Sekace ba shine mey cin abinci da hannun hagun ba wata rana."Laila I'm starving "

 Cikin sanyin jiki irin nata ta 'karasa,a gaskiya bazata iya zama gefensa ba kamar yadda taga Mom nayi, tsayawa tayi ta d'auki plate d'in  a tsayen ta d'ibo a spoon ta mi'ka masa.

  "I can't take this while you're standing"

    "It's ok for me"

     "But it's not ok for me,sit"Ya fad'a.

      A raku'be ta zauna daga gefensa dan wajen ba wani space ne dashi ba duk yadda takai ga no'kewa seda ta ra'bi jikinsa abinda bataso kenan.Bata bari sun had'a ido ba ta mi'ka masa, yana sane ya 'bata lokaci kafin ya kar'ba har hannunta ya gaji.Dayaga ya kusa 'koshi inde ta d'ibi abincin seyace lomar tayi masa girma har seta rage zeci.Tana gama bashi ta mi'ke da sauri.

 "Water" Ya tuna mata.

 Shima ruwan seda ta tsiyaya a cup ta bashi ,yana sha yana kallonta.Laila a yadda ta kula  ruwan ya isheshi amma da gayya take sake d'ura masa seda yayi mata alama da hannu ta maida cup ta ajje.

   Tana komawa kan kujerarta ta gado ta jingina ta rufe idanunta."Are you comfortable there?"

  "Uhm" Ta amsa.

   Yana kallonta se motsi take dan ba bacci take ba."Laila come over here"

 "Wa ? Cinyarka kake so na kwanta? you're sick" Ta fad'a a ranta.

   Haka yayi tayi mata magana har ya gaji bata ko bud'e ido ba.


   Tun 5:00am ya tashi daga bacci,kwanciyar du ta isheshi ya juya nan ya juya can,Laila kuwa se sharar bacci take.

  6:30am ta farka daga bacci, tana maida kallonta kan gadon nashi ta lura da nurse dake tsaye a bakin gadon sede kuma bata jiya bace.

  "Your sister?" Ta tambayi Amjad lokacin data ga Laila ta tashi daga zaune.

 "No,my wife" Ya amsata yana kallon Laila fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi.

 "Married at young age"Nurse ta fad'a tana kallon Laila.

 " Your wife is pretty but she don't smile"Nurse d'in tayi dariya,Amjad ma dariya yayi yana kallon Laila data sunkui dakai tana guntse dariyarta dan ita kanta Nurse d'in ta bata dariya musamman yadda tayi maganar dan ba bahaushiya bace.

 "Ehnn...amma ita ba  Nigerian bane?,yayi kamanni irin na bature mijinka" Ta tambayi Laila cikin gur'batacciyar Hausa.

 "Nigerian ne mana" Laila ta amsa.

 "Ehenn ban yarda ba,baka so nace mijinka yafika kyo"

 Itade Laila dariya tayi ta rabu da ita da surutunta har ta fita.

 "Morning" Taji ya fad'a.

  Shiru tayi batace komai ba ,akwatin ta zuge ta ciro kayanta ta shiga bathroom.10min later ta fito cikin shirinta na atamfa doguwar riga ta yafa mayafi.

 "Can you please help me  sit up?"

  Basarwa tayi kamar bata ji ba."Laila I'm talking to you,why are you shunning me as if you're not the one  crying for me..."Ya 'kare maganar a hankali.

  'Kiri tayi da ido tana mamakin yanda akai ya sani."Taya ya sani,ko dama yana jina lokacin? "

 "I'm gonna call Mami to tell her how you're treating me,you don't show any respect to your husband"Ya mi'ka hannu ya d'auki wayarsa.

 Ganin haka tayi sauri ta 'karaso inda yake,pillow daya d'ora kansa tasa hannunta zata zame." Laila ,do you wanna break my neck?"Ya 'kwantar da murya.

D'an d'ago da kanshi  yayi yana jiran nata taimakon ,rufe ido kawai tayi ta zagaye hannunta a bayansa da taimakon ta ya mi'ke zaune ta sanya masa pillown  a baya yanda zeji comfortable.

   "Thanks dear" Ya fad'a yana murmushi.

 Suna zaune aka kawo musu breakfast,Laila tana kallon abincin amma ta'ki  ko ci balle ta bashi shima,shiru yayi beyi mata magana ba.

  "Laila" Ya kirata .

   "Why are you always mad at me ,is't because of..." Se kuma yayi shiru.

   "Because I'm not suppose  to be with you here but your girlfriend."Ita kanta bata zaci haka ba daga bakinta.

     Ya dad'e kafin ya sake wata maganar." Laila I know I was wrong to treated you like that,I'm sorry for hurting you..."Be 'kare maganar ba aka turo 'kofar d'akin.

 "Assalamu Alaykum"Mom ta tayi sallama.

  " Waalaikissalam"Suka amsa.

   Cikin rissinawa ta gaisheda Mom."Laila, how you? "

  "I'm fine" Ta amsa.

   "Mom I'm the patient not Laila?"Ya fad'a.

   " You're jealous "Cewar Mom tana dariya.

  "Have you eating?" 

  "No" Ya amsa yana kallon Laila tare da yin makirin murmushi.


    "He refused to eat" Laila tayi saurin fad'a.  

      Waro ido yayi yana kallonta ashe itama ta iya sharri."Mom I ..."

 "You what? You have nothing to say,now that i'm here I will force you to eat"

 Abincin data taho musu dashi ta d'akko.Baguette da liver sauce se sandwich.A plate ta jera komai ta zauna  ta soma bashi.Laila haka kawai taji 'bacin rai ganin Mom ke bashi,ita kanta batasan dalilin fushin ba(Jealous).

  Komawa tayi gefe ta zauna dan ta huce takaici seta d'auki wayarta tana dubawa.

  "Laila,are you not gonna eat?"Mom ta tambayeta

   "Ita ai taci d'azu" Amjad ya fad'a.

   Shima ya rama,suna had'a ido yayi murmurshi ita kuwa ta murgud'a masa baki tare da watsa masa harara.Kamar wani dolo haka ya saki baki ya bita da kallon dan be ta'ba gani tayi masa irin abinda tayi yau ba,ba 'karamin birgeshi tayi ba yaji dama tana kusa dashi.

   Mom duk wannan dramar da ake bata kula ba ,haka Laila ta zauna bata ci abinci ba wajen 12pm Mom ta tafi ta barsu da halinsu.

 "Why did you lied?"

  "Toh ai kaima ka rama"

   "Wannan is a little thing,when the time you will see"

  "Allah ya nuna mana"

  "I know you will cry"

  "Cry? Tabb god forbid"

   "Hmm"  Yayi murmushin mugunta.

  Ganin haka kuma seta ji jikinta yayi sanyi lokaci guda 'kwa'kwalwarta ta fara ganar da ita mey hakan yake nufi.

 "I'm hungry"Ya fad'a.

  " D'azu kaci abinci fa"

   "Yes I want more"

    Tana jin haushi ta mi'ke ta ajje wayar dake hannunta,yau ma ra'ku'bawa tayi a gefensa lomar farko data mi'ka masa yasa hannunsa na hagu kan nata hannun ya mayar da spoon d'in saitin bakinta."Eat,I know you're hungry".

  "No I'm not"


     Tana bud'e baki zatai magana ya saka mata,ba yadda ta iya ta had'iye.Plate d'in ta maida kan drawer ta mi'ke zata bar wajen yasa hannu ya ri'ko hannunta bata ankara ba ta fad'o jikinsa.

"Auch!" Yayi 'yar 'kara.

 "Sannu ,I'm sorry" Ta rikice se duban hannun take ta d'auka ko bigeshi tayi.

 "Relax" Ya fad'a hankali kwance.

  Ganin fuskarsa ta gane ba abinda tayi masa ma yana sane,tayi 'ko'karin tashi daga kanshi ya sake janyota ta zauna kan cinyarsa.

 "Ka sake ni"Ta shiga mutsu-mutsu amma ko jinta ya'ki yi.

   " You care,you care about me Laila I knew it"

   "No" Ta harareshi.

   "I like the way you glared at me,you look beautiful doing it"

  Jin haka yasa  bata sake hararar ba balla murgud'a baki.Muryarsa a raunane ya soma fad'in;

 "Laila I gave up ,I have no choice my heart choosed you,I fall for you Laila why can't you understand?I'm thinking of no one but you it's always you Laila I mean it"

 "I don't care,you love her not me"Ta fad'a zata tashi ya sake ri'keta gam.Hannunsa mey plaster ta kalla." You're hurting your self"

 "Anything that happen to me is you, it's because of you Laila, I no more love her again I was wronged to love her when I have someone like you ,I have regretted everything I have done,I was so stupid to turned my back on you,Laila I'm begging you to forgive me I'm very sorry"


 ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ      ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ




Alamun murya taji a waje wanda yake tabbatarwa d’akin za’a shigo.”Dan Allah ka sakeni,please let me go”

"You have to repeat what I will say before I let You go"

 "My husband, please let me go" Ya fad'a.

  Ganin ba mafita ta maimata"My husband please let me go ".Tana fad'a ya saketa yana murmushi. 

Da sauri ta mi’ke ta bar gurin tayi chan nesa dashi ” Mugu”Tayi maganar a ciki.

 "Assalamu Alaykum" Akai sallama bayan an turo 'kofar d'akin.Laila tana d'agowa ta had'a ido da Aisha ri'ke da 'yarsu se Farouq a bayansu.

"Waalaikumussalam" Ta amsa fuskarta a sake.

 Da yake Aisha irin mutanennance masu saurin sabo kamar ta dad'e da sanin Laila haka suka gaisa ,dukda yarinyarsu mey 'kwiyace da Laila ta kirata bata 'ki zuwa ba.

 "Fad'a min sunanki?"Ta tambaya tana d'orata kan cinyarta.

   "Minal" Ta amsata tana wasa da takalmin 'kafarta.

    Amjad dake hira da abokinsa Farouq rabin hankalinsa na kanta ,seyaga tayi 'kyau da kid a hannunta.Zuwan Aisha ya d'ebe mata kewa taji dama karta tafi,lokacin da zasu tafi har rakasu waje tayi bayan sun tafi maimakon ta dawo setai zamanta a waje kan bench.

  Amjad jin shiru bata dawo ba ya kirata a waya sejin ringing d'in wayarta yayi a d'akin,yasan dama so take ta samu damar da zata fita shiyasa tayi rakiyar.

 Seda taji zaman wajen ya gundireta tukun ta komo ciki.

 "Meyasa baki zauna chan ba?" Taji ya fad'a.

  "Ai yanzu zan koma" Ta fad'a stubbornly.

   "Zan gani taya zaki fita"

   "Taya za'a iya ,mutum a kwance"Tayi maganar a hankali.

  "Haka kika fad'a koh?"Ya kad'a kai.

    Jin haka yasa bata 'kara fad'ar 'kala ba se wayarta data d'akko ta soma dubawa.


Haka suka cigaba da zaman asibiti koyaushe rikici na yau daban na gobe daban ,wani sa’in ko ze iya yin abu da kansa seyace baze iya be setayi masa ,seda suka kwashe sati biyu cir aka yi discharging d’insu daga asibitin lokacin ya samu sau’ki sosai dan a yanzu an cire masa plastern hannunsa an sauya masa da arm sling,bandage dake zagaye a kansa shima an cire iya bandage d’an ‘karami be ya rage gefen eyebrow d’insa na hagu.Mom kuwa kwanansu biyu da komawa Canada,Laila jefi-jefi tana shiga school yanzu ma exam zasu fara result nasu na wancen semester ya fito ta samu sakamako mey kyau.

 First day da suka komo gida,tunda ta shiga d'akinta kuma shikenan ko le'kowa ta'ki yi 7:30pm se addu'a take karya kirata dan tana expecting hakan.

  Ring! Ring! Wayarta tayi 'kara ,har cikin zuciyarta taji kiran."Canada"

  "Mutum sekace tsoho"Ta d'aga kiran.

  " Laila where are you?"

  Bata amsa ba ta katse kiran ,mayafinta ta sura ta yafa ta fita zuwa d'akinsa.Tana shiga ta tsaya daga bakin 'kofa tana kallan gefe.Yana zaune yayi d'are- d'are  kan mirror drawer.

"Laila you left me alone,I'm hungry"

  Juya tayi zata fita ya tsayar da ita"You didn't ask me what I wanna eat"

  "What is your favorite?" Ya tambayeta.

    "D'an wake" Ta amsa dukda kuwa ba shine fav d'inta ba.

    Kasa repeating d'in abinda ta fad'a yayi dan haka ya gid'a kai kawai.

 "OK,make me your favorite".

  " Uhum"Ta fita.

"Zaka ga favorite sekayi regretting cin d'an wake,bade kai d'an takura ba" Ta fad'a tana d'akko bowl zata had'a d'anwaken.Cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci ta gama kwa'bawa ruwan data d'ora ya tafasa nan ta soma sakin d'anwakenta kai kace d'an 'karamin ball ne dan girma,tana gamawa after few minutes ta sauke.Plate ta cika taf ta ziba manja ko soyawa batai ba danma ba'a daskare yake ba,Maggie ta 'bare ta barbad'a ta d'ibi yaji tea spoon hud'u ta ziba akai ta ko ina,ta d'akko fork ta d'ora.

  Dayake tasan mey ta shirya se gimtse dariyarta  take ta shiga d'akin,daga drawer side na bango ta ajje plate d'in dake a rufe. Ganin haka Amjad ya sakko daga kan mirror drawern ya 'karaso inda take.

 "Sit" Ya fad'a yana d'aukan plate d'in.

   Tana tsaye kawai jira take taga ya bud'e taga irin reaction d'insa,d'an basarwa yayi ya kalli kalar d'an waken ya d'anyi guntun murmushi. "Feed me" Ya mi'ka mata plate d'in. Daga gefen gadon ta zauna opposite dashi,'kwaya d'aya ta soka wanda yaji yake mamaye a kai ta mi'ka masa saitin bakinsa.Amjad yana kallonta ya mi'ka baki ya kar'ba ,tashin farko yaji uban yaji gashi ya shika masa bakinsa ko taunawa da'kyar yake,kamar ma'kogoronsa ze fashe haka ya had'iye.Kafin ya dawo cikin nutsuwa tasake sokar wani ta mi'ka masa, kamar wanda aka dannewa baki ya kasa maganar,haka ya bud'e bakinsa ta  sake zirawa.Ma'kwat! kuke ji take bakinsa ya d'ad'e shhh! Ya fara.

 Tana sake mi'ko wata lomar ya kauda kai murmushin fuskarsa ya d'auke.Wata muguwar dariyace ta ku'bucewa Laila har tana rufe bakinta.

 "What did you do?" Ya kalleta cikeda tuhuma

 Tashi tayi da sauri ta dire plate d'in tayi hanyar 'kofa tana dariya harda dafe ciki,kamar kiftawar ido taga yasha gabanta"You're not going anywhere"Ya kulle 'kofar dakin.

   *I'm sorry for the short chappy am busy sosai.Love urโค*


๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



 3โƒฃ1โƒฃ 3โƒฃ2โƒฃ

Tana gani ya rifo 'kofar hanjin cikinta ya kad'a ta soma had'iye dariyarta.A hankali ya soma takowa inda take ta fara ja da baya ganin ta kusa 'kure bango ta fara zagaye a d'akin "What did you do?"Ya fad'a yana nufar inda take.Ganin ya'ki tsayawa gashi tazo daf da gadon aiko take ta haye kan gadon tana so ta zauka gefe." Laila you better stop you can't run away from me because I have the key with me"

 Dukda abinda ya fad'a bata sauraresa ba seda ta 'karasa 'kofar tayi ta girgizawa amma ta kasa bud'ewa,ganin ya zagayo inda take ta sake guduwa yayi can tayi nan haka sukai ta zagaye a d'akin ,daga 'karshe yayi nasarar ri'kota."Please I'm sorry"Ta fara bashi ha'kuri take idonta ya raina fata.

 "Why? did you want me dead?"

  Girgiza kai tayi alamar a'a."Then why did you do it?"

 "I said I'm sorry"

  "I don't need your sorry, this is pay back time now is my turn" Ya fad'a yana ri'ke da hannunta ya janyo plate d'in d'an waken ya mi'ka mata.


 Ita kanta data saba ganin d'anwake seda taji tsantsamin ci gashi yaji burjik ya ratsa ko ina."Please sorry "

 "Don't sorry me ,you didn't offended me ai I just want you to taste it isn't it your fav?"

Da sauri ta girgiza kai "No" Ta amsa.

"Then why did you lied?"

 "I'm sorry"

  "You lied because you wanted to purnish me ,now eat"

Ya sake mi'ka mata,fafur taki kar'ba aiko ganin haka ya zaunar da ita daga can jikin gadon ya zauna daf da ita yadda bazata iya gudu ba.Hannunta ya sake ya d'auka fork d'in ya soka d'aya kamar yadda yaga tayi ya mi'ka mata "Arhh"

'Kin bud'e baki tayi ta marairaice ,yana sake matso da fork d'in tasa hannunta ta rife bakin, yin duniya ta'ki yarda ta bud'e bakinta garin zillewa ta kwanta kan gadon a rigingine kafin ta yun'kura ta d'ago yayi mata runfa.

 "Sorry" Ta fad'a kamar zatai kuka.

  "Don't mention" Yayi maganar cikin sanyi murya wadda bata ta'ba jin yayi irinta ba.

 "Please let me go"

  The more tana magana the more yana sake matsowa kusa,ganin baida niyyar dakatawa tasa bayan hannunta ta rufe bakinta ta rufe idanunta.Tafin hannunta taji yayi kissing wani irin shock taji take ta soma mutsu-mutsu,garin haka ta bigi hannunsa mey karaya."Auchh!"

 D'agowa tayi da sauri tana kallonsa cikeda rud'ewa ta dafa kafad'arsa "Sannu ,sannu".

  D'ago da kansa yayi yana kallonta ya soma murmushi,ganin faking ne ta d'auke hannunta ta d'aure fuska da sauri ta mi'ke harta kai bakin 'kofa be mata magana ba.

 "Please ka bud'e min"

Shiru yayi bece mata komai ba se blanket d’inshi daya janyo ya gyara kwanciyarsa bayan ya cire Shirt d’in jikinsa.

  Ganin ya juya baya ta dafe kai "innalillah kwana anan d'akin?" Ta fad'a a ranta.

 Tsaiwa ta cigaba dayi tana ri'ke da handle d'in 'kofar,tafi 30min a tsaye harta gaji gashi  couch d'in d'akin bata nan balle ta zauna.Drawer mirror ta soma dubawa ko zata ga key amma babu alamarsa,drawer side na bed ta dudduba nan ma babu  a cikin sand'a ta 'karasa drawer side d'in dayake kwance taga ya rife idanunsa yana bacci.A hankali ta duba itama babu ,wani tunani ne ya fad'o mata aiko ta zagaye baya tana tunanin ta ina zata soma lalubar aljihunsa,cikin sand'a ta d'an d'age blanket d'in a hankali ta zira hannunta a cikin pocket d'in sede ba komai ciki ganin alamar yana motsi tayi sauri ta d'auke hannunta taja baya.

Haka ta cigaba da tsaiwa tun tana jurewa ga bacci data keji haka ta zauna kan tiles ta d'ora kanta kan gadon.

  6:03am,ta bud'e ido a firgice ta tashi ganinta tai d'are-d'are kan gado mayafinta ma ta nema ta rasa,gefe kuwa Amjad ta ganin yana baccinsa hankali kwance,cikin sauri ta yaye blanket d'in ta sauka daga kai.Ganin har 6am yayi ta shiga bathroom d'in d'akin ganin be bud'e 'kofar ba,tana yo alwala ta fito ta d'auko mayafinta daya fad'i 'kasan gado ta yafa ta tada sallah.

  Har ta idar da sallah be farka ba,ganin lokaci na sake ja yasa ta mi'ke daga zaune ta 'karasa inda yake.Pillow daya d'ora tasa hannu ta bubbuga ,tayi haka yafi sau uku amma ya'ki tashi.Komawa tayi gefe tana jira ko ze farka da kansa amma shiru,haka ta sake komawa tayi ta magana"Wake up,is time for prayer" 

 Kamar bakinta zeyi tsini amma be tashi ba har 7:15am yayi,gashi ta tsani ta tashi mutum ya'ki farkawa.D'aya pillown ta d'auko ta fara buga masa a 'kafa nan ma shiru,bata ankara ba taji hawaye sun fara tsiyaya kuka ta fara sosai harma ana jin sauti.

 Jin ta fara rera kuka yasa ya tashi dan duk wannan abin da take yana jinta.Gani yayi ta dasa tagumi ta juya baya  "Laila" Ya kira.

  Ganin ta'ki amsawa kuma  ta'ki dena kukan yasa ya 'karasa inda take ya zauna kamar yadda tayi ta tan'kwashe 'kafarta.

 "Laila why?"

 Se lokacin ta d'ago ta kalleshi idanunta yayi ja."Open the door and let me out"Ta fad'a cikin rawar murya.

 "I will,but tell me why are you crying are you so worried about me like this?"

  Wata uwar harara ta watsa masa tare da mi'kewa ta koma jikin 'kofar ta juya masa baya.

 "Laila I'm still alive don't worry"

    "I don't care"Ta fad'a bayan ta juyo.

     "Lie,now tell me did you pray?"

      "Do you have to ask? I'm not like you ,you know"

     "What do I do laila" Yayi maganar yana 'karasowa inda take.

     "You always pray late"Tana fad'a ta juya.

      "So this is the reason why you're crying?"

     "Laila you suppose to wake me up"

      "How many times? it's your habit ai " Ta 'kare maganar a hankali.

   "Ok, now help me perform ablution will you?"

    Shiru tayi kafin daga bisani ta gid'a kai,se bayan yayi sallah tukun ya bata key ta bud'e 'kofar ta fita.Seda ta shiga d'akin bayan tayi wanka ta shiryo tukun ta fita kitchen tayi preparing breakfast.Tana kammalawa ta jera a tray tana shirin hawa sama da abincin taga yana sakkowa,ya sauya cikin shirt red da ba'kin wando.

 Kallo d'aya tayi mishi ta juya kan dinning ta jere kayan ,ba 'karya yayi mata kyau sosai ga 'kamshin turarensa dake dukan hancinta.

 "Morning" Tajiyo muryarsa.

   "Morning" Ta amsa masa kanta a sunkuye tana ziba abincin a plate.

  "May I sit?"

    "Juyowa tayi da gefen ido tana kallonsa ta amsa da " Yes".

    "You look pretty" Ya fad'a bayan ya zauna.

     For the first time an yaba 'kyanta dukda ba wani heavy makeup tayi ba ,blue atamfa tasa mey adon ba'ki se lipstick da kwalli tayi d'aurin step-step.

Kujerar dake kusa dashi taja gefe ta zauna ,d'aya daga cikin plate da tasa abincin kuma ta matso dashi kusa.A zuciyarta kuwa addu'a take Allah ya kawo ranar da ze warke ta dena bashi a baki.

 Lomar farko data mi'ka masa be kar'ba ba."You need to eat first".Ya fad'a fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi.

 Bata ce komai ba taci se a na biyu data d'akko ya kar'ba."Laila look into my eyes"Ya fad'a dan bata iya kallon cikin idanunsa.Yitai kamar bata jiba."Laila I'm talking to you".

 Tana d'ago da idanta kallo d'aya tayi masa ta mayar  gefe.Har suka gama breakfast bata iya had'a ido dashi ba,tana gamawa ta tashi ta kwashe komai na dinning ta wuce dasu kitchen.


2 weeks later

  Cikin sati biyunnan Amjad ya warke yanzu hannunsa an cire arm sling d'in yana iya amfani dashi har ya koma office, Laila sunyi nisa da fara exam  ,a kullum sake sabawa suke sede tun rannan bata sake bari ta shiga d'akinsa ba  ko gyara d'akin zatai seta tabbata baya nan.

 8:12am suna dinning breakfast  sun d'au minutes shiru ba wanda yayi magana,tsam ya ajje chokalin hannunsa bayan ya kalli wrisk watch d'insa,kur'ba d'aya yayiwa coffee d'in gabansa ya mi'ke."Laila I'm done"

  Tana daga zaune kawai gid'a kai tayi batace komai ba."Laila no good bye?"

 Tana jinsa tayi shiru dan kullum haka yake fama da ita ko bye baya samu wani lokacin ma se taga ya kusa tafiya ta shige d'akinta.    

 Tana sunkeye da kanta ba zato ba tsammani taji kiss a cheeks d'inta ,a take tsigar jikinta ta mi'ke kafin tayi wani 'kwa'k'kwaran motsi ta sake jin wani a d'ayan side d'in."Good bye my heartbeat".

 Daskarewa tayi a zaune ta kasa sake wani motsin har ya fice bata lura bama,hannunta tasa ta shafa kumatun dama sannan na hagun ta dafe ,murmushi ta tsinci kanta tana yi wanda bata shirya masa ba."Heartbeat"Ta maimaita a fili cikin sanyaryar murya.

Ta dad'e a haka ko cikakken breakfast batai ba banda tunaninsa.Ganin 9am na shirin yi ta tashi ta wuce da plates d'in kitchen bayan ta d'auraye ta koma d'aki ta ciro handout ta soma karatu dan tana da exam gobe.Tiryan-tiryan ta fara karatunta bata ankare ba taji ta dilmaya cikin tunani,tunaninma na Amjad. Duk yadda takai ga kawar dashi bata iya ta dena ba,abin har ya soma isarta dan tana so tayi karatu amma ta kasa.

  2pm ,ta samu da 'kyar ta karanta iya abinda zata iya ta rufe,tunanin girkin da zatai ta shigayi.Lokaci guda taji tana so tasan favorite d'insa sede kuma batajin zata iya tambayarsa,har ta yanke shawarar abincin da zatai wani tunani ya fad'o mata nan ta tuna sanda suna asibiti Mom ta kawo masa abinci tabbas idan bata manta ba kamar Chicken spaghetti ne,ganin haka kawai ta fara had'a  pineapple juice tasa a fridge, daga  baya ta soma had'a chicken spaghetti d'in ba jimawa ta kammala ,tsaf ta gyare kitchen d'in ya dawo normal yadda yake.

 Tana komawa d'aki text ya shigo wayarta,data duba taga "Canada"

 "Hi my heartbeat how is the day,hope you're doing good. I love you"

  "I'm doing good" Tayi replying cikin 'kan'kanin lokaci.

 Yana daga office ya murmusa ganin tayi replying, gwada kira yayi ga mamakinsa taga tayi picking a kira na biyu.

Shiru tayi bata yi magana ba bayan ta d’aga.”Hello”Yayi magana.

 "Laila are you there?" Ya fad'a jin tayi shiru.

  "Laila talk to me"

   "Uh.. Yes" Tayi 'ko'karin fad'a.

    "Are you ok?"


     "Have you eaten?"

      "No" Ta amsa.

       "Why? Are you waiting for me ?"

       A zahirin gaskiya amsar itace "yes",amma kuma seta ce "No"



     "Don't lie,did you missed me"

       Shiru tayi ta'ki amsa masa,se magana yake mata amma ta'ki magana.

  "Laila you missed me I knew it"

    "No" Tana fad'ar haka ta kashe wayar ta kasa dena murmushi.

    Data d'inta ta bud'e taga yayi posting status, bud'ewa tayi karantawa taga yayi note data karanta taga akanta ne heartbeat. Profile status ma it's about her,ajje wayar tai chat d'inma ta kasa yi se tunani data shigayi tana blushing.Shima ta 'bangaren Amjad wayar tashi yabi da kallo yana murmushi yana ayyanawa the answer is yes kawai kunyar fad'a take,jiyake kamar yafi kowa farinciki a duniyar "She love me".

 15min later tana cikin wannan tunanin taji ringing d'in door bell,mi'kewa tayi ta bud'e window ta le'ka ta hanging motarsa,mamakin yadda akai har ya dawo da wuri ta shigayi ganin zata 'bata lokaci ta d'auki mayafinta ta yafa ,har zata wuce ta dawo ta kalli mirror ,powder  ta sake dusting a fuskarta tare da sake shafa humranta. Mayafin ma taga beyi mata ba ta cire ta fita a haka cikin riga da skirt na red atamfa,ta ri'ke handle zata bud'e ta kalli jikinta tana jin kunya hakanannan ta bud'e.


๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



*Dije One love ina taya ki murnar kammala littafinki FAROUQ KO HAIDAR ,Allah yasa mun amfana da abinda ke ciki thump up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป*


  Tana had'a ido dashi ta sauke duk kunya ta isheta,fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi ya 'karaso ciki tare da rufo 'kofar.Hannayenta biyu ya ri'ko cikin hannayensa yana murzawa softly."Laila what are you hiding on your face? let me see your pretty face".

 "Laila" Ya sake kiranta ganin ta'ki d'agowa.

  A hankali ta d'ago da kanta sede ta'ki bari su had'a ido,hannayen nata duka biyun ya had'a yayi kissing."Did you know how pretty good your hands look like? I really love them".

  "Amjad'Ta kira sunansa.

  " uhm?"

   Be ankara ba cikin sauri ta zare hannunta kafin yayi wata maganar tayi sauri ta haye sama ta barshi tsaye a gun,tana shiga d'akinta ta rufe 'kofar se numfarfashi take hannayenta tasa a gaba tayi ta kalla.

    Amjad kuwa hanyar kitchen yayi kan dinning yaga warmer daya bud'e kuwa yaga fav d'inshi"Wow!"Ya furta ,ba 'bata lokaci ya d'auka serving spoon ya ziba a plate

har rawar jiki yake yakai loma d’aya waje ya samu ya zauna dan santi harda cire suit,seda yayi dam tukun ya tashi ya shiga kitchen daya bud’e fridge yaga pineapple juice nan ya tsiyaya a glass cup ya kora dashi.


 20 minutes later, taji knocking 'kofar d'akinta,a d'ari-d'ari ta 'karaso ta bud'e. Tsaye ta ganshi ri'ke da tray a hannunsa."May I come in?"

 Kai ta kad'a alamar "eh" tana sunkui da kai.Daga kan drawer side na gadon ya ajje sannan ya dawo inda take. "Laila you haven't eat and you're here alone it's boring"

 Hannunta ya ri'ke ya zaunar kan gadon,daga gefenta ya zauna ya d'auko plate d'in abincin.Open up"Ya mi'ka mata spoon d'in cikeda abincin.

 "I..." Bata fad'i abinda take son cewa ba yasa mata a baki,itade tana ganin ikon Allah 'kiri-'kiri ta kasa hanashi bata abincin kuma ta kasa hana kanta ci,tana so ta tambayeshi ko yaci abincin amma ta kasa."Is ok"Ta fad'a bayan ta 'koshi.


  "Yes" Ta amsa tana gid'a kai.

    Juice d'in ya tsisaya a cup ya bata shima ta kur'be."Laila did you know my favorite food? "Ya tambayeta bayan ya maida cup d'in.

 " Yes"Ta amsa still ta'ki kallonsa.

  "How?" Ya tsireta da ido.

   Shiru tayi ta'ki fad'a yin duniya ta'ki fad'a masa se murmushi kawai da take. "Come with me" Ya ri'ko hannunta bayan ya mi'ke daga zaune, ba musu ta tashi daga zaunen itama.

  Hannunta a cikin nasa suka fita daga d'akinta,a tsorace take tafiyar ganin suna yin hanyar d'akinsa.Suna shiga be tsaya da ita a ko ina ba se gaban mirror.Drawer taga ya bud'e daga gefe taga ya d'akko d'an 'karamin box blue colour.Hannu yasa ya bud'e nan had'ad'd'en necklace ya bayyana mey silver chain pendant d'in blue stone se walwali yake,bayan ya d'akko sar'kar ya ajje box d'in gefe stool d'in mirrorn ya gyarawa zama sannan ya juyo gareta."Laila ,sit"Ya fad'a cikin tattausan murya.

 Ba musu ta 'karasa ta zauna tana facing mirror d'in,a tsanake ya bud'e sar'kan tare da saka mata a wuyanta ,sosai ta zauna a wuyanta ita kanta sar'kan ta burgeta matu'ka,ta sakakance tana ta kalla taji ya d'ora ha'barsa kan kafad'arta fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi yake kallonta ta mirror tana gani sun had'a ido tayi saurin sauke idonta

“For you only my heartbeat”

“Now i don’t care about anything , i am not afraid of anything”

“I want to split myself in you dear”

  "You've captured my mind, my heart, my soul on earth"

 "My heart need your heart dear"

Laila tunda ya fara maganganunnan ta wulla wata duniyar se bayan da tunaninta ya dawo ta lura da hannanyensa daya zagaye cikinta yayi hugging d’inta tightly ta baya,data lura da fuskarsa taga idanuwansa a rufe suke ,motsi tayi tana so ta mi’ke amma ta kasa dan jitai ya sake ‘kan’kameta.

  "Laila stay with me, never leave me alone"Taji muryarsa almost like rad'a-rad'a.

 An d'au tsahon lokaci a haka shiru kowa a ransa da irin feelings d'insa."Amjad ,please go off me" Tayi maganar cikin siririyar muryarta.

   "Please be with me,I so much love you I always want you by my side"Ya 'kare maganar yana bud'e idanunsa.

 Tayi tunanin ze barta ta tafi kamar yarda ta ro'ka amma setaga ba hakan ba,a hankali ya fara kissing wuyanta yana sha'kar 'kamshin turarenta.Ai tuni hankalinta yai mugun tashi fiye da koyaushe,kamar zatai kuka ta soma magana." Amjad please let me go"Tasa hannu tana matsar da hannunsa dake zagaye a cikinta.

 Ring! Ring wayarsa tayi 'kara cikin pocket.Kamar baze d'aga ba seda ta katse a na biyu yasa hannu a aljihu ya zaro wayar,ai bata bari ta 'kara koda 2 second ba tayi sauri ta mi'ke bata tsaya ko ina ba se d'akinta a d'akin nata ma bathroom ta shige ta rufo 'kofar se tsuma take.Zuciyarta se harbawa take kamar ta fito,tunanin abinda ya faru tayi tayi tana raba idanuwa.Sar'kar ta shiga kalla taga ta jujjuyata sosai tayi mata kyau,se yanzu ta tuna ko thanks bata fad'a ba.

  Amjad kuwa bayan ya gama wayar ya kalli stool d'in only to found empty space ya sani ta gudu kuma a yanzu ko meh zeyi ba bud'e 'kofarta zatai ba,murmushi kawai ya saki ya komo gefen gado ya zauna yana tunaninta.

  Har maghrib,isha'i bata ko kalli 'kofar d'akinta ba ,handout d'inta ta d'auka ta shiga karantawa se 11:16pm  ta kwanta.Washegari bayan ta gama shirinta ta zauna ta kasa fita, ganin zata makara ta samu hakannan ta sakko sede ta zira hijab d'inta yau har niqab d'in ma ta saka.

  Tana zuwa dinning ta tarar dashi kamar dama jiranta yake."Morning "Ya fad'a fuskarsa d'auke da murmushi mey manufofi iri-iri.

 "Breakfast is ready" Yayi mata nuni da jerin plate dake kan dinning d'in,tayi mamaki ganin yawan kayayyakin wajen shikam yaushe ya girka wannan ? Tayi maganar a zuciyarta.

 "For you heartbeat, I made all this for you"

  "Come on sit" Yayi maganar yana jan kujerar gefensa.

 'Karasawa tayi a hankali ta zauna kan kujera amma bata kusa dashi ba,murmushi yayi ganin ta'ki zama kusa dashi,niqab d'in ta d'age tukun ta soma duban abincin.

   Slide bread d'in ta d'auka data dubi soyayayyan 'kwan taga half done ,nashi plate d'in ta kalla taga ya kusan cinye nashi kuma irin suyar ne,ita kam bazata iya cin d'anyen abu ba dan haka ta matso da butter ta shafa a bread d'in, plate d'in 'kwan ta matsar dashi.

 "Don't you like it?"

  "Yes" Ta amsa.


    "It's undone"

     "Who told you so,it's yummy this way"

     "No,I need it solid"Ta kalli kwan tana ta'be baki.

     Dariya ta bashi dan yadda tayi ina irin 'kyan'kyami d'innan."Sorry Heartbeat next time I will make it solid"

 "What of the fruit salad do you like to taste it?" Ya tambayeta.

  "Uhmm" Ta kad'a kai.

 Da kanshi yayi serving a bowl 'karami ya mi'ka mata. "Ba laifi" Ta fad'a bayan tayi cokali d'aya.

 "What did you mean by that?"

  "Uh...uh..I like it ,it taste good"

   Suna hira kad'an-kad'an har suka kammala,tare suka fita daga gidan driver ya jasu dan tun bayan accident be sake driving da kansa ba.Har cikin school aka kaita da tazo fita ya ri'ko hannunta. "I love you" Ya fad'a a hankali.

Itade kallansa tayi ta juya ta fita bayan ya saki hannunta.


     Tana fitowa daga exam 12pm ta komo gida,tana cire hijaba ta dire bag d'inta ta sakko kitchen domin had'a girkin rana.

  Ring! Ring! Wayarta dake parlour tayi 'kara,da sauri-sauri ta fito daga kitchen d'in ta d'auko wayar.'Canada'Ta gani a take ta saki murmushi,ta kai hannu zata danna answer se kuma wata zuciyar tata tace'Kija aji mana"

 Bari tayi kiran ya katse kamar yadda tayi expecting yana katsewa ya sake kira.

   "Hello" Tayi maganar cikin siririyar murya mey tafiya da imanin mey saurara.

  "Lai..La" Ya kira sunan a rarrabe dan ta kashe masa jiki da yana tsaya a jikin window amma daga baya ya koma ya zauna."Where are you now?"

 "At home" Ta amsa.

  "I'm on my way" Ya fad'a.

   Shiru tayi bata ce komai ba tana sauraronsa."Heartbeat? are you there?"

 "Ah..uh.yes..yes"Tayi stammering.

 Daga haka sukai sallama ta koma kitchen, nan da nan abinci ya kammala couscous da miyan cabbage tayi.Bayan like 30min tana d'aki taji shigowar motarsa,mi'kewa tayi daga zaune ta 'karasa wajen window ,labulen ta yaye kad'an tana le'kawa ,nan ta sakankance tayi ta kallonsa har ya 'bace mata daga gani.Se lokacin ta dawo cikin wannan duniyar,mirror ta sake kallon fuskarta ta d'auki sponge ta sake gyara fuskarta ta fesa turare.


  ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ      ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



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Knock! Knock!

Tajiyo a 'kofar d'akinta,dudum! zuciyarta ta buga,tana so ta bud'e ta wani 'bangaren kuma tana tsoro.Da'kyar ta daure taje ta bud'e,gani tayi fayau ba kowa bakin 'kofar fitowa tayi ta dubi hanyar d'akinsa a zuciyarta tana fad'in "koya koma d'akinsa?"

 Har zuciyarta taji ba dad'i fuskarta ba walwala ta komo d'akin ta rife juyowar da zatai taga mutum tsaya yayi folding arms yana kallonta.Cikeda mamaki ta saki baki tana kallonsa."Yaushe ya shigo? sekace aljani?"

  "Surprised huh" Ya fad'a yana murmushi ya 'karaso wajenta,kafin ta sunkui da kanta yadda ta saba ya tallafo ha'barta kallo d'aya tayi masa ta sauke idanuwanta da suka sha adon eye liner.Ba zato ba tsammani taji saukan kiss a idanta take ta sake rife idan gam tsigar jikinta na tashi.

 "Your eyes are great" Ya furta.

 "Uh..lunch is ready" Tayi 'ko'karin fad'a gudun wani abin ya sake biyowa baya.

  "Laila stop pretending"

   Wani kunya taji kamar ta nitse "I'm not pretending" 

  "Ok,let's go" Ya ri'ko hannunta.

  A haka suka 'karasa har dining table yaja mata kujera ta zauna shima ya zauna a nashi kujerar.Yau ma  shiya bata abinci da kansa se kunya take ji.

  Bayan sun kammala cin abincin ta koma d'aki,dayace ta zauna siyi kallo tace karatu zatai.Koda ta koma kasa duba handout d'in tayi illa kwantawa da tayi badan bacci ba kawai tunani ta shiga yi ta rintse idanunta.Se wajen asr ta iya samu tayi karatu ,har bayan maghrib bata fito ba.

  9pm ta sakko kitchen ganin baya 'kasa ta saki hamdala,cookies kawai tasha da hollandia ta koma d'aki,bathroom ta fad'a tayi wanka sede handle d'in shower d'in ya birge sam ta kasa kashewa data gaji ta fito ta zira sleeping gown d'inta bayan ta yafa d'an guntun gyale ta fita zuwa d'akinsa ta sanar masa bata ko shiga d'akin ba tana daga bakin 'kofa kafin ya fito tayi tahowarta.

    Koda ya shigo d'akin tana tsaye daga gefe,a hankali ya 'karasa bathroom d'in ya kalli shower dake zubar ruwa ,yayi iya nashi 'ko'karin amma ya kasa."Laila come over and help me with thi..s" Ya 'kare maganar a rarrabe.

   "Uhmm?" Kamar bata jiba.

    Alama da hannu yayi mata alamar ta 'karaso,a hankali ta taka zuwa bathroom d'in."Something on your face"Ya ta'ba saman eyebrow d'insa.

 Hannu tasa ta ta'ba gurin amma taji ba komai,girgiza kai tayi alamar babu wani abu."Very close to your're almost there...".

Haka yayi ta mata wasa da hankali daga baya yace "Come over".Cikin sanyin jiki irin nata ta 'karasa inda yake."Close your eyes"

 "My eyes?" Ta had'e gira.

  "Yes" Ya amsata.

 Rife idanunta tayi kamar yadda ya fad'a d'in,ruwan shower d'in dake zuba ya tara hannu yayi sprinkling a fuskarta.Da sauri ta bud'e idonta ta d'ora a kansa ta tamke fuska bata tsaya wata-wata ba itama ta bud'e tap d'in sink ta cika tafin hannu ta rama tana watsa masa ta juya zata gudu yaja hannunta ta baya ta fad'o jikinsa,se fisge-fisge take amma ta kasa.Dede saitin shower d'in ya tsaya yadda duka su biyun yana ta'basu ruwan,d'an gyalen dake kanta ya zame gashinta yayi jagaf duk ya kwanta ga ba'kinsa daya sake bayyana.An d'auka kusan 5min sannan daga baya ya sunkuceta kamar 'yar baby ,be direta a ko ina ba se kan gado,jikinta jagaf ya ji'ke, saboda sanyin  ac ta fara d'an rawar jiki towel ya d'auko ya d'ora mata akai ya shiga tsane mata gashi ita de ta kasa making any move.Yana goge mata kan idonsa yayi focusing lips d'inta sam ya kasa controlling mind d'insa bata ankare ba taji saukan lips d'insa a nata......



    "Laila I said I'm sorry ,please let me help.."

  "Banaso!" Tayi maganar fuskarta a cikin pillow.

  "Laila please" Ya kai hannunsa kafad'adarta ta tsala ihu.

   "What do you want now?" Yayi maganar cikin sanyin murya.


   " Ok,but you need to get up I can't leave you like this you know ".

 Anfi 30min se fama yake da ita kamar zeyi ciwon baki still ta'ki d'agowa balle ta mi'ke zaune gashi da yayi 'ko'karin ta'ba ta tasa ihu.Daga baya de haka ya mi'ke ya zagaya gefenta tana bigeshi a haka ya d'auketa zuwa bathroom ya taimaka mata tayi wanka, idanunta sunyi mata nauyi ko had'a ido dashi ta'ki bari siyi,yana yafa mata towel ta saiti hanya da yana dafe da shoulder d'inta amma ta bangaje ta fito d'akin a daddafe da 'kyar take tafiya." Mugu kayi abinda ranka keso"Tayi maganar a zuciyarta harda sheshshe'kar kuka.Wani doguwar riga ta d'akko a wardrobe ta zira hijab zimbilele,sallar ma da 'kyar ta yarda  sukai tare.

Ganin ko magana idan yayi ma ba amsawa take ba ya fita daga d’akin ya bata space,yana fita ta sakko daga kan gadon ta rufo ‘kofar d’akin ta ta komo ta kwanta cikin ‘kan’kanin lokaci bacci ya d’auketa.

   11:34am ta tashi daga bacci ga uwar yunwa dake damunta,a sanyaye ta mi'ke tsaye har takai bakin 'kofa ta tsaya ,last night ta shiga recalling tana tuna abinda ya faru ba yadda batai ba tana ro'konsa amma be 'kyaleta ba seda ya aiwatar da abinda ransa keso"Mugu"Ta fad'a a fili 'kwalla na cika a idanunta.

 Wayarta ta koma ta d'auko ta shiga contact zata kira Mami wata zuciyar tace "Toh mey zatai miki?" Kamar tasa kuka ta mayar da wayar ta ajje.

2min later sega text ya shigo wayarta ,data duba taga shine"Heartbeats please come down and eat something, I love you my wife"

"An'ki a sakko d'in"

 Haka ta cigaba da zama yunwa se cinta take,ganin idan bata rufawa kanta asiri ta sauka taci wani abun ba zata 'kwari kanta yasa ta tashi tsaye,hijab d'in ta zira sannan ta fita.Gani tayi ma baya 'kasan ,dinning ta gani cikeda abinci iri daban se wanda ta za'ba ,kujera ta gyara ta zauna nan ta d'ibi abinda zata iya ci taci ta 'koshi sannan ta komo d'aki ko takan plates data 'bata bata biba.Amjad bayan ta komo ya sakko ya tarar taci abinci,da kanshi ya kwashe kayan dishes da suka 'baci ya wanke.

 Laila se wannan karon data komo d'akin ta lura da bedsheet d'in ba wanda yake kai bane,wani sabon kuka ta shiga yi tana sheshshe'ka dan kanta ta dena ta zauna tayi  tagumi. 

 Ranar haka ta wuni 'buya bata sake bari sun had'u ba ,washegari ma 'kin fitowa tayi har d'aki ya kawo mata breakfast daga bakin 'kofa ta kar'ba dan bata ko bari ya shigo ba haka bata bari sun had'a ido ba.

   Amjad har ya soma gajiya da abun nata, ita a lalle bazata sake kulashi ba ko waya yayi mata bazata d'aga ba hatta school da kanta taje.Yau 10:12pm tana karatu taji an turo 'kofar d'akin,data d'ago taganshi tsaye tana shirin mi'kewa taga har ya shigo ya maida 'kofa ya rife.

 "Mey kuma zakai Anan"

Tayi maganar cikin Hausa dan yanzu English d’in ma ta dena yi masa.

  "Do I have to explain myself?" Yayi maganar yana 'karasowa.

   "This is my room" Ta fad'a a ta'kaice.

   "And this is also my room" Ya zagaya ta gefe ya yaye blanket d'in tare da zama"

  Bata ce komai ba ta tattare handout d'inta dake kan gadon tayi hanyar fita bata kaiga 'kofa ba ya isketa."You're not going anywhere"

  Bata ko sauraresa ba ta shigeshi ta hau murd'a handle,hannunta ya matsar ya rufe 'kofar ya zare key d'in "You're going to sleep here tonight, now!"Yana gama fad'in haka ya koma ya zauna.

 " Dama mana ka yimin gadara tunda ka samu abinda kake so ai ni yanzu I'm useless "Ta fad'a a zuciyarta 'kwalla ta cika idanunta.

  Kan couch ta nufa ta zauna tana kallon handout d'in dan ba karantawa take ba,yana kallonta be sake cewa komai ba ya gyara yayi kwanciyarsa yana jira yaga iya gudun ruwanta.Tafi 1hr a haka daga bisani ta soma gyangyad'i cikin lokaci 'kalilan bacci ya saceta ta saki handout d'in a 'kasa.Koda ya d'ago kansa yaga tayi bacci,ganin haka ya mi'ke tsaye ya 'karaso inda take ya d'auketa ya kwantar kan gadon tare da rufa mata blanket daga gefenta ya kwanta bayan ya kashe light d'in d'akin yana ri'ke da hannunta yana murzawa softly " I love you "Yayi kissing d'inta a forehead ,shima cikin lokaci 'kalilan bacci ya d'aukesa.


Washegari da asubah ta farka,d'akin hasken wata ne kasancewar light a kashe yake ,cikin sauri ta mi'ke ganinta kan hannunsa.Zata sauka daga gadon kuma seta dawo tana 'kare ma fuskarsa kallo ,cikin kwanciyar hankali yake baccinsa.Gashin kansa ta shiga kalla tana ganin irin cikar sumarshi da 'kyalli da take kamar yanzu aka shafa mai,a hankali ta mi'ka hannunta kai tana so taji yanayin laushinta." Very silk"Zuciyarta ta fad'a.Ta shagala sosai daga baya ta sakko kan girarsa tana so tayi comparing da tata,idan ta shafa tata seta shafa tashi ,gashin kanta ta shiga shafawa shima tana so taga na waye yafi laushi,data sake shafa nashi taji nashi ya d'ara nata."Ai de kad'anne,nima nawan da laushin"Ta fad'a tana guntun murmushi.

  Ganin zatai late ta mi'ke ta shiga bathroom, tana shiga ya bud'e idanunsa fuskarsa ya saki 'kayataccen murmushi dan tun d'azu duk abinda take yana jinta.

 "Laila" Ya fad'i sunanta cikin sanyayyar murya.

  Koda ta fito ta ganshi zaune bata wani yi mamaki ba dan tayi tunanin ko 'kofar data buga ne sanda ta fito ya firgita dan tana sani tayi hakan.Jira take taga ze shiga bathroom d'in aiko bata gama sa'ke-sa'ken ba ya shiga."Da gaske yake wannan"Tayi maganar a ranta.

Ganin yana shirin siyi sallah bayan ya fito tace"Wai kai baka zuwa masallaci?"

 "If that is what you want then I will go"

    "Eh,ka tafi" Ta fad'a tana waigar da fuska.

  Hakan kuwa akai  tana tsaya ya fita."Mutum kullum sallah a gida sekace munafiki,hala a can Canadan baya zuwa"

  Sanda ya dawo ta koma bacci,gefen gadon ya zauna yana 'kare mata kallo blanket d'in yaja mata tare da kissing cheeks nata ya fita daga d'aki,a d'akinsa kuwa laptop d'insa ya d'auka ya shiga dube-dube.


  ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ      ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ


๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ



Wannan page naku be AMJAD fans

Last page


   Laila sai 9:04am ta farka daga bacci,bathroom ta fad'a tayi wanka bayan ta fito tayi shirinta cikin riga da wando Pakistan red se d'an 'karamin gyale tayi yafe dashi ba abinda ta shafa a fuskarta illa spray data fesa ta sauka 'kasa.A kitchen d'in ta tarar dashi ko meyake sha ma oho tade ga bowl a gabansa yana zaune kan stool ,yitai kamar ba mutum a kitchen d'in,bama tasan mey zata girka ba  dube-dube ta shiga yi du abinda take yana kallonta.Mi'kewa yayi daga zaunen ya 'karasa inda take "Laila relax,I know you're here to see me stop pretending and wait for my hello"

 Fuska a tamke ta juyo ta kalleshi,kamar zatai magana kuma setai shiru ta bud'e fridge ta d'akko 'kwai indomie da kwai kawai ta shiga preparing  yana daga gefe ya wani sunkuye se magana yake mata baya ko gajiya ita kuwa ta'ki fad'in 'kala."Heartbeat please talk to me"

 Tana gama had'in da zatai ta nufi gas cooker ta barshi anan yayi yun'kurin sake matsawa gunta kuma ya fasa yayi hanyar fita a dede bakin 'kofa ya tsaya hannunsa na dama ya d'ora a dede saitin zuciyarsa ya dur'kusa ya soma mur'kususu yana hakin 'karya.Laila da hankalinta dama yana gun da sauri ta ajje frying pan dake ri'ke hannunta ta 'karasa inda yake cikin rikicewa ta tallafoshi hannunta ta d'ora kan 'kirjinsa tasa kuka."Amjad! Please "

 "My heart's ..paining" Yayi maganar da 'kyar.

  "Please don't leave me I love you wlhy i'm here for you"Tayi maganar cikin kuka da rud'ani ganin yadda face d'inshi yayi ga jijiyoyinsa sun tashi kamar gaske.

Ta rasa wane taimakon zatai masa daga bisani ta mi'ke ta tafi d'akko waya.Bayan 2min ta dawo kitchen d'in tana searching numbern da zata kira idanta na sauka bakin 'kofar taga empty place daga gefe taga mutum a tsaye ya jingina da bango hannu d'aya yayi folding a 'kirji d'ayan kuwa yasa alawa a hannun yana 'barewa da baki." You.."Ta 'karasa inda yake ta d'uma masa dundu a 'kirji."Ahhg!"Yayi 'kara.

  "You wanna kill me?" Ya ri'ke hannunta.

  "Let me go" Ta fad'a tana kici-kici.

     "I love you wlhy please don't leave me" Ya 'kwai'kwayi abinda ta fad'a d'azu.

   A hankali ta kai masa wani dukan fuskarta d'auke da murmurshi,yana dariya yayi hugging d'inta itama hugging back d'in tayi tana murmushi.


Yanzu soyayya suke nuna wa junansu sosai a kodayaushe inde suna gida to fah suna tare,Laila yanzu ma ta koma d’akinsa no more ‘buya again.

3 years later

  7:09am,Amjad yana kwance  bacci yake cikin kwanciyar hankali,beyi aune ba yaji saukan remote control a kansa.Da sauri ya mi'ke yasa hannu ya ri'ke"Stop!"Ya tsawata.

  Wata iriyar 'kara yaran dake zaune kan gadon ya tsala nan take ya fara shararar hawaye kamar fanfo.Cikin kid'imewa Amjad ya mi'ke shhh! ya d'aukesa ya d'ora a cinya se faman lallashinsa yake amma kamar zugashi yake,hannu yasa ya toshe bakin duk dan ya dena amma mey makon hakan se cizo daya gasa masa a hannu.

  "Laila!" Ya 'kwala mata kira.

Tana d'aki tana shirya 'yar baby dake hannunta wacca bata fi 5month ba,jin yadda ya kira ta tasan ba 'kalau ba,ko riga bata sa mata ba daga wando se band tsabar rikicewa ta tashi zuwa d'akinsu.

  "Mene kuma?" Tayi maganar tana daga bakin 'kofa.

    "Look" Ya mi'ke daga zaunen ya 'karasa inda take ya mi'ka mata hannun da aka ciza.

     "Toh nina yi?" Ta fad'a kamar zatai dariya.

      "Allah ya sake sena rama"

   Yanzu kwa dariya take sosai "Adil d'in zaka ciza,gaka gashi wlhy da anyi cije-cije har ha'koransa nawa just 8 ko twelve fa kai mey thirty two tabb!

  Adil dayai cizon ya tsiresu da ido kukan ma ya dena ya kalleta ya kalli Amjad d'in haka yayi tayi."Zo "Ta mi'ka masa hannu.

 Ba musu ya sakko daga kan gadon ya 'karaso inda take" Mummi ,daddy"Yayi maganar yana nuna Amjad.

 "Ya matse ma baki ko,next time ma ya sake cizon zefi haka" Taja hannunsa suka fita.

 'Kofar yayi banging ya koma kan gadon jiya be samu yayi isashshen bacci ba dan tsabar kukan "Ashalina" baby girl d'insu ,ba yadda beyi da laila ba kan take sata nata d'akin amma fafur ta'ki ita seda ita zasi bacci ko Adil seda yayi 10month ta ware masa d'akinsa.

 Adil(Mustafa;sunan baba) 1ยฝyear kawai ya bawa Ashalina shiyasa komai ya cakud'ewa Laila dan ma Allah yasa ta kammala school wannan year d'in yanzu ta samu relief.

   Se 9:30am Amjad ya sakko 'kasa a dinning ya tarar dasu Adil yana kujerar gefe,kusan shine yayo kamar Amjad sak Ashalina da Mumminta take kama.

    "Morning heartbeat" Ya fad'a tare da manna mata kiss a kumatu."Morning Hayati"Ta amsa fuskarta d'auke da murmushi.

  Plate dake gaban Adil ya d'auke cancaras ,a take ya kurma ihu kamar wanda ake cirewa ido,ba shiri ya mayar masa tare da dungure masa kai."Shut up!"

  "Nide ya zama fat ba ruwana na dena d'aukansa na fad'a miki ki dena bashi abinci mey irin wannan." Cheese, chocolates duk shi kad'ai".Ya 'kare maganar tare da zama kan kujera opposite dasu.

  "What of my sweetheart(Ashalina)?"Ya tambaya.

   "Sleeping" Ta amsa.

  "And you let her?"


  "I'm gonna wake her as soon as I'm done with my meal"

"Ka barta mana she's too young"

 "An'ki d'in sanda mike bacci ta dame ni da safe tayi nata no way itama yanzu bazatai ba"

 Haka suna yi suna hira bayan sun gama ta mi'ke tattare kwanukan se lokacin ya lura da  dress datai,leggings black ne a jikinta se yellow shirt paralyzed hand   tayi parking gashinta jelar ta zubo a bayanta. "Looking. se....." Had'a ido da Adil da yayi yasa ya'ki 'karasawa. 

  Mi'kewa yayi daga dinning d'in slide cucumber dake plate d'insa ya caka ya danna wa Adil a baki,ba shiri ya tofar dashi ya d'auke tissue yayi wiping bakinsa kamar yadda yaga anayi.Cije lips Amjad yayi tare da barin dinning d'in ya nufi kitchen .

 Tana tsaye jikin drawer taji hug ta baya."Heartbeat you don't even care about me now"Yayi maganar a han ankali.

 Juyowa tayi tare da zagaye hannayenta a wuyansa"After all why am I here,isn't it all because of you ? Because of you I decided to came in here wait for my man.."

 Shigowar Adeel yasa tayi shiru,gira ya d'aga mata alamar "what?"

 Hannunta tayi pointing inda Adil yake,yana tsaye ya tsiresu da ido ko 'kiftawa ya'kiyi."Ya Allah "Amjad ya furta tare da furzar da iska daga bakinsa." Wannan wannan inde muka je Canada baze dawo ba ,kajini you are staying with Mom "Yayi pointing d'insa.

 Laila 'karasawa tayi inda yake ta tsuguna dede tsahonsa." My boy mey kake so uhm? Chocolate? "

 Kai ya girgiza alamar "a'a".Nan ta sake tambaysrsa " Cake?"

"No,Apple"Ya amsa.

 Apple d'in ta d'akko masa a fridge ta mi'ka masa, haka yasa hannu ya kar'ba ya tafi se waige-waige yake." Ohni"Ta fad'a.

 "I'm serious a Canada za'a barshi kina gani ya takura mini" Yayi maganar fuskarsa ba dariya.

 "Oh hayati ,calm down"

   "A hakan? Bama shi ba Ashalina now maganarta ,you refused to .."

 "Zan maida ita d'akinta nan da few months"

  "Months? Geez!"

   Ring! Ring! Wayarshi tayi 'kara haka yasa be sake wata maganar ba ya fita,kallo ta bishi dashi tana murmushi.


  Haka ranar Ashalina ta wuni tana bacci da daddare kuwa ido 'kiri ta'ki ko gyangyad'i,Laila data gaji ta sata tsakiyarsu itama tayi kwanciyarta ,ko minti 5 ba'ai ba ta fara ihu kamar daga sama yaji 'kararta aiko a kid'ime ya farka,gefe ya kalla yaga Laila ta rufe ido tana kwance aiko a hankali ya mi'ke ya d'auke pillow d'insa ya nufi bakin 'kofa ze fita yajiyo muryarta."Where are you going? "

 Yana shafa 'keya ya waigo"Don't worry I'm soon coming back I want to see Adil and come back"

 "Dawo,dawo he is sleeping comfortable I just came back from his room come back"

  "Laila" Yayi maganar kalar tausayi.

   Mi'kewa zaunen tayi tare da d'aukan Ashalina dake kuka ta 'karasa inda yake tsaye ta mi'ka masa ita." Wait for me here"Ta bud'e 'kofar ta fita.

 Ya rasa inda zeyi da ita ya jijjigata ya d'agata ganin zata shid'e ba shiri ya fito daga d'akin,baki ya saki ganin Laila kwance a parlour se sharar baccinta take,'kararta yasa ta mi'ke tsaye.Girgiza kai kawai tayi cikeda takaici ta kar'beta tana kar'barta tayi shiru dan dama ba yunwa take ji ba,da niyyarsa ya koma ya kwanta sekuma yaji ba dad'i dole ya ha'kura ya zauna dasu ,da 'kyar suka samu tayi bacci seda ya kwanta rigingine a sofa ya d'orata kan 'kirjinsa yayita jijjigata a haka tayi bacci shima baccin ya d'auke sa Laila tana d'ayan kujerar itama tayi bacci.

 6:30am ,hasken daya kwallare mata ido yasa ta farka da sauri,6am taga agogon ya nuna.A kasalance ta mi'ke kanta yayi mata nauyi ta aza idonta kan Amjad dake ta bacci Ashalina a kan 'kirjinsa  itama baccin take,'karasawa tayi inda suke tasa hannu ta d'auketa dede lokacin ya bud'e ido.Ganin ya makara yayi saurin mi'kewa shima a gajiyan yake haka suka koma sama,nan yayi shirin office d'insa Laila kuma ta sakko shirin breakfast,Amjad a tsattsaye yayi breakfast ya wuce office dan ya makara sosai ita kuma ta kama aikin gida tayi wannan tayi wancan kan ace mey lokaci yaja mutuniyar kuwa se 9am ta farka 12 bayan anyi mata wanka ta koma bacci (Mata muna aiki๐Ÿ˜“).

    Ko 2 weeks ba'ai ba suka tafi Canada dan tunda aka haifi Adil basi je ba rabon da suje tun da cikinsa,Mom se nan -nan ake dasu 'yan jikokinta Adil da Ashalina  kamar ta lashe su.Adil ta'bara se abinda ya 'karu abinda yake so shi Mom suke masa.Duka familyn suka ware rana suka je park ranar sun wataya pictures ba adadi kamar karsu koma,Laila seda sukai 3 weeks cir suka komo gida.

  2 days da dawowarsu, furnitures na d'akinsu yau suke sakewa Laila tana kwashe kayan drawer taga picture na Amjad tare da wata baturiya ya dafe kafad'arta su biyun duk sunyi dariya a photo d'in data kalli date taga kusan 6 years da d'aukan picture d'in.Wani irin kishi taji ya tokareta hoton ta yasar ta tashi aikin ma ta fasa,Amjad ta gani tsaye bayanta picture d'in ya kalla sannan ya kalleta."My heartbeat "Ya 'karasa inda take.

  Gefe ta kauda kanta ta tamke fuska tare da nad'e hannu a 'kirji.

 " This "Ya sunkuya ya d'akko picture d'in,hannu biyu yasa ya yaga into pieces yasa a shara tana kallo." Shikenan?"Ya tambayeta.

 Kallo d'aya tayi masa ta fita dukda taji relief.Wajejn 8pm ya dawo daga masjid dede lokacin ta gama waya da Mami, tana ganin shigowarsa d'akin ta soma d'aga yatsun hannunuta se wasa take dasu sunsha 'kunshi red."Wow! heartbeat I love this "Ya 'karaso ze ri'ke hannun ta d'auke.

 " What?"Ta tamke fuska.

 "Laila henna"Yayi maganar yana zama kusa da ita.

  " Ok listen to me"Ta gyara zama ta d'ora 'kafa d'aya kan d'aya.

    "I'm all ears"

     "Amjad,I ..I " Ta'ki 'karasawa tana kallon reaction d'insa a yanzu. Sosai ya bada attention a abinda zata fad'a."I'm pregnant "Tayi maganar a ta'kaice.

 A razane ya zaro ido kamar zeyi kuka" Laila you're p..."

 Dariyar data shiga yi ne ya tsayar dashi,harda ri'ke ciki tana nuna shi."Ka fiya tsoro"

  "Kansa ya waigar yasha kunu " You scared me"

  "Ooh come on my man I'm just joking" Ta dafe kafad'arsa.

 Juyowa yayi har lokacin fuskarsa a tamke seda tasa hannu biyu ta kama kunnenta ya saki fuskarsa."Let me see this"Ya ri'ko hannunta.

 Waje guda ya had'a hannayen nata ya manna musu kiss."Looking pretty always "

   Murmushi ta shiga yi tana kallonsa bata ce komai ba,d'agowa yayi yana kallonta daga baya ya jata jikinsa yana shafa bayanta."I love you heartbeat "

  "I love you too Hayati".


 *Anan na kawo 'karshen littafina mai sunaAmjad,abinda na rubuta ba dede ba Allah ya yafemin.Ina fatan an amfana da abinda ke ciki,readers, fans ina godiya sosai da goyon bayanku without you I can't make it,thanks a lot.Wannan azumin dake tahowa Allah yasa a fara damu kuma a gama Ameen,se min sake had'uwa a cikin wani sabon littafin nawa mey bayan sallah๐Ÿ˜˜ ana tareโœŒ*


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